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Significance and Scope of Visitor Attraction

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Visitor attraction management is discussing the various parts of developing an individual understanding in regard of visitor types and attraction. In modern world, travel and tourism sector is growing at fast speed. Beside this visitor attraction is a place of curiosity where large number of tourists travel, typically for its exhibited or inherent or culture value, historical importance, natural and built beauty, offering amusement and leisure. There are different tourist location which emphasis on their improvement and development so that they can highly attract various number of travellers (Ababneh, Darabseh and White, 2014). Each and every countries have their own places which makes them different and special form other nations. This report is based on Visit Britain, it a part of National Tourism Agency which is more effect on tourism sector. This report divided into different parts which cover significance and scope of visitor attraction, tourist motivation theory, understanding of different problems about development process in visitor attraction management. At last application of management techniques and its influence on sustainability which is also a main part of this assignment.

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1.1 Overlap of visitor attractions in relation to particular type of attraction

Overlapping of different Visitor attraction

Visitor attraction are those destination where different number of people go for seeking life time experience and job. In which UK is more more popular and attractive for its various tourist places because they all have certain feature and characteristics which attracts large number of people. Visit Britain is the travel and tourism sector, main motive of such organisation is to enhance value of various tourist destination of London so that visitor from different nations will come there with purpose to visit. There are some attractive places such as London Eye, Thorpe Park, National Maritime Museum, The Queen's House and many other. In United Kingdom, one of the famous visited place is Pembroke Shire coast, it is a Nation Park which attract different visitors. Another important destination is Windermere Lake, it is a lack of England which covered by mountains and villages. Both are attractive destination which highly effects on the tourism performance and development in a direct manner. In UK, there are certain natural places, beside this festivals and events are foremost areas which becomes key attention way of various visitors. During the time period of these festivals or events, people from various nations come there. Apart from this, there are large number of miscellaneous points for the travellers such as Zoo, Aquarium, ancient temple and many other.

Furthermore, tourist prefer to choose that destination to travel which have different other tourist attraction there close by. As per the survey, large number of the visitors are select London Eye to travel there because such place is more attractive as compare to other.

(Source: London Eye, 2018)

London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel of the river Thames in London. It is the most popular paid tourist attraction and world’s largest observation wheel in the United Kingdom. Drawing visitors from across the globe, the wheel has changed London’s landscape and stands present as a national sign that get together Britain’s innovation and technological development in the 21st century (London Eye,2018). Overlap of visiting places support more in enhancing economic as well as national situation. Another significant instance of Convergence is Olympic Games, it is unionised in interval of 5 years. Large number of person from various nations come to see such kind of game, and the town in which it is acquire arrange. So it can be determined that, Olympics games is one of the best instance of overlapping tourist attraction. Therefore, occurrence of visitors places plays most important role in the growth and development of economic.

Issue of overlapping is maximising in tourism industry. Large number of the tourist visit in UK in specific season. They usually face the problem of failing to take care a particular occurrence at London eye to attend many other programs at Kensington destination. Overlapping is fundamentally a big problem about conducting two program at similar time period. In regards of natural attraction place, One can travel Victoria park, but visitors can also analysis same type of natural appearance in other surround of this nations. Thus it will raises problem of overlapping which effects on entire tourism industry and its development in direct manner. Apart from this, It portrays that when a person want to travel a destination and at the similar time period they want to come with another place. This will create overlapping but it guide in improvement of profits. Further there are different other location which will pull more attention of different persons, such as Science Museum, Hyde Park Kensington Gardens, Natural History Museum, Kensington Palace, London Eye and so on.

1.2 Importance of different visitor attractions

Importance of Visitor attraction

Dated: 12thJuly, 2018

In the United Kingdom, there are large number of the visitor attraction destination which assist it in by attracting various visitors. It also help them to maximise their sales and revenues which benefited it in enhancing condition of economic. It have provided opportunity to travel and tourism organisation which create employment possibility to unemployed person so that they can enhance their living standard. Some advantages of the visitor attraction are determined as under:

Employment opportunities:

In UK, travel and tourism sector is growing in continuous and speedily. Also, it is promoting different people to create their career in such industry so that tourist attraction of the particular country can be maintained appropriately. In current time period, there are different tourism organisation that has been formed which are providing different employment chances to the unemployed people who are the part of UK. For example: different number of the people were prefer to visit Science Museum and London Eye then the requirement of tourist guide at such destination will maximise. This will give maximum chances of employment to local community and their income level will also grow.

Maximise in foreign exchange:

Each and Every nation want to maximise the assemblage of foreign currency. When visitors from other country travel some destination like Science park and London Eye, then they spend maximum amount of the capital in travelling, shopping, staying in hotel and many other activities.


As per the Survey, United Kingdom is most popular place which generate large amount of the profit as a part of travel and tourism. So, it can be determined that visitor attractions supports country in enhancing their economic situation. Different number of the person line of travel in England or London because its have certain type of tourist destination which can highly attract each and every kind of person. Every year, approximately three million people travel in United Kingdom which is maximising its national revenue in continuous basis. Travel and tourism sector is that industry which assist other sector in their development and progress. Such industry gives different kind of services including accommodation, transportation, food and many other beneficial services to the visitors.

Therefore, above all these are most essential advantages of visitor attraction because this assist in the development of national and social group growth. So, visit Britain should create relevant modification in their activities and places according to the individual needs. Number of tourist are maximising on daily basis which will give more impacts to economy of country. Beside this, it will effects on society as well as culture also. All these are highly effects on the economical and environmental factor which are determined as below:


There are different attractive destination in United Kingdom which increase attention of various people. An individual come from other locations to travel that spots as this guide to enhance economic situation of nation. With assist of enlargement, there are different type of possibility maximise, like job opportunities. It supports an individual to maintain their living standard.


It is must for person in order to protect environment in an appropriate and systematic way. It support to attract large number of person in huge number towards that destination. Visit Britain, it is a part of National Tourism agency which is doing work or activity to preserve as well as conserve current issues and every new dangers ; thence, future will become safe and secure.

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2.1 Need and motivations of different visitor types

In order to analysis motivation and requirements of tourist attraction, it is more essential to know the concept of market segmentation. For better development and progress, it is significant for tourism sector to some useful factors like behavioural, geographical, psycho-graphical and demographical forces of various tourists (Alazaizeh and et. al., 2016). Above all these factors supports Visit Britain in evaluating basic wants and needs of tourists. These factors are determined as under:

Behavioural segmentation:

By analysing such factor of specific travel and tourism sector that can easily know their travelling requirement. For organisation can evaluate actions and activities of different person because it is simple form of determining behaviour of individual. For instance: interested person like to travel on adventurous journey so tourism sector should plan audacious destination for such kind of person, where they can have better experience and lifelong knowledge. Along with them, certain person like to travel for their businessmen, so an organisation should plan and create its journey as per them.

Demographic segmentation:

This factor includes some aspects such as caste, religion, age, sex and many other that support in analysing individuals needs about travelling some destination (Allahar, 2015). This factor support in classifying people as per its location, region and so on. For instance: Disneyland is a type of visitor attraction, such destination is mainly useful for the children. So tourism sector should create their journey as per the preferences of kid's.

Geographic segmentation:

It is another factor that effects on entire growth and development of tourism industry. In this factor needs of the individual are analysed by its region or nationalisation (Ashworth, 2017). In other words, Visit Britain should plan or create their journey as per the location and culture of people. So, it is essential factor because it analysis needs and wants of the tourist about the place, services and many other activities in a systematic manner.

Psycho-graphical segmentation:

It is depict as an effective factor because with the help of this forces business entity easily analysis needs of individual in their personality, life style, way of talking and behaviour. By analysing all these factors, Visit Britain can easily analysis needs and wants of the travellers (Barron, Leask and Fyall, 2014). It can be identified by an effective instance: if an individual belong to high income level, then they will prefer to travel foreign nations and will spend their more time is luxury hotels. Further, is an individual not belong to top class they he will note travelling such places.

Therefore, above all these factor support a tourism industry in determining the basic needs and wants of different class of people. Thus, it highly effects on the tourism growth and development in direct way.

2.2 Impact of tourism on visitor attractions in London

In the United Kingdom, there are large number of the visitor attraction place which support them in developing its economic as well as national situation. In each and every year, million people visit in UK which assist in maximising its revenue which effects on such country in positive manner (Chen and et. al., 2017). So, it is identify as a foremost duty of administration in order to handle their destination so that it can easily various number of travellers in a systematic manner. If administration does not take accurate actions or activities then visitor destination that can be broken-down. For this, British Britain should take addition care of visiting location so that they can handled it is more effective and efficient manner. In this time, travel and tourism sector effects on tourist attraction which are mentioned as under:

Maximised accidents risk:

As, travel and tourism sector is growing in continuous basis which is important for the transportation industry because it give more opportunity to them (Costa, Panyik and Buhalis, 2014). Growth and development of such sector can maximise possibility of accidents, thus it can cease a life of an individual person. If you are worried about assignment help with chat support.


In actual time period, large number of persons are attracting towards tourism sector, it develop overcrowding issue at the place of visitor attraction. So, it is main duty of tour operator in order to manage their specific destination so that they can monitor such type of issue in more effective and efficient manner. Large number of the tourist always influence decorum and atmospheres of visiting destination in order to sort out such issues effectively. Tourist destination should handle area for their travellers so that they will happy or comfortable while travelling that location.

Cultural changes:

In today's world, large number of person are highly attraction towards digitalisation in continuous basis. It is identify as a negative effects on the culture of nation. At the time period of visiting, individual culture is more important part. So it is the duty of Visit Britain and their tour operator to respect their entire customers and their culture which benefited to them in the way of maximum growth and development.

Risk of terrorism:

It is another issue which effects on the entire success and development of the tourism industry in a negative as well as positive manner. In this time period, terrorism attacks are taking place on continuously which highly effects on the individual life in a negative manner (Cranmer and et. al., 2016). Further, it is essential for entire tourist attraction in order to maintain security and safety so that they visitors will feel secure while travelling that location. These actions and activities of tourist destination help the tour operator to reduce possibility of terrorist attacks easily.


Travel and tourism is a biggest sector that combines different industries. It is mainly depended on accommodation as well as transportation services also. There are many other sectors which are associated with tourist business such as telecom, transportation etc. So when there is incoming of more tourist, there is requirement of maximum transportation services hence this affects pollution of countries.

Wear and Tear:

It is another biggest issue which highly impacts on tourism growth and development (Del Chiappa and et. al., 2014). While travelling in tourism places, sometimes tourist cause such destination. In this tour operation of Visit Britain play effective role in order to create a better action or activity to repair and maintain them.

2.3 Effect of different theories of tourism motivation on the management of visitor attractions

Tourism is a growing sector of entire nation because it supports in enhancing its national as well as economic situation (Tourism theory,2017). There are various tourist motivation theories which are determined as below:

Smart Tourism:

It is a type of theory which is mainly related with the consumers. As per this, tourist should think cleverly visiting at all attractive places. They should analysis the prices of packages, it is giving by Visit Britain. In addition, they should analysis all those parts which can create their visiting experience worst and successful.

Responsible tourism:

As per this theory, visitor should get liable towards travelling that destination. In this government of the United Kingdom made different regulations and rules which should applied by each and every person while travelling any destination. Primarily, they should create more efforts in order to keep decorum of tourist attraction.

Sustainable tourism:

It is essential theory which help the tour operator in order to motivate their visitors. This concepts provides key significance to development and improvement of social. It advise Visit Britain to apply that assets or aspects which they follow in future. Thus, it beneficial for the business entity to give different development and training plan so that they can follow tourist destination in systematic and effective manner.


It is essential for tourist attraction management in order to consider entire issue and factors related to the environment which can impacts them in future development and growth. If they do not apply those factors then they can face maximum losses about finance (Granville, Mehta and Pike, 2016). For instance: Water parks Thames must be secure by government of UK because it is a main aspect of ecotourism. Further, tourist attraction management should proceed necessary actions or activities in order to maintain it safe from direct or negative factors.


3.1 Processes and the potential issues involves in the development of visitor attractions

Visitor attraction management meaning is to handle and encourage tourist attraction in an appropriate way (Hakim and Nakagoshi, 2014). As per this, they can easily attract large number of travellers which can assist for local and central authority. There are some factors which are highly impacts on tourist destinations are shown as below:


It is main effects on the development and progress of visitor attraction in a direct manner. For example: Reaching certain places is more difficult for the visitors due to improper roots and many other natural problems including heavy raining during travelling in natural parks.


Needs of entire visitor attraction is maximum fund in order to keep their atmosphere. Visit Britain is the tourism industry which highly needs sufficient amount of the fund for carry off their popular museums so that they easily attract various number of tourist on daily basis (Inkson and Minnaert, 2018.). For example: Due to lack of fund, London Eye destination face some problems about fund. If tour operator decrease total spending on such attraction then following its marketing is an international level, it become more difficult for the tourism sector.

There are various issues which are face by the Visit Britain are explain as below:

Pressure groups:

There are different teams who does not provide better opportunity to their employees for election. For this, they trying to effects legislation and laws which are regulated by government of the specific country. It will generate issues as the do not want and require that any other visitors come and travel their country (Otgaar, Van Den Berg and Feng, 2016). They always need secure atmosphere and heritage destination by reducing number in the visitors. There are some population who travel Hyda park and many other destination which will yield adverse and negative impact on the tourism industry.


There are certain issue which are evaluated in order to reach a particular location. Thus, it is highly needed for an organisation in order to adopt few phase in such matter. To approach Kensington palace, Hyda park and other location, there are lots of issues which are facing large number of the visitors on regular basis.

In order to reduce above some issue, tour operator follow certain process which are determined as below:

  • Step 1: Contribution of local community: It is more essential and important process because with the help of this tour operator easily collect large amount of the information about heritage destination (Prebensen, Chen and Uysal, 2014). Thus, it is not easy for the government of the specified country to provide accurate knowledge regarding destination. Therefore, by providing appropriate data to them related to the destination, they will mostly attract various travellers to them.
  • Step 2: Access and Signposting:It is another process which is needed for the legal authority in order to develop certain mark at heritage location as per their requirement because it will support to lead a visitor who are travelling such location. At last, they will reach different destination where they desire to go in an easy manner.
  • Step 3: Customer care:In order to enhance situation of sum destination, there are different number of service centers created which support to maximise satisfaction level of customer effectively (Vu and et. al., 2016).


4.1 Different visitor management strategies

Visitor management strategies is essential and important for the tour operator in managing tourist attraction in systematically and effectively. Visit Britain renders core attention or care to London Eye which is a famous destination that they require to determine entire negative impacts which effects on the image of place. There are certain strategy which is adopted by the Visit Britain are explained as below:

  • Tour operator should give those impressive services to an individual which can complete their entire demands and requirement effectively (Rathnayake, 2016).
  • Visit Britain should offer those tourism packages to visitors which they afford easily. In addition, main reasons of the tourist attraction is quality products and services at reasonable price.
  • They should give accurate training and development class to their entire workforce so that they can easily offer better services to the visitors.
  • Company should apply digitalisation which help them to easily maximise customer response in the organisation.

There are some other aspects which are play important and vital role in the form of attracting various number of visitors in an easy manner. Some parts are determined as below:


It is a kind of strategy which mainly focuses on overcoming some problem in tourist management such as overcrowding. Tourism industry is mainly relay on peak season as well as reducing the overcrowding problems at different destination (Rubright and et. al., 2016). London Eye is a famous destination which face overcrowding issue on regular basis. Such destination is attractive to visit in betwixt and by fixing a limitation for travelling such attraction that can be ready for administrating crowd at this place. Specified number of visitor can be allowed in single time at this location.


Visit Britain is a tourism industry that should try to finishing publicity of those visitor destination which are well-established already. They should expend fund in advertising less-travelled attraction places of United Kingdom. It is a kind of strategies that will overcome overcrowding issues and finance will be handled in accurate way.


It is an enterprise who are running their business operation and activities in tourism industry to maintain sustainability at global marketplace. It has been analysed that sustainable tourer always supply optimistic effect on tourist management. Legal authority will also render certain instructions to visitor in such context.

4.2 Management techniques in relation to sustainability

There are different tools and techniques which are used by the Visit Britain in order to maximise sustainability in visitor attraction. Some are explained as under:


It is useful for the tourism sector to emphasis or apply social forms, thus they can create it in effective or efficient way (Sharpley and Stone, 2014). In addition, they should emphasis on the welfare and development of society.


It is the role and responsibility of Visit Britain to identify life style, living standard, needs and wants of the visitors. By analysing them, business entity easily maximise their sales and revenues within predetermined period of time.


It is essential factor for the entire tourism sector to emphasis on environmental problems systematically. Without this, they can face various issues related to the finance and non-financial.

Rather than this, there are various methods to encourage sustainable tourism in an effective and efficient manner. These are mentioned as under: :

  • It is essential for an organisation to give the chances of job opportunities to people which support them to decrease financial condition line and in other words it will change living standard and life style of person (Todd, Leask and Fyall, 2015). At last, economical circumstances of specified nation that get raise.
  • Business entity requires to measure traveller expectations; hence, by challenging them management of the Visit Britain will enhance its experience and performance level. As per the above mentioned motive, certain policies will be formed by them.
  • An organisation has to impart in order to hold premiss or situation of heritage. This will assist to pull more attention of large number of person. As an output, revenues and sales will get raise in an effective and systematic manner.


From the above mentioned report it has been concluded that visitor attraction management is more essential part for the each and every tourism industry. Beside this, company can easily maximise their revenues and sales in given time period. There are different issues such as overcrowding and many other that highly effects on the business performance and profitability. Thus, in order to overcome this, company apply different theories and analysis customers needs as per the market segmentation. In order to overcome such issue tourism industry apply different strategies which help in development and growth of tourism sector. Company also follow management techniques which benefited to them to maximise sustainability in visitor attraction effectively.


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