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Patient Care Services in Medical Department


The Medical Imaging Department combines technologically advanced imaging services with delivery of high quality patient care in a professional environment. The department aims to provide patients best services as per their requirements. According to generalised view, the Medical Imaging department performs around 48,000 diagnostic cases each year through radiologists (Cheng and et.al., 2014). The Medical Imaging Department is engaged in providing diagnostic, ultrasound, CAT scan, bone densitometry, nuclear medicine and mammography services to the patients as per their problems.

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It also uses filmless environment with the use of PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) through which situation of the affected part is analysed. Thus, it can be said that Medical Imaging Department offers a complete range of diagnostic and interventional services in radiology and subspecialty areas (Thrall, 201). The present research proposal will be made with an aim to analyse if out of hours and weekend services could reduce the waiting list of Medical Imaging Department. Thus, considering the same emphasis has been laid on showcasing why the need of out-of-hours and weekend services are generated.

Consultation with colleagues

Aboriginal Australians generally experience a lot of health issues; therefore for this purpose they usually visit Medical Imaging Department to get to know about their health conditions. Hence, in this perspective, the nurses have identified that waiting list is getting increased due to unavailability of staff members and rescheduling of appointments (Berberat, Grobholz and Roelcke, 2014). Thus, considering the problem, consultation has been carried out among nurse and either Nurse Unit Manager or Clinical Nurse Consultant regarding the out-of-hours and weekend services in Medical Imaging Department.

It has been noticed that health problems have been driving people to visit Medical Imaging Department; however due to lack of sufficient staff members, patients have to wait for longer time span (Mair, Love and Frazer, 2013). The problem has been identified afterwards observing continuous waiting line in Medical Imaging Department. A large number of patients most of the time left untreated due to lack of proper scheduling. It has been observed that sometimes they do not get appointments and sometimes they do not come at the time when they are given the appointments. A few patients have also been observed who visit the department frequently and even after that, they do not get timely appointments.

Thus, considering this issue, nurses of Medical Imaging Department have decided to speak with Clinical Nurse Consultant so as to enhance the duration of services especially during weekends so that patients may not have to wait for longer time span (Cullen and et.al., 2015). Consulting with the same authorities could assist in enhancing the duration of the services; hence patients will be able to get necessary treatment from the respective department. Face to face conversation will be carried out so that all the situation could be communicated to the Nursing authority in suitable manner. This can be done along with discussions and meetings where all the authorities will sit together. Later on, the same information will be communicated with the help of emails to the entire staff.

Focused clinical question

Can out-of-hour and weekend services reduce the waiting line in Medical Imaging Department?

Focused clinical question will be selected as waiting list in Medical Imaging Department has been increasing; thus in terms of solution, the present proposal will be carried out. It can also be said that with the help of clinical question, researcher will be able to carry out the entire procedure of research in appropriate manner (Dang and Pheng, 2015). The question will guide the literature and it will also assist in finding out how the services could be delivered prominently. The proposal plan will be carried out for the purpose of finding solutions for the patients who experience diverse problems due to increased wait list. Medline, CINAHL and The Cochrane Library are the database that will be used for the purpose of searching literature for the study. Researching such database will also assist the investigator to identify several solutions that could be adopted to reduce the waiting line in Medical Imaging Department.

Description a search strategy

Under search strategy, various database like Medline, CINAHL and The Cochrane Library will be accessed for collecting data about the subject matter. Further, Google research will also be carried out for the purpose of collecting wide range of data. The database will assist the researcher to carry out the process of searching in suitable manner. Several key terms will be used to research the content for the study (Boehm and Thomas, 2013). A search strategy is a structured organization of terms that is used to search a database. It shows how these terms combine in order to retrieve the best results. All the mentioned databases work in different ways; hence it is essential to adopt search strategy for each of the database that will be used (Hay and et.al., 2014). The process of searching is also called as tailoring the search so which is essential in managing different aspect of the research procedure.

In the present research study, Medline database will be accessed which is a bibliographic database that includes life science and biomedical information (Bailey and et.al., 2016). Academic journals, nursing, pharmacy and health care are some of the sections that are covered under this database. It is freely available on different sources of internet and it is also researched via PubMed and NLM’s system. Medline will be accessed in the present study since it comprises several biomedical literature from different sources.

Moreover, CIINAHL will be used in the present research study since it provides indexing for more than 3000 English- language journals and publications in the field of nursing and allied health. It will be useful for the present research work because it covers nursing, biomedicine and health science. It also offers access to health care books, nursing dissertations and selected conference proceedings; hence this will be highly useful for researcher.

Similarly, The Cochrane Library will be accessed for the study as it is a collection of databases in medicine and other health care specialities provided by Cochrane and other organizations. It includes a database of systematic reviews and meta- analyses which summarizes and interpret the results of medical research (Polanczyk, Willcutt and Rohde, 2014). At the same time, it can be said that The Cochrane Library is being used since it aims to make the results of well- conducted controlled trails that is readily available.

Stating about inclusion and exclusion criteria, specific dimensions will be included as well as excluded and on that basis, data will be collected and selected. Under inclusion criteria, studies that are done after 2010 will be included; however at the same time studies that are completed before 2010 will not be selected in the present research work (Simou and Koutsogeorgou, 2014). Other than this, only English language will be used and studies carried out in any other language will not be used. Nonetheless, studies that are made on Medical Imaging Department will only be considered and any other study will be excluded from the research work (Sessler and Imrey, 2015).

The present research study will be completed within the time period of 5 months and the specific time period will be selected so that researcher could include all the aspects of research in appropriate manner (Grimes, Henry and Cotton, 2014). 5 months will be selected so that researcher could include specific content about the area of research (Bergs, Hellings and Vandijck, 2014). At the initial stage, researcher will seek permission from the hospital authority so that participants can be included accordingly. Further, researcher will emphasize on the process of sampling in which on the basis of random sampling technique, management staff members will be selected. Afterwards, data will be collected as per the subject matter and primary as well as secondary both the sources will be utilized at the same time (Toscano and Schoser, 2013). Next will be to analyse and refine the data so that final conclusion could be made appropriately. At last, the results will be disseminated to the respective people through emails and discussion sessions.

Problem statement

Medical Imaging Department has been engaged in delivering Imaging services to the patients and recently the issue of wait list has been increasing due to unavailability of staff; thus as a result, lot of patient left untreated (Cheng and et.al., 2014). On the other hand, rescheduling and cancellation of appointments also affects the functioning of the entire unit. Thus, looking towards the problem statement, the study proposes the need for out-of-hours and weekend services to reduce the waitlist in Medical Imaging Department. There are various health problems that arises among Islander Australians; hence the need for Imaging services is increasing on higher pace. This is much common in use as that helps the patients to get knowledge about their health facets.

In Australia, almost every hospital has Medical Imaging Department; however the availability of staff members is quite minimum; therefore because of this, patients have to wait for longer time span. This not only enhances waiting list; but also it leads the hospitals to make new schedules as per the appointment and availability of staff members (Berberat, Grobholz and Roelcke, 2014). Henceforth, most of the management members have identified that waiting list of patients needs to be minimized and for that specific solution is required to be undertaken. Prior reaching to any decision, the management identified that due to improper shifts and unavailability of staff members, several patients have to wait for longer time span (Mair, Love and Frazer, 2013). Further, patients also have to wait as most often they do not visit the hospital when they are provided the appointments.

This, not only affects the scheduling process; but also it impacts the entire service unit. The staff members are unable to work for longer shifts; thus most often they have to reschedule the service provision (Thomsen, 2014). This enhances the efforts of managing services and other patients have to wait till the other one gets free from appointment. Thus, the study will be emphasizing on result of out-of-hour and weekend services in Medical Imaging Department. In order to reach out to any decision, it is crucial for the department to consider various things such as training to the staff members, proper appointment to the patients and suitable scheduling of the services (Santos, 2014). Thus, it can be said that discussion on weekend and after hour services would assist the management staff members to reach out to any decision. This would be beneficial for the patients and for the entire Nursing care unit.

Research Methodology

The study will be adopting Qualitative research methodology in which different secondary studies will be accessed. However, both the sources of data collection will be used in the present research work. In the present research work, Qualitative research method will be selected because it emphasizes on the value of looking variables in their natural setting where they are commonly found (Dang and Pheng, 2015). It is also useful in grabbing comprehensive data and that will be collected through carrying out interview. This will be used in the study since it includes case studies, interviews, personal observation and focus groups. Henceforth, according to the techniques, interview session will be conducted from the management staff members of hospitals (Baldwin, 2016).

As per the technique, issues and subjects covered can be evaluated in depth and in detail; therefore interview will not be limited to particular questions and can be redirected or guided by the researchers in real time (Chen, 2016). Further, human experience is the main aspect that underpins Qualitative technique and this is also more compelling and powerful as compared to Quantitative research. Researcher has a clear vision on study expectations; thus according specific data will be collected according to subject matter.

For the present research study, Interpretivism philosophy will be used since it will assist the researcher to interpret elements of the study according to integrated human interest (Gabriel, 2015). Further, it will be selected because it assumes that access the technique can access to reality through social constructions and shared meanings. It will also be selected as researcher believes that reality is multiple and relative and it also explains multiple realities which are depended on other systems for meanings (ŽikiÄ¡, 2016). The knowledge acquired in this discipline is socially constructed rather than objectively determined. In the study, rigid structural framework will be avoided so as to adopt a more flexible and personal research structures. Thus, it can be said that Interpretivism studies will assist the researcher to focus on meaning and it may also employ multiple methods to reflect different aspects of the issue.

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With the help of random sampling technique, researcher will select the participants (management staff members) so that the opportunities of biasness could be avoided (Hooper and Gunn, 2014). Moreover, sample size for the present study will be 10 management staff members working in hospitals of Australia. The subsequent sample size will be selected so that researcher could find out the feasibility of the solution. Sample size will be relevant to the study as there are only few members in the management team that are availed during the process of research.

Participants (management staff members) will be recruited on the basis of their knowledge regarding the research problem. Further, researcher will also seek consent from the participants prior involving them in the procedure of research. A consent form will be given to them so that they can make declaration about their involvement in the research work.

Methods of data collection/ generation and analysis

In general, there are two methods of data collection such as primary and secondary and in the present research study, both will be used. Under, primary source of data collection, interview will be conducted so as to seek information regarding the problem statement. Hence, primary source will be used wherein management staff’s opinion about Medical Imaging Department will be considered (Sunderland, Chenoweth and Ellem, 2015). With the help of random sampling technique, management staff members will be selected. However, on the other hand, secondary sources will also be utilized in which books, journals and articles will be reviewed.

The categories of data collection is based on the type of study and the present study is Qualitative in nature. Interview session will be conducted among the management staff members so that they can depict their views about extended services in Medical Imaging Department. It will a semi- structured interview which is a Qualitative method of inquiry and which combines a pre-determined set of open ended questions (Mitchell and Pithouse-Morgan, 2014). It will be used in the present research study as it will not limit the respondents to give pre-determined answers to the research questions.

At the same time, data will be analysed with the help of Thematic analysis in which each and every theme will be clearly discussed. Further, researcher will also specify the responses to participants on the basis of charts, diagrams and tables. This is useful in terms of enhancing presentability of the research work.

However, several issues could arise at the time of data collection such as a few participants might not get time to participate in the process of research. Other than this, researcher could also experience numerous issues because of inaccessibility of the websites. There are various websites that are subscribed and cannot be viewed; thus this might impact the research procedure. While collecting the data, researcher might not get willingness from the participants. At the same time, understanding problem may also arise in which participants might face problems in comprehending the subject matter (Hooper and Gunn, 2014).

Ethical considerations

Approval is required to be collected from the Hospital Ethics Committee regarding the present proposal (Krutsinger, Reed and Eberlein, 2015). Along with this, all the ethical guidelines of National Health and Medical Research Council will be sternly adhered. It is crucial to consider ethical aspects so that validity and reliability of the research work can be enhanced (Suhonen, Stolt and Charalambous, 2014). Thus, in this respect, researcher will be focusing on seeking consent from the participants so that their views can be properly involved in the research procedure.

At the same time, while collecting the data, researcher will emphasize on including only those articles and journals which are relevant and integrated as per the subject matter. Data will be included only after accessing the relevancy and authenticity aspects (Braun, 2017). Similarly, to get approval from the participants, researcher will be giving them a consent form in terms of getting declaration from them. All the consent forms will be giving to them through emails and they will have to forward the consent form through the same source only. This will be an ethical research because it will include approval from all the respective authorities (Sharif, 2017). Therefore, it can be said that all the ethical challenges might be reduced through adhering ethical and legal framework.

Timeline, budget and dissemination plan

The study will be completed within the period of 5 months and all the activities will be completely monitored and analysed. Activities that will be carried out in the entire procedure will be- getting permission from the participants (management staff members), selecting sample size, emphasizing on data collection, conducting data analysis procedure and dissemination of results to the respective authorities.

Estimated budget for the research procedure will be £250 for entire 5 months. The expenditure might get increased because a few proceeding consume time and financial resource both. Expenses would be amended in the stage of disseminating the results to respective authorities.

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