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Global Marketing Strategy - Dunbia

University: Regent College London

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Question :

You are appointed as marketing consultant a report has to be developed on marketing strategy adopted by a firm which includes the following factor

  • Develop an outline of how Dunbia has uses different compact for building a brand image.
  • Formulate framework how Dunbia uses adaption & standardization for global marketing strategy.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Dunbia


Dunbia is a U.K. based food product company. It was founded in the year 1976 headquartered in Northern Ireland. The company deal in red meats product. It manufactures products: beef, lamb and pork product for retailers and commercial purpose. It entertains market position by providing continuous innovation in the product and processes. Since innovation is demand of current world scenario. The product are derived by the innovation and improvement demanded by the customer. Dunbia has understood this very well and framed all the upcoming activities accordingly. In 2016 Dunbia announced its strategy of retaining it marketing share by investing a large amount on innovation. In order to increase the current market share the firm is focusing on modifying its existing product so that more values could be deliver to the customer (Batt, 2013). Dunbia is a company which is driven by entrepreneurial vision and innovation at each functional area. With this objective to achieve, overall direction of the company is designed in the way that should contribute in innovation of not only products but process also. It is not the product that differentiates the company from competitor it is the ways of delivering the product to customer also differentiate from competitor. To establish company as a driver of innovation its strategies are align to push the overall organisation towards innovation. Dunbia believes in to be a supplier of choice. To be a supplier of choice by its retailer they are providing quality product at very competitive prices which makes customer happy. Since the market is driven by innovation which is leaded by the consumer behaviour, company focusing on innovation with competitive so that it delight customer hence customer by the quality of the product makes choice of Dunbia . The best way to promote company is to spread mouth publicity about product and company. Since existing customer receives product with better quality and prices they spread good news and views about the product which interest people to know about the product and later on about company also. To make its marketing position more strong and powerful the company has also entered into the strategic partnership with its competitor Dawn. This strategic partnership will give the benefit of large customer base as well as advantage of the supply chain management (Baker, 2014). The overall strategy of the company is to do innovation and change on a regular basis. With this aim the company has invested a large amount on the innovation and improvement. By making its product line more strong it is providing a variety of products to its customer hence proving itself as “Supplier of choice”.


Each company aim is to become market leader in its respective market. It is not an easy task to become market leader. It requires great marketing efforts and strategies to be done by the company. To become a leader the firm first needs to make itself a brand. In order to become a brand the firm may establish its product as brand or may establish itself as a brand. The company name and product could be different hence it depends on the company that what becomes the brand product or company name. There are many factors that contribute towards the brand building (Babin and Zikmund, 2015). These factors are essential to convert a product into brand. These activities are performed by the marketing team. Following are the key element that affects the brand building:

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1. Brand Recognition: Brand recognition refers to the ability of the company by which a customer differentiates companies’ products from its competitor. These are symbols, design, logo or packaging of the product. It is measured by the customer ability of identifying the company’s product by viewing its logo/symbol/tagline. Brand recognition is an important for the organisation because it provides competitive advantage as well as it helps customer to recognize the product of the company. A poor brand recognition result into to lower sales turnover, duplication of product and a low brand recognition among competitor. Since customer do not recognize the company products so that opt for another product. This may happen due to that customer may not remember the product. To eliminate this issue the company should do regular marketing activities so that the customer remembers the company product. The company should marketing activities to promote its products. There should be focus on ATL and BTL branding by the company so that the firm could enjoy the high brand recognition (Durand and Barlow, 2012). ATL branding should be done to deliver the messages to masses. ATL is helpful in creating high brand visibility and hence customer recognizes the company because of its advertising efforts. This branding is required to gain attention of the customer and create an interest and likings for the company products. On the BTL branding are required to converting the interest of the consumer into sales. BTL branding is done at a very small area which is aimed at boosting sales. The Dunbia is focused on doing ATL branding so that it could interest it customer and Run BTL branding activities at their Retails stores.

2. Brand Identity: Brand identity is the method that a company chooses to how it should look and perceive by the customer through its various marketing efforts. It deals with how communication should take place between company and its customers. How a company make itself to look it brand identity. It involves the activities like choosing the colour of the company logo, its colour, tagline etc. This gives a unified message to the customer hence create a distinct identity in the mind of the customer. This is done by the various tools of the marketing. Each colour combination, tag line and design creates a perception in customer mind about company. By keeping this in mind the company should design its brand identity as accordance how it wants to be perceive by the customer (Jones and Rowley, 2011). The logo of Dunbia is of red colour which attracts the customer. Red colour is visible even from a long distance and this colour attracts more when it put with other colours. Since this colour is choose with an aim to attract the customer. The company deals in many products and has also created sub-brands as well. All these sub-brands logos are a perfect blend of light colour and green colours. So this is a strategy to appeal the customer by attracting them with a light colour combination so that customer could wait for the more details about the products. This colour combination is also done to promote their farming products. The tagline of the company is of 2 words that is “Naturally better” is focusing and delivering the message that company delivers quality products which are natural and energetic.

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3. Brand Positioning: Brand positioning is refers to that place in the customer mind which is captured by the company. It is a very important term as this specifies that what certain values or quality a customer attaches to a brand. This means what position a brand gain in the market by its overall communication to the customer as well as the quality of the product. Some position of brand is: Low cost brand, High quality product, innovators etc. As stated earlier Dunbia is investing huge amount in the innovation of product and processes (Ogunmokun and Tang, 2012). To deliver this firm has also taken some strategic decision as well. From last 40 years firm has successfully launched itself in various other location. Each and every place it has delivered the same message to its customer. The firm understand the change in the local as well as global market and deal according. Today is the time to innovation hence firm is focusing on doing innovation and improvement in its product and process Since Dunbia is a market leader in the food product industry it has positioned itself as a quality oriented firm which promotes innovation to provide better quality to its customer at very competitive price. The overall focus of the company is to on innovation so this has resulted into that customer is now expects improvement in its product on a continuous basis with the up gradation in quality of the product. So the company has established itself a brand of innovation. Through it strategic partnership it is increasing its customer base so that it could deliver the better product. The position in the customer mind about the brand is that Dunbia is customer centric company which keeps its customer happy by doing continuous innovation and improvements.

Brand personality: Brand personality is refers to the stage of brand building where customer attaches some specific traits to the brand. These traits create an overall personality of the brand. This emphasises on the traits required by brand to attract a certain market segment. Personality in normal terms means the traits that a human being posses with itself. These personality traits hep that person to become more famous among the people. Since these personality traits attracts certain group of people that is why a person is being appreciated by the people who admire these traits and sometime also faces the criticism as well (Diana, 2013). On the same way each brand needs to have some traits so that it could attract its target customer base. These traits should be perceived by the customer in the same manner. Few brand traits are Sincerity, excitement, competence etc. Dunbia is a company which is in the market from last 40 years and enjoys the position of market leader. The personality of the Dunbia is very attractive and trustworthy in the market. It is considered as the sincere organisation by not only its customer but also by many industry associations. The company has won many certificates and awards by various organisations. This shows that company is very transparent and honest in its functioning. The customer sees the company as the organisation which is very

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