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Learn Technical And Creative Aspect of Internet Marketing


A successful business can run by the help of internet marketing. Internet marketing is the powerful tool for branding. For the improvement of the digital marketing, the strategic implementation of the internet fetches more customers for the business (Liu et al. 2017). In the internet marketing, the customer will easily connect with the website and they get to know many information thus it creates the connection between the business owner and the customer In addition, internet marketing enhances company’s brand identity.

Small furniture selling company, Smart Restorations Limited company are targeting to develop its business and make more turnover in a period of two years with the help of Medium blue Search Engine Marketing. The study will concentrate on critically evaluate the different aspects of the internet marketing and the strategy to incorporate in Smart Restorations Limited. The team of the company has understood the essentiality of creating brochures as a strategy of yester years. The company now wants to get a bigger market attraction and for that it will promote the company through website. The customers will get in touch with the company with the help of different platforms of internet marketing

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Task 1

1.1 Components of internet marketing

Internet marketing is referred to as online marketing or e-marketing. Internet marketing involves selling and buying of products using the source of internet. The internet gains success in connecting the global audience at once (Mathews et al. 2016). Companies now have their own online channels through which marketing of products and services take place. It involves marketing process done via e-mail and wireless media. Internet marketing refers to the dynamic online business where marketing takes place in a fast-phase manner. There are several components of internet marketing as described below:

Website design

Every company needs to have its own website design, created and developed by a professional, that lets visitors to navigate easily (Mathur and Mathur, 2016). While designing a website it is important to focus on the home page or the page where every details of the company are articulated. The online site needs to be optimized on all browsers, so that the site can be accessed from all sorts of browsers and smart phones. There are a growing number of users who surf through mobile web.


Blogging is a significant part in attracting visitors, as companies that blog attracts fifty five percent of more visitors in contrast to the companies that do not blog. Blogging helps the visitors to subscribe, share and interact through social media. In addition, blogging enhances business credibility among their customers.

Search engine optimization

The website, blogs and other linked pages of a company add search engines that help the unknown visitors to look after what the company is selling and also what the customers wants to buy. It is Important to ensure that each page of the website of designated company has optimized for search engines. There are seven ways to optimize a web page for the search engines. It includes finding of keywords, adding the keywords in the page’s URL, adding the keyword or keyword phrase in page’s title page, adding keywords in page’s meta tags, ensuring that keywords being placed in the heading tags, usage of the keywords in the page content finally allowing the search engines to check how the page is being ranked with its intended keywords.


The company needs a quality design of email template that will help attracting the customers, completing an effective marketing strategy. Email needs to convey useful, essential and relevant information to the customers on a regular basis.

Social media presence

Social Medias such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and others help in promoting the marketing of a business. The company can open pages in these social media that will help in creating a community of own, passing on valuable information to the customers. The social media helps in connecting people across globe and this is done by posting information, current status, blogs and updates regularly. Furthermore, helps in the promotion of the company and its expansion.


Analytics helps in recording the results and trends of the company’s website and ranking. Measuring of the results of the marketing process through social media plays a crucial role in online marketing (Copulsky et al. 2016). The analytics include study of the website, blogs, page ranks, spam reports, social media shares, views and comments of visitors, followers, connections, growth and engagement etc.

1.2 Evaluation of marketing mix of internet

For successful marketing success Smart Restorations limited, needs to study and implement the marketing mix of internet that includes 4P’s. The marketing mix includes product, price, place and promotion (Liu et al. 2017). The 4Ps helps in the understanding of pitfalls and the ways that leads to success.


Product is the most essential part of a business. It is the product that determines the fame and growth of a company. The design, packaging, features, quality needs to be considered of a product. The product is governed by the wants of the customers. Therefore, the product is modified and advanced according to the needs of the customers.


The geographic location of a business is an important part of marketing strategy. The location needs to be suitable for both transportation and availability of markets. However, in the case of online marketing, place becomes secondary. Setting up of a company’s online store is different from signing up for an existing online store. In order to set one’s online store, the company needs to be confident about its followers and customers and their perspectives. Setting up of individual online stores provides more freedom to the company.


Price determines the amount that customer is willing to pay in order to use or avail the services or goods the designated company is providing. Discounts, coupons, credit collection, payment methods, price setting are the important elements affecting a product or service. If the company is unsure about the pricing strategy, it can rely on a survey of market poll. Pricing should be determined and allotted in contrast to the similar online marketing groups. First Smart Restorations Limited needs to survey on the price list of the other online stores and accordingly fix their own pricing of products. If the price of the company is way higher than other companies, it discourages customers to buy their products.


Promotion of products includes the delivery of the benefits and utilization of the products to the customers. Using sales promotion, advertising, direct marketing, social media marketing, and personal marketing are the ways through the company can promote its product publicity, public relations, healthy customer relations and advertising are vital factors that keeps a product ahead of any competition of other companies (Iredale and Heinze, 2016). 

Internet marketing is fruitful for a successive business. It helps in practicing effective marketing ethics generating good behavior and effective promotion attracting millions of customers across globe.  Internet marketing enables dynamic form of productivity with perseverance, patience and knowledge.

1.3 Comparison of the tools of internet marketing

In order to strengthen online production and relationships with customers, the company needs to establish marketing tools to accomplish and increase the revenue. It is important in analyzing as to which tools be needed for setting up of a business (Lian and Yen, 2014). There are effective tools for building customer relationships such as vertical response, relationship builder, online campaign-tracking capabilities, professional email-marketing, cost-effective products, customizing messages to customers. In order to strengthen the online marketing the company needs to create effective website, develop online distribution and payment processing, generate response collection and evaluate customer reviews, online advertising etc. implementation of tools enables effective growth of business.

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1.4 Examination of the working of the order processing

Order processing systems is vital in business processing for ages. Besides the utilization of technology, order processing creates effective means of tracking and shipping orders of the customers (Yadav and Singh, 2014). The processing of products ordered by the customers from various regions implements the use of heavy technologies and shipping equipments. It provides necessary information to the customers regarding the availability, storage, shipping and cost of the order processed, so that the customers can track its items ordered on online sites. Order processing focuses on customer experience, reviews in maximizing company’s profitability.


The advantage of structured processing of order creates a beneficial situation for business allowing healthy relationship with customers resulting from reliable deliveries and fulfillment of orders. Business can be accelerated and gain customer trust by not misplacing or misreading any order.


Order processing using high technology is cost effective. Use of heavy technologies will increase the cost of the company itself. Order processing includes a large number of processing under software programs that do not rely much on the input of employees. It becomes difficult in measuring problems in technology-driven systems in contrast to employee-driven issues.

Task 2

2.1 Mechanics of the search engine marketing

SEO comprises of the different criteria related to website analysis, observing client requirements, keyword research, content writing, website optimization, SEO submission, link building, reporting and finally get the outcome of the entire process (Iredale and Heinze, 2016).

Search engine marketing or SEM is one of the most effective ways to grow any business in any competitive market and to reach out to the global market. There are millions of business who are dealing with millions things including the products selling to service proving, so to grab the market in a positive way the marketers need to invent the innovative ideas to achieve any goal. It is important to advertise the business online to get the attention of the customer. 

Search engine marketing is the marketing is the marketing process where the business use paid advertisements that view on the search engine results pages (Polo et al. 2016). The advertisers bid on the keywords that Google might enter when looking for certain products or services which give the particular advertisement or nay page to appear on the first page of the Google.

If any page or advertisement comes in the first page of Google then the viewers will definitely view that page with the context of their specific search result. The pay per click is another main significant criteria in search engine that comes with variety of formats. The formats includes some texts based ad are small whereas others such as product listing and product description and the shopping ads are more effective in terms of visualization (Holliman and Rowley, 2014). 

The product based information and the services are the form of advertisements that the customer get to see in the website along with the important information. It gives a huge opportunity to the marketers to put the advertisements to their business by using the internet and the medium of search engine. 

Search engine has some strength

i) Increase traffic

Search engine has a direct connect to pull a large base of customer and that eventually increase the traffic. The higher number of clicks leads to an increase in the traffic generation, which helps the visitors to find the specific website within minimum time. Search engine helps in the creation of the relevant keywords and the description of the page, which ensures to get any page with the help of nay keywords (Rodriguez et al. 2016). Traffic generation help any website to get the attention of Google and other search engines and the website will lead in the page.

ii) Return on investment

With the help of the search engine optimization, that provides results against any search are quantifiable and can be tracked irrespective of the segregation of the website as an e-commerce site (Huisingh et al. 2016). The search engine agencies have the ability to track all the prospects of the strategy, which include the ranking of the websites in the search engines or generate more traffic.

iii) Increase site usability

Search engine optimization helps in increasing the usability of the site and eventually it will lead to the easier navigation.

iv) Cost effective

Search engine is the process where cost is not too high. Cost effectiveness is the way so they get more traffic.

v) Brand awareness

With the increased rate the traffic, also view the website repeatedly if they find it interesting then it will increase the brand awareness (Chitra and Sasikala, 2016). The particular website will get more attention from the viewer and it will become famous.

2.2 Newsletter of opt-in email marketing

Social Media Marketing

Smart Restoration Limited is going to launch a campaign where Facebook and what’s app will be used for the social networking and to connect with the mass. This is the purpose of advertisement. The company will create a page in the Facebook and this page will contain the information about the products, launch of new products and the features of the product as well. Eventually it will help to promote the business through social sites and will get the attention of the customer. The people who will subscribe to Facebook will get to know all the information because they will get the email notification. For more details, please log in to your mail by using password. 

Log in

If the customers are not subscribed with the Facbook page of the organization then the customers can subscribe to the newsletter. 

Sign up

2.3 Use of new digital media

Digital marketing is the combination of the online marketing and technology. Any company can use the digital marketing media to advertise their products and services by the help of the internet. Various media channels get use for the different purposes. Instant message option is there to share anything to the customers within a minimum period (Black and Cap, 2016). 

The communication process gets more advanced with the help of the digital media. Any organization can easily communicate with their customers and get to know the preference of the customer. The customer gets any information regarding the products and services the business is offering and they can put any quarry to the customer service desk. 

Smart Restoration is thinking to incorporate thing channels to get the proper base of the customer for the future betterment. Digital media will provide the perfect platform to reach out to the larger base of the customer and by communication and interactions, the company associates will get to know about the product specification, new launch of products and price of the products (Eid and Gohary, 2013). Digital marketing generates an era where everything is possible and the process is not time consuming.  

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Task 3

3.1 Secondary research on the market

Secondary research includes reports and research studies of governmental agencies, trade associations etc. Secondary research uses information from external sources like labor unions, trade associations, media, commerce associations, newspapers, magazines etc (Dhakal et al. 2016).

Public sources

Public sources are generally free sources and include governmental departments and business departments. It also involves sources from public libraries.

Commercial sources

The sources are not free yet valuable that includes research associations, trade associations, financial institutions and publicly traded corporations.

Educational institutions

They are overlooked as valuable resources even though valuable researches take place in colleges, universities, technical institutes etc.

3.2 Survey to understand the barrier to online shopping

A survey has been conducted in identifying the multiple barriers of online shopping. The survey is conducted through different people of different regions. The research takes place among fifty people. The questionnaire prepared for the survey is given below:

1. Are you aware of the internet shopping websites?





                                Table 1: Percentage of online shopping
Percentage of online shopping
Figure: Percentage of online shopping

With the increase in the use of the internet, a larger number of the people were found to be aware of the internet shopping websites.

2. How far are you satisfied with the quality of the online products?

Strongly satisfied








Highly dissatisfied


Table 2: Level of satisfaction regarding the product quality
Level of satisfaction regarding the product quality
Figure: Level of satisfaction regarding the product quality

As per the data analysis, it found that maximum numbers of people are satisfied with products of the company. The satisfaction relies much on the relationship of the customers with the company. Company’s achievement is driven by the efficient sale of the products.

3. How far are you comfortable with the payment options of internet shopping?

Very comfortable






Not comfortable


Table 3: Comfort regarding the payment options
Comfort regarding the payment option

Figure: Comfort regarding the payment option

According to the data analysis, it is found that the number of the people comfortable with the payment options is higher than the number of people who are not comfortable. This results due to the reason that the people believe in paying for the products that they have seen and examined themselves.

4. How far are you satisfied with the relevance of the product with the advertisements?

Strongly satisfied








Highly dissatisfied


Table 4: Relevance of products with the advertisements 
Relevance of products with the advertisements

Figure: Relevance of products with the advertisements

Maximum numbers of people are found to be satisfied with the relevance and authentication of the product as shown in the advertisement.

Interview questions

What is the response of the consumer regarding the online shopping?

“The people are responding to the online shopping quite well however there are certain areas where the response is comparatively low”

The manager examined that the customer’s responses are positive as a majority of people do not have the time for offline shopping and hence prefer online shopping.

What do you think is the reason for the low response?

“It may be due to the reason that the people in these areas have a limited access to the internet”
The manager analyzes the lack of resources responsible for the negative and low response in the particular areas. This results as the people do not have proper access to the internet which proves to be a barrier to the online mode of shopping.

3.3 Use of customer relationship marketing for the management and analysis of the interactions of the customer

Customer relationship is significant in business management. Building customer relationship is important for substantial growth and maintaining long-term customers. Customer relationship is enhanced through regular interactions with customers that increase customer loyalty (Khodakarami and Chan, 2014). Proper customer relationship with specific organization can help in the growth of products, modification and improvisation of certain products. In addition, it is the customers that the company adheres to. Satisfaction of customer’s needs lead to the expansion of the business of the specific company.

Task 4

4.1 Internet marketing plan

Planning is one of the most important criteria to do any kind on business. Strategic planning helps the organization to get and grab the market in a very positive way. In order to design the marketing plan, analysis of the present situation, judge the customer preferences is very significant, because it defines company success (Bilgihan, 2016). In the case of Smart Restorations Plan, the success of the business largely deepened on the planning and implantation of the internet marketing. Internet marketing will help the company to get the attention of the customer and the company will get to know that that the target people of the specific business are. The strength and the weakness of the business need to identify and with the help of that the company can get to know about the customers demand and they will deliver the service according to those criteria. The opportunities of the company, which are open in the market, will come along with some of the threats to the company.

Analyzing of the Business is very essential to discover what the market and customers need from the organization and that will lead the company towards growth. For the study of the market, and to implement the internet marketing in a positive way, the company needs to use SWOT analysis (Bull et al. 2016). In this way, the company will get to know who the competitors of their business are and how they can generate more business in the market by using all the strategies very effectively. The dynamism of the market can fetch the information about the current market position within a specific industry. The business plan and the marketing analysis of smart restoration limited will encompass both the information and target market orientation (Lambert et al. 2016). Market opportunity by the help of the internet marketing will effectively influence the company with a proper insight in market segmentation. The company needs to divide the markets in accordance to the social media platforms, and the company can catch the attention of the customers.

4.2 Advertisement of the pay per click (Refer to Poster)

Pay per click is the online advertising model where the advertisers can display the ads to the websites for the presentation of the company products and services. If any customer searches for the products or any kind of information then they will click on the following ad or the link. People will search for things online then they can enter relevant quarries into search engines. Advertisers and the marketers will get charged when the user clicks on their ads is this the method for “pay per click’’ (McAlister et al. 2016). The keywords play the main role for the paid search and pay per click can be referred as keyword advertising. Search engine results page shows the advertisements and the advertiser cannot simply pay more to ensure that their ads display more prominently than their competitors ads. The ads that present in the pages are follows an automated process that Google and other search engines will help to create (Khan et al. 2016). By this, process the search engines use to determine the relevance and validity of advertisements that appear on the sites.

The basic of the pay per click structure is very simple and the advertising process is easier to operate. Many advertisers cannot able to pay proper time and effort for the developments to the Google Ad words, that loose the missing valuable opportunities to grow their websites or business with the help of PPC.

The advertisements that the company Smart Restorations Plan will do by help of social media will take an association from the pay per click strategy (Jafari et al. 2016). The Google Ad words will be the search engine marketing tools that will connect securely to the Google Ad words and other search engines accounts to have a glance to the data. Based on the data the company will get to know how many customers visit the website and in which ad they have clicked most and that, ads will get more priority in page. The company will try to serve the customer satisfaction by the providence of the kind of products and services. This data will help Smart Restorations limited to grow the company more better way and PPC advisor will help the business and the customer to face the market growth and product satisfaction. The data will help to be acknowledged about the increase in conversions, maximize return on investment and grow the business. Pay per click allow the company to operate the keywords including top performance of the search terms, the navigation keywords that save the money of the organization, ad performance information and the bid optimization suggestions (Clark et al. 2016).

With the help of the keywords, the company can create logically organized ad groups and it also needs to identify the negative keywords that are wasting the ad budget. Daily improvements on the advertisements can improve the copy that will eventually create compelling and relevant landing pages.


Internet marketing become more and more significant for any organization and it is a big factor to run any business globally. The technical and creative aspect of the internet marketing is the main criteria to become renowned in the global market for success in achieving long-term goals. With the generation evolution and advancement of technology, the field of marketing is expanding more with the use of internet. Internet facilitated the running of online stores of multiple companies. Internet or online marketing is a strategic form of marketing using internet as the wealth of resources for promotional activities. Modern market and internet market can reach out to the customers across globe increasing potential market and customers. Internet marketing provides the existing along with the rising companies in establishing their position across global market.

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