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Various Operations in Trailfinders Ltd.

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Organization Selected : Trailfinders Ltd.


The Tour operations management is the management which is organizing and maintains the process of the tour in the tourism industry(Hoyos, Morales, and Akhavan-Tabatabaei, 2015). In the tour operations management, the organizations make operations in which the firm provides to the visitors like different kinds of packages provided by the tour industry. The report will outline Trailfinders Ltd. Various operations in the tour industry.

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Current trade in travel and tourism industry effects in different ways and also influencing in both negative and positive way. Currents trade are attract customers in many ways and their impacts also going to very impassive. In the tour operations management many destinations and currents and recent trades are influencing operator industry(Redjem and Marcon, 2016). In the Trailfinders Ltd. has many currents trades which is influencing tour operators industry. Current trades are-

  • Destination marketing- Now days many tour operators adopts destination marketing. For destination marketing many advertising was done through distributing leaflets. In the Morden world destination marketing is help to customers to choose online destination through advertising. In accordance to destination marketing Trailfinders also adopts this strategy which can help to attract customers easily through online. Like company has to make advertising in social media and provide destination place which can help customers to choose destination where they have to enjoy their holiday(Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). This marketing mainly attract more consumer accordion to normal advertising. In other hand Trailfinders provide their consumers too many destinations for spending holiday.
  • Flexible booking options- Due to advantage of technology, tourist can book their tickets easily through online. Now days visitors are book their tickets easily with help for internet and many tourist company has to provide online booking service which help to easting time as well as reducing complexity to booking tickets. This will affect tour operators industry because people are independently booking tickets and its becoming apprehensive in restoring to the services of travel agents. In other hand the Trailfinders also provide their customers to inline booking facility to their website or calls through. This is very easy to booking and its impacts are positive on tour operators.
  • Technology- Now days' technology is play crucial role in tourism industry. Technology is mainly increased tourism industry growth. Like many tour industry provide many types of online services like online booking, choosing destination all have impacts are going to their advertising and also impacts are going to growth because customers are aware to all kinds of service which is provided by tour operators(Flores-Garza and et.al., 2017). On other hand Trailfinders has used many technology products which is influencing their business like Trailfinders provide online booking service which help to consumers to booking easily their tickets for tour and Trailfinders also provide diffident kinds of destination choosing service like customers are trying to choosing their destination where they going for holiday.
  • Aviation facility- in this trade Trailfinders as to prove air transportation service which is only for tourist who are having firm tours. The Trailfinders provide aviation service which charge includes in their tours.


2.1 Stages and timescales involved in developing holidays

Various kinds of stages involved in developing holidays which is maintained quality service for consumers. The Trailfinder adopts many developments of holidays which is help to provide consumers to quality packages and different types of services. The managers at Trailfinder create luxury and educational tour for adult students. And tour is held in summer holiday august 2019. And the total 42 students who are come in summer holiday(sahin, and Matta, 2015). manager of company to organize various stages which help to maintained development in holiday. Those steps are-

  • Market research- In this stage the manager have to research about the market and also identify the test sand preference of customers. This stages are most important for planing vacation tour. In Trailfinder planing of tour and vacation is the best part to identify the customers test is according to market research. The manager have to ensure about the market research is student have to going Brussels and Brugge, Belgium. This place has to decide to go for august 2019. This stage to identify the destination which is group has to going in vacation august 2019.
  • Planing and scheduling- After the market research the manger has been decided to set the time for the customers. In this stage manager has to decide about time management of tour(Yan and Ho, 2017). According to planing scheduling manager has to ensure that student have to reached each place at exact timing. In the planing and scheduling the manager of Trailfinderf has to ensure each and every activities of in tour destination is in exact place.
  • Forecasting- in this manager of Trailfinder plan the holiday by measure of the holiday packages. Under forecasting manage try to understand the climate of particular destination which they choose of vacation august 2019. The forecasting help identify the current location and design of packages. For example if tour operator are decided to going on tour and they not forecasting of those tour and the place is suitable to visit and operators as well as. Forecasting is help to manger that location is good of customers or not.
  • Contracting- In this stage manager create holiday to provide effectively service. In this manager ensure the students demands on vacation and required as per the desire of the customers. manager provide services to students like restaurants, cab facility etc. all those facilities on tour destination which attract customers as well as fulfil their needs(Burgin and Hardiman, 2015).

2.2 Suitability of different methods of contracting for different components of the holiday and different types of tour operator

Different type of contracting methods for different components of the holiday help to save their unnecessary cost for additional demands and get service according to their desire. Those methods are help to manager at Trailfinder to provide the service according to the needs of customers. According to the methods of contracting the manager has to adopt many methods of contracting which is helps in tour operators. Top assignment writing service with chat support.

  • Sales only contract- In this method the manager ha been selected the service which they actually used. In this contract the manager select packages as per his desire and try to sell that package. This types of contract the manager only provided seasonally. In other hand in this contract different kinds of methods are used by the customers like they have knowledge to understand the students needs as per the requirements of tour operators. Th manager of Trailfinder to follow this contract very easily because they have knowledge to provide service which is according to the consumers' requirement as well as the manager desire. In this contracting the manager has to proposed by Grand Casselbergh in Bruges of 92 euros per person for twin room with breakfast(Xu and Gursoy, 2015). This for each student who able to join the summer vacation august 2019. In this contracting help to identify the student who much they pay for organization for this educational tours. In this contracting various kinds of components are played role like transportation service, hotels, attractions places etc.
  • Fixed contract- In these methods of contracting includes services which is based on as per the requirement of organizations. The organizations help to maintained the quality services which is according to the firm based. In this contracting for methods Trailfinder manager helps to understand quality services which is according to the as organizational based. Like manager already remain student to services and holiday are held on as per the requirement of company and as well as the consumers. The manager ensures all kinds of services. In this contracting includes various kinds of services such as catering, cab facility, room facility etc. all those services as attract customers and also insist to visit again on tour(Eriksson, LeBel and Lindroos, 2015). In this contracting components which are helps to identify the various stages of firm like transportation, online booking and also marketing destination all those components are helps to understand the demands of consumers and organisation according fulfil them.

2.3 Selling price of a holiday

Selling prices which the firm provide to their products and consumers purchase product before aware about the selling prices. Selling prices in tour operator industry define the exact price of product which they provide to the customers. The Trailfinder Ltd. Provide different kinds of prices of products like many kinds of tour packages which have different prices in firm. The Trailfinder provide various tours and those have different prices as per the requirement of customers. The firm has to use selling prices which is help to understand customers to choose their likes destination places. Selling prices includes customers to define the exact value of products which is determines by firm. The managers of Trailfinder decide each products prices as per the requirement of customers(Spandre and et.al., 2016). The managers provide different kinds of service in their firm which they have accepted extra prices like transportation and food etc.

No. of individuals



Per cost

Total cost

Bed and breakfast charges



Luxury coach


Visitor's attraction



Cost of local tour


Total cost


mark up value



Total selling price


£ to €




3.1 Planning decisions taken for the design of a selected brochure

The decision making for the design for the most important part for that organization that help the management to aware the people for the service provided by the organizations. Th marketing department team at try to decide many kinds of packages which attract customers in the organisation. The brochures of Trailfinder based on current market trade and those trade are help to make competitive advantages in market. The brochures of Trailfinder based to actual service provide organizationals with the photographs that attract the clients. In this ability of clients decided to come with desire goals and also accept the need of consumers(Vrellas and Tsiotras, 2015). The brochures of Trailfinder developed by proper planing maintaining and organizing. There are several activities which is defined the implementation of brochures on the company-

  • Finding issues that affects decisions- In this management has to try to identify what are the issues which is affects the all over planing decision in of brochure. It also identifies thee issues which is affects the organizationals functionality and cost of the designing and implementation and other kind of issues which is effects the company functionality. Marketing department team of the Trailfinder find the many issues which relates to company also effects on organizations working. In this the firm has to decide main things which is an occurred current task and that was and easily adopted by consumers at any different places.
  • Budget and target market- In this the marketing department team of Trailfinder identify the budget and target market which is based on consumers needs and also based on the requirement of consumers it is also helped to underlying all over process contains the cost of the brochure and explained the other expenses that affects the organizations(Deresky, 2017). The marketing department team also identify the potential customers who help to identify the several types of target market and also identify the latest technology products which is impact on firm activity.
  • Format of the brochure- In this the marketing department team at Trailfinder try to identifying the brochure format which as the simple, multicolour, single colour etc. this process is attract consumers more easily and also adopts those brochure customers. The brochure mainly adopts the content name and also given the colours of brochure which attracts the customers most, it also includes the features of brochure and prices of the packages. Marketing department team of tour operator also identifies the different types of tour operator has been take planing in firm to implementation in brochure. Like Thomas cook also have a brochure this will help to identify the latest technology products where they have to take part in firm.

3.2 suitability of alternatives to a traditional brochure for different types of tour operator

Different kinds of brochure are plays in important role in firm and that gives competes description of the packages top the consumers and retain them with the Trailfinder. The marketing department team of Trailfinder attract customers and retain them and also identify the services which is given by the organizations for the most recommanded brochure is video brochure this swill helps to identify the exact location in firm as well as the best methods in firm. Following kinds of brochure which is alternatively available for the different kinds of tour operators.

  • Email brochure- In this Trailfinder marketing department team provide their organizations services through E-mail this help people to providing the best detail about the company also give detail about the organization service. This helps to marketing department team to aware different kinds of service like the management in firm helps to identify numinous services which is many identify by firm and also identify by the particular task related(Maylor, Blackmon and Huemann, 2016). This service also identify the diffident kinds of staff related service through online. The best part is in the email brochure the all kinds of informations are come in the messages like pictures, details and form quality etc.
  • E-brochure- This is another method of make adverting and also aware customers to about organizations service. The marketing department team of Trail finder makes advertising of organization products to E-brochure this will help to make retention of customers in firm also identify the different kinds of service in the firm. The quality of firm to identify the approaches of organizations and also identify the methods which is under the advertising and selling the services. The E- brochure are easily available on company website and customers can easily attract people to understand the services of company. The E-brochure is less complicated because it is in website and many people are not understand how to see the brochure in the website(Sahin and Matta, 2015). In other hand Trailfinder used different kind of e-brochure which is easily understood by people in firm. This will also understand by the organisations people.
  • Video brochure- In this brochure helps the customers to easily get the information through video also attract easily consumers to different prices. The main thing In brochure organizational can post their video and define the latest quality product to the customers. In this video brochure helps to attract new customers and also attract different types of customers which is easily understood by customers. In other and the marketing department team of Trailfinder provide video of destination which they provide to customers and those destinations which is really helps to identify attractions in firm

3.3 suitability of different methods of distribution used to sell a holiday for different types of tour operator

Different types of tour operators are sell their holiday packages to the customers like they have knowledge about how to increased sale in firm and also identify how the firm has to implement in the business. The Trailfinder management is not focus on the methods of firm they inly ficus on they get benefits(Yan and Ho, 2017). The Trailfinder provide that kinds of services which is directly and make the buyers aware about the products and services. This methods help in firm to make productivity and also help to increased growth of the firm.

  • Direct sale- In this marketing department team of Trailfinder meet with consumers define and provide details about company like they have work in organizations to choose different kinds of service which is an under the employees and as well as the company. The marketing department team is meet directly with client which is help to provide better service in firm. Like they have to manage all kinds of service which is according to company and as well as clients. Direct sale also making in business to generate more revenue and also define the competitive advantage to firm this will also define the firm quality and maintained the process of firm which is according to user requirements(Flores-Garza and et.al., 2017).
  • Telephones- In this the marketing department team of Trailfinders calls selected customers and provide details about the customers this will also help to define destination which is provided by firm and also identifying to customers the pricing of each packages in firm this will help to define different kinds of methods which is under the firm and also under the firm.
  • Internet- This is the most easy way to sale product to the customers. Customers are most important part of any organisation and they are only which organizations provide s their services to customers different kinds of services. In other hand the marketing department team of Trailfinders post the content and picture which is make to aware customers to different needs and also aware about the organizational services. This will help to understand various service about the customers. This will help to attract new customers and also make growth of the company.
  • Agencies- Agencies are done marketing according to organizations working as well as organization working ability like they have knowledge about the various kinds of services which organisation provide to customers(Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). In other hand the marketing department of Trailfinders hire agencies people who are able to provide details and also provide various kinds of service which is help to attract the customers in firm as well as motivate them to others.


4.1 Strategic decisions made by different types of tour operator

A strategic decision is required in terms of operating successfully in today’s contending world of business where there exist different types of tour operators. Although, 4 are the most common yet essential type of tour operators in UK namely, inbound, outbound, domestic and ground. The strategic decisions taken up by all these operators are important in terms of generating productive outcomes in the business. It is with a main purpose of operating at a global level where such decisions are effective in terms of raising the satisfaction level of the clients, enhance the current level of profitability, expanding the business and attaining goodwill.(Redjem and Marcon, 2016) It also involves the consideration of partaking in the daily operations of the tour organizations which includes determining the price of the proposed tour packages, ascertaining the segments of customers who are required to be targeted and designing the brochures and leaflets, etc. In addition to this, below are some strategic decisions encompassing around different types of tour operators-

  • Decisions related to distribution- This is basically to satisfy the forecasted demands of the consumers where they might be willing to a particular location within a specific period. It may be due to seasonality or any other related factors, whose fulfilment is a vital concern of the tour operators and thus underlies them to retain the customers by attracting them in greater numbers.
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP)- This is also referred to be a significant aspect of marketing before designing a new package to offer some newly proposed services to the customers. It is thereby known to provide a base to the company to mindfully choose their customers for the success of the newly designed package(Vrellas, and Tsiotras, 2015). It hereby displays to be a key decision for the tour operators to firstly analyses their existing position in the market as a fundamental check to proceed further.
  • Promotional strategy- This represents another strategic move of the tour operators by undertaking some innovative practices of promotion. It can be done by using both exclusive and inclusive techniques of invention that are related to the advertisement of their newly designed packages. A suitable use of print media or various electronic medium is apparent to assist in attracting a large set of customers.
  • Pricing strategy- This states the strategy to be used for discount pricing due to an intense state of competition in the market. This decision should be taken up by referring to the provisions of some major contenders in the marketplace and accordingly choose the price of the proposed tour package.

4.2 Tactical decisions that could be taken by a selected tour operator in different situations

Tactical decision are make profits and also increased the retention in firm. In the tour operators many tactical decisions which identifying a niche market which helps to identifying the needs and demands of customers and also make the best services in firm. The major focus on take decisions in tour operators is to make profits. Different types of tour operators are performed various decisions in firm which is help to identifying niche market and also evaluate the firm quality. The tactics decision are takes in firm in various stages and various area like transportation, catering and accommodations services etc. all those are decisions increased company productivity and also increased the publicity in firm best way to understand the tactics decision in firm to take decision in own way(Deresky, 2017).

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The tactical decision in Trailfinders has to play the best role in firm which is defined various functionality and also identifying the best quality services in the firm. In the firm ha to take tactics decisions which is help to manage various kinds of services like transportation, food, accommodations, booking and other travel industry related services. In other hand all those decisions in firm helps to identifying various trisection which effects are comes in firm and also comes to the company productivity. Tactical decision is also made the growth of the firm and also define the exact place which is denoted various types of procedure which is accordingly firm tactical decisions.

  • Utilizations of coach and aircraft seats: Many tourism groups provide air craft service which is unique and attractive services and this serves are defined with very major tactical decisions. This kids of decision may help the organizations to gain the expected revenue a creates the bench mark of the services for the clients(Maylor, Blackmon, and Huemann, 2016). This will also help to retain customers to long time. And make the tour industry very well and very informal as well as.
  • Maximizing occupancy of contracted beds: In this tour operators has to always focus on try to raise the occupancy of the bad with the contracted hotels, in this the firm has to identifying different kinds of needs which is considered by to take tactical decisions in firm. This will also help to identifying the competitive advantages and customers base for the organizations. In this tactical decision have short term effects to the short time periods of organizations. All those decision are made in daily routine of business which help in business activity.


In the above report, The report concluded about the tour operations management in these organizations makes holiday packages and the firm also identifying information which attracted customers easily and also retain customers to long time. The report also concluded about the current trades a recent trades and development on the tour operator or stages and timescales involved in developing holidays and different methods of contracting of tour operators and calculations of selling prices of holiday. The report also concluded about the planing decisions take for the brochures and alternatives traditional brochure to different type of tour operators.

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