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Business and Business Environment - NHS

University : Walsall College London

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Question :

Following are the questions which are dealt by the researcher:

  • What are the various types of organizations and their objectives in public, private and voluntary sectors with their legal structure?
  • Describe various types of organizations according tot their size and scope.
  • What are the relationship among various organizational functions and how they are connected with organizational objectives and structure?
  • Explain the pros and cons of impact of macro environment on business operations with the help of illustrations and case study.
  • Evaluate the internal and external analysis of H&M in order to recognize the strength and weakness and how they are linked with external macro factors.
Answer :
Organization Selected : NHS

P1 Types and purpose of various organization

Corporate world is expanding across the regions with numerous purposes and distinctive motives towards overall nation. However, number of organizations are identifies at marketplace but totally different from each other in various aspect (Burns and Winter, 2011) . It means, three types of associations are determined but differ in work and performed their job role as per their objectives. Hence, various types of organizations are discussed as follows:-

Private sector:- Private sector is also known as citizen sector whose main motive is to gain maximum profit by satisfying more or more clients across the international boundaries. Basically, these type of organizations are run or controlled by individuals, groups or partners in order to generate maximum revenue. Along with this, focussing on acquiring consumer trust or loyalty for continuing their business for longer time period. Beside this, private business are classified into three main parts such as;

  • Sole trader:- If an association is controlled or managed by single person without sharing liabilities or profit with any other member is known as sole proprietors. For example; plumbers, repairmen, designers and so on.
  • Partnership:- According to this component if there is sharing of liability and profit between more than two members then it is known as partnership. Some of the companies which are established in partnership are; in between two friends, brothers and so on. It means liabilities are share between two of them such as; dentist, clinic, accounting etc.
  • Small and medium enterprises:- Number of small organizations are establishing at marketplace with distinct motive such as; in retail, hospitality, food services hence forth.
  • Large multinational companies:- As per this large number of organizations are establishing at international marketplace with various motive and purposes. Along with this trying to expand business in distinct regions for gaining maximum benefits such as; Apple, PepsiCo.

Hence, number of private companies are determine at marketplace for gaining maximum benefits by satisfying consumers (Chow and et. al., 2011) . For example; River Island one of the most successful fashion brand in UK which was found in almost 1948 in order to facilitate consumers with qualitative products. Their main purpose and legal structure is described as follows:-

Purpose:- River Island is trying to gain more profit by increasing their outlets at international boundaries by satisfying needs or demands. In fact, offering best clothing,vegetables and so on.

Legal structure of private company:- As per legitimate bodies companies needs to follow some specific procedures while registering their organization as well as needs to consider all the legal formalities to reduce changes of mistakes (Commander and Svejnar, 2011) .

  • Need to register at company house.
  • Follow registration process by consulting with legal member in order to submit report about company information in registrar office.
  • Sign a legal contract while involving in a agreements.
  • Acquired stamp from office.
  • Design an organizational name.

Thus, private companies are involving in a proper procedure or formalities while running a business entity in appropriate manner for controlling the possibilities of mistakes.

Pubic sector:- These organizations are those companies which are involved in offering best services to their clients without demanding. It means, government is controlling public sector for developing the society. For example; public goods, military services public education, health care, electricity facilities and so on. Hence, it has been analysed that public sector are playing a major role in enhancing the society by offering best facilities. NHS is a most successful or leading organization which is engaged in offering free hospitality services to their desired customers. Their main objective is to reduce health problems of societal people in order to create nation free from dangerous diseases. Beside this, number of hospitals are falls under NHS in various geographical region in order to serve required people. Therefore, an appropriate structure of an organization is described as follows:-

Legal structure of public sector:- NHS is a well known association by having its outlets in numerous of regions and nation but somehow all are same motive (Cronan and et. al., 2011). Thus, an appropriate overview of association is described as follows:-

  • Secretary of state for health:- They are having overall responsibility for work of health department by providing an effective leadership in social care England.
  • Department of health:- Liable for funding process as they are a part of ministerial department and supported by around 23 agencies as well as public bodies in order to offer best facilities to desired consumers.
  • Clinical commissioning prices:- This association was establish in around 1 April 2013 which is responsible for making appropriate plans for health care institution in local region. Along with this having responsibility for providing around 60% of NHS budget.

Hence, number of legal department was designed by legitimate bodies of nation in order to run public organization in more effective manner.

Voluntary organization:- Companies which are involved in offering non profitable services are falls under this category such as Welcome trust whose main purpose is to provide free facilities to their desired consumers. In fact, voluntary enterprises are not following any legal terms and conditions because they are liable for developing society in order to remove problems faced by common people. These organization are run by social team by acquiring funds through charity.

P2 Size and scope of various organization

Companies are having their numerous of branches and broad motive in order to gain maximum benefits by satisfying needs or demand of distinct clients. Basically, private sector are based on profit oriented, public sector are partially based on profit and half on public and voluntary is totally established for enhancing society. Therefore, size and scope of various organization are described as follows:-

River Island:- One of the most attractive brand in UK by having its maximum branches in various geographical region. They are renowned for stylish and affordable fashion for every individual.

Size:- Company is having around 350 stores across the UK boundaries, Ireland and over the Asia. Along with this six major online sites operating in almost four currencies. Their main focus is to offer services to almost every individual.

Scope:- Promoting fashion through street services in order to attract more or more customers towards their products. Trying to bring new or totally unique fashion for various desired consumers.

Public sector:- Their main objectives is to offer reasonable or affordable products to entire society. NHS is a most leading organization across the various regions by offering qualitative services to their desired customers. Their main size and scope are described as follows:-

Scope:- They are having very broad scope such as trying to become one of the most leading bank across the world by providing best services to required clients. Engaged in uplifting the society by supporting in financial term.

Size:- Expanded across the international borders like; having around 39000 offices across the world and serving nearly 38 million consumers in 67 countries. Their main objective is to offer best opportunities to their customers for develop their current living standards.

Voluntary organization:- Almost 2057 employees are engaged in this organization for developing the society with best services.

Vision and mission:- Focus on improving the common standard of living of human as well as animals. Thus, in order to attain long term vision they are offering sufficient amount of funds.


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