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Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations - Whirlpool

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Question :

This Assessment covers following questions:

  • Whirlpool is the home electronics and kitchen appliances company. Evaluate employee knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HR professionals.
  • Explain the factors that considered when implementing and evaluating inclusive learning and development to drive sustainable business performance in the Whirlpool.
  • Implement knowledge and understanding to the ways in which high-performance working (HPW) contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage.
  • Elaborate the ways in which performance management, collaborative working and effective communication can support high-performance culture and commitment.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Whirlpool


The human resource department is important part of an organization as they are responsible for the growth of the individual professionally and personally. Due to which specific set of skills, competencies, knowledge and behaviour is required in the Human resource team or individual (Arbon, 2014). Main work of Human resource includes training and development, recruitment and selection, job analysis etc. Whirlpool is an American multinational company deals in home appliances and headquarter in Michigan, United States of America. In this project it will include, knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required by HR professionals in the organization, personal skills audit to identify knowledge skills, organization and individual learning, contribution of HPW, different approaches to performance management.


P1: Determination of Skills, Knowledge and Behaviour Required by HR Professional

Human resource professional plays an important part in the HR department and in the organization also. The role of the HR professional is to manage the employees of the organization so that maximum utilization can be achieved (Barrett, 2011). Large organization like Whirlpool requires HR in large numbers as it is very difficult to manages thousands of employees and maintain their productivity according to the vision of the company. Skills required for the HR professional is given as follows,


  • Multi-tasking: Multi tasking refers to when any individual can do different works at the same time. HR professional should be able to do multi tasking as it is the core skills of any HR person. Whirlpool HR should be able to do distinctive task at the same time as there are thousands of employees working at the same time and managing them is a complex task. Responsibilities of the individual changes according to the scenarios and HR should be able to adapt it.
  • Scheduling: This skill requires analytical knowledge as it is complex in nature. Many positions in Whirlpool requires juggling of task according to the work load(Liljenberg, M., 2015). That's why this is a kind of skills whirlpool HR professional should have.
  • Decision making: Core work of HR professional is to take decision regarding the recruitment and selection of candidate. All the skills and competencies should be check by the HR before taking a decision of selecting the candidate or not (Belbin, R.M., 2012). Moreover HR team also help the employees to reduce the conflict due to various reasons. Besides this they have to allocate the task to the employees according to their skill sets.


  • Adaptability: Behaviour of the HR professional have to change according to the circumstance. New hurdles will be there all the time and they have to manage it so that productivity of the employees doesn't get affected.
  • Negotiator: HR professional have to deal with candidate and negotiate their salary according to the company's budget. Moreover they have to solve the conflict that have arisen between the employees of the organization(Feisel, E., Hartmann, E. and Giunipero, L., 2011). Besides this, they have to negotiate with the leaders so that salary of the employee would be increased. So this skill should be required if an individual want to successful in this field.


  • Employment law: HR professional should have a knowledge of all the laws that requires in smooth working of the organization. Whirlpool HR should have knowledge of issues like wages and salary, sexual harassment, working conditions, leaves etc.
  • Education and training: Whirlpool’s HR should have the knowledge of all the job as their work includes giving training and development to the new and old employees of the organization. They should give proper training of tools and techniques that can increase the productivity of the employees as it will help the individual for the organization learning.
  • Therapy and counselling: Knowledge of career counselling, physical and mental dysfunctional etc should be there in HR professional. This knowledge will help the employees to overcome their problem and pressure so that there efficiency could increase to a certain level.

P2: Personal Skills Audit to Develop a Professional Development Plan

Skills and capabilities is the thing which help the individual to grow in their professional career. It simply refers to monitoring own skills and capabilities so that weakness of the person can be overcome or reduced to a certain level so that productivity can be increased(Bolden, R., 2016). As an HR there are some skills that should be there like problem solving skills, negotiating skills, good communication etc. So I will do my personal audit skills so that my weakness and strengths could be find out and after that I will make my development plan so that my weakness can overcome.

Strengths Weakness
I have a mastery over problem solving issue. I can solve conflict between the employees easily. I am not much aware of my IT skills. So I can say that am not a tech savvy person.
I am people friendly and diplomatic in nature and that helps me while solving the conflicts. My communication skills are not that good. So I can call it average.
My time managements skills are good and I can work under pressure with good efficiency. My attitude changes according to my mood and sometimes it turns into rude behaviour.

Personal development plan (PDP) : It is a process of making a plan or structure according to the strengths and weakness of the organization(Curtis, E. and O'connell 2011). It helps the candidate to make the strengths more stronger and improve their weakness so that high productivity can be attain. My development plan is mentioned below.

Training need Priority How will this be met? Time taken Judge by
Communication skills High Communication classes will be taken regularly for a longer period of time so that this will become my strengths. 3-4 months Employees and my manager.
Mediation Medium Yoga classes will be taken so that it will become stable. 6 months Employees and family.
IT skills High Regular IT classes will be taken in which I will learn about ms office, Ms power point, ms words, SAP HR as it will help my career to grow. 3 months Managers.


P3 Analyse the Differences Between Organisational and Individual Learning, Training and Development

Individual learning – It is a method which helps to individual for increasing knowledge. In other words it can be defined as an instructions which modifies the individual at their own level for completing the task. In addition to this it is based on their ability and skills which helps in their personal development. It brings positive result in their professional work. For working person, If they have great ideas and knowledge it will be opportunity for them for get growth in their career.

Organisation learning – It is similar as a group learning where group members increase their skills from market trends and their competitors. In addition to this organisation learn from various factors like market conditions and different market expertise. In context of Whirlpool, they have a strong brand image in the market so they have to create new ideas and techniques which assists in increases their overall performance. It is a process which defines three elements such as creating holding and transferring ideas in the organisation(Brandon, T. and Charlton, J., 2011). It also deals with changing organisational behaviour.

Difference between individual and organisational learning

Basis Individual learning Organisation learning
Scope It has a less scope then the organisation learning because it works at individual level only Organisational learning have wider scope because it improves the overall performance of an organisation.
Objectives Its main objective is to getting growth of individuals at workplace and bringing efficiency in their performance. Its main objective is to improve working environment and achieve organisation's goals and objectives.
Outcomes From learning more things an individual give positive result in performance at work place. It helps to bringing innovative ideas which helps in getting competitive advantage at the market place.

Training – It is a basic concept which is connected with human resource management. It plays a vital role in every organisation. It helps in increasing knowledge and skills of the employees at workplace. It defines the learning activities which are essential to performing a task. In whirlpool they have a different department which is providing training and development of employees. Every organisation should provide training to their workforce because it helps in improving their strengths and skills. It helps to maintain a good relation between superiors and subordinates.

Development- It is an important part which affects overall performance of an organisation. It is necessary to create an efficient workforce so they can easily deal with every critical situation. It assists to management in improve learning as well as getting growth in market place. It focus on future outcomes which are based on career of employees 

Difference between training and development

Basis Training Development
Objectives It improves efficiency of workers during the task which helps to achievement of organisational goals in limited period of time Development improve the ineffectiveness of employees which prepare them for upcoming challenges.
Nature It mainly focus on new joining employees and improve their skills for handling different type of conditions. It focuses on learning new things which are related to work and it helps in increasing overall performance of an organisation.
Process Training is a one time process. After completing training program feedback is taken from employees and then this program is closed(Holden, L., Pager, S., Golenko, X. 2011). It is a continuous process in which employees are continuously upgrade their knowledge by different development programs organised in whirlpool.

P4 Need for Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Continuous learning – It is the voluntary, self-motivated and ongoing knowledge. In other words it can be define increasing skills and knowledge for performing effectively and adopt the changes through their skills at workplace. It helps in incrasing quality in their work. They can be upgraded through adopting changes in working environment. In addition to this, it may be helpful for managers, they should gave an environment to their employees by various practices, potential learning, methodologies. In whirlpool company, continuous learning is essential to the success of the company because of dynamic economic conditions. Whirlpool company wants to invest in retaining employees talent and developing their pool of talent. So, company keep workers up-to-date and well trained so employees can gave their positive respond to the organisation's changing environments.

Professional development – It is a process which helps to improve capabilities of staff members through giving proper education and training programmes at workplace. In other words it is similar to staff development through developing skills in inefficient workers in an organisation. It builds morale in staff members and gave them opportunity to performing task with efficiency. It increases their knowledge and efficiency so that they would deliever advance quality of services to their customers(.Khalili, Farah, R. and et. al, 2013). In the context of whirlpool, they should provide proper training programmes. Due to which their staff members will bring efficiency in their service it will be helpful for satisfying the demand of consumers.

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Importance of continuous learning and professional development

In every organisation, it is very important to providing quality in the service to their consumers. Whirlpool company helps to their staff members for increasing their skills and strengths through learning and professional development. There are some importance of learning and professional development which are as follows :

  • Build credibility and confidence: Providing professional development opportunities allows groups to established confidence in the work which is done by employee. It also helps to employees to build credibility as employees continue to gain advantages of new certificates and skill sets.
  • Improved efficiency: It is not providing only new skills sets but also provide the opportunities to the employees to learn from others in the training. When professional share their experience and knowledge, then employees can pick up perspectives and new ideas from them.
  • Higher employees retention: Continuous learning and professional development enhances the performance level and capabilities of employees which in results increasing staff retention rate. Whirlpool mainly focuses on improving skills and knowledge of their human resource due to which they regularly organising professional development and training programs. This will increases the productivity of company as well as bring motivation as well to extend their work commitment with company.
  • Respond to technology: Technology is a crucial factor which brings company ahead in the competition among their rivals in market(Kim, Zhang, and et. al, 2011). Whirlpool uses advanced technologies in their products in order to fulfil their aim is to provide quality and innovative to its customers. For this, the management trained their employees to work on advanced technology through conducting learning and training programs. It directly enhances the productivity level.
  • Encourage problem solving: Continuous learning programs enhances the skills and capabilities of individuals due to which they are more capable to deal with future uncertainties and complexities. Whirlpool tried maximum efforts in maintaining health relationship with their staff members so that they can freely communicate with them regarding the issues faced at workplace. This will maximises the working behaviour of employees for longer period of time.

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P5: Stater How HPW Contribute to Employee Engagement

High performance working may be defined as the culture of an organisation which includes trust, transparency and free flow of communication for all. It mainly emphasis on changing the traditional hierarchical organisational structure of organisation to flatter framework in order to motivate its employees to share their new and innovative ideas with top authorities without any hesitations. Whirlpool is more dependence on technologies and innovation in order to make their strong presence in competitive market(Ware, R.S., 2012). Due to this, the management carefully manage their team members on the basis of practices achieved by North American Region as they examine the performance level of employees on the basis of five core dimensions such as constructive conflicts, shared commitment of companies vision and extraordinary goals, transparent communication, accountability for result, transparent communication, mutual respects and solidarity. Whirlpool should follow different HPW practices which are given as under:

Recruitment of skilled workers:- Whirlpool emphasis more on in enrolling their employees, they pursue a long strategy for choosing the right candidates for the right position from the number of applicants. It believes to recruit candidates on the basis of their knowledge and qualification as well as interpersonal skills. Whirlpool must required to hire individuals having capacity and abilities to perform business activities more proficient and can contribute toward the development of an organisation.

Shared Commitment toward vision of organization:- Whirlpool additionally include their workers in decision-making process and also involved vision and mission of company with an objective of identifying each aspect which can contribute maximum towards betterment of organisation. It additionally help in motivating and empowering the workers, which create trust among them and establish an environment of team work.

Conflict resolution team or group:- Whirlpool forms a conflict resolving team for the purpose of dealing with the issues of an organisation and its workers. This group hears the issue faced by the workforce and put their maximum efforts in resolving all issues and conflicts. They also share the outcomes received by company with their employees which in results decreasing conflicts or misunderstanding among the workforce.

Flexible job statements:- Whirlpool need to put more focus on making a culture which promotes transparency in communication in order to allow its employees to share their ideas and also give their views and suggestion on the decisions and plans taken by the management. Whirlpool has attained large number of employees having different nature of work(Liljenberg, M., 2015). For example, some employees are willing to work at nigh shift whereas some are interested to work at say shift. Therefore, it is important for management of Whirlpool to provide flexible working options to them in order to gain maximum contribution from them in achievement of organisational goals and objectives. It directly maximises their working behaviour and work commitment with company for longer period of time.


P6 Evaluation of Different Approaches of Performance Management

Performance management is a process in which recruiter and employees are working together with giving contribution for achieving desired objectives of the firm. Management should control and maintain the performance of employees which brings efficiency and productivity in their employees (Feisel, E., Hartmann, E. and Giunipero, L., 2011,). In whirlpool they can apply this for evaluating performance of their employees, because it is very important to know performance of employees during the work. Managers of whirlpool may analyse the contribution of their workforce in company's growth and success. There are various approaches in performance management they are as follows:

Quality approach – It gives focuses on removing errors which occurs in the organisation and improve quality of products and services(E. and O'connell 2011). Firstly, whirlpool identify the need of customers and make quality products according to demand of their users. Which will increase satisfaction in their needs. It assists to managers for taking feedback from the employees, clients and customers. Which gave positive impact on organisation. If they get any negative feedback from their staff they should improve their quality and performance. It helps in examine quality of employees during the work.

Comparative Approach: In this methodology, Whirlpool analyse the performance level and their nature of work by comparing their performance level with their co-workers doing similar task.. They can rank workers according to their performance related with particular activity. For example if An and B both are performing similar activity and B is more capable in its activities than organization will rank B higher than A.

Attribute Approach: Under this approach, Whirlpool measure the performance of its workers based on specific criteria, for example, basic reasoning, team work, communication, conclusive and imaginative. Organization utilizes these criteria and position the group on Graphic Rating Scale as per their score that degrees between 1-5.

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Result Approach:- Under this methodology, Whirlpool examines the performance level of their work force based on the execution of result. These results fall in two categories, for example, Productivity measures and Balanced Scorecard. Organization can consider the outcome of the activity either based on the quantity of production or as per quality of performance. 

Behavioural Approach: It is the oldest form of approach in which performance are measured using different techniques such as BARS technique(Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale) which consists of ten vertical scales(Rae, D. and Wang, C.L., 2015.). These scales comprises of specific parameters that are chosen with the concern of the number of employees at that point employees are positioned on these parameters as per their performance level.

Whirlpool should apply such approaches in order to properly examine the performance and productivity level of their employees which makes positive impact on their morale and satisfaction level. These approaches also support employees in determining their actual strengths and weaknesses which brings motivation among them to work hard and minimises their weaknesses through maximising their strengths.


It has been concluded from the assignment that Human resource management play a significant role in the growth and development of employees through performing their several functions such as recruitment and selection, conducting training and development programs etc. To perform such functions, HR Manager first need to conduct personal skills audit in order to identify their capabilities and weaknesses. Through such audit, HR manager is able to eliminate its weaknesses through maximising their strengths through participating in different development programs such as training and learning programs. Therefore, Whirlpool can reduce their issues with the help of HR manager by developing their skills and knowledge.


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