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Digital Marketing Strategies

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In this modernized world full of digitization, uses of internet have grown rapidly. Businessmen have found out many ways to market their products towards the people around the world. Digital marketing strategy can be considered as the promotion of products and services using various digital media such as social networking sites and advertisements etc. This study will provide differences between traditional media and digital media. This report will also help in creating an understanding about the influence of consumer buying behavior after adopting digital marketing strategies. The research is based on the comparative study of the effectiveness of traditional and digital media that have changed the decision of the consumer.

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Outline the main differences between traditional media and digital media and appraise in relation to consumer buying behavior

The advancement of technology has raised the use of digital marketing which have also converted the ways of advertising products and services to the large number of customers. With the increase in the technological world, entrepreneurs have found out many ways in order to adopt different marketing strategies. Earlier all the business communicates their products and services through the use of television, radio, newspaper etc. that might not be considered as an effective marketing technique nowadays (Ryan, 2016). So the global business market place is constantly changing in terms of increasing competitiveness. So in order to increase the sales, firms are adopting various ways to add values and influence the purchasing power of the business. It helps in rapid growth of the business activities.

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Traditional media is the concept of marketing which is earlier used by the businessman in order to advertise their products and services. Traditional media was considered as the one way transaction theory of consumer marketing whereas digital marketing have improved the marketing strategies that help in achieving the effective communication with customers in order to increase the sales of the company.

Basis of difference

Digital media

Traditional media


It is two-way communication that helps in interacting with customer. It helps in increasing the sales of the goods and services which increases the profitability of the company.

Traditional media is the one-way communication that helps in marketing the products and services. This only helps in


It is more effective way of marketing goods and services and this is more transparent and fastest method of promoting products to the large number of customers.

It is less effective way as traditional media is in the form of newspaper, television etc. so it could only reach to those people who socially active (Royle and Laing, 2014). Basically it is an opaque and slowest method of promotion.


Digital marketing influences the decisions of the consumers and it can be referred as community decision making and this method also adopts digital marketing strategy.

This is the online advertising formats which is generally influences the mind of people using promotional techniques of celebrities and popular actors etc


It uses social media to advertise commodities therefore it can be termed as one –on-one marketing and it also provides the user generated content and authentic content to large number of people.

Traditional marketing strategy usually adopts advertising through television and newspaper so this can be termed as mass marketing which only displays the professional content to public (Gulati and Soni, 2015). Generally this content can also be called as polished content.


Digital marketing concept uses bottom-up strategy and this concept also uses informal language in order to advertise the services and goods of particular industry. It also uses data-driven and result-oriented digital marketing strategy which also helps in high growth and development of the business.

Traditional method of marketing generally adopts top-down approach which this method is ineffective in marketing research and therefore this method was


It can be considered as Real-time creation and digital marketing is the best technique which can also help in fascinating customized products to customers. It can be determined as real-time creation marketing strategies.

Traditional media can only provide the uses and information about the produced goods but it cannot interact with people in order to identify their needs but iot can only be possible by market survey or research. It is basically called as pre-produced or scheduled marketing.

Analytic and actions

Here marketers perform deep analysis in order to identify the needs and requirements of consumers. This can be possible by interacting with them effectively. This could be considered as paid, owned and earned practices of building marketing strategy.

Traditional system performs poor analytics as it is only a single way communication in which entrepreneurs provides the information about the products but it could hard to get their reviews in order to develop more features in goods and services. Even earlier traditional media can also be determined as a paid up actions (Digital Media, 2018).

Change in structure: Digital technology has changed the structure of marketing nowadays. As initially buyers have to follow a linear path in order to understand various aspects of products so now it digitization have transformed the ways of marketing (Marchand, Hennig-Thurau and Flemming, 2018). Fortunately, digital practices have streamlined every step of consumers and business in order to maintain the strong relationship with customers.

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Social media as a tool: Digital marketing strategy has adopted social media as a tool for interacting with large number of consumers in order to increase the sales of goods and services produced in the industry. It has drastically influenced consumer’s purchasing decision and shopping behavior. . Consumer is the person who pays a amount in order to consume the services and products who purchases goods according to their purchasing power. This purchasing power of the consumer can be influenced by applying marketing techniques which help in selling the products of the company. Customers play the important role in functioning of the demand and supply chain in the company. So business man adopts different ways to attract customer towards their produced goods and services. In order to attract large number of customers various advertising and marketing techniques are adopted by the firms which influences the decision of consumer in order to consume particular products (Hassan, Nadzim and Shiratuddin, 2015). This consumer behavior can be influenced by different types of advertising techniques which were earlier done with the traditional method. Today’s digital world had provided variety of options to promote the goods and services. There are various effects of advertisements and promotions on consumer behavior. Such factors are as follows:

  • Consumer search for a particular commodity then various perceptions' comes to the minds of the consumer such as price , quality, quantity etc. so earlier traditional media provides the limited information about the use of the product to consumer but nowadays with the advancement of technology digital media uses the social media in order to promote the goods and services. Digital technology has proved as an effective method as t helps the company and consumers to build a strong interpersonal relationship. This has also helped company in performing the deep marketing research in order to identify the needs and demands of the particular product in the market.
  • Traditional marketing strategies was adopted in order to inform the consumers about the development of products and services but traditional system was a one-way communication process that influences the minds of the people once but sudden change in the marketing trend can influence their customer’s behavior suddenly.
  • Digital marketing have improved communication of the company with customers which have also increased the sales of goods and services. In order to influence the purchasing power of the consumer social media has played a vital role as it attracts many customers by its advertising and promotional techniques.
  • Social media networks have replaced more traditional communities and this is what draws millions of people into social networks and convenience in spending the significant time in order to engage the businessman digital marketing strategies.Rather than disrupting the conversation and join the conversation digital marketing have integral part of the community in order to purchase goods and services online (Piercy, 2016). On the other hand traditional method not only analyses the marketing requirements but it was poor in interaction with customers so consumer demands are properly identified. Therefore it was not an effective marketing strategy.
  • Real-time marketing can be considered as digital media marketing which help the organization ion growth and development whereas traditional method was way away from all this social media content.Traditional method have to suffer different marketing techniques in order to reach the information about newly developed product but nowadays promotion of the goods is one click away from the business (Charlesworth, 2014).
  • Digital marketing has the capabilities to provide goods and services online which helps the customers in easily buying the products and this thing influences the purchasing power of the customers. On the other hand traditional concept only allows the customer in determining the brands of products which they can consume.
  • Digitization also increases the competition in the market in order to attract the consumers because the industries who are dealing with the same goods and services have to acquire innovative feature in order to differentiate the products from different companies. Whereas traditional media uses old methods for advertising the products which are less effective and this cannot retain its loyal customers again (Kaufman and Horton, 2014).
  • Increasing use of technology have provided various facilities to customers as they cannot have to visit markets of shops for buying goods and services but all the products are available to them online and digital marketing also attracts the customers by providing various rewards and home delivery options so it helps them in easily buying the goods sitting at home. On the other hand traditional media only inspires them by providing the advertisements and spending major coasts at promoting their services to influence large number of consumers.

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It has been concluded that digital marketing had improved the perspective of different business in order to attract large number customers. It had also explained that earlier organizations operate with the familiar legacy customers in a great hope that it remain the solution to digital relevance but digital transformation had provided various innovative and adoptive ways in order to operate the business functions. The report had created a clear understanding about digital transformation which has rapidly increased with the emerging technologies. The study had also helped in understanding about the strategies adopted by traditional media in order to achieve the modern digital concepts for the future growth and development of the business all around the world. It had also been clear that increasing use of internet has also raised consumer buying behavior

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