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Elaborating Roles and Responsibilities of McDonald's

University: University of Leeds

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MARK 1800
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Question :

This assessment will cover certain questions which are like:

  1. Elaborate the roles and responsibilities of marketing functions.
  2. What are the effective interrelation in all the departments in Mcdonalds.
  3. Elaborate the marketing mix with all planning process and working.
Answer :
Organization Selected : McDonald's


Marketing is a place where buyers and sellers purchase and sales of goods and services. It is a process of developing, promoting, creating and distributing of products and services. In this includes marketing mix, supply chain, demand & supply, competition, consumers etc. it is very significant to evaluate those essentials to success and effective growth. In this report chosen organisation is McDonald which is deals in fast food restaurants. It was founded by Maurice and Richard McDonald's in May 15, 1940. Its products is burgers, French fries, chicken, soft drinks, coffee, salads etc. In this report includes roles and responsibilities, nature and concepts of marketing function(Dibb and Simkin, 2013). In this also include interrelation of marketing with other departments of organisation. It has considered 7p's of marketing mix of McDonald's and its competitors of burger king. At last considered importance of marketing plan and difference of marketing objective, strategies and plan and developing the market plan in which launch new product of McDonald's is green tea which is healthy for people.

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P1. Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Function

Market is a platform where purchaser and sellers are interact with each other in regarding goods and services. It is a management and study of exchange relationships. Marketing is an activity of making relationship with customers and satisfying them. Present-day marketing tendency are essential attain sustainable success for any business. McDonald has many competitors in industry such as Mars, Hershey's , etc. hence it is responsibility of marketing manager to collect information and then perform operations according to external market. This helps to maintain long term existence in industry.

Nature of marketing:

Marketing has many types of nature which are as follows:

  • Human activity: It is a human activity in which human wants and demand are fulfil by human contribution and efforts. Marketing is a people action for people satisfaction.
  • Consumer-oriented: An organisation exist to fulfil human needs and wants, therefore organisation should find out what the demands of consumers and manufacturing the goods and service according to the desires of the consumers(Baines, Fill and Page, 2013) . McDonald also sell their food items as per the taste of consumers.
  • Art as well as science: In the technological sense, it is the art as well as science of selecting target markets and fulfil consumers need through communicating, delivering and creating superior consumer value. 

Marketing concepts:

The marketing concept is a method that a business implement to fulfil the consumer demands, maximize profits, beat the challengers etc. in this include five marketing concept which are as follows:

i1 compressed

  • Production concept: This concept reflects that customers are prefer those products and services that are inexpensive and widely available. Managers of McDonald focusing on attaining high manufacturer efficiency. 
  • Product concept: This concept reflects that customers will favour those goods that offering the most innovative feature, performance and quality(Baker and Magnini, 2016) . Managers of McDonald focusing on making qualitative goods and improving them time to time.
  • Selling concept: This concept reflects that idea that customers not purchase enough of the company's goods unless it proceeds a large-scale promotion and selling effort. Managers of MacDonald's concentrate on promoting the products for selling more and more goods to the consumers.
  • Marketing concept: This concept reflects that attaining organisational objectives depends on knowing the wants and needs of target place and delivering the better satisfaction to the consumers more than its competitors. In this managers of this company undertakes “ customer first” approach.
  • Social marketing concept: This concept reflects that marketing strategy must deliver value to the consumers in a manner that improves and maintain the both society's and customer's well-being(Clow and James, 2013) . In this concepts managers of McDonald's puts the society's benefits on top before earnings.

Roles and responsibilities of marketing function:

Marketing plays an essential responsibilities for build the relationship between consumers and organisation. There are many roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of McDonald's which are as follows:

  • Financing: It is an essential role of finance department as well as marketing to prepare a finance plan for conducting selling activities. It is required to receive finance to bear production expenses and other cost . Administrator of McDonald form a strategy to increase their funds form various sources and reduce the expenditure of production with increasing more profits
  • Research and Development: Marketing research and development is an important duty for the decision maker of an enterprises. It assist McDonald to find out advantage and opportunities to better realise the wants of consumers. It also assist to analyse challenger weakness and strength through which managers can make methods to secure their business with existing consumers with effective improvement of their workers.
  • Selling:Manager of McDonald should decide selling criteria by determining the consumers wants and area. Company has to concentrate on their goals and gain sales or profits by personal communication with customers in respect to determine their taste and fulfil those wants with supply them better services and quality products(Desai, 2013).
  • Promotion: Promotion refers to activities which are planned by managers of McDonald's in order to communicate and create awareness among products and services to consumers. These days, in confectionery industry, competition increase, so it is responsibility of manager to promote their brands. This is responsibility of marketing managers to plan promotional activities, this helps to get positive impact on sales and revenues of McDonald's.

Role of marketing is increasing day by day because these days environmental changes are taking place with rapid speed. Hence marketing manager has to analyse changes and then implement changes in significant and relevant manner. McDonald's is the organisation which deals in different parts of country and provides good quality products and services. As per current market, there are many innovative approaches which helps to promote products and services in market. Hence these strategies ahas to be farmed within specified budget and according to targeted consumers. This helps to perform operations according to external market. While as per analyse there will more use of digital and technological changes, so marketing manager of McDonald's have to make implement it to working, so appropriate information can be conveyed, this also helps in internal working within departments.

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P2. Marketing inter relation with other departments

Marketing departments is an essential factor for an organisation because this division can develop and expand their goods and services in the market and increase earnings of any enterprise. Marketing department of MacDonald's also choose effective methods for increase consumers towards their goods and services. This administrative division always think from the costumer's aspect because MacDonald's want to fulfil all the demands of their consumers.

  • Marketing with human resource department: Human resource management is a function in which include finding, recruitment, selection, development, employees relation, training, benefits of employees health & safety, motivation, performance appraisal etc. In this, marketing managers of McDonald's use the HR division to support them to recruit a assistant of marketing. They help the marketing department with setting out a job, job description, candidate profile, advertising the vacancy etc. they can assess and score application forms and can conduct the interviews. Marketing department also use HR to conduct induction, training program etc. for their new employees (Griffitts, 2016). HR department also have a strong communication factor which is closely related to the marketing. For instance: McDonald's operates in different parts of country, so there is requirement of marketing personnel so awareness about products and services can be conveyed to consumers. There is requirement of some special skills which is conveyed to HR manager, so appropriate candidate can be hired to improve performance of overall organisation.
  • Marketing with research and development: It is an engine within a business that is generates innovations, new ideas and new goods and services. In McDonald's research and development department must be driven according to the marketing concept. The demands of customers and potential customers should be important to any new development in respect to deliver goods and services that satisfy consumers wants. Marketing managers are negotiate with engineers and researchers in respect to make sure that consumers demands are represented. Production process can also be developed and researched based upon some components of marketing mix. For instance: There is change in trends of consumer demand due to occasion of festive seasons, competitors policies, then it is responsibility of R&D manager of McDonald's to analyse market and then convey changes to marketing department, so they alter marketing strategies.
  • Marketing with production and operations: Operations involve many other procedure i.e. packaging, warehousing and distribution. Operation also involves manufacturing and production(Lane, 2015). In production, products and services are made and generated. Marketers of McDonald's need to sell their goods and services so they can take help from production department to produce qualitative items and also produce goods and services according to consumers demands so marketers can easily sell their products. For instance: there is change in chocolate in the form of new addition, change in feature, etc. so in this case production department of McDonald's has to convey these changes to get marketing department, so they can advertise to consumers. Operations department provide information about requirement of various department which is relevant for performing operations in synchronise and appropriate manner, so aims and objectives of McDonald's are achieved.
  • Marketing department with finance department:This division manage all the financial role of this organization. They make budgets, strategy and plan for all the activities. MacDonald wants that all divisions are go with their allocated monetary system. They maintain the expenses and cost of all function like advertisement cost, production cost, maintenances, sales cost and some other cost. Marketing division need to perform with the financial department for funding and monetary sources of advertisement. So, they increase sales volumes and build strong market stocks. McDonald's wants to attract more consumers towards their stores and restaurants. In case of McDonald's, there are different advertisement and promotional activities such as discounts, sponsorship, hoardings, etc. This can be done when finance department passes budget. This helps to maintain cost and profit of McDonald's.
  • Marketing with Information Technology: In this considered components i.e. information systems, computer software, programming language, computer hardware etc. Marketing department of McDonald's concerned that how technology is utilised to treat content and information such as how process it, how get information, how store information etc. IT department can help by recognise the significance of websites, extranets and intranets to the marketing department. An internet is the intrinsic website. Extranet is the internal website that is increase the business from outside. They can use this technology to provide information about goods and services to the consumers(Purvis, 2015). IT support the base of Customer Relationship Management. McDonald's is the organisation which deals in different parts of country, so IT department has to make efforts for creating proper communication channel which helps in proper marketing strategies. This is significant for making changes so marketing can be done in effective and signifiant manner.
  • Marketing with customer service department: This service takes the demands of the consumers as the main driver. So, customer service function turns around a chain of activities which are planed to help the exchange activity by making sure that consumers are satisfied. Customers service provision of McDonald's also provide timely and speedy information about developing and new consumers needs. Customer service department is closely link with marketing because in case of negative feedback from customers customer service department of McDonald's take corrective actions. Then it is responsibility of marketing manger to convey corrective actions to consumers.


P3. Comparison of two organisations regarding marketing mix to marketing planning process

Marketing mix

Marketing mix is tools of activity that is use by the company to promote its brand image and product in the market(Kongstvedt, 2012). It is a collection of 7Ps such as price, product, promotion, place, people, physical evidence and process. It is putting the right combination at the right place with the reasonable price. Company use those methods at the time of preparation and designing of process to attain business goals. It is a tools of marketing techniques which is used by McDonald to achieve its marketing objectives.

i2 compressed

Difference between application of marketing components of McDonald and Burger king



Burger king


It mainly sells burgers, breakfast, fries and sandwiches, desserts & shakes, snacks and sides, chicken, drinks and salads(Nguyen and Simkin, 2012). It provides consumers with variety of choice such as egg white delight Mc-Muffin, hash browns, egg Mc-Muffin, hotcakes, quarter pounder with cheese, hamburger, double cheeseburger, vanilla cone, vanilla shake, kiddie cone, strawberry sundae, hot fudge sundae, hot caramel sundae, baked apple pie, Mc Cafe, Mc Cafe chocolate shake etc. are the products which offered by the McDonald's(Rancati, Gordini and Capatina, 2016).

It present new products or developing the existing products. Burger king offers several products like cheeseburgers, Onion rings Fries, hamburgers,, Coffee,, cookies, Shakes etc. Burger king exercise this method of marketing mix and concentrate on their goods and services to attain its objectives.


Many companies adopt wide range of techniques of pricing to sell their gods and services such as going rate, price discrimination, cost plus pricing, loss leader, value pricing etc. McDonald's provide goods and services at a competitive value drive price for the consumers. Prices are fluctuate among different MacDonald's restaurants in order to a number of components.

This restaurant exercise competitive pricing policy because there is advanced rivalry from McDonald. It has been closely valuation and monitoring their pricing techniques. There are several users belong to various income level so cost of products are very flexible and easily accessible from high to low and low to high range.


Place means an field of distribution of products and services. McDonald form various strategy and method of distribution in various countries. For example: in several nation it offers home delivery choice for increasing profit and sales through which business get success.

Burger King has its dealership and franchise mostly all over the world. For example:, Singapore, Oceania, South Korea, Japan, Europe etc. It develop its enterprise and recently come in India.


There are various promotional method adopt by McDonald to gain sales and attain business goals. For example: it uses, newspaper, magazines, television, internet, radios and other media to convey with consumers(Pike, 2015). Its primary focus on children's tiny toys which are presented along with meal and also offering discount coupon on some products.

It consider respective ways of information and communication methods with consumers. For example: print media, radios, Advertising, TV, news agencies etc. it is helpful to alert consumers about their goods and services and gain sales which assist to gaining more profit and attain organisation's goals.


There are too many employees work in McDonald restaurants in UK. For example: Almost of restaurants are held by the general businessmen. McDonald expend very high amount or quantity on training and education of workers because human resource are the property and strength of the company which assist to attain its goals.

People define as to the users, management, workers and every other individual who are including indirectly or directly in this restaurant. Reputation of company in the hands of consumers. For example: help of workers and users is required to attain success.


It is a set of activities which is performed in respect to attain something. McDonald perform various procedures from produce goods to deliver it to users. For example: making food is an essential process in the overall operation of production that is only source to attain its goals.

It is a techniques of providing knowledgable services and concentrate on consumer segment which are spend its mostly money in this restaurant. It can also helpful to attain set goals if services are supply in time.

Physical evidence

It defines the component of the consumer's experience and physical environment in McDonald. For example: the internal designs of McDonald are attractive and the restaurants is manage cleanly and sanitary environment. It create a positive effect on consumers perspective and assist to attain its business goals.

This restaurant has its own website BK.com. It render information about business such as product information, video history, etc. For example: pamphlets ,brochures.

Role of marketing manager

In confectionery sector, there is much competition among organisations such as Mars, nestle, etc. hence it is responsibility of marketing manager to analyse market and then take corrective actions. Some of the role of marketing manager are as under-

  • Marketing manager has to contact with production department, so in case of change in products and services marketing strategies can be altered.
  • It is responsibility of marketing manger to take actions for selecting distribution channel. There is requirement of channel which satisfies consumer demand within specified time and reduces cost for the McDonald's.
  • External market affects business operations, so marketing manager of McDonald's has to analyse it and then plan business operations,. This helps to maintain proper working style according to external market, this helps to attain long term existence in country.
  • As there is change in marketing trends, then marketing manager of McDonald's with proper planning and regular market analyse implement changes to business operations. Manager interact with employees in order to analyse their view regarding implementing changes. Employees are aware about changes, so they can easily coop- up with it.


P4. Evaluation of marketing plan

Importance of marketing plan:

It is a disciplined and systematic exercise to develop marketing strategies. It is a forward looking efforts, that identify the future strategies of the McDonald with specific reference to its market development, channel design, profitability, product development and sales promotion.

Link between marketing plan, marketing objectives and marketing strategies:

All aspects are interrelated with each other. Firstly McDonald defines the marketing objectives, then they select the best and effective marketing strategies, at last formulate the marketing plan(Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012). McDonald wants to develop their market stock, build the brand awareness and increase sales and fulfilling those aspects they choose strategy of internet marketing, advertisement, relationship marketing etc. After all, put the develop the marketing plan which defines marketing and advertisement efforts for a future period of time.

marketing plan:

marketing plan involves mission, vision, overview of company, SWOT analysis, objective, marketing budget, evaluation etc.

  • overview of company: MacDonald deals in the fast food restaurant. It was founded in 1940 by Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald. Its headquarter situated in Chicago. It offers the various types of foods such as burgers, chicken, sandwiches, fries, wraps, desserts, salads and other beverages. This serves approximately 70 million customers every day. 
  • Mission and vision: Its mission is to be its consumers' favourite priority and place to consume and drink. Its vision is serve delightful food each day to its customers and become more effective and batter McDonald's.
  • Objective: Its main objective is to increase the profit by 8% in 10 months by launching the new product i.e. green tea which is healthy and diet-full to the consumers.
  • Segmentation: This new green tea is based on age of younger people like students, employees etc. who are consume more junk foods .
  • Targeting: This new product of green tea is healthy for each age group to maintain good health.
  • Positioning: Its choosing value-based positioning method and strategy means providing quality product and healthy green tea to the users(Pappas, 2017) .
  • SWOT analysis: SWOT analysis considered strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the business. This defines that how managers deal with its challengers and gain benefits.



  • Worldwide Trade name.
  • Effective Balance sheet and cash flow position.
  • Overseas market.
  • Consistency.
  • Disgruntled franchisees.
  • Slow growth of revenue and income.
  • Decreasing market stock, quality and taste of goods.
  • Weak product improvement



  • Exercise of customer relationship management.
  • Respond to cultural changes through invention and rendering healthier tea and drinks .
  • Global expansion.
  • Worldwide expansion into rising markets of Asian country like India, China.
  • Supply Wi-Fi links to attract new users.
  • concentrated on corporate social responsibility, diminishing the impact on the environment and people linkage.
  • Strength and capability of competition.
  • Much health-conscious users.
  • Fluctuation of foreign exchange rates.
  • Dynamic demographics.
  • Over outlets industry.

Marketing Budget:

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing outlay








Sales publicity






Direct selling












Monitoring and controlling: At last it is responsibility of manager of McDonald's to collect information and analyse that set targets are achieved or not. There are some changes which has to made according to external market if aims are not achieved. Controlling is done , so personnel of McDonald's perform operations according to external market. This is relevant and significant for maintaining cost and achieving targets on time. When employees are evaluated, then this gives positive impact ion performance of workforce because they have far that they are evaluated(Pike, 2016).

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From the above report, it was concluded that roles and responsibilities of marketing department is very effective for build the relationship with consumers. Marketing is very important key of successful business. Marketing department establish the relationship with other departments of the company for maintain the brand name of the company in market and increase the sales. 7P's of marketing-mix is very important for any business to evaluate the all the aspects of the market and target the customers, after develop strategies according to the customer's and market demands. At last, they develop the marketing plan for launching new products in the market for health and welfare of the customers.


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