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Human Resource Management - ASDA

University: ICTM College London

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Course Code: MOD005248
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Question :

The following questions are need to be answered:

  • What are the various purpose and scope in HRM in resourcing the chosen organization to achieve business goals with appropriate talent and skills?
  • Explain the potential of the major components of HRM in an organization.
  • Explain the various intrinsic and extrinsic factors that will create an impact upon HRM decision making including employment legislation.
  • Explain application of various HRM practices in a work related context.
Answer :
Organization Selected : ASDA


Human resource management plays essential part in each and every kind of organization; as they take care that adequate business operations are conducted, so that goals and objectives get accomplished timely. Recruitment, staffing, training and development are various practices that are performed by employer. This helps firms to have adequate manpower which are skilled and competent; thereby work effectively (Marchington and et. al., 2016). Interview, group discussion and aptitude test are various activities executed by administration to acknowledge capabilities of candidates and select best applicant. Present report is based on ASDA which is famous retail store is established in United Kingdom. Company provides different kinds of products to fulfil needs and wants of people. This assignment consist information about functions of human resource and activities conducted by them to recruit appropriate individuals. Along this, management formulate policies and tactics in according to government laws and regulation; so system functions effectively and in respect to market conditions.

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P1 Purpose and functions of HRM

ASDA which is famous retail store established in UK and other countries require that human resource have adequate and skilled workforce. This helps company to deliver adequate products and services in marketplace in according to taste and preference of public. Human resource practices such as recruitment; staffing, training and development are executed by employer (Albrecht and et. al., 2015). This benefits corporation as they consists competent manpower which perform tasks effectively and attain targets within deadline. Along this, employees are motivated and dedicated; so they work effectively and complete duties timely. Thus, company provide items and services in respect to needs and wants of people and enhance sales and profitability.

Functions of HRM: These are various activities that are performed by employer are as follows:

  • Staffing: Human resource main responsibility is to take care that organisation have adequate manpower so that appropriate business operations are executed in system job analysis is tactic used by manager to acknowledge information about roles and responsibilities for every positions. This help employer of ASDA to conduct recruitment process and select best candidate; thereby provide individuals duties in according to their skills and abilities.
  • Training and Development: Management execute performance appraisal to anticipate skills and abilities of members; by evaluating outcomes generated by them and comparing it with benchmarks that were established by heads. Employer of ASDA conducts sessions, seminars, conferences to enhance capabilities of workforce in respect to duties and tasks assigned to them (Paillé and et. al., 2014). Along this, manager provides staff adequate knowledge which helps them to grow in their career and handle difficulties and challenges in appropriate manner.
  • Motivation: HR manager duty is to increase morale of staff members and make them perform tasks effectively and complete work; thereby timely attain targets. Recognition, rewards, achievement, appraisal and provide compensation to employees on basis of outcomes generated by them. This benefits administration of ASDA to increase morale of manpower and perform duties in effective manner. Along this, company is able to reduce absent rate of workers and retain skilled and competent members for longer period.

Purpose of HRM: These are various aims and motives of human resource which are described beneath:

  • To frame appropriate policies and strategies in according to government rules and regulations.
  • Conduct recruitment process to employ appropriate individual and have adequate manpower in organisation.
  • To determine compensation for employees on basis of duties and their performance and outcomes.
  • To analyse capabilities of staff members by comparing standards by actual results executed by them.
  • To establish healthy and friendly relations with subordinates to make them motivated and dedicated towards job.

P2 Strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection

Employer conducts recruitment process to employ appropriate individuals and have adequate workforce, so that appropriate business activities are conducted in firm (Sheehan, 2014). This helps management to deliver items and services in respect to taste and preference of people. Human resource provides duties to individuals on basis of their skills and abilities. Along this, adequate tools and techniques are implemented in system; so operations are executed appropriately and goals and objectives of enterprise are accomplished timely. These are various approaches which are used by manager of ASDA are described below:

Internal Approach: This method of recruitment activity specifies that human resource uses promotion, transfer, demotion and former workers to fill vacant positions from existing members. This helps administration to utilise funds and motivate employees by promoting skilled and competent staff to higher position (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). These are various pros and cons of this tactic which are stated beneath:



Administration doesn’t require executing conferences to introduce candidates with system and environment of firm. As, employees have complete and accurate information about organisation.

Conflicts and issues are constructed between employees as all members want to get promoted to higher destination. This produces competition among workforce and this impact upon their dedication and work.

Employer will not require conducting recruitment process, so they will be able to utilise funds in organising activities to enhance skills and abilities of members; thereby making them skilled and competent. Thus, subordinates will perform tasks effectively and able to grow in their career.

Management promote or transfer existing staff from one position to another, so members perform tasks in same way as they were performing their previous activities. They will not implement innovative ideas in system.

Workforce will not implement innovative ideas, as they work in same manner.

External Approach: This form of recruitment process which defines that employer invites individuals and makes them apply for job. This benefits organisation to enhance manpower by adding new talent and provide them duties in according to their skills and abilities. Campus recruitment, employment agencies and professional associations are various tactics that are used by ASDA to employ best candidate for job (Brewster, Mayrhofer and Morley, 2016). Thus, these are benefits and disadvantages that management have if this method is used for recruitment are as follows:



New joiners have capabilities and knowledge which is distinct from existing members, so they perform tasks in innovative manner and implement creative and unique ideas in system.

Employer conducts group discussion, aptitude test and interview to acknowledge skills and knowledge of applicants. These activities involve large amount of time and expenses to be invested by administration.

Administration will be able to enhance workforce and involve young people who benefit organisation to improve system by using modern tools and techniques.

Management execute sessions and seminars to improve abilities of new joiners; thereby provide them information about duties and tasks that are assigned by executive.



P3 Benefits of HRM practices have on employer and employee

Human resource management conduct workforce planning to acknowledge information about members that are present in organisation. In organisation, business activities are executed effectively so appropriate items and services are delivered in marketplace. Administration provides duties to employees on basis of their skills and abilities (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). Along this, they even require to give compensation to subordinates in according to their duties and performance. Thus, ASDA is able to enhance market position and accomplish goals and objectives timely.

Advantages that human resource management practices have on employees and their performance are stated beneath:

  • Training and Development: Management conduct examination of performance of employees to anticipate their skills and abilities on basis of outcomes generated by them. Sessions and seminars are activities that are executed by HR manager of ASDA to enhance capabilities of employees and make them perform tasks in effective manner (Guest, 2017).
  • Conflict Resolution: Employer construct healthy relations with employees, so they are able to timely anticipate issues and problems that are faced by team members; thereby provide them solutions. In ASDA, meeting and conferences are conducted by management which are appropriate technique to acknowledge difficulties that are employees are facing while conducting operations.
  • Employee Relations: Superiors establish friendly relationship with staff members so they are able to acknowledge ideas and thoughts of co-workers easily. Along this, management should involve employees in decision making process. This benefit firm to make them feel connected and perform tasks in effective manner.

Benefits that human resource practices have on employer’s functionality are described below:

  • Special Treatment: Employer performs tasks in effective manner if they get separate cabin in organisation. Along this, they even require getting additional benefits such as paid holidays and other relaxation activities to remain motivated and inspired by job.
  • Provide Surplus Welfare: HR manager conducts a human resource practice, which is recruitment and staffing; so they have adequate manpower available in organisation. Besides this, training and development are executed so ASDA has skilled and competent members who perform tasks effectively and attain targets within specifies deadline. Thus, management is able to accomplish goals and objectives timely (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014).

P4 Effectiveness of HRM practices

Employer conducts human resource management practices which help them to recruit adequate individuals and conduct activities effectively. Employer provides duties to staff members in according to their skills and knowledge. In ASDA, HRM practices help administration to conduct business operations effectively and deliver adequate items and services in market (Kramar, 2014). This helps company to provide quality items and services to customers; thereby retain employees and clients for longer period. These are various advantages that human resource management practices have on system functionality are discussed below:

Training & Development: Management conducts sessions, seminars meeting and conferences to improve skills and abilities of employees. Staff members will perform tasks in effective manner a d became capable to handle difficulties and challenges in adequate manner. Along this seniors are able to reduce unnecessary expenses and enhance working pattern and performance of workforce. Hence quality items and services are delivered by ASDA which help superiors to grab attention of large number of customers.

Recruitment and Selection:Employer requires having adequate manpower so that business operations are executed appropriately. Recruitment process is conducted by management to invite candidates and applies for posts that are remaining vacant (Cascio, 2018). Interview, group discussion and aptitude test are various techniques used by HR manager to select best applicant and provide duties in according to their skills and abilities.

Performance Assessment: Management examines outcomes generated by employees to assess their capabilities and comparing actual results with standards that were specifies by seniors. Balance score card, key performance indicators (KPI), control charts to acknowledge quality of work of members. This help administration to get information about requirements of training and development programs to enhance skills and abilities of employees; thereby make them perform tasks in effective manner.

Motivation Tools: Management establishes relations with members who help them to keep staff dedicated towards job and make them perform tasks in effective manner.

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