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Different Parts and Duties of Marketing Department - ALDI

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities in the terms of developing a strong customer base. In respect of Aldi, these practices will assist in analyzing marketing conditions and existing practices.

  • Evaluate the role of marketing as well as its interrelationship with other functional departments of Aldi.
  • Provide a comparison between different organisation based on 7P’s of the marketing mix.
  • Design a strategic marketing plan for Aldi.
Answer :
Organization Selected : ALDI


The expression "Marketing" implies the social procedure by which affiliations and individual obtain what they need and require by making and exchanging a goods with others (Dibb and Simkin, 2014). It is everything that looks for remembering the ultimate objective to get buyers and keep up tried and true relationship with them. It is considered as one of the head department of business organization as it used to make, keep and satisfy customer essential productively. The chosen firm for this report is ALDI which is a main discount market store chain working in excess of 20 countries the whole way across the globe. This report talks about different parts and duties of marketing, how advertising capacity is between related with other hierarchical departments, components of promotional blend & marketing plan.


P1 Roles & responsibilities of marketing function

Marketing concept alludes to the set of exercises that deals in publicizing or promoting diverse goods and services among potential purchasers. Organizations utilize advertising function to empower the enthusiasm of client and empower them to buy the goods and services. The principle goals of any association is to influence most extreme benefit and this to must be conceivable in the event that they can advise their products and services to potential customer who really needs it. It fundamentally act as a scaffold amongst client and company is it for the most part underline on meeting the necessity of the two gatherings. Firms utilizes Marketing function in order to promote its goods and services while with the assistance of advertising function, it wind up simpler for client to discover particular item that completely or adequately fulfills their necessities and prerequisite (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012).

ALDI is a leading Supermarket chain that operates in excess of 20 nations with more than 10, 000 stores. The organization for the most part deals in giving sanitary articles, foods, beverages and grocery products. Association growth and achievement rely on how viably they publicize their item in the market that have moment effect on client and their obtaining. Following are the distinctive parts and obligations that ALDI is performing towards various promoting function are as per the following:

Marketing information system: It is characterized as a framework that gathers, assess and circulate data related with distinct preferences and needs of target group of customers and pass on the accumulated data to organization's head that assistance them in settling on powerful choice and procedures for the organization. At the end of the day, the framework is for the most part considering by the majority of the association in order to decide the real needs and requirements of target client that continues evolving quickly. As per Henry and Frank " For overseeing and controlling association in a powerful way, it is fundamental to deal with the future and for overseeing future in an orderly way it is imperative for the organization to gather and handle the data viably (Nguyen and Simkin, 2013). In this manner, it is basically vital for any business to gather data related with customer need and need on visit premise. ALDI is likewise utilizing the framework. Their chiefs have broke down that the greater part of the clients like to buy item that are accessible on marked down rate i.e. they draw in additional towards marked down item. This is one of the primary motivation behind why ALDI is putting forth their item at marked down or bring down rate.

Products and Service administration: Once the organization is finished with recognizing their objective market and set accurate cost for goods and services, the subsequent stage is to adequately manage their goods and services. This chiefly covers tuning in to client, reacting to their necessities and needs and keeping up goods and services new or avant-garde. ALDI is acclaimed for offering goods and services at moderately bring down rate. They purchase item in mass amounts specifically from provider and afterward store them their distribution centers guaranteeing auspicious quality and upkeep also.

Pricing strategies: One of the most imperative duty of any organization is to set right cost for goods and services that they are putting forth or giving to potential purchasers. On the off chance that the cost is too high, at that point there is high chances that organization may lose client and if the cost is too low then its general profitabality proportion can be influenced (Mihart and Frank, 2017). The privilege or the best cost for the most part come through experimentation strategy and leading some statistical surveying. ALDI is increasing high upper hand as a result of its estimating procedures. The organization is essentially following unit evaluating methodology which makes less demanding for clients to contrast their item and that of contenders. It is fundamental at an organization to set cost that makes esteem client or for which buyer will pay. The chose organization has make sense of that the greater part of the client quickly draws in towords such goods and services that are accessible on marked down rate. Taking the benefit of this the organization is giving great and administrations at aggressively bring down rate. Other estimating methodologies like focused, psychological has additionally mulled over by ALDI.

Selling: Both marketing and selling function are interlinked with each other. This is for the most part on the grounds that once the organization is finished with distinguishing a definitive needs and requirements of target client, the following stage is the manner by which to convey or offer it so it can achieve successfully to clients. ALDI is offering thier item through stores or outlets. Truth be told they are additionally offering through their authority online site and portable application (Jones and Rowley, 2017).

Promotion: It is one of the vital function of Marketing as it manages how organization promote its goods and services among client in market place. It creates awareness among purchasers which encourage them to purchase that specific goods and services. Essentially, promotion alludes as a voice of the organization to which organization passes on their image message as goods and services among target crowd in uproarious and clear way. With the assistance of this advertising function, firm can furnish all important data related with specific product or services. With a specific end goal to grab the consideration of shopper, is vital to have compelling limited time and Marketing technique that give best answer for client regarding meeting their necessity in a fitting way. Promotion incorporates publicity, advertisement, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity. In UK, US and Australia, ALDI is promoting their goods through print, display and electronic media. Notwithstanding that they are additionally utilizing web based media platform, for example, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for promoting their goods and services.

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Financing: It takes cash to profit. This is additionally a standout amongst the most vital function of marketing that assume key part in development and success of firm. It is fundamentally basic for entrepreneur to discover different sources through which they can get sufficient funds that assistance in overseeing thier general business exercises in a powerful and productive way ( Hauer, 2013). For the most part there are two wellsprings of financing that current market one is inside and other is outside. Inside wellspring of financing implies stores are accessible inside the organization just, for example, held procuring, benefits, by offering long haul resources that are at present not being used. Outer wellspring of financing implies reserves are accessible outside the organization as bank, angle investors, creditors, individual donor and so on. ALDI is principally considering both sources of funds, i.e., internal and external so they can deal with their business exercises and activity in an organized and intensive way.

Distribution Channel: It's predominantly deals with choosing the way or channel by which organization will sell their goods and services to potential customers. Having a thought for an item is great however in the event that organizations can't viably convey it to client who really needs it and they are unable to make enough profit. ALDI is acquiring goods in mass amounts from various providers and after that offer it among client with their own particular private marks (Draelos, 2011).


P2 Interlink of marketing function with other departments of organization

Marketing concept is broadly utilized by business endeavors in order to determine various needs and requirements of purchasers. It helping acc omplishing both long & short term business objective in a viable and proficient way. The core of each business lies in their marketing procedure. Its not just guide in advancing products and conveying it to client who quite it however it additionally help in overseeing and controlling the functionality of other departments also. Marketing function is connected with sales department, research & development, human resource management, information technology, production and operations, finance and some more. Following are the duties and responsibilities of marketing in regards to various authoritative division are as per the following:

Human Resource Department & Marketing: The principle function of HR division is to look and select most capable and appropriate candidate for the organization that aid in accomplishing thier goals in an effective and cost efficient way. Organization basically centers around pulling in beneficial client keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish reasonable deals number and for achieving conventional deals number organization needs to enlist capable and skilled applicant. With the assistance of marketing function, human resource administrator of any organization pull in and fortify pool of candidates to apply for work in the separate firm (Dibb and Simkin, 2014). The director of ALDI is successfully utilizing the Marketing function. Their administrator advertise about opening by choosing appropriate channel with the goal that they can get best prospective candidate for given occupation. The organization is primarily enlisting representatives to extenal source of enrollment, for example, walk-ins, ad, labor contractors and so forth. With the assistance of advertising tools, they can without much of a stretch passes on their data or message in regards to any activity vacany or opening in the organization. It is a standout amongst the best and usually utilized technique for drawing in pool of candidates at the same time.

IT & Marketing: With the progressive and most recent technology, it has turned out to be significantly easy for businesses to gain high competitive advantage and acquire large share in market. Innovative technology help organization in planning viable approaches and systems that is advantageous for the organization. Information technology division gives single view purpose of client that essentially implies all connections that lies amongst client and brand (Wilson, 2015). With cutting edge innovation, it has turned out to be substantially less demanding for organization to gather data in regards to purchaser profile, past acquiring design, advanced media association and all other essential data that is concerned about customer that may help organization in taking viable choice in regards to the satisfaction of thier needs and requirements. In UK, ALDI decides the present preferences of potential purchaser with the assistance of internet based life stage. As per insights report, 85% of population is having atleast one internet based social media account. The fundamental purpose behind picking this channel is to draw attention of huge number of client to their own particular zone of intrigue. The organization is likewise offering their item through their online portable application.

Sales department & Marketing: Both these department are interconnected with each other. The two divisions acts as arbiter amongst purchaser and production. Client ordinarily talk about thier concerns or prerequisite related with specific goods and services with the business bureau of the organization (Lipsman and et. al., 2012). Facilitate deals supervisor pass on this data to other branch of the organization, for example, assembling or creation with the goal that they can make item according to the prerequisite of clients. With the assitance of advertising and deals division, business undertakings can successfully converte the necessity of customer into specific items particular. Notwithstanding that, with various kinds of special devices deals chief can likewise caution the creation division worried about increment or abatement request of merchandise or administrations. Hence, the two capacities are between related with each other. ALDI is ordinarily offering their item at marked down rate which influences client to feel that the organization must offer low quality of item at low cost. The part of thier deals administrator is to clear their cerebrum picture and guarantees that organization is offering best nature of item at reduced cost.

Finance department & marketing: Finance and advertising are alluded as a fundamental mainstay of an association on which its whole gainfulness and income depends. The term fund covers achievability of benefit, cost or task though Marketing function incorporates deals target, deals volume, attention, publicizing and so forth. Without appropriate commercial it wind up troublesome for the organization to enhance the offers of a specific item and without deals, organization can't create sufficient benefit. In this manner, with a specific end goal to build the general productivity of the business endeavor, advertising function assumes vital part (Nguyen and Simkin, 2012). To set organizations objective and focus in a powerful way, fruitful advertising fills in as a solid base. Notwithstanding that, promoting function additionally help ALDI in assessing diverse inside and outer wellspring of financing with the goal that organization can choose most fitting wellspring of subsidizing.

Research & development and Marketing: In the present time, Marketing function saw as a quick approach towards deciding the response and conduct of clients over numerous media channel that moves organizations message as item that fulfills the real need of the focused on client. Prior, requirements and needs of client were resolved through perception, center gathering, overview and so on. In any case, in current situation, different preferences of purchasers can without much of a stretch distinguishes through internet based life stage. Taste and inclination of target purchasers are evolving as often as possible, that builds up a desire among elements to change or adjust thier existing goods and services according to the customer's prerequisite (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012). For instance: The R&D Department of ALDI makes sense of that purchaser quickly pull in towards such item that are accessible at low or reduced rate. Taking the advantage of this the organization has chosen to offer goods and services at marked down rate.


P4 Marketing Plan of ALDI

Organization Overview:

ALDI was established in 1913. From the most recent 105 years the organization picked up prevalence as driving marked down grocery store chain with more than 10, 000 stores in excess of 20n nations with an expected turnover of more than €50 billion. It is Germany based organization and was essentially established by siblings Theo and Karl Albrecht. The organization is working in other global market, for example, Australia, US, UK, Italy, France, Denmark and numerous others. They are the main the market by offering items like sustenances, refreshments, clean and families at moderately reduced rate when contrasted with other contender who are offering same great in the commercial center.

Vision Statement:

"To outfit our buyers with the things that they purchase every now and again and ensure selective necessities nature of those things".


"To meet customer essential by offering them radiant thing at set apart down cost".


To provide high quality goods to customers.

To expand operations area and capture large market share.

To satisfy customers and gain loyal consumer base.

To capture 30% of market share in next 3 years.


As indicated by the above-mentioned report it can be presumed that, advertising assumes enter part in authoritative development and improvement in the market. The whole productivity proportion of organization rely on how successfully and proficiently they utilize advertising and its function as it is fill in as an exclusive medium through which organizations can keep up solid and durable association with its clients. Accordingly, it go about as impetus for the achievement of any organization. Additionally promoting help other bureau of association too, for example, human asset, data innovation, innovative work with the goal that all business exercises and activity can be done easily and successfully.

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