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Responsibilities of Marketing Function - McDonald's

University: Regent college

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Organization Selected : McDonald's


Marketing is a set of activities and process of creation, communication, and exchange offers that have value for customers and society at large. It is a process of distributing goods and services from seller to buyer (Baker and Magnini, 2016). Marketing essential consider marketing mix, supply chain management, competition, demand and supply etc. This report is based on McDonald's is an American fast food industry which was founded in 1940. its headquarter is located in Chicago, USA. It provide service in worldwide area. Main products of McDonald's are hamburger, French fries, deserts, soft drink etc. This project will discuss about roles and responsibilities of marketing functions and its interrelationship with other departments. Apart from this, there is a discussion of marketing mix between two organisation. At last, a basic marketing plan is produce and evaluate for a company.

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P1. Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Function

Marketing is a process of buying and selling of goods and services where main aim of seller is to earn maximum profit and satisfy need of customer. There are mainly four concept in marketing such as marketing concept which focuses on need of audience, production concept is deals in production, social concept is is focuses on welfare of society and selling concept is deals in sale of goods and services. McDonald's is deals in food, soft drink and beverage sector and its main aim is to attract customers and earn maximum profit.

Current Trends

As per current market trends companies are focuses on customers demand which is changing time to time and meet customers demand to gain long term sustainability in market (Griffitts, 2016). McDonald's is using trends of current market such as online marketing, sale and advertisement of products through social media is most popular in current market scenario.

Future Trends

Future market trends is depends on art and science which are the key of success. McDonald's should use digital marketing to satisfy customers demand and meet with future market trends. It enhance the brand of an organisation and firm will expand at global level. This will helps to retain long run in market with maximum profit.

Overview of Marketing Processes

The marketingprocess is a way that create value for customers to satisfy their needs. It is a series of action and reaction between organisation and consumers. It is a situation which identify opportunity and formulate strategy for creating value. There are four steps involve in marketing process which are as follows:-

  • Situation AnalysisIn this process, company is identify their own capabilities and determine the surrounding environments in which firm is operate their business activities.
  • Marketing Strategy- Marketing strategy is made after analysing the situation. In this company make strategy in order to cover large area by attracting more customers from different promotional techniques (Baker and Saren, 2016).
  • Marketing Mix Decision- In this process of marketing, organisation have to focus on 7Ps of marketing mix such as product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence.
  • Implementation and Control- This is is the final process of marketing. In this step, company have to implement above mentioned plans for action and control those activities which create obstacles in the success of McDonald's.

Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Function

There are different roles and responsibilities of marketing function which are essential to implement in business activities of McDonald's which are as follows:-

  • Purchasing- A crucial role of marketing manager is to make decision in order to buy raw material and other equipments for manufacturing of products and services. Merchandising manager of McDonald's has to ensure that raw material should be purchase at low prices which reduce cost of production.
  • Selling- Selling is an important part for an organisation which helps to identify the Manager of McDonald's to decide the need of customers and geographical area where have to focus for increasing sales by personal communication with customers for analyse their needs and provide them quality products to fulfil their requirements.
  • Promotion- This marketing function is important to attract customers and increase sales of goods and services (Hair Jr and et. al., 2015). There are several promotional techniques available to promote a product and brand image but McDonald's have to focus on those tools which increase sales with low cost. Managers play an important role by gathering information about customers demands and communicate information information through Television, newspaper, online websites etc. and promote there goods and services.
  • Financing- It is an essential function of finance department of marketing to set up a budget for managing marketing activities. Finance is necessary for every firm to bear production cost, promotional expenses and other expenses. McDonald's should make strategy about raising funds from various sources minimise their production cost to earn extra profit.
  • Marketing Information System- In MIS function, top managers of McDonald's play an essential role to gather information of marketing condition and make decisions regarding to improvement of business activities (Lane, 2015). It helps McDonald's in decision making process and increment in there profitability as well as productivity.
  • Research and Development- Research and development function of marketing is responsible for identify the need of customers and also analyse the competitors strategies with their strength and weaknesses. Managers of McDonald's make planning for growth and development of employees as well as their firm.
  • Distribution- In this function, marketing manager have responsibility to distribute goods and service to potentials buyers in different geographical areas. McDonald's provide a service to distribute products by ordering food online to their clients.

P2. Marketing interrelation with other departments

Marketing is a process of making connection between consumers and their products which they want to buy from an organisation. It is a crucial role of marketing department to enhance brand image of company by providing their customers quality products. Marketing department of McDonald's is also implement strategies to enhance customer's attention towards products (Malhotra, 2015). It is the responsibility of all departments to contribute their service to increase customer satisfaction and profit of an organisation. There should be a proper coordination between all departments to make their performance effective and efficient. Interrelationship of marketing department with other departments are describe as below:-

  • Marketing with Production Department- There are different activities done by production department such as buying raw material, manufacturing of goods and services, products packaging, warehousing and distributing to potential customers. Marketing department of McDonald's have to make coordination with manufacturing department to identify the quality of products and ensure that requirements of customers should be fulfil.
  • Marketing with Human Resource Department- Main function of HR department is to recruitment and selection of capable candidates and provide them appropriate training for future development. Marketing manager of McDonald's should make coordination with HR managers because they will fill vacant position in marketing as well as other departments (Pappas, 2017). It is also the responsibility of Human resource department to find out best suitable candidate who have knowledge of marketing functions, strategy and able to deal with customers and supplies.
  • Marketing with Finance Department- Finance department of a company manage all the financial functions from start up of a firm to dissolution of a company. It prepare budge for all the activities and analyse the accounts statements of an organisation with incoming and outgoing of cash and assets. Marketing department need more funds for executing promotional activities and distribution of goods to their customers. So, marketing manager of McDonald's should make coordination with finance manager provide funds to execute such activities.
  • Marketing with Information Technology Department- IT departments helps to company to make customer relationship through internet and also make website to promote their products and services and it improve and maintain long term relationship with customers. IT department, play an important role in organisation to adopt advance technology which increase productivity and reducing cost of production. It also helps to gain competitive advantage. Marketing department have to make coordination with IT division to get information about new technologies in market and update their data as per current market trends.
  • Marketing with Research and Development Department- Research and development department generate thoughts and creative innovation in products and services in market. It research on customers demand and competitors strategy and planning and innovation to beat competition (Pike, 2015). Marketing department is interrelate with R&D department because they both are generate news ideas and create an innovative product. Research department also analyse the distribution channel which are more suitable for delivery for products to potential consumers.

Importance of Marketing Role in McDonald's

The importance of marketing roles in an organization are as follows:-

  • Marketing creates employment- Marketing is a kind of service which create employment. Because there are many person required in marketing jobs. Who have skills of producing goods, delivery of products, attract customers and influence them to buy goods etc. these all different function functions are performed by large number of people. So it generate employment opportunities.
  • Marketing helps in exchange, movement and transfer of goods- Marketing is a technique to exchange goods and services from seller to buyer and from place to another. It is important for both customers and suppliers to deliver of product and services.
  • Marketing as a source of revenue and income- Marketing is an important source of generating income of McDonald's. Marketing includes the activity of sales in which customers buy goods and pay amount for that. So, it is an essential source to earn profitability and sustainability for a long run (Pike, 2016).
  • Maintaining and Rising Standard of Living- Marketing is helpful in maintaining and rising of standard of living of people. It provide services as per demand of customers through which consumers can maintain there living standard.


Interrelation of marketing department with other departments is very important for McDonald's because each department contribute their services in identifying and satisfying the need of customers. It is necessary for an organisation to performing all the departments together for profitability and sustainability of a firm.


P3. Comparison of two organisations regarding marketing mix to marketing planning process

Marketing mix is a process of putting right product at right place, time and price. It is a set of action which used by a company to promote their goods and brand image in market (Marketing Mix,2018). Marketing mix is a combination of 7Ps which are product, price, place, promotion, process, people and physical evidence. These are required for a firm at the time of planning process to accomplish organisational objectives. It can be differ in different business enterprises.

Difference between application of marketing components of McDonald's and KFC

There are following differences between marketing mix of two organisation to make market planning process in order to achieve their goals and objectives.





McDonald's is one of the most leading fast food restaurant in the world. It provide various option to their customers in food products, these are- sandwiches, hamburger, salads, French-fries, deserts, beverages, soft drinks, breakfast etc. It is beneficial for firm to earn maximum profit and achieve their objectives.

KFC is world's most popular fast food brand specially in burger. It introduce new products and improvement in existing products. Its products are fried chicken, crispy chicken, potato fries, salads, desert and beverages etc. KFC focus on their products and services to achieve their objectives.


McDonald's use penetration pricing strategy to sale their products. In this pricing strategy, there is high quality of goods provided at low prices. Different pricing options available to customers as per quantity and ingredients of food product (Purvis, 2015). It focuses on all types of consumers minimise the prices of their products by reducing cost of manufacturing.

KFC uses premium pricing strategy to sale their products. In this pricing strategy, KFC provide high quality products at high prices. So, every consumer is not able to buy its food products. Although, its prices are comparable with other competitors.


Place is a very important part of marketing mix strategy. It refers to area of distribution of products. McDonald's try to cover maximum area in all over the world to distribute their products. It also offers home delivery options in some countries which helps to increase sales as well as profit through which company can get their objectives and success.

KFC is located in approximately 125 countries with more than 20,500 outlets. It cover the large area in global market and its franchise are almost every place in the world.


Promotion strategy is used by an organisation to aware about their products to customers and increase sales. There are different promotional tools used by McDonald's to achieve their business objectives. They advertise their products on television, internet, newspaper and other electronic media to convey with customers. There main target is to attract children by giving toys along with meal and discount vouchers on certain food products.

KFC has its own website and presence in social sites such as twitter, You tube, Facebook etc. it advertise their products on print media, news agencies etc. It helps to increase sales and earn more profit to achieve their objectives (Rancati, Gordini and Capatina, 2016).


There is a large number of people engaged in McDonald's. IN UK, most of the restaurants are closely held by local businessman. It spend a huge amount on conducting training program for their employees because they helps in achieving goals and objectives of McDonald's.

People refers to those persons who directly or indirectly connected with KFC like employees, customers, suppliers etc. It believes in provide high quality meal to largest customers. The staff of KFC are high trained in communication and customer services. It also give opportunity of employment through their website. Customers and employees satisfaction is very necessary to achieve organisational goals.


Process refers to a set of various activities which are performed to get something. It is a flow of providing services to customers. In McDonald's there are many activities performed to producing goods. Food making is a crucial activity from all the processes. It is the only way to gain customer satisfaction and attain objectives.

Delivery service of KFC is very limited and in small restaurants only limited menus are available of KFC food. Its website include the common telephone number to place order.

Physical Evidence

It is related with the area where company is located and interact with customers. It includes furniture and layout of McDonald's. It focuses on physical environment as well as client experience. Interior of McDonald's is attractive and the eating place is clean and hygienic (Ryan, 2016). It helps to enhance customer satisfaction and achieving business objectives.

KFC is started their services with fried chicken in cardboard bucket. Its website is provide whole information about their outlets through product information including quality and expiry date and process to meet their cook.


P4. Evaluation of Basic Marketing Plan for McDonald's

Marketing plan is a formal document of marketing scheme which is designed by top administrator of an organisation. It render the information attendant to launching Innovative product in a company (Stern and Porr, 2017). At the time of introducing new products there is a requirement of different resources. This plan is framing for successful achieving of organisational objectives.

In this marketing plan of McDonald's, strategic objectives, SWOT analysis, vision, mission etc. are discussed. Marketing plan for launching “Oil Free French Fries” is as follows:-

Executive Summary: McDonald's is one of the most leading fast food restaurant in the global food industry. It was founded by Maurice and Richard McDonald in 1940. It was located in approx 100 countries and have more than 35,000 outlets. It serves approximately 70 million customers each day. It offers different products like chicken sandwiches, hamburger, wraps, salad, soft drinks, deserts etc. It competitors are KFC, burger king, subway etc.

Mission & Vision: Mission of McDonald's is make customer's favourite place to eat and provide better service to customers. Vision of McDonald's is to serve healthy and delicious food to their customers modify their store with innovative framework.

Strategic objectives- Strategic objectives of McDonald's is to increase profit by 15% in 12 months. It can be understood with the helps of SMART Objectives.

STP- STP stands for segmentation, target, position.

  • Segmentation: It means to dividing whole population in different age groups. It is important to deliver product as per customers demand (Walliman, 2015).
  • Targeting: Its main purpose to target those consumers who increase sales of McDonald's. In case of “Oil Free French Fries” targets consumers are health conscious.
  • Positioning: It is a value based strategy which means to provide quality food products to their customer. It can be effective because this display direct image in mind of clients related to product.

SWOT analysis: It stands for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of an organisation. It states that how they deal with customers and gain competitive advantage.



  • It has a strong position in domestic and world wide area.
  • It have strong financial statement.
  • Quality of food is good.
  • McDonald's have customer and marketing support.
  • There is a lack on innovation in products and services.
  • There is a high calories in their food menu.
  • It franchise are dissatisfied.
  • McDonald's have opportunity to expand their business in Asian market.
  • It can use customer relationship management.
  • It can open more new stores with different retailers.
  • It offers junk food which is not suitable for health conscious people.
  • There is high variations in foreign exchange rates.
  • Financial condition in economy make large impact on its retailer sales.
  • There is a huge competition in market.

Marketing Budget:

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money

















Marketing outlay







Sales publicity






Direct selling












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Monitoring and controlling: From the above discussion is can be evaluated that McDonald's have to set a budget of 10,500 in first year which is carried forward in next year. There are various kinds of expenses incurred in launching “Oil Free French Fries” like publicity, sales promotion, direct selling etc. After creation of budget, final step of business plan is to monitor and control the activities. It is a responsibility of managers of McDonald's to minimise cost of production of new product and achieve extra profit.


From the above-mentioned report it has been concluded that there are different roles and responsibilities of of marketing function which are helps to identify need of customers and improve their business activities. There should be an inter relation between all the department of an organisation which is beneficial for growth and success of a firm. Marketing mix strategy is important for a firm to beat competition and attract more customers. Marketing is a department which affect all the other managing departments of a company they enhance loyalty in front of customers and satisfy their need by providing them healthy and fresh food on time. Marketing plan is made by a company at the time of introducing new products and services.

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