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Planning and Management of Kk Group

University: Open University Malaysia

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Organization Selected : KK Group


Change management is a process of implementing change in an organization to improve efficiency or way of doing business. In this, the goals and objectives are changed with respect to process and methods. It is essential to analyze the area where change is required otherwise, it can affect the overall organizational operations. Generally, it is a long process that requires proper planning and management (Cameron and Green, 2015). A change can be implemented in a department, process, or entire business. It depends on the need of business and resources. Also, implementing change can affect the business in either a positive or negative way. So, it is important that effective strategies are developed to minimize the impact. It will help businesses to implement change in an effective manner. While implementing change, it must be monitored so that measures will be taken at the right time. It will ensure that change is properly implemented. There are various models of change that can be used. It is very difficult for organizations to implement the change as it can reduce employee’s efficiency. So, they have to ensure that employees are ready for change. It is necessary that employees are provided with effective training so that it will become easy for them to adopt change. For undertaking the present report, the organization selected is the KK group (Kuipers, Higgs, and Van der Voet, 2014). It belongs to the retail sector and operates in Malaysia. The company is not having an online presence so, change is implemented to develop the website. There will be also changed in other methods like product delivering, solving customer problems, etc.

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Executive summary

The effective assessment of the changes that are been taken within a business organization will help the firm to handle its operations and actions in an effective manner. Changes are to be made in a firm when required in order to carry out the business activities and actions in a very effective and significant manner. This will help in the effective growth and development of the actions and activities that will help in improving the performance of business activity with efficiency. The report will cover various change models that can be proposed and implemented within a business entity. Other than this, the type and nature of changes that are been carried within a firm and proper justification in order to select a firm will be analyzed. Other than this, the benefits and limitations of these approaches are been taken into consideration.

Apart from this, the evaluation of change management process will be carried out and the challenges related to it will assess the factors in order to provide suitable recommendation to improve the performance level of organisation. Also, the effectiveness of a business change model is been evaluated and proper outputs are been presented. This will help in improving knowledge of the management and help the organisation to execute business activities with an effectiveness.

The Change Model Proposed

There are various models of change that can be implemented by KK supermarket. It will help them to develop an online website that will help in increasing presence of company in Malaysia. The models are as follows :-


This 3

stage change management model has been developed by Kurt Lewin which involves unfreezing, changing and then again refreezing. It is a step-by-step process which every organisation must follow if they want to make a change in their current organizational climate and environment.


This is the first step in change in which the organisation give their acceptance to change and prepare for it. In this step, first they break down their current organisational structure so that they can build up a new one. This could be the most difficult part of any organisation in the change management. In this the organisation needs strong motivation to control themselves so that they can effectively change their current organisational structure.


This is the second step where the organisation start to change themselves, this is a long time taking process (Lozano, Ceulemans and Seatter, 2015). In this process many people face difficulties particularly those who had benefit in the previous organisational environment and structure. There are two things through which any organisation can effectively bring and manage the change which are time and communication.


This is the last step in change management in which all the changes have taken place and when people are ready to cope-up with that change. Then the organisation can again refreeze. They get their new changes in the current organisational structure, they develop the ways to sustain all the changes. They provide help, support, training to all their employees working with them.

McKinsey 7 Framework

This model was introduced in early 1980's by Robert Waterman and Tom Peters. This model says that there are 7 aspects in an internal organisational structure, if they are in proper order and alignment then that particular organisation can be successful (Cummings, Bridgman and Brown, 2016). They can improve the productivity and performance of any organisation. This model has 7 interdependent factors which can be categorised into hard and soft elements. Although hard elements are easier to identify, define and manage rather soft elements are more tough to describe because of their intangibility and culture specificness. The elements are as follows:-

  • Strategy:-It is basically a plan, a blueprint, an outline or a path on how to build a competitive advantage over others. This is basically an action plan or a course of action to attain the organisational objectives and goals.
  • Structure:- This is basically the simple organisational structure, the way in which an organisation works. There designation chart and reporting authorities, their general authorities and responsibilities etc.
  • System:- The job profiles and job designations of all the employees working in the organisation. Their daily activities, their rules and regulations etc. (Van der Voet, 2014).
  • Shared Values:- These are the general values, moral values, general business ethics, work ethics, their corporate culture, Their core values etc., which any business organisation possesses. These are also known as Super-ordinate goals of any business organisation.
  • Style:- The particular leadership style adopted by the organisation.
  • Staff:- All the employees in the organisation and their abilities, capabilities, their do's & dont's
  • Skills:-All the related/unrelated skill-sets and competencies which their employees possess.

Kotler’s change model

This model contains eight steps that help in implementing the change. It helps in leading change from front. The steps are as follows:

Create urgency 

In this a feeling to change is developed in company. A need of change is created that helps in motivating employees to move towards change (Rasche and Rehder, 2018). In this, several things are done that include threats and opportunities that can occur in the future. Taking suggestions from stakeholders, etc.

Form a powerful coalition

In this step, people working in organisation are convinced that change is necessary. This helps in sharing the vision of change with them. In this, leaders and managers play a vital role. They create team and influence them.

Create vision for change

In this, values are determined that will lead to change. For this, ideas and concepts are taken from people. It is described that why change is necessary.

Communicate the vision

When all things are done, the vision is communicated to stakeholders and employees. Vision must be communicated properly so that everyone will put their efforts in it. Also, it helps in understanding what will is the main purpose of change.

Remove obstacles

In this step, all obstacles that can occur while implementing change are removed. It is done by analysing the benefits and drawback of change at all levels of organisation (Steigenberger, 2015).

Create short term wins

set short term goals so that it can be achieved easily. It will help in motivating people that change is beneficial for organisation.

Build on change

In this step analyse the things that went wrong and take measures to improve it. Also, goals are set to build momentum. Moreover, improvements are made to enhance the efficiency.

Implement change

Finally, change is implemented in organisation in a proper plan. Also, it is controlled and monitored.

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Adkar model

It is a goal oriented model that leads to organisational change. It focuses on individual change and thus, achieving overall goals.It states clear goals that will be done by implementing change. Usually, this model is used to bring change in the activities of departments. This model is described as below:-


It is similar as that of step one in Kotler’s model. It states that an awareness must be created about change. It must be communicated to overall organisation. This will help in preparing them for change (Samuel, Found and Williams, 2015).


In this, employees are involved and participated in implementing change. This is done by motivating them. The main purpose is resistance management.


In this, planning is done on how change will be implemented and in which area. This is done by providing training to employees.


In this is change is implemented in area in which it is required. By this improvements are done in those areas. The main purpose is to evaluate the performance of organisation.


It is an activity in which change is measured with the goals and objectives so that it can be recognised whether change is successfully implemented or not.

Change Management Process

Every business requires change in order to sustain in the market. For this, they identify area that requires change and develop a proper plan. This plan is known as change management process. It is a sequence of steps or activities that have to be undertaken in order to implement the change. It ensures that plan is moving according to the steps mentioned in process. Also, it gives an insight on what activities will be performed and in which area. Along with this, by determining the process resources can be allocated and time scale can be developed. This process is followed by the leader and manager in developing plan so that goals and objectives can be achieved. In KK supermarket, change is implemented to develop the website (Cummings and Brown, 2016). It will help in increasing their sales and profits KK supermarket can ensure implementing the whole process of change management so that they can be able to maintain a sort of balance between different operations and processes of the work place. By this means, KK super market can ensure involving strategies for different purposes such as for satisfying customers, making the environment more happier etc. This can help them to achieve a better processing rate. The change management process is described below :-

Critical Need for Change

It means that why KK supermarket needs to implement change. Developing website will help in increasing awareness among customers. Also, website is needed as due to advancement in technology. KK supermarket need to cope up with that. The change will create a platform for KK supermarket to grow and develop. Also, KK supermarket will respond in positive way as it will enhance their efficiency. The employees will give their best to communicate with customers. Moreover, stakeholders will provide suggestions in how marketing can be done so that customers are attracted (Goldstein and Richards, CA Technologies Inc, 2017). This change is derived by identifying opportunities for growth. KK supermarket has recognised that by providing goods and services online it can grow and develop in different markets. Also, it will enable them to gain more market share in Malaysia. The need of change in KK supermarket of developing website has arrived from outside the organisation. This is because many retail companies have their own website. This has forced KK supermarket to develop their own website. If you need the quality content assignment help with chat support. Contact our experts.

Initiating Change

in this it is observed that whether change will be managed by company or not. It is performed initially after recognising need of change. It helps in finding out who will be responsible for implementing the overall change. Who will be the stakeholders and whether it is acceptable to all everyone or not. KK supermarket must develop website by appointing an experienced external person. The overall change process must be handed over to that person. Furthermore, it will shown to them that how website will make it easy to sell products. What benefit will it have on company profits (Worley and Mohrman, 2014). Moreover, if website is not developed then KK supermarket will not be able to compete in the market. The acceptance of members will be taken by describing them advantage of implementing change. This can also be done by motivating so the support in implementing change. The person that is responsible for initiating change has the responsibility to deliver the best services. The success and failure of change implementation depends in how that person manages activities and people. How he or she takes the consent of stakeholders to agree them. Also, how he deals with them is his role. This process takes a lot of time as communicating with other members takes time. Also, it is not easy for them to gain their consent as entire change management process has to be explained to them. Besides this , advantage and why it is beneficial for KK supermarket . They also have the clear idea and vision on how change will lead organisation to sustain for long term. How employees and customers will be benefited with it.

Diagnosing Change

it is a process in which several theories or models are applied to diagnose change. With this it is easy to identify what to change (Belias and Koustelios, 2014). This refers to identify whether process, structure or method are changed. It helps in identifying the specific area where change has to be implemented. With this it becomes easy to develop plan for that particular area. Also, the focus remains in that. There are various models through which diagnosis can be done. These are as follows:-

  • Analytical model – it is a model that helps in analysing the change in organisation. It is used to identify key area of issues or problems. In this there are four aspects that is taken into consideration. These are environmental, department structure, time and organisation goals. By this it becomes easy to analyse value of change with this aspects.
  • Force field analysis model– this model views the drivers that forces organisation to change. It measures the driving forces with restraining forces. This model helps in recognising the drivers that will be beneficial for organisation to implement change. By using this it becomes easy to develop strategies for successful implementation of change.
  • Cause maps and social network analysis- it is a mathematical model of diagnosing change. In this cause maps are developed to identify variables in change process. With this relationships are built between variables and numbers (Harter, Billy and Palla, 2018). Thus, a matrix is developed. On the other hand, social network model analyse this matrix to identify relationships between people. It helps in identifying risk and its inaccuracy.

Therefore, KK supermarket must select one model that will help in diagnosing change. It will help company to analyse current and future state so that accordingly measures can be taken. Also, they will get an insight on which area required change. Developing website needs deep analysation of area that will be impacted. Furthermore, by this KK supermarket will be able to grow and develop.

Managing People Issues–

it is the most crucial aspect of any organisation while implementing change. In this process strategies are developed to manage issues and problems that can occur. It is often that issues always occurs while implementing change. This is because employees resists changes (Smollan, 2015). Generally, these issues are related to roles and responsibilities and time. If issues are not solved in right time it can affect change implementation. It is necessary to follow this as it helps in smooth implementation of change. Also, it is the most important stage in which stakeholders issues are also handled. In this several things are considered that is how they will be motivated, how training will be given to them, etc. this process also helps in identifying the way in which strategies will be implemented. KK supermarket has also developed strategies on how they will manage stakeholders and provide training to employees. They have set standards on the basis of which performance of employees will be measured. KK supermarket has developed training method through which employee will be provided training. Several strategies are implemented through which issues will be solved. Thus, systematic structure is prepared through which issues will be solved and people will be managed by KK supermarket.

Plan and Prepare Change-

it is a step in which a blueprint of entire change management process is developed (Yan and Qian, 2016). It includes a step by step method through which change will be implemented. Besides this, it includes interventions that are necessary to implement change. A proper plan is developed in which various factors are included that is political, timing, resources, etc. KK supermarket has also developed a plan in order to develop website. In this they have provided various steps through which website will be developed, in how much time it will be done, what resources will be required are mentioned in it. Company has also identified constraints that can occur. A team is created that will manage overall activities of change. There were many interventions that was identified in KK supermarket. These are as follows :-


it is the main intervention as change in technology will affect the change. So it is essential that measures are taken to analyse the current and future state of technology. The entire change process in dependent on this. Thus, KK supermarket must be prepared for dealing with change in technology.


It can be also an intervention as while developing website KK supermarket might need resources in the future. So they have to manage it otherwise it can affect the website development. This will also create a negative impact on company financial position.

Implement Change-

This is the last stage in which change is implemented. The steps that are identified in above stage are executed. It has to be ensured that steps are followed in systematic way so that change is implemented properly (Cameron and Green, 2015). In this steps are controlled and monitored so that project moves in right direction. Also, corrective measures are taken in case of need. But in this also several steps are followed to implement change. It is because it helps in proper implementation of change in all departments. The steps that are followed depends on the model that is being applied by organisation. While executing plan different problems are faced related to resources, structure, strategic issues, etc. so these all has to be solved. KK supermarket implemented change by determining activities that was required. Then they have assigned roles and responsibilities to each department on what they have to do and when. Along with this , KK supermarket has addressed problems by making changes in plans. It has benefited them as change management process is not affected. The proper implementation of change is crucial as success and failure of change depends on this.

Sustaining and Spreading Change-

for every business it is important that they sustain change so that it can help in increasing efficiency of all departments. This stage refers to spreading change in overall organisation (Kuipers, Higgs and Van der Voet, 2014). Usually change is implemented in specific area. Then slowly it is implemented in other areas. This helps in sustaining for long term and gaining competitive advantage in the market. Their task does not get finish just by implementing change, business also have to spread it to other areas. Then change will be beneficial for them. It will give them positive results. Apart from this, strategies are also developed on how change will be spread in other departments. For this what new methods , process, etc. can be developed are decided. KK supermarket must decided on how website will be improved and what changes can be done in different webpages. Moreover, how customer service will be provided, how problems will be solved, products will be delivered is also done to implement change.

Change Management Challenge

A wide variety of factors that can emerge as a challenge within a firm like KK supermarkets. This challenges are required to be handled with effective patience and knowledge in order to improve their efficiency and ability to meet targeted goals and aims. Within a firm, certain factors are required to be managed and effectively carried out that will help in suitable rise in meeting of business activities that will help in suitable increase in capabilities of a business organisation (Lozano, Ceulemans and Seatter, 2015). Some factors or barriers that emerge as a challenge for a business organisation are as follows:

  • Lack of employee involvement: this is the major factor that will impact the performance of the organisation to a greater and deep extent. The management of KK supermarkets has to look after the effective handling of the business activities and actions that will be involved during the implementation of a website development approach by the business organisation. Before going on the online platform, the management of cited retail entity to interact with their work force in order to know their opinion and outlook over the development of website for cited business entity.
  • Lack of communication: communication or interaction is a major factor that determine the success and effectiveness of a measure like website development. As it will come up as a major change for the employees, firm and its stake holders, lack or absence of communication will be a major challenge that has to be faced by an organisation. The firm has to see through effective strategies and planning to manage this change and sustain in market without any major loss. The carrying out of a good communication at management or departmental level will contribute effectively in a market set up as well as in an organisational framework.
  • Cultural shift planning: As a website will be implemented within the KK super markets, there will be a major cultural shift for the organisation (Cummings, Bridgman and Brown, 2016). The management of cited business entity has to look after the proper handling and management of these operations in order to have a good increase in business operations and meeting the targeted aims and objectives set up by the firm. The in biding of digital culture will require time and effort of employees to improve the business operations in an effective way.
  • Ineffective planning: as the implementation of digital tools and techniques like website development will help the organisation to carry forward its business operations and activities in an effective way. The absence of a proper planning will cause the business entity to handle the operations and actions and thus will help in improving the quality of measures that are been carried out by cited retail entity for growth and development.


From this report it is concluded that business can not survive without change. It has to make changes in their process and methods in order to enhance their productivity. A change management process is sequence of steps or activities that has to be undertaken in order to implement change. It is very important that a proper plan is developed so that the negative impact of change can be reduced. In this KK supermarket is implementing change by developing website. It has to analyse the current and future state so that impact of change can be measured. The report has laid a significant impact in the management of change factors that will help in improving overall performance of a business entity. The various models that are been taken in consideration by the business entity will help the organisation to handle the effective growth and thus help in better rise in meeting of operational capabilities related to retail entity. The implementation of various change management model and the assessment theories will help in increase of the business operations and activities in a better way. This will help in increasing the effectiveness of the firm and carry out effective planning of implementing various changes which will improve the quality of operations and activities that will be followed by the firm. Other than this, the effective change management strategies are been analysed that will help in increasing the performance of organisation and will help in suitable rise in capabilities and operations of the business organisation.

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