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Now, E- marketing is tool which is used mainly for the advertisement of the products and services. Now, every marketing activities have been evolve in digital way. It is the place where any one can get the content without wasting their time. International bodies also emphasis on the digitalization as it saves the environment. Netflix is the E-marketing organisation which is the world's most leading internet television network(Strauss, 2016). E-Marketing is a bigger concept than internet marketing. Internet marketing simply refers to digital media like web, wireless media and e-mail. While, in e-marketing covers internet marketing and management of consumer data and electronic customer relationship management system.

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Task 1

E-marking concept is developed since the genesis of Websites ans Internet. Through the internet, some of the social networking sites have emerged as these Social media sites have become the most powerful tool to promote any business and product or services at broad level. The world biggest online marketing content provider Netflix has also emerged during this period and provide to users customized data via internet. Netflix company a marketing company and due to content marketer, it has the ability to make online marketing strategy for their client in most effective manner. As it is less expensive way to advertise company's products or services. Here are some methods by which company can advertise their products or services by using social media sites like- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Facebook: Make a business page on Facebook and give special offers and information about the company's products and services so that the public at large would keep in touch with company. Communicate consumers to change in the product and get them feedback so they would easily make changes in products or services.

Twitter: it is helpful to know about the company's activities and products at broad level and also mark link to that product page on company's site. Enable more visibility by tweeting pictures and videos pertains to the products or services(D’Arcy and Marketing, 2011).

YouTube: Make a YouTube channel for online selling of company's products or services. Launch a video promotional activities and in that manner ask to viewers or consumers that how they use their products and post them on you tube. Requesting more people to subscribe company's page and for like them.

Many marketers claimed that social networking sites are the tool which provide a great exposure to develop business without wasting company's resources. As, social media is now become a major part of every marketing strategy. As social media used to :

Enhance brand image: Social networking is the most effective tool which is used to enhance business profile. Using social media strategy will strongly enhance brand identification.

More Incoming Traffic: Without using social networking on company's marketing strategy, Netflix market is limited to the certain consumers and it can not reach outside the loyal consumers circle. Each social media profile add to company's marketing mix is the entrance to company's website, and each part of content company post is new opportunities to gain a new customer(Taylor and Strutton, 2010).

Enhance Search Engine Rankings: Posting on social media sites may get your business some site traffic and this can be overcome by search engine optimization. As, it is very significant for getting higher page rankings and attaining traffic to company's website.

More conversion rates: With inflated visibility, Netflix's business achieve more opportunities for conversion. Each post, video, image may attract viewers to company's website and enhance user traffic. Social media marketing enables business to give a positive modify a positive impression via humanization factor.

Better customer satisfaction: Social media is a networking and communication platform. Company use social media platform to identify and redress the consumer grievances. Customers appreciate the company after knowing that when consumers post comments on their pages.

With addition to the benefits, social networking sites also have some disadvantages as well. They consumes people more times in surfing so that people can't focus on their work and now, people have become addictive to surf on such sites.

Task 2

Modern marketing concept is strongly based on the marketing on the potential buyer. Modern marketing is dependants on the four pilers:

Identifying: There is a need to identify group of customers as market segments.

Anticipating: Need to know the methods for using market research to determining changes and future consumers' desire.

Satisfying: It is also need to know the driving forces of customer satisfaction that could appreciate the consumer loyalty.

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Social media has become an important and relevant aspect of evaluating modern marketing concepts. Modern marketing concepts are :

Production concept: in accordance with this concept the basic thinking behind the production is that they tend to think that the customer will buy whatever they will produce and comes into market.(Yan, 2010).

Product concept: Here companies focus on the product quality, design and features, because in the long run only those products whose quality is worth and maintained, sustain in the market.

Selling concept: Through various ways of promotion , sellers try to sell their products to the targeted customers.

Marketing concept: Here its not like that what the manufacturer has made needs to be sold, in this concept customer need is valued the most. Product is made according to the need of customer.

Consumer concept: Focus is on individual customer , for this one to one marketing is done.

Societal marketing concept: company has taken a lot from society, this concept told to give back to the society also(Descubes, McNamara and Claasen, 2017). They have to give their attention to societal issues lie its welfare , consumer wants, corporate social responsibility.

Social media is now becoming the most crucial platform for the organisation to carry on their promotional activities or so as to do their marketing tasks.

Some of the facts are as follows:

  • 94% of the organisations use social media as the platform t6o market their products.
  • 85% of the marketers has used these sites for promotional activities and has reported that it has increased their exposure to public(Dann and Dann, 2011).
  • 58% has reported increase in their sales during the period in which they have promoted on social media.

The main sites on which the marketer promote are

Facebook: it has emerged as a simple platform but with a very wide coverage. By creating a page they tend to promote(Tsiotsou and Vlachopoulou, 2011).

Twitter: through this businesses use to release news and direct attention to special offers.

Google+: Its promote option allows business promotional activities to be customised.

Every company is busy in the promotion of the company's products or services. Modern marketing concept is have more relevance in this time where everyone is busy in the promotion. Now the company need to understand the need of social media for promoting the product and services. Each company find the new ways for the promotions. But the company need to focus the product line segment where they are offering their product. Company promoting teams need to promote their products and services via regular update about their products or services, considering on the reviews of products and services that will help for making the product famous and dynamic.

E-marketing has become most important in the field of business and different marketing concepts has their relevance in this business. in e business the product is sold on line to the customer which help the customers to do the purchasing from which also help the business to increase their profit as the cost of labour place building can be eliminated. Social media contribute so much in the marketing as through posting pictures of the product on different social sites maximum number of customers could be reach in a very short time and also through social media the geographical barrier in marketing is eliminated by making the products available at door step by the e-business companies.


From the above research, it has been assumed that for promoting the product, E- marketing technique plays a crucial role. Netflix is the online marketing service provider company which provide material finance information to the the investors searching the inverter website. There are so many social media webpages by which company can promote their products and services.


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