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Visitor Attraction Management

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The success of tourism sector is attributed to the variety and richness of destinations all across the world. Destination as a place such as nation, continent, state, purpose-built store helps in attracting visitors for temporary stay. Each and every destination has attractions that act as a motivator for tourists to select that particular destination. Therefore, it can be said that if there is no attractions, tourism will not exists. Pertaining this, the present research study also focuses on managing the visitor’s attraction and its related facets (Swarbrooke, 2002). As a Junior Tourism Consultant for Visit Britain, it plays a very key role in developing the volume and value of tourism product in England. The report will throw light on various attractions of England like the British Museum, the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Park, and The Queen's House and other attractions of UK aswell.in addition to this, various kinds of visitors, their needs and demands and impacts will be assessed significantly. The later part of the report study will evaluate the issues influencing the development process, management techniques as well as their influence on sustainability of these attractions.

TASK – 1

1.1 The overlap of Visitor’s attraction

Visitor’s attraction can overlap in relation with a particular type of destination such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. It is being regarded as a popular place of visitor attraction, as it has is having world famous dome. The place is also famous for its art related work and intricate mosaic. When people visit this place, they remain spell bound by seeing the beauty of world and interiors of the cathedral (Lancaster and Massingham, 2010). Other than this, visitors from different parts of the world visit this place to explore the sightings of Tombs, crypt and memorial of famous heroes. Moreover, people can also have the panoramic view of London by mounting the golden gallery, where visitors can try out the audio fluke of Whispering gallery. So, this is one part by which tourists can explore the rich heritage of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Our team of professional academic writer can provide you coursework help in no time. 

On the other hand, St. Paul’s Cathedral is also considered as a religious or spiritual attraction. In more simple words, it also carries the spiritual facets and holiness amid the people who stopover this place unrelatedly of the religion they belong too. The main fundamental purpose of this church is a place of worship for people related to religion of Christianity; however, it is also one of the oldest buildings and therefore, it reflects the heritage and cultural aspects as well (Leask and Yeoman, 2009).

1.2 Importance of different attractions

  • National Maritime Museum– The National Maritime Museum is one of the leading maritime museums of the UK. It is situated in Greenwich, London and is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It encompasses the Royal Observatory and 17th century Queen’s house and it is also being part of a world heritage site. It is non-departmental public body, which is sponsored by the department of culture, sport and media. It plays an important role in understanding the British social, political, economic, cultural and maritime history and its magnitudes in today’s world (National Maritime Museum, n.d).
  • Greenwich Park– It is one of the most historic royal parks of the Roman Times. The Greenwich Park is set within the Greenwich Maritime World Heritage site and is being regarded as the most significant site on the planet. In addition to this, it also commands fine views over the Rover Thames, the city of London and the Isle of Dogs.
  • The Queen's House– Originally, the Queen’s house was part of a Royal palace of Placentia. It was meant by the King James I. It is royal residence being built in the year 1616 in Greenwich. The queen’s house is few miles from the city of London. It is quite important in the British architectural history, as it was the first deliberately classical building that was created in the nation (Greenwich Park, 2018).
  • British Museum– It is very popular in London and is presenting the works of man of prehistoric times to modern times all across the globe. There are many attractions in this museum, which are fascinating the visitors from various locations such as Pantheon sculptures, the Rosetta stone and mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection.

TASK – 2

2.1 Needs and motivation of various types of visitors

Each and every visitor has different type of needs and inspiration that compels them to travel from one place to another. The places to visit are being selected by considering these factors. Visitors are generally segmented into three types i.e. demographic, geographic and psychographic (Yale, 2004). Throwing light towards demographic, it is division of people on the basis of their age, income, gender, caste, marital status and many more. For an example, people falling in the age group of 18-25 will show more interest in visiting areas which are filled with fun and excitement like London Eye and markets in central London (). In addition, elderly people will show more interest towards monuments and historical palaces such as British Museum, National Maritime museum etc. On the other hand, Geographic segmentation divides the people based upon their region, state, community and nation. It is vital as people from varied background explore different culture and show different behavior. For example, people belonging to Christian community will pay attention towards visiting church, visitors from the colder areas want to feel the sun and enjoy beaches etc. Finally, psychographic segmentation categorizes visitors on the basis of their attitude, lifestyle and opinions.

Talking in references with the needs and motivation of the visitors, there are many visitors who have their own needs and wants. The very first is the single tourists; they want to travel alone and are interested in exploring varied attractions with few or little baggage. Second is the business tourists, they travel for business purpose like for attending seminars, meeting and business fairs and do not spend more money (Crompton, 2009). Family tourists are those who travel along with their family and friends and finally, health tourists who travel for availing some health related benefits or to get some medical treatment or operations.

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2.2 Influence of tourism on visitors attraction of UK


Positive influence

Negative influence





· It supports in creation of employment opportunities

· Render a supportive hands indirectly to transportation and retail sectors (Allee and Kotler, 2011)

· It create jobs which are seasonal and not permanent

· The profits being earned from the tourism is not every time offering benefits to local economy rather it is being swallowed by multi-national firms such as group of hotels etc.

· Rise in the problem of terrorism



· It helps in improving the infrastructural development of the nation

· With the Museum and historical places, the tradition and historic values are preserved

· Different visitors have different behavior and this influences the quality of life of the host nation




· Seeking help from the Eco-tourism, wild-life and natural resources can be conserved.

· Tourism is posing a great threat to the natural resource such as water, coral reefs and cultural sites.

· Increase in the pollution level is harming the health of all living beings (Buhalis, 2003)

· Because of littering, health related issues are rising significantly

2.3 Effect of different theories of tourist motivation on the management of visitor attractions

For the purpose of uncovering the travel motives, it is essential to comprehend different theories related to tourist’s motivation and their influence on the management of attractions and these are as follows:

  • Need hierarchy theory– This theory is founded by Abraham Maslow’s and as per him, every individual has different desire. At the top of the pyramids, there are high order requirements. However, the top level can be reached when the lower needs of the pyramid is satisfied. Thus, for achieving growth, tourist’s destination should contend the basic need of the visitors and afterwards, attention can be gained through meeting social, safety and self-actualization needs. But, it is more likely that the needs might not fall in a classified order (Nolte, 2010).
  • Push and Pull factors of Crompton’s– Focusing towards push factors, they shows the desire for travel and the pull factors states the choice of actual destination. Crompton has determined nine fundamental motivations, seven are related to socio-psychological i.e. self-evaluation, regression, prestige, escaping from mundane environment, relationships, relaxation and social interaction and two are related with the cultural factors such as novelty and education.

TASK – 3

3.1 Processes and issues in the development of theme park 

As a Junior Tourism Consultant, the new task is to explore the developmental process of Theme park i.e. “The London Resort” in Swanscombe Peninsula by the London Resort Company Holdings Limited (LRCH). For the purpose of developing this theme park, it is essential to study the market and develop the concept (Overview, n.d.). After developing attraction program, it becomes essential to develop master plan and decide on the ways of financing. Further, the design are developed and construction initiates with lots of legal formalities and documentation. However, there are many issues that come across in the way of successful development of a theme park and these are being defined underneath:

  • Availability of resources– The availability of the resources in the nearby location of the attraction helps in grabbing the attention of the people. Swanscombe Peninsula is an isolated place having little development in its southern side. There are numerous plots and thus, company decided to make use of this borough to develop a theme park.
  • Attraction management– It is also considered as the most important factor. Taking decision regarding what kind of products to be provided to the public is a tough job to perform (Fritz-Vietta, 2008).
  • Sources of funding– Raising fund are very important issues that come across in the way of developing a theme park. Private and public sector companies will be interested in such type of projects. Other than this, income can be spawned by entry fees, tickets, donation, membership etc.
  • Health and safety –This factor is very crucial and thus, the local authorities of London should make sure that the health and safety provisions about the particular area are checked properly. Arrangement should be made related to littering and waste disposal fo safeguarding the environment and community.
  • Demand for the product in the market– Conducting market survey for determining the demand of the product is very crucial. It should be developed considering the needs and wants of the market (Andrew and Medlik, 2007).

TASK – 4

4.1 Different visitor management strategies

Number of visitors with different attitude, behavior, need and perception visits different place. It becomes important to manage them and process them quirkily. There are some of the strategies that can be used for effective management of visitors:

  • It is important to have visitor’s control by verifying the identity
  • Managing the supply by increasing the available space and time so as to accommodate more tourists (Yeoman and Drummond, 2000)
  • Development of strategies for attracting the visitors towards the destination
  • Managing demand by putting restricting on length of stay, type of use and, number of visitors
  • Validating the reason of travel or visit
  • Reviewing the expectations of the visitors is quite essential, as by offering the product that meet out their needs, tourists will be more attracted

4.2 Management techniques in relation to sustainability

In order to have sustainable effect on the destination, it is important to understand supply and demand of the tourism along with the viewpoint of the residents, as they are vital stakeholders. Wealth is being generated, if the activities related to tourism takes place in an effective way. It also leads to conservation of cultural as well as natural resources. However, the local population can also suffer from the violation of the tourists (Crouch and Ritchie, 1999). Concerning this, it is vital to carry out resident survey so as to comprehend the information in relation with the perception of the local population. The information being gathered can be used for managing and developing the tourism attractions. On the other hand, information can also be utilized for offering education to the communities in relation with the paybacks and risk attached with the tourism.


Consequently, it can be said that attractions have a lot to offer to the visitors, but there are certain things that are required to be done for restructuring, managing and designing of the products related to tourism. If this is done than it can provide better benefits to community, people and environment as a whole.


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