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Roles of Marketing Function - Cadbury

University: Regent College of London

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Question :

This unit state that you are appointed as the marketing manager of Cadbury a detailed research related to marketing activities had to be carried out. It consists of functions such as use of online websites, textbooks and other sources that are useful in providing information.

  • Define marketing role and interrelationship among marketing and other departments of Cadbury.
  • Provide comparison of different marketing mix strategies to achieve laid objectives of Cadbury.
  • Demonstrate positive and negative impact of external environment on business functioning of Cadbury.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Cadbury


Marketing encompasses all those activities that a company does for capturing attention of its customers and for maintaining their relationship with them. It consists of those efforts which impact the transfer in ownership of products and services from the manufacturer to the ultimate targeted consumers. The main objective of marketing is to produce those products and provide those services that satisfy the need and wants of consumers so that company can attain maximum returns through customer’s satisfaction. It involves various activities like selling, promotion, packaging, advertising and so on to attract audience attention that forms the focal point of every firm (Campbell and Martin, 2015).

Cadbury is a British global confectionery company established in 1824 with its headquarters in Uxbridge, West London, UK. It employees more than 50000 employees in UK who handles its operations in more than 200 countries across the world.

The project will discuss about the various role and responsibilities marketing functions and those adopted by Coconut Bliss that are essential for achieving long terms objectives. It will also discuss a basic marketing plan for the company along with a comparative study of how organization apply marketing mix.


P1. Evaluating the roles and responsibilities of different marketing functions

Marketing department has various roles and responsibilities related to increasing revenue, increasing market share and to contribute to firm’s profitability and growth. For capturing customers attention company uses a number of marketing schemes and tactics for its goods and services. Some of the major marketing roles performed by Cadbury are mentioned below:- 

  • Marketing Information system (MIS):  It is the process of gathering, analysing and assimilating the data and information related to the needs, wants and choices of buyers which assist a company in taking major decisions to marketing strategies. MIS should be formulated and maintained in systematic manner so that company could attain flexibility in its decision making. MIS can be utilized by Cadbury for determining the changes needs and aspirations of its clients which will help them to modify their current chocolates by experimenting with different flavours and ingredients (Berkowitz, 2016).
  • Market Research: It is simply collection of data and information to ensure that company’s product meet up preferences and needs of consumers. Cadbury uses this market research tool to know about its potential customers, competitors, consumers desires which all helps in decision making and reducing potential risk. Cadbury has consolidated itself as of result integrating acquisition strategy leading to high productivity of capturing wide market share resulting in more funds generation for the business.

Financing: This factor is taken into account by company for keeping all its financial records and documentation of its revenue and income (Ebert and Griffin, 2015). Cadbury carry out its funds management along with its working capital with the help of various like investors, shareholders and many more.

Marketing Planning: Cadbury since its commencement has been consumer and market focused enterprise. It regularly conducts market surveys ,studies and researches to determine position of its brands in present market as well as future market.

Promotion: Cadbury uses a wide range of techniques for promoting its products. It sales promotion is done through various electronic mediums like television, online (through social media like facebook etc.), radio and also through other print media such as posters, newspaper and so on to reach its target audience and to make them aware of every single product of company (Gummesson, 2011). Company make use of separate marketing strategies and promotional tactics for different categories of its products which includes catchy tag-lines, featuring various celebrities as brand ambassador and promoters etc. .

Pricing: Cadbury has many various product in chocolate segment and pricing of each product line differs on the basis of consumer who is going to buy it. Cadbury carefully considers product image in respect of it consumers and who is its target audience before setting price for its products. Price bundling is kind of process which is being utilized by the Cadbury so that various kinLIDL is offering the same product as other super market does. The only difference is they offers product with different brand names. In-fact they company is offering similar product as ALDI i.e.d of products can be combined which can meet up the needs of customers at lower price.

Selling: This limit is almost interlinked with exhibiting limit. This is likely because once association has chosen a conclusive needs and needs of purchasers. They end up in danger to pass on right thing at the helpful time inside a given time traverse. This thought implies arranging the association organized which engages them to offer most outrageous thing . Offering is the primary way through which stock can be passed on to the target purchaser who very it. In this manner, enlarging general productivity of the association by fulfilling the necessities of client.

P2 Responsibilities and roles of marketing relate to organisation

Human resource, finance, marketing, sales, IT, research and development are various units which every organisation has to conduct business operations effectively; thereby accomplish goals and objectives. Marketing unit of Cadbury Company get help from other departments such as HR, finance, IT and R&D. Apart from this, marketing activities provides support and benefits to operation and sales (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011). This helps company to enhance productivity and generate adequate revenue from business. Thus, this is description of interconnection of marketing with other segments which is described below:

  • Human resource and marketing department: Employer responsibilities include conducting HRM practices that is recruitment, selection, compensation, training and development. It is essential that Cadbury have adequate workforce which are distributed in different units in respect to their knowledge and capabilities; thereby provide them duties in according to their skills and abilities. Human resource take care that appropriate members are present in marketing team. They even need to organise sessions and seminars to enhance capabilities of subordinates; thereby make them skilled and competent. Marketing department has adequate manpower which help management to execute activities and inform people about variety of items and services. This helps firm to attract people and influence consumers to purchase things in respect to their needs and wants (Malhotra, Birks and Wills, 2013).
  • Marketing function with operation department: Operational department of a company performs major function i.e. to provide essential facilities to others divisions, converting resources into products and more. They play a major role in reducing cost of production as well as utilise resources available in the organisation in a proper way. In context with marketing department, managers of this division help operational management in searching suppliers present at marketplace who supplies raw materials and other resources on low cost. In addition to this, both section help each other in introducing effective tools and techniques in working system through which better quality of products can be manufactured. Marketer aid operational department in making proper improvement in enterprise so that demand of customers can be completed on time. Therefore, with the cooperation of both departments Cadbury Company has gained success in getting sustainability at marketplace and enhanced its brand image in a proper way.
  • Finance department with marketing function: Finance department also plays major role in getting success of a company. Managers in this division keep an eye on every transaction of business in order to measure position of enterprise in terms of capital. They formulate necessary budget plans as well as distribute cash to other divisions as per their requirement. Regarding with marketing department, managers of this depend on finance department for getting sufficient cash so that promotional activities can be done in proper manner (Mihart, 2012). In addition to this, superiors of both teams cooperates each other in searching sources from where they can raise funds and introduce sufficient capital within enterprise. In Cadbury, financial and marketing managers take proper decision for formulating marketing plan through which higher profitability can be gained in future.
  • Sales and marketing functions: Sales and marketing department performs similar type of functions with common purpose i.e. to sell products of an industry in higher manner so that growth of business can be earned. In this process, marketing managers of Cadbury used to make proper data by identifying demands of people, purchasing power of them, taste and preferences etc. This would help sales department to deliver services as per desires of customers on time so that they can retain with longer period of time (Nguyen and Simkin, 2012). 
  • Research and development department and marketing function: As per rapid increase in technologies, taste and preferences of customers are getting change in fast manner. So, R&D and marketing department of Cadbury collaborating each other to identify trends of marketplace, demand of people etc. This would help in manufacturing products as per requirement and deliver on time. They research whole market situations in a proper way and strategies used by competitors like Nestle, Hersheys and more for attracting minds of customers towards their product. Further, they formulate better policies so that brand image of this company can be enhanced in a proper manner and convince consumers to avail its products.

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M1 Roles and responsibilities of marketing function

Marketing managers performs various roles and responsibilities in a company to promote its products or services in a large area of marketplace. They use various tools and techniques in order to improve image and reputation of an organisation in a proper way. The main purpose of this department is to increase sales of an industry by attracting minds of various customers through effective communication. Therefore, all these processes help in increasing productivity and profitability of an association in a large manner (Ormrod, 2014).

M2 Importance of interrelationship between functional and marketing functions

As a company has various departments which have different role and responsibilities but functions of all of them are interrelated with each other. In this context, major role is played by marketing division, as without support of this section other departments cannot operate their functions. Marketers make proper research in analysing situation of marketplace, needs of people, bargaining power of suppliers and distributors and more. Further they make proper data and give the same to other sections of association so that they can carry out activities in a proper manner.

D1 Evaluation of major elements of marketing function

The main responsibility of a firm is performed by marketing department because with the help of this division, employers gets opportunity to make good connection with target based consumers, understand their demands and deliver services accordingly. In addition to this, marketing managers formulate various action plan which aid organisations in completing their future objectives in a proper manner.


P3 Application of marketing mix to marketing planning for achieve business objectives

Marketing mix can be understood as a strategy and can be adopted by a firm when comparison is being done with other organisations that are present at marketplace of United Kingdom and in other counties. It is very much required for the organisations like Cadbury to keep on analysing the business market so that to grab a good position and gain competitive advantages in really very short period of time where company may not go through any sort of problem while giving rivalry to its competitors. It is being found that marketing mix is consist with some elements like product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. That may aid company in enhancing both profitability and productivity both at the same time. Through this organisation can grab attention of consumers high or large in numbers from all over world (Peter and Donnelly, 2011).

Along with this, it is being analysed that firms that are present in today’s marketplace has their own way of doing business or operations so that to pull out best outcomes right on time. But, it is vital for Cadbury and other enterprises to consider all these factors in an appropriate manner because sustainability of a firm totally depends on them. In context to present report, Cadbury has ample number of competitors in all over world but one company named as Hersheys gives really very hard competition to this frim. Comparison in between two organisations of marketing mix has been done beneath:





Strategies in regards to producing a product has been great of Cadbury from years. Along with this, it also offers ample number of dairy goods to consumers and have considered every single age person while manufacturing them. Some of goods like Dairy milk, Oreo, Bourneville, five star can be stated as well-known products which is being liked by consumers just because it consist with high quality cocoa nuts.

Main focus of Hersheys stays on chocolate products and most likely dairy goods in all over world are its sweets and along with syrups filled with full of chocolates. Away with this, it has been located that Hersheys also keeps on making alterations in their products according to trends and taste of consumers which depends on seasons like winter and summer.


Company charges great to its consumers because of high goodwill conditions of this organisation in all over the globe. Company has made Bournvita, Oreo and Hide and Seek and many more that consist of high prices under products and services. But, in order to sustain at marketplace company has reduced prices of goods that they are selling at marketplace of United Kingdom and in other nations.

Hersheys prices of products and services stays high because of use of high quality Choco beans. This has helped them in maintaining sustainability at marketplace of United Kingdom.

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