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Develop Academic Skills

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1520
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/8849 (RCF)
  • Downloads: 517
Question :

This unit is based on case of horse beef and place of origin, fraud is analysed on company operations

  • What are Ethical/ professional standards identified from the case
  • Provide Evaluation of note taking Techniques
  • What are the ways to avoid plagiarism
Answer :
Organization Selected : Coca Cola


There are different factors which are affect business in either positive or negative manner, so it is essential to make changes as per requirement. There are various elements which has to be considered for which it is established. In the above case there is discussion about horse beef and then place of origin. There is fraud which is based on company's operations and this can be done in better and effective way (Allan and et. al., 2014). There are legal proceeding against this act and this affects image of company in market. There are many factors which has to be considered to make business operations in very specific and ethical manner.

Question 1

Ethical/ professional standards

A) Whether or not ethical standards were broken

Ethical issues means there are many problems which are faced by company and there are two alternatives out of which right or wrong has to be judged. It depends on person in what way they think. Sometimes there are conflict issues such as quality problem, cost effect, fake documents, etc. There are some targets which are required to be followed and this is necessary to follow them. In the given case there are many problems which are unethical and this affect industry. There is fraud seal, tax evasion, cheating with government officers. In this case many people are unethical and they are ware of fraud but still blaming one other. From discussed case of Tesco it is clear that company has to make policies which are effective for their growth and development. In this case, there are ethical issues which can be effective as per change in perception of workers. To make growth of company. It is important to analyse market and then take actions. There is mixture of beef with older beef, this affects the policies of company and this can be done in better and effective way. In case of change in business plans, they have to deliver it to workers so they can perform policies in particular manner. There is requirement of various policies through which they can achieve targets in better way. As per change in policies there is ethical issues which may case problem in generating revenue and hence there is difference in plans and policies of company ethics.

B) Role of named individuals

There are possibilities that due to change in business practices of change in activities of company. This food frauds is biggest in 21st century. In this fraud there are many responsible persons including environment minister, owners and other key personnel. It is essential to make policies with which company's image get affected. Property manager Goodman is also part of this spam. They are dealing with many fraud which affects health of people residing in UK. In beef there was 21% horse DNA such information is not written on box. In above case there are some people with are in default, such as David Cameron, environment minister Barry Gardiner as due to its policies this default discloses after very long time. Due to lack of awareness of owner of company Dundalk- born. There are many other people which affects business operations of company. There is use of policies such as mislabelling of problem. There is lack of motivation and leadership factors which affects operations of company and employees are not wiling to voluntary activities (Cameron and et. al., 2012). These people are liable for unethical behaviour in company. There is change in policies due to which there is impact on business policies.

C) Problem raised internally or externally by the workers

These all problems can be resolved with joint efforts of workers and employers. There must be use of proper and effective technique which can be used with the help of change in business policies. To make company good in industry they can improve image and increase sales. Tax evasion, fake official stamp, technology, etc. are affecting business so there must be policies which help to reduce negative impact. Customer are base of growth of business so there must not be charting with them with regard to quality. Internal as well as external factors has to achieve tagets in better way and this affects plans and policies. Due to change in business ethics there is requirement of change in policies. Mixture of ingredients is not performed in better way due to which there is quality issue in product served by company. There are many problems such as DNA issue, other unethical problems are reason which arise because of lack of monitoring. As per above case there are many employees and there is no specific authority to guide them, so it is generates internal problems in company. When there is no proper guidance then this arises problems internally. There is ethical dilemma among workers. There is conflict among activities which creates internal problems in organisation.

Question 2

Evaluation of note taking Techniques

There are many properties which can be used to perform activities in better and effective way. These techniques helps to write all activities in better way and then apply it to file. This gives an idea to perform activities in better and effective way. This helps to make an overview in mind off writer and hence they can make policies which are effective to get desired results. There are many methods through which note taking techniques, which has to be used with the help of experience and skills of workers.

Note taking Techniques

Cornell method, spilt page, visual aids, underline key points, etc. are important method which can be used by writer to make document very effective. In the above case there are various problems which can be resolved either of the technique. There must be involvement of top level management so better results can be achieved (Denham and Brown, 2010). There is discussion about these methods as under-

Linear notes- In this method main headings, sub headings, etc. are important which has to be considered so this helps to know what has to be done and how objective of file be achieved.

Mind Mapping- In this method there is use of diagrams which helps to analyse topic in specific manner. It helps to guiding personnel that how performance can be increased.

Graphical organiser- In this, there is use of graphs which are effective with change in business policies. It is effective with change in plans and policies. There is difference in perception, so graphs may also vary.

Question 3

Ways to avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism means repetition of words in written documents. There is a software which helps to know how much repetition is there in file. It is effective with change in words. This can be reduced with use of different words and this can be performed with change in plans and thinking process. It is essential to know what is plagiarism and how it can be resolved.

Create thorough outline- This is one of the best way which can be effective to reduce plagiarism in file. When person is writing about some topic, it is essential to know thoroughly about topic and then write (Mozafari and et. al., 2016). This helps to know what topic want and then person must use their own knowledge to avoid plagiarism. To perform activities in more better manner, overview must be ready properly and hence it helps to perform work in appropriate manner.

Citation of resources- Citation means to attach source from where data is collected. So to avoid plagiarism there is authentic source which help in removing confusion. While selection source it is important to make changes in words but means can be similar. Citation is done with the help of references which can be collected from internet as this helps to know how can matter be specific and relevant (Nix and et. al., 2013).

Familiar with concept- There are many factors which are affecting files to be ready. It is important to understand about topic and then take actions. There are many changes which can be done if person is familiar with topic.


There are various policies which has to be considered with change in market policies. This is impactive with regular check of activities by top level of management. Activities are performed to lower level personnel but as per legal clauses there is complex method which assist in affects business operations. In case of any fraud in business this has impact on business in negative manner. There are some authorised person which are responsible for quality of product and services. In this case there is illegality of documents and tax evasion.

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