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Internet Marketing

Introduction to Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a kind of online business where the sale of company is increased and product is sold in the market by using email marketing or social media. It helps the company to promote the products and services of the business by using social media like twitter, LinkedIn. In this modern era people are most likely to use social media so the managers of an organisation involves in the process of promoting their business online and makes their customers aware about the new schemes of their product. It also helps to build good relationships with their stakeholders and suppliers. Overall it enhances company sales and productivity in the market.
This report discusses the role of e marketing manager in ASDA retail organisation. It is a chain of supermarket that produces food, clothing and financial services in UK’s market. It has 175,000 employees working with it and it’s headquarter is situated in Leeds, west Yorkshire, UK. It is highly involved in promoting its product and services through online media by creating its own website and even it helps to get connected and build strong relationship with its employees and other stakeholders. This report understands marketing through internet for promotion using digital marketing communications. Further it conducts secondary marketing research for supporting its customer relationship management.

Use of Internet Marketing in E Business 

Internet marketing is a type of selling product of ASDA Company by using E-commerce managers of this business organisation involves in trading of its product and services by using internet and hi-tech products such as mobile they use mobile  commerce as they helps to complete  their business transaction using online system. Nowadays businesses are getting more involved in the business practices and buying and selling of product using online media. With the help of social media, a manager of this company is able to create their brochure and helps to promote their product online.  E business can be defined as a company that conducts all the transaction through internet. Under this, transaction can be buying and selling of products, supplies and services, production control, collaborating with partners and other related. It helps the manager of this company to get connected with their customers and with its all stakeholders that builds their relationship and further helps in increasing awareness of their products and services in the market (Mohammed and et.al, 2003). Micro environment of this organisation includes individual that deal with the organisation on regular basis such as suppliers who supplies raw material to this company, its competitors, customers who consumes the product and services being produces by this company. Macro environment of this corporation can be understood as the factors that are not in control of business organization such as economy, different policies made by government and changes that occur socially like change in customer taste preferences and technologies which are being adopted by the managers of this organisation as per the requirements. Internet marketing helps the managers of this organization to increase their sales and market share. It also helps their customers to get easily their products of their choice as it facilitates their customers with good offers and schemes like discount and several offers like buy one get one free which increase their interest to get more involved in the process of buying goods and services through online  (Awad,  2007).

Internet Marketing Effects

Internet marketing mix can be seen as the marketing effects that are being done by the mangers to enhance their sales. Internet marketing manager of this company makes uses of online advertising for their products and services, banners, sending emails to their customers as nowadays people are using more internet services for their convenience (Cox and Koelzer, 2002). As the managers of this organization are involved in many business practices for increasing the sales and for increasing awareness in the market this can be seen as under:

  • Collects information- It helps the managers of this business organisation to collect information regarding the choices of their customers and to find out their requirement and choices that helps the business organisation to produce goods and services accordingly. It also helps to get information and the strategies being adopted by their competitors for increasing their sales in the market. It helps the manager of this organisation to make effective strategies for selling their products and services by using more online and social media.
  • Spread awareness - It helps the business organisation in spreading awareness of their products and services to their customers by creating attractive brochure. It not only helps to increase awareness in the existing customers but also attracts new customers towards purchasing their product and services (Fritz, 2004).
  • Support customers - It helps the managers of their business to create strong customer relationship with their customers by providing them with more services. It facilitates them by providing discounts and various schemes. It increases the interest of their customers to purchase more using online services. It provides customer convenience by entertaining their queries by creating websites as from this they are getting mails of their customers which helps them to give best solutions to it (Richardson, 2000).
  • Increase sales - By using internet marketing by the mangers of this ASDA Company it helps them to increase their sales by providing more offers and schemes to their customers. As in this modern era people like to purchase more through online services (Shaw, Blanning, Strader and Whinston, 2000).

 Internet Marketing Tools

Internet marketing tools and e-tools are the methods by which manager of this ASDA perform its promotional activities using this online services. These tools are very helpful to the business in improving their performance and to increasing their sales in the market. The internet marketing tools used by the manager of this organisation can be seen as through its email marketing in which it keeps strong relation with its customers as well as with its other stakeholders by sending them emails to let them informed about the new schemes, and offers offered by the manager to its stakeholders. Through search engine marketing it improves the performance of business in the market and it allows its customers to see the review of its product on internet. It allows its customer to see the site of this company and to make their purchase decision as per the reties made on it. Further in involves in using mobile instant messaging to its customers to let them know about the discount offers.

 Order by Internet Marketing Manager

The process of ordering goods from supplier is being done by internet marketing manager of ASDA group using social media can be seen more explicitly as under:

  • Select supplier - The first step of ordering goods is to select supplier so that they can get their product or raw material in less price. As there are many supplier exist in the market but the internet marketing manager of ASDA group chooses best supplier for purchasing their raw material. It helps them to generate maximum profit and market share (Mitchell and Strauss, 2001).
  • Product selection - After selecting the supplier the manger further involves in selecting product and services that can be selling into market through online services.
  • Check stock availability - After selecting supplier and product managers of this company checks the availability of product in their company before placing an order to their suppliers it helps them to know the quantity of goods it has to make order off.
  • Placing order – Once supplier is select and product is decided to produce in an organisation it checks the requirements of products and then make order to its supplier.
  • Approval of payment – After performing the all process mention above it makes the payment of the order that is being ordered by the internet marketing manager of this company.
  • Data input - It inputs the data those are necessary for producing the product and services of this organisation.
  • Transfer of data - After the input of data in the process it transfers data from one department to another.
  • Order processing - It is a process that involves the process that starts after placing an order to the delivery of the products and services to its user. It includes the time limit that is taken to perform whole processing.
  • Online confirmation and delivery information - It involves the confirmation of delivering product to its ultimate users and to have proper information for the same.
  • Tracking order and delivery - It involves the tracking of the product until it reaches to its consumer. It helps to know the exact location of the product before reaching to its customer.
  • Data integrity and security system - It includes the security and safety of the product that is being order by the manager of this company.
  • Using technology - It uses best technology for completing all process in an effective manner that helps the manager of this company to sell its product more in the market (Zugelder, Flaherty and Johnson, 2000).

 Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a kind of selling  related with the research, giving and placing of a website within search  engines for  attaining highest visibility and raise organization share of paid and unprocessed traffic appointments from search engines. Whereas search engine optimisation is a full process of services that includes everything from an initial consultation to keyword generation, copywriting, website redevelopment, to create incoming skills, submitting and finally reporting on service results. Search engine marketing involves such as engine optimization, competitive analysis, paid listings and other search engine services that increases search traffic to its site. Search engine marketing is more effective than search engine optimizations. It provides better organic search results, SEM helps the mangers of this organization to successfully target users of search engines by advertising links in search results  by adding up to  unprocessed search for sending targeted transfer to its website (Salant and H. P, 2006). With the help of it, ASDA is able to reach to the customers that are looking for products of different nature. This aids in boosting the traffic of the company through which overall sales volume gets attracted. It is evident that ASDA practice SEO in specific time i.e. from 10 am to 6 pm as it is the time when customers searches for products of different nature. In this context, following are the screenshots that replicating the SEO of mentioned company different search engine.

Advantages of search engine optimization

  • It is cost effective and the internet marketing manager of this company does not have to pay the search engine to be advertised.
  • In case of high ranking of the company there is a greater chance for becoming visible around the world.
  • Once the website of this company gets good place it gets good reputation in the, market. As it is considered that which ranked first in their filed are perceived to be really good. They are even considered to be one of the largest.
  • It helps to build credibility as per the research made it shows that maximum number of people tends to click on organic results instead of sponsored or paid results (Eid and Trueman, 2002).

Disadvantages of search engine optimization

  • It is a time consuming as it takes long time sometimes it has t5o wait for months ir even year to be in the spotlight
  • Participants can make use of the black hat strategy. These unfair practices delay the ranking of its organisation.
  • There can be no guaranteed results at the search engines themselves decide the ranking (Gretzel and Fesenmaier, 2004).Disadvantages of search engine optimization

 Online Public Relation

Online public relation is a practice of the manager of ASDA to build the relationship with their stakeholders. By using online media for promoting business products and services in the market helps the organisation to create good reputation of its corporation. It helps them to get connect with each stakeholders for increasing the productivity and market share of its business (Putnam, 2011). Online public relations help the manager of ASDA to attract existing and new visitors through effective search by releasing press and creating blogs. By using online and social media it increases the engagement of their stakeholders in the activities of business. It also helps the manager of ASDA to protect their brand and keep proper monitoring on their activities. Further it helps the company to increase awareness in the market (Sigala, 2002).

Advantages of online public relations to ASDA:

  • It helps to ASDA to reach large number of audience by giving advertisement on television and in newspaper by this way millions of people go through this information and understand it.
  • It builds strong relationship of organisation to its stakeholders that help them to enhance their productivity and sales in the market.
  • It is less expensive as compare to other sources and it is more beneficial to the organisation as well as its customers.Advantages of online public relations to ASDA.

Disadvantages of online public relations to ASDA:

  • It need greater knowledge about market and the requirements of different stakeholders so that to perform effectively (Perez, 2015).
  • It is very hard to understand the responses of their customers and audience (Taylor and England, 2006).

Digital Media Marketing

Digital media marketing is a selling of goods and services using electronic devices like Smartphone, computers and many other hi-tech products that help to get connected with its stakeholders. By using digital media in the business practices helps the manager of ASDA to apply different technologies such as websites, e- mail and various applications that helps to perform business function smoothly. It helps the manger to promote its product and services in the market using online advertising, banners and using TV, radio etc. It helps the manager of ASDA to stay connected with their stakeholders. It builds strong relationships with its customers and suppliers by using social media such as face book, twitter, LinkedIn etc. by using this social media by the manager of this company helps them to create good reputation in the market. With the help of this social media manager of ASDA facilitates its customer’s with several facilities such as various discounts, schemes and other festive offers. It increases the interest of their customers to get more engage in the online services and to purchase more using social media (Pauwels and Dans, 2001). Further, company shares images and videos on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter which help company in spreading the awareness of the company. This also influences customers to shop with ASDA.

Process of Secondary Research

Managers of this ASDA Company involves in the process of secondary research by doing market survey it helps them to collect various information that is being used by them  to satisfy their customers in a better way.  It also takes the helps of online research where they get the various strategies being used by their competitors. The key objectives of the mangers of this company are to do research on customer choices and preferences. In their secondary research they includes  the government data’s on the same  as the census is conducted in every 10 years across the UK and brings data together on factors such as the number of people, their ages and occupation (Filo and Funk, 2005). Process of Secondary Research.

Online Survey.

The step that is being followed by the manager of this ASDA group for performing online survey is explained below:

  • Establish project goals - Firstly the managers of this ASDA group establish their main objectives. That is further adopted by all workforces in an organisation for accomplishing the project and to satisfy its customers (Prasad, Ramamurthy and Naidu, 2001).
  • Determine sample - After establishment of the key objectives it decides the sample on which whole research has to make.
  • Choose research methodology - After establishing goals and determining the sample further the manger of this company involves in choosing the research methodology that fix into the process and that can bring good results to the business.
  • Create questionnaire - After completing all above process it create one questionnaire that get fills from various individuals it helps the manager of this company to know about customer choice and preferences.
  • Conduct interviews – On the basis of this questionnaire made above the managers of this company conduct interviews.
  • Enter and analyse data – After conducting interviews they collect some data and further it analysed it by using various techniques and get final actual results.
  • Produce report - On the basis of analysed data and final outcome they produces a report and present it to top authorities which helps them to make appropriate strategies for their organisation to increase their sales and profitability (Stewart and Zhao, 2000).

Developing Relations With Customers

By using electronic medium in advertising of the products of ASDA group helps the managers to build strong relationship with its customers and other stakeholders by providing them various information related to their products and services. In addition to it, company seeks for feedbacks and reviews about the product from customers through emails which aids in developing strategy from which company is able to develop relations with customers. Further, ASDA practices card system from which company offers different sort of schemes and benefits to customers. This also supports in developing sound relations with customers. It facilitates various offers and discounts, schemes to its customers so that to maintain their strong relationship. It helps them to use new innovative technologies to make their product more effective as compare to others. By using online services it becomes very easy for the mangers of this organisation to share information to its stakeholders (Morris and Avorn, 2003).

Internet Marketing Plan

Internet marketing plan is made in the organisation using situational analysis it helps the managers to analyze ASDA internal and external environment and to understand the organisations capabilities, customer requirements and choices, business environment. It involves several methods for analysing the same. It applies swot analysis to understand the strength weakness, threat and opportunities of business and helps to find out various ways to overcome with the weaknesses and to convert their strength into opportunities. It helps the managers of this organisation run its business activities effectively (Kiang, Raghu and Shang, 2000). In this regard, ASDA can develop an integrated marketing plan so that it can reach to large number of potential and existing customers in an effectual manner. In this regard, the company can practice marketing on social media platform so that it can able to make contact with large number of viewers at the same time. Here, creative marketing context and graphics can be used for attracting large number of customers (Salant, 2006). In addition to it, email marketing can even be practiced for spreading the awareness of offers and schemes so that more of customers can be attracted towards it. Additionally, SEO must be done so that customer can view the company at the search engine and hence traffic on the websites can be increased. This will help ASDA in increasing its sales volume. Additionally, PPC (Pay per Click) can also be used that will aid in transferring internet user to the websites (Fritz, 2004). This practice will help in reducing cost and helps in gaining attention of specific target customers only. Banners on third party website are another marketing tactics that can be used for promoting the products on the internet.


From the undertaken report it has been concluded that in the modern era the scope of internet marketing is increasing day by day. It helps the customers of ASDA group to get their products and services at reasonable price and in wider range. By using online and social media for promoting the products and services of this organisation helps its customer to get products of its choice. It is also very beneficial for the business organisation to increase its sales and productivity in the market. It has understood the effectiveness of marketing through internet and it used digital marketing communication for promoting its product. Moreover it has produced market research for supporting customer relationship management and designed marketing plan using internet.


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