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Marketing Design and Innovation

Introduction to Marketing Design and Innovation

By seeing the present scenario and prevailing competition in the market companies are mostly competing on innovation and attracting the customer through that uniqueness. This uniqueness is majorly seen in the electronic products. Since there is aggressive competition in the market electronic goods like the mobile phones are inventing new mobiles by introducing in them new features (Bogue, 2013). It is done basically to satisfy the needs and the demands of the customers. The most innovated product in the market in terms of features and design is apple I-phone. The company has launched the series in which they are targeting new customers as well as introducing some of the special features in the mobile phones.

Presently the apple company has launched apple I-phone in the 2014. It has launched this phone with some of the special features like it is regarded as the thinnest phone and with the better quality of camera which was seen in case of apple I phone -5. The customers who are brand freak and always buys from apple eagerly wait for the new launch as every time it launches with different features. Apple has added new feature by increasing their camera megapixel as well as enhancing the quality (Gurau and Ranchhod, 2009). Apple Company firstly analyzes the needs which are emerging in the consumers and what they want in their mobile phones. According to those new phones is designed. As when new phone is designed there are various things which are attached to it. Like in this case as the target market would change and even and even the marketing strategies which are used by company also changes. Previously apple has launched 5 I-phones and he is successful in that. To compete with Samsung, apple is focusing upon the quality of the camera and the security system which is recently introduced in its phone.

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Research Problems

Research is majorly done on design, innovation, and technology which has to be used in the mobile phones and above all which satisfies the needs and the demand of the customers. The research problem which is chosen is basically examine to analyze that how apple -I phone is evolving so much change in its product. The main research is done on to find out that the change and the innovation which is taking place in the mobile are delivering benefits and value to the customers or not (Onur and et. al., 2014). The important issue is that the product which is being made is satisfying the consumer's needs and the demand.


  • To identify that how the apple company is meeting the needs demands and the preferences of the consumers.
  • To assess the uniqueness of the apple I-phone shape, size, design which are features in the apple I-phone.
  • To identify the brand appeal of apple I- phone in relation to its competitors in contemporary market.


Designing and innovating the product to meet the needs and demand of the consumers

Designing and innovation has been the major factor in increasing the competition in market. Because of the increasing competition and advancement in technology companies are created differentiated strategy by creating innovation in their product. There are different reasons why the company is adopting the strategy of designing and innovation its product. In case of apple I- phone the company is adopted the designing strategy because it did not want to lose it customer (Cravens, 2010). Even Apple Company wants to retain the image which is set in the minds of the customers. In meeting the needs and the demands of the customer the company is upgrading its mobile phones so that they can effectively meet the demands of the customers. This competition helps the company to research on new technology so that they can produce in front of the customer and create competitive advantage on them.

The most innovating product which can be modified according to the technology is the electronic goods and in that specially the mobile phones. So because of this it is beneficial for the mobile phone companies (Mohr, Sengupta and Slater, 2010).They have got the opportunity to do innovation in their phones. The main advantage for the companies like apple, Samsung is this that there is increasing demand of the customer and even the youngsters are craving for the new technology. Besides this when the company introduced new features in their phone then the mobile prices are increased.  In case of the apple I-phone which generally focuses on the target customer and according to that the company introduce features and innovation.

Marketing through innovative product and service

Innovation is basically creating new thing in the market which has not been launched before or not have used by the customers. In case of the electronic goods and the mobile phones companies are trying to make the product and introducing in them those features which have not yet launched (Palmieri, and Giglio, 2014). In case of marketing the product in market the company is using the technology and the innovating design to feature their product. The company is marketing its product according to that feature which can create competitive advantage for the organization.

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There are various examples in which the company has used their innovation technique to create marketing as well as creating brand image in the minds of the people. In case of apple I- phone 6 it has communicated that it is the thinnest phone as this is the innovation technique in case of marketing (Oosthuizen, 2013).   In case of Samsung galaxy S5 the company has created marketing strategy by saying that it is the water proof. These are the features which help to attract the customers as well as even increase the target market for the company.

Brand appeal in competitive market

Brand is one of the important parts of the company. There are several products which arte made by the company but the reason for sell is of the brand name. Brand creates difference in the products and the services from its competitors. Brand plays a major role in the products which are costly as in case of the electronic goods (Guinnin and et.al, 2011). Even brand is important when there are huge numbers of competitors which are emerging in the market.

In case of the mobile phones there are many competitors but the major ones are the apple and the Samsung. There is less product differentiation in terms of innovation and technology. So the customers purchases the items by seeing the brand and the brand image which has been creates in their minds. In case of blackberry and Nokia which has different brand image in minds of the customers. Because of this image consumers make the repeated purchases. to conquer the major share in the market and to create competitive advantage the company has to sell its product according to their brand image (Ali,2010). To enhance long term success in the market brand appeal is beneficial for the company to satisfy its consumers.


Value and benefits derived by clients and customers

The company is successful only when it is deriving satisfaction to the customers and the consumers. In case of the apple I-phone which is made for the particular target market is giving benefits to the customer. The first I-phone was launched in the year and it was launched because of the needs and the demands of the customer of smart phone (Schneider and Wooldridge, 2011). From then onwards Apple Company is launching it products with new features and innovations to satisfy its customers. In case of the apple I-phone it has launched its product with the battery improvement in comparison with the apple I-phone 5. This predicts that the company is making product according to the needs and demand of the consumers.

There are various kinds of benefits which are derived by the customers as because of the new technology they are using them. But because of the new innovations in apple I-phone they are charging more prices to the product. Apple has always been tried to give satisfaction above the expectation of the customers.  Another benefit which they are getting from the innovation and the quality is that apple I- phone is making their work easier with the invention in new technology (Interbrand, Creating value and managing brand value, 2014). Technological work has become easier regarding sending e-mail and other factors.

Uniqueness in the product design and elements

In case of the mobile phone the product has to have some of the unique features which can appeal the customers and lure them to buy the product. Apple I-phone 6 has different types of unique features which attracts the customer to buy the phone. The uniqueness which is featured in the phone is that of the security which has been developed in the phone. I-phone 6 has been made more secured than the previously I- phone as it has finger tip password which will access the phone (Ali, 2010). Even for some of the apple application like I tune and app store the consumer can use its finger as a password and access it.  Even the most advanced feature which is introduced in the phone is IOS 8 which is one of the best operating system. In this there arte several applications which the consumer can download and with this kind of application they can even talk to the doctor.

Brand appeal

In case of the brand appeal in apple as comparison with other competitors it has created its brand image as innovative phone as well as expensive phone. To attract the customers and create target market for them they are focusing through the brand name. In case of apple it has made it a brand in case of quality and the durability (Cravens, 2010). Even it is considered as one of the most secured phone which is not easily top access. Apple is one of the efficient brands which have increased its market by developing different types of gadgets. Apple Company is not only famous for the smart phones which they are producing but still it is popular for all the items which are produced by them. There is tough competition between all the mobile brands which are selling their products because of the company fights on the basis of the brand. In case of apple it has created its target customers and it sell their product according to their preference and specifications.

They have been in various segments as there is Ipad iPod which is one of the most famous products of the apple. As in case Samsung it has been making the product for all the target markets (Oosthuizen, 2013). But in case of apple it is making the product for one set of target market and the price which is quoted on the product is according to that only. In case of the brand appeal apple has launched I phone 6 by grant event this is the strategy which is used by it. Even in case of attracting the consumers through the brand appeal it has already started its booking of I phone -6 this create curiosity among them.  Apple has been ranked 1 global brand in the world. Even the brand image is mostly created through the product but in this case the most attractive thing is the apple company logo which has attracted customers to talk about it (Apple I Phone 6. 2014). This has been major advantage for the company as this has also become the brand appealing factor for the consumers. If you are looking for experts who can do your assignments at cheap, then quickly take Do My Assignment For Me UK services now!


Reflective Essay

The entire report has been very interesting task for me because I knew less about the marketing activities and the new innovations which has been taken place. Through this model I have learned a lot in the field of innovation and the marketing. The most important aspect which I have learnt was about the innovation which has taken place currently in apple I phone -6.

Learning achieved through the module- this module has helped me to achieve various knowledge about the technologies which are adopted by the company to create competitive advantage. This has gained knowledge in me about the fact that at what extent consumer needs and preference are important for the company and even at that point of time when there is aggressive competition. This module helped me to analyze the competitive strategy which has been adopted by the apple I phone-6. Besides this it also helped me to know about the uniqueness in the product which is created in apple I phone -6. The company has made innovations in those areas which are not generally updated in the mobile phones. With this I leant about the market innovations and the strategy which is used by the company to create upper hand in the competition. By doing this module my analytical skills as well as searching skills were enhanced. Because I have to search about the contents and the specifications which are developed in the apple I phone -6.

In addition to the above learning I also learnt that brand appeal is very important for the company as well as the consumers. Because of the brand Appeal Company creates attractiveness in the consumers. Even I learnt that brand appeal can change the perspective of the consumers. in finding about the apple I phone 6 is can came to know that the consumers who were not interested to buy the phone of apple. But because of the promotion which took place made but hem buy the phone. This was the reason why brand appeal is important for the company. With this knowledge I learnt that how apple made their customer satisfied by their products and even besides this it also introduced new products for other target consumers. Even new products were introduced in the market with different features and besides this various marketing strategies were used by the apple company. Even I learnt about the time factor in which the company tends to launch their product. In many cases we see that company just launches the product at the given time. But through the module I entail knowledge about the fact that time period is also important at the time of launching the product. In case of apple it launched the mobile when there was tough competition in the market. This was the best time when the company launches its product because of that time it helped to increase the sale. Even in this case brand appeal played a major factor in provoking the consumers to buy the product. I got to learn about the different types of strategy which was used by the company to create competitive advantage as well as to attract the consumers.  I also learn to manage the time in completing this module. According to the task given to me I was able to mange my time. But there were certain areas in which I need to increase my knowledge. There were several areas in which technical knowledge was needed to compare the data of the previous phone to the current one. But because of the insufficient knowledge I have to search a lot in those areas.

Challenges faced at the time of completing the module- I learnt a lot from the module regarding the technicalities as well as innovations and the marketing strategy. But still in some areas I have to face difficulties because very less information was available to me. The information was relevant but at the technicality factor there was less information. In case of knowledge regarding the apple I phone 6 as it has been launched recently so the information regarding its success was very less. Because of this I found difficulty in answering my questions.  Even regarding the information I found difficulty in understanding the information which was given. There were lot of information but to sort them and then find out the relevant thing was somewhat difficult for me. Another difficulty for me was regarding the financial resources in which I have to complete my task. To find out different relevant information from different books, journal, online this needs financial resources so that relevant and more information can be gathered.  Another difficulty I faced was regarding the time in which I was to complete the file. At previously I was not getting proper information. This hindered me in completing the module within the time period. This task became challenging for me because of this reason. I have to complete the task on time and even with all the relevant information. These were the problems and the challenges which were faced by me at the time of completing module.

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From the study it can be concluded that in this competitive world if the company has to survive it market it has to practice continuous innovation in its product. The best example is the apple company which has launched series of I-phones and making innovations in their designs and the features. The most beneficial part of the company is that it has making innovations in its own product and creative competitive advantage for the company. Even the best feature of the apple company is that besides I phone it is making other products according to needs and demand of the consumers.

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