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In-depth Investigation of Murder Case - Marcus Donoghue Case Study

University: University of West London

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages 4 / Words 1000
  • Paper Type: Case Study
  • Course Code: MGT530
  • Downloads: 42
Question :

The scenario of the report depicts Marcus was the owner of a restaurant and this encounter was planned by his close family members thereafter police investigation was done to know the reason behind the murder.

  • Formulate a strong justification of the argument in the context of a murder case.
  • Develop clear decision related to murder case
  • Carry out an in-depth investigation of a murder case with a clear opinion.
Answer :


Whenever any misshaping take place it has its different reasons and in order to reach at the final solution it is important that detailed investigation of same is done so that conclusions can be made (Sherwin, 2017). Marcus went through an accident in which he is dead and the reason behind same remained a mystery. A police investigation was done so that it can be identified that who was responsible for same. Direct questioning with different associated parties was done so that facts can be gathered to reach at the actual person who is responsible for the death of Marcus.


Marcus used to live in Giggleshire and was married to Jenifer. He owns a restaurant “queens of heart at the same place. When his suspicious death was encountered his nearby and family members were asked different questions so that a valid reason could be found to declare the culprit. Grant Lewis, Ant Johnson and were different individuals who has nothing in connection to the miss happening as they were not befitted from the death of Marcyus which shows that they do not have any reason to kill him. James mountford who is a local councillor of the same place wish to open a new pub in Giggletown for which he had already started investing. He could be the person at guilt because as Marcus is also dealing in the same busienss he can be a tough competitor for him. Marcus from a long time was afraid of him as he was in the way of becoming best in this field as his restaurant ws capturing a good market share with a good quality of food. As Giggleshire was not a very big place it was only possible for one food joint to earn the market share. James was living alone and had no one to take care. There are chances that he can plan to kill is only competitor on real grounds it is a less powerful reason for a person to commit such a big crime therefore he was at less suspect. A close monitoring of Marcus last visited sites was done in which it was found that he used to visit the dating sites on regular basis that indicates that he was not happy with his wife (Palmer, And et.al., 2013). Only if a person is not satisfied with his wife or there is a lack of love in a couple people go for extra marital affairs. Thereafter a long conversation took place with Jenifer (his wife). It was found that she was bit selfish and was very much concern about herself and less for Marcus. She went to her sister’s place in her husband car and justification of which was that she didn’t wanted to take risk with its paint which is not a very valid reason. Therefore, she lied that she was never married before and was pregnant when she was getting marry to Marcus. It makes her more of a suspected person as why she hided such a big truth from her would be husband. She forcefully made Marcus to marry her by earning sympathy which was based on fake grounds. Another fact that goes against her is that she never shared her wedding pictures on social media which shows that she wanted to keep this as a secret which is not a normal move. If we love someone and is married to him than it is a matter of joy which we like sharing with our peer ones. Than later it was also found that her last husband also died with mystery as he was also hit by some water bike which just got diaper after the incident. Same is the case of Marcus who while returning from work got badly hit by some very strong external force which lead to major fall of Marcus on road and his bike was completely burned. From the investigation team it was found that the bike on fire was his only and is hit from back which is not a normal hit that too on a ground which is not much crowded. Another evidence that goes against Jenifer is that the place where this incident took place belonged to her brother who did not gave any response to the investigation officer. All the above as discussed before it was found that Marcus was not happy with Jenifer as he was trying to date other person through online sites which shows lack of love and disappointments in this marriage (Yang and et.al., 2012). Top of that a conversation with Sara with whom he was once in a relationship with also added more strong evidence that how desperately Marcus wanted to get rid of Jenifer but due to the fear of alimony amount he was not proceeding towards same. There are chances that Jenifer was aware about this fact and in order to take all his property she herself killed him by planning a proper murder with the assistance of his brother. Adding to same as the conversation between Marcus and Sara took place on phone there are greater chances that Jenifer has checked her phone and has got more strong reason to kill him before he gives her divorce. It was easy to get the access of his personal details i.e. in case of laptop in which it was not a difficult task for the investigating team to unlock same.


From the above document it is concluded that all the other suspects except Jenifer are innocent and she is the one who is reasonable for the death of Marcus. She has many points to kill him like she may do it for the alimony, for sheeting on her and dating other girls or maintaining relation with her ex-girlfriend.

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