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Project Management Tools and Techniques

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Question :
  • Research meeting
  • Research proposal
  • The research report includes an introduction, literature review, methods of research, results of it and the discussion.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Thomas & Cook


The project is based on the idea that helps to develop the overall capabilities and this is inclusive of program management, portfolio management and brings effectiveness to the organization by implementing successful strategy (Stretton, 2018). Thus, project management is wider tool that helps concerned team in achieving objectives more effectually within appropriate time frame. In the context of project, resources, communication etc. are recognized as the most effectual aspects which helps in accomplishing project in an efficient manner.

The present project will look over construction of project in order to build the building. In addition to this, the various things are to be considered as importance and use of project management tools and techniques, plan for the implementation of the project and critical evaluation on the ability to conduct the appropriate project. The main aim of project is to understand the ability to manage the project within the workplace so that each things can be undertaken effectively.

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1. Description on the critical assessment of the usefulness of project management tools and techniques.

The project management tool and technique is something that defined as to be used in performing the operation of project activities in the effectively mode. In addition to this, it can be said that there are wide variety of techniques that assists in terms to develop ideas and thinking in programme and project management environment (Shahrokhi, Nasserabadi and Babaei, 2017). In addition to this, the skills required depends on the each specific projects that minimise the disruption of routine business activities. On the other hand, skills are must be requires and this all depends over specific project and research available at a time. In addition to this, it can be said that to form the project management plan in the effective manner. Thus, it is defined in the following manner as are-

Project management tools and techniques

The project management plan is crucial function that works as to deliver the project in effectively and efficiently manner. In addition to this, PMTT is to be considered as an essential element of project management process so that all things can be conducted effectively. This is the process that is inclusive of the four phases that is initiating the project, planning the project, executing project and closing the project so that each things can be outlined well and effectively manner. There are various tools and techniques of project management which are used in building project in the best manner possible are as follows along with critical evaluation of each-

Prince 2 (Project Management)

The project management tool is quite effective for managing project starting from coordinating with people and then supervising them according to plan and requirement in effective manner. The best outcome of project will be accomplished by implementation of Prince tool for managing and accomplishing project quite effectually. It is also termed as 'process-based method' as it includes series of steps needed to done for streamlining project and attain desired outcomes (Liu and et.al., 2018)). It can be critically evaluated that Prince 2 allows for implementing of various changes that helping in making improvements while effectively carrying out projects.

It can be assessed from critical evaluation that even though changes can be done in the project, it is not much flexible for handling bigger projects. This implies that it lacks flexibility up to a high extent. However, apart from this disadvantage, it is much beneficial in reducing costs and also effective in coordinating with people. Moreover, it can be ascertained that by using this project management technique in building project, expenditures will be saved up to a major extent in the best manner possible manner. This means that with proper supervision and coordination with people, project outcome can be attained in a better manner. Moreover, cost minimisation will be done and project would get completed within stipulated time.


Scrum is another useful project management technique used for concentrating on communication and team work among people so that they carry out project in proper manner within time. If job roles are clearly stated to people, then overlapping of work gets eradicated and efficiency enhances quite effectually (Frijns, Van Leeuwen and Bierwolf, 2017). While, communication gap lies among people, then coordination is lost leading to deficiency in completing project. Scrum is mainly focused on development of project within well-defined parameters so as to build project in timely manner. It can be critically evaluated that Project Manager is liable to breakdown work in accordance to roles of employees so that work may be managed in a better manner. In it, daily updates are shared to team members which highlights inefficiency or shortcomings quite effectively. This helps to take measures to get project on track.

By considering critical analysis of Scrum, it can be said that daily updates regarding project and organising meetings gets bit of frustration. It comes because constant supervision is directed upon them. It can cause loss of talented employees or it can create negativity up to a high extent. Moreover, project gets stuck in between and gets unnecessary delays.

These are some of the demerits acknowledged from the tool as it engages constant supervision and affects employees and they are unable to maintain quality. However, Scrum has mainly benefits rather than that of disadvantages. This is evident from the fact that work is breakdown in accordance to job roles to people and as a result, duplication of work reduces with ease. On the other hand, daily updates are provided regarding project and thus, efficiency can be attained as feedbacks can be handled in a better manner (Unterhitzenberger and Bryde, 2018). It helps to enhance quality of work and shortcomings gets corrected by taking corrective measures. Hence, it can be said that project may be effectively accomplished within stipulated time through using this technique.

PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique)

It is used for making plans and coordinating entire project in the best manner possible. The factors are effectively identified together with making out interrelations. It can be critically evaluated that PERT visual depiction of entire activities are drawn which are carried out in accordance to activities interrelated in effective manner. The visual diagrams are made and as a result, Project Manager is able to effectively attain productivity in the best manner possible. Moreover, diagrams will help in getting reliable information and all activities are interrelated to each other. This helps to get reliable information from diagram and project is done accordingly. In addition to this, critical path is calculated which is the longest path, an activity will take in order to produce results. Moreover, problems can be easily assessed in advance and team members are also aware about the same in advance only. This leads to efficiency in attaining project completion within stipulated time.

It can be argued from critical evaluation that PERT analysis breaks the entire project into independent and dependent activities. Accuracy and correct data needs to be feed else, results will not be appropriate (Banihashemi and et.al., 2017). It can be assessed that it is tough task for team members for collecting exact data and prepare presentation in effective manner. In addition to this, this technique is more rigid and complex to implement the same in effective manner. On the other hand, calculating critical path is complex affair and is rigid in nature.

Tools Ease of understanding Fitting with requirements Implementation
Prince 2 It is easy to effectively understand and no requirement of training for developing project It helps in coordinating people and supervising plan in according to requirement. It is useful for developing project and the same will help in saving costs and money.
Scrum This technique is quite easier to implement and steps can be followeed. It is useful for building project as it provides speed and accuracy. It is easier in developing and comply with requirements.
PERT It is complex and tough. It is required for larger projects. It is not useful as it is difficult to understand.

2. Draw a plan for the implementation of the project and specify the relevant steps that helps to conduct the plan. Communicate this plan to colleagues and stakeholder.

The work break down structure is the key project deliverable that works as to organize the team work into the manageable actions. It is helpful terms that defines the project scope into the appropriate manner. This kind of the activities will helps to create the better management plan of the activities. Thus, it defined the all task into the segregation and will allow to completion of the task in the appropriate manner. In order to the conduct the things in the better manner the more detailed schedules will b helpful in terms to conduct the proper work break down structure. Thus, the work breakdown structure will be drawn in the following presented manner as-

Task Mode Task Name Duration (in days) Start Finish Predecessors WBS
Auto Scheduled Research Project 70 Thu 9/13/18 Wed 12/19/18 1
Auto Scheduled Preparation 19 Thu 9/13/18 Tue 10/9/18 2
Auto Scheduled Topic Selection For Investigation 8 Thu 9/13/18 Mon 9/24/18 2.1
Auto Scheduled Analysis Of All Associated Problems 6 Tue 9/25/18 Tue 10/2/18 3 2.2
Auto Scheduled Establishment Of The Time Schedule For Resource Allotment 5 Wed 10/3/18 Tue 10/9/18 3,4 2.3
Auto Scheduled Execution 56 Wed 10/10/18 Wed 12/26/18 3
Auto Scheduled Analysis Of The Views Which Are Provided By Various Authors For Particular Matter and Literature Review Writing 10 Wed 10/10/18 Tue 10/23/18 5 3.1
Auto Scheduled Selection Of Research Methods 15 Wed 10/24/18 Tue 11/13/18 5,7 3.2
Auto Scheduled Computing And Determining All Associated Expenditure. 5 Wed 10/10/18 Tue 10/16/18 5 3.3
Auto Scheduled Analysis Of Data And Its Interpretation 17 Wed 11/14/18 Thu 12/6/18 8 3.4
Auto Scheduled Evaluation Of Outcomes 9 Fri 12/7/18 Wed 12/19/18 10 3.5
Auto Scheduled Closing Of Research Project 8 Thu 12/20/18 Mon 12/31/18 4
Auto Scheduled Obtaining Conclusion And Relative Recommendations 7 Thu 12/20/18 Fri 12/28/18 11 4.1
Auto Scheduled Providing Complete Documentation Of Obtained Results 5 Thu 12/20/18 Wed 12/26/18 11 4.2
Auto Scheduled Submission Of Complete Report 1 Mon 12/31/18 Mon 12/31/18 13,14 4.3

Communication with stakeholder about project management plan activities-

The project management communication plans is a tool that enables to communicate effectively with the project and with the client, team and other stakeholder. This step will be helpful in terms to sets the clear guidelines that how information is need to be shared and who is responsible in order to be looped in project communication. Thus, stakeholder communication is one of the essentials component of stakeholder management (Chan, Scott and Chan, 2004). In this, communication plan will be helpful in order to create the things in the better manner. The better communication plan will enhance project management plan in the appropriate mode. The project communication plan is one of the essential component and this will be inclusive of the following activities as are-

  • It works as to creating the written documentation effectively.
  • The setting of the clear expectation for how and when updates will be shared.
  • Enhancing the visibility of the project and status.
  • It is helpful in terms to providing the opportunity for the feedback to be shared.
  • There is need to boosting the productivity of the team meetings.
  • Ensuring of the project outlines in terms to aligns with the goals.

This is the effective way to keep the right people in the loop. It is one of the critical step that works as to be feel values, involves and appreciated. In this, it can be said that the stakeholder management plan will be the spreadsheet that works as to point out the interest and influence with the one another so that all other activities can be carried out in the better manner. The list must be of the key stakeholders that receives the communication and that must be inclusive of the type, frequency and detail. Thus, the detailed information about the stakeholder must be defined in the following manner as are-

  • External- In this, the client inclusive of the main client member, team and their division director. This is the environment there are typically one or two stakeholders and this all identifies the liaison from the client and project management team. In this, there will be small number of critical leaders that all are considered as key stakeholders.
  • Internal- In this, the project management team will be inclusive of the contractors, vendors, resourcing director and accounting department members this all are the crucial element in terms to run the project in the efficiently and the profitable manner (Personal Professional Development Plan | Personal Development Plan Example, 2018).
  • Expanded stakeholders- This is the term that will be inclusive of the customers, employees, manufactures, vendors and environmental and other kind of the activities. In addition to this, there mist be maintaining of the strong, consistent communications. In addition to this, the stakeholder are working as to maintain the better public relationship.
Stakeholder Communication method Frequency Responsibility Notes
Key stakeholders Project kick off meeting Start of the project The program office management Both the team and client and kick off meetings recommended.
Client executive Executive steering committee 2 months Will be conducted by the accountant manager. The review status, milestone must be met in order to earned the value to the indicators.
Client sponsor Status meeting status report Within the people of 3 month. Project manager This is helpful in terms to review the project status, schedule and request issues.
Development team Status meeting Within the people of 4 month. Project manager There must be review of the project status and all other activities that helps to define the all things in the appropriate manner. This also provides the input for the subsequent meeting with the client sponsor.
Client managers Newsletter or the E-mail Within the period of 3 month Project management office
Clarinet sponsor and key client stakeholder The client satisfaction survey End of the each month phase The account manager and project manager. Informal and formal end of the each phase.

Hence, it can be said that the project management plan will be helpful in terms to conduct the things in the better manner. The creation of the project management plan and communication action plan will help to conclude the all the things in the better manner. With help of providing the communication plan to stakeholders the all activities can be done in the appropriate manner. Thus, feedback can also be achieved and the things can be done in the systematic mode.

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3. Critical evaluation on ability to manage the project and use feedback from other to plan and implement the project. Identification of strength and weakness and creates self development plan to manage the project performance.

The scope document will be useful to get the project done with the all other activities. In this, the quality of the project must be maintained so that all other things can be accomplished by the maintaining the boundaries of the project. In this, the quality of the scope of the project manager will always works as to maintain and understanding the product and services of the products effectively. This is the tool that is helpful in order to obtain the timely feedback of the consumer so that proper information can be conducted in better mode.

This is the term that put their focus over the cost and scheduling planning and controlling so that all things can be done in the better manner. In addition to this, developing the plan and taking the progress the all things can be developed in manner that helps to conduct the project deliverables effectively. The timely feedback must be taken so that all information can be sustained in the proper manner. The effective project management plan will be helpful in terms to conduct the whole information in the systematically mode. This is also the tool that is depended over the both cost and planning too. The main aim is conduct the things in the better mode.

  • Implementation of project- The project implementation is process that works as develop the plan into action so that there can be possibilities in terms to meet out the strategic objectives and goals. The project planning is the complete detailed process yet it must be flexible for having changes. Under this, contractor- customer relationship the contract must be signed and it should be based on right decision about the structure of contract. In terms to undertake the proper project implementation the following three triple constraints must be followed as-
  • Project scope management- This is term that is comprises of management process that ensures definition, planning and implementation of the work. In the general, integral part of the project controlling in project implementation phase is to making sure that actual work follows WBS.
  • Project time management- This term means managing the project schedule in terms to implementation and closure phase and focus on controlling the project schedule effectively. In this, the all task will be given the particular deadline and the things can be organised in much better manner.
  • Project cost management- In order to undertake the project management activities effectively it is essential to maintain adequate resources so that all things can be done in systematic mode. The cost must be maintain so that all things related to project must be framed effectively.

Strength and weakness that creates and develops self development plan-

Strength Areas for the further development
  • I have identified that I can able to do the whole project effectively as I have enough skill to do the things in the corrective manner.
  • I also gained confidence by proving that I could cope up the pressure of the all the managerial activities in project. At the time of the practical work I was guided by the clear direction.
  • I also got to know that I was having the ability to provide the clear direction and to manage the people in terms to do the things effectively and to achieve the specified task.
  • I am expert in handling technical issues so I can able to deal with practical problems.
  • It was very typical to maintain the work life balance and physical fitness standards at the time of academic studies.
  • In terms to build and enhance and my self confidence level I need to have well developed team so that I can do and manage the things effectively.
  • I was not that much good in managing the communication with the people effectively so that I can conduct the things in the effective manner.
  • The confidence level of mine is also not that much effective and this kind of the activities affects the working in the better manner.
  • I need to bring improvement in terms to make better understanding with another member in project management and this would help me to bring systematic work and we can able to work in coordinated manner.
Opportunities Threats
  • I am experiences in the both structured project management and leadership training and having experience of the the leading the team. This kind of the things assists me to do the things in the positive an corrective manner.
  • The Firm will also be helpful in terms to provide the formal and effective activities so that all can be done in the better manner.
I need to get overcome with the issue as balancing the work effectively and personal commitments.

The personal and professional objectives-

  • Short term goals- In term to provide the effective training to the younger managers so that, it is possible to make them eligible and it will be possible to have engagement in the complex business activities.
  • Medium term goals- At this level, the team should be structured so that together they can try to take the various initiatives in terms to achieve the long term objectives. This kind of the activities leads to achieve aims and profitability.
  • Longer term goals-In this, the successful project manager should should works as to set the clear goals so that there can be possibility in terms to have attainable and to achieve the realistic goals. In order to gain the long term goals it is essential to be the responsible in terms to be the strategic and should also takes the initiatives in terms to understand the financial aspects.

Thus, personal professional development plan for project manager is construed in following mode as are-

Skills Improvement areas Action for development Time scale Evidence
Communication In this, there is lack of any other kind of language command. By taking the communication classed and to make the interaction with others it is possible to do the things effectively. Within the period of two months Thus, there must be maintained the relationship with the overseas customers and colleagues.
Professional knowledge It is helpful in terms to provide the in depth knowledge of the software development. Thus, it provides the use of online sources and attend the seminar. Within the period of three months By providing training about the IT operations.
Time management To hand the number of the task efficiently. With the help of the proper scheduling, allocating and identify the all resources in the appropriate mode. Within the period of 4 months. By setting up of the organisational target and time bound goals.
Planning There must be proper execution of the ideas so that things can be done in proper manner. With the help of the proper knowledge about the understanding needs of the client by undertaking the proper follow up procedures. Within the 4 months To planned an IT project effectively.
Decision making In this, the lack of the quick decision making and there must be initiatives in terms to analysing the decision. There must be observation with the higher personalities and to make consultation with them effectively. Within the period of 5 months To have the contribution in the project planning activities.


Based on the above report it can be concluded that the project management can be termed out as the formal and approved documents that can be effectively monitored and controlled. This is helpful in terms to determinant the all stages of the project management activities. Furthermore, in this report the various things has been covered as tools and techniques of project management plan so that each things can conducted well and the project management plan also been drawn to carry out each activities effectively, the communication plan and all other things has helped to create and maintain project effectively. The main aim of the project is to deliver the aim and objectives so that all the things can be done in better mode.

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