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Developing Management - Britannia & Comfort Hotel

University: Lancaster University

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MRK335
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Organization Selected : Britannia Hotel & Comfort Inn


The developing manager in an enterprise is drag by management, customers and competitor. They involve in improvement process, manage various functions of different departments for achieving organization goals (August and Shanahan, 2017). Britannia Hotel is a UK hotel group, has 53 hotels across the country. It offers the best quality accommodation. Comfort inn is another hotel, who know for its services. Firstly the report will discuss different management styles. After this leadership characteristics will discus. In the next step report will describe about various communication process. Next discussion on organization culture and change. In further step will discuss about management skills, SWOT of personal and objectives to develop potential. Next step will explain objectives of lead and motivate a team and managerial support. In the last report will explain career development and development of personal and career.

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1.1) Management Style-

Management style is a method used by an individual in managing and organizing an organization and group of people. Management plays an important in build the sound relation between employees and prepare them for work together as a team. Each leader has a different and unique style of manage the employees.

Different Management Styles

  • Democratic style- In this style management welcome the feedback of employees. They are openly invited to share their views of plans and policies. This style builds healthy and strong communication between management and employees. Before decide the final decision management listen to employee's suggestions.
  • Laissez-Faire style-In laissez-faire style managers are worked just for fun and do not participate much to the organization (.Avgerou and Walsham, 2017). Employees take decisions and manage their own job. If an individual want to do something innovative try every time to do something unique. They are do not relay on management and decide what is right and wrong.
Basis Britannia Hotel Comfort Inn
Management style Autocratic style- In this style of management the leader, management do not take input of the subordinates. Paternalistic style-In paternalistic style management and leaders decide what is best for the employees and organization. Policies are based on employees and organization benefit. here employees are free to give their suggestions to management and management take final decision accordingly what right and wrong for employees and organization.
Managers tasks The managers and leader have the responsibilities of taking decisions. Management reserves the right of decision making They ask employees suggestion before making something.
Freedom In this style no freedom to employees. Employees are completely dependent on management and do not have right to take their own decisions (.Bozarth and Handfield, 2019). In this style employees are less motivated. Employees do not give their input in decision. Employees do their job freely. They know their responsibility and they give their best to accomplish goals.
Work Pressure Whatever right for organization in management point of view becomes company's policies. No growth for employees. They do their job like a punishment. Employees feel loyal and have believed on organization. Employees feel more motivated and enjoy their job.

1.2) Leadership characteristics-

  • Leadership- Action of leading group of people or an enterprise called leadership. Leader helps other to do the things in right way. Leader draws a boundary to accomplish company's goals. An innovative leader works for quality and quantity. Leadership has few characteristics-
  • Consistency-Being a consistent and innovative leader will gain respect, which is important to getting from a group. By presenting an example of UN-bias-ness and credibility, followers will want to do the same thing.
  • Honesty-Honesty of leader lends itself to credibility. Those are honest about concerns, barriers will be addressed rather than avoid them. Honesty allows for growth and success.
  • Direction- A good leader provide the correct direction to their employees to accomplish organization objectives. They have a clear vision towards their goals and always try their best in the right direction (Davies, Mann and et.al 2018.). They instruct the followers about what they have to do or what not.
  • Communication-Effective and meaningful communication helps keep them team work on the right project in the right direction with positive attitude. If leader effectively communicate with employees about their expectation and desire goals, employees will be react positively and meet organization goals.
  • Flexibility- Every problem has different and unique solution. Different behave in different situation show the flexibility of leader. By being flexible, employees can share their problems and ideas and want a reward and solutions of problems.
  • Conviction-A clear and strong vision and the willingness to achieve it another important factor of leadership. Leader who believes in company goals and work for it, is an inspiration of employees.
  • Decisive mind-Leader needs to take decisions (Dixon, 2017.). They have clear mind between right and wrong path. They have to take decision under a time frame.

Britannia Hotel leader are not flexible, conviction and decisive mind. They do not have effective communication with employees and do not provide guidelines towards their work. Employees are not innovative and motivated, because of less support of leader. comfort Inn leader are asked employees suggestion before any decision. They have two way conversation with employees. This kind of soft and unfair nature motivate employees towards their targets. If you are looking for Leadership sample paper then click on Life and Leadership Skills of Michael O' Leary.

1.3) Communication process-

Communication means deliver words between two or more than people to convey the messages. It is the two way communication process between minimum two persons. In others words communication is process of sending and receiving messages and information between two or more than people. It may be oral, non-verbal, written etc. Through it person show their feelings, ideas, thought to the other one.

  • Sender- Sender is that person who send the message with clear intention of delivering the information to other person. Sender is initial step of communication. In sender absence communication cannot be start.In Britannia hotel only sender available, while in comfort inn sender send a clear message.
  • Ideas- Subject of communication called ideas. It may be opinion, feelings, thoughts or suggestions. Idea makes a clear and meaningful communication (Huczynski, 2017).Britannia hotel message don't show sender feelings, while comfort message is clear with subject matter.
  • Encoding-Subject of communication may be tangible or intangible and theoretical, its requires words, action and visual pictures. Communication through these symbols is part of encoding.Britannia hotel message show action and comfort message may be in words or action.
  • Communication Media-Interested person in communication has to select the medium for sending information, feelings, ideas and action. Britanniahotel use e-mail as a media while comfort use e-mail, oral etc., media.
  • Receiver- Receiver is that person who receives the messages and informations. They try to understand the meaning of information and message.
  • Decoding-Receiver try to understand the correct meaning of communicator message. They extract the meaning of message, feelings to understanding in possible manner.Britannia hotel communication unclear and hard to understand while comfort communication easy and clear.
  • Feedback- Feedback is the last element of communication process. This show that receiver received the information and understood the actual meaning of sender (Muna, 2017). Clear message get positive feedback like comfort inn and unclear get negative feedback like Britannia.

Britannia Hotel follow one way communication. That's mean management convey message to employees without their input. Comfort Inn believe in two way communication, they asked employees advice before making something. Get assistance in your MBA assignment by opting our MBA Assignment Help at a very cheap price.

1.4) Analyse organization culture and change

Culture of organization includes expectation, values, customers, beliefs, vision, norms and languages of organization. Management and leader are creator of organization culture. Type of leadership is based on organization culture, organization culture create public image. Organization culture has different types and each adopt a specific culture.

  • Normative Culture-According to its name in normative culture norms of organization are prefixed. Management and leader set organization guidelines, goals and rules. Everyone has to follow these rules and guidance.Britannia hotel norms are made by management without employees input.
  • Pragmatic Culture-Customers satisfaction is main goal of pragmatic culture. According to this culture theory customer is god and there is no rule for customers' satisfaction (Punnett, 2017). Rules and regulation decided according to customers requirements.Comfort inn think first about the customers.
  • Academy Culture- High qualified and skilled employees becomes part of this academy culture. Roles and responsibilities allocate according to employees qualification and experience. In this culture employees stick to the organization, education hubs, hospitality industries adopt this culture. Britannia hire qualified employees and allocate their role according them.
  • Club Culture-Organization adopt this culture particular about recruit employees. Employees appointed according to their education, interest area etc. Deserving employees get promotion and high salary as per their performance.
  • Process Culture-In process culture performance or behaviour feedback have no matter. Employees work in their comfort zone. Process culture follow by government organization.

Change is not easy for anyone, change is the nature of nature. So changes in organization culture is sometime good for organization point of view (Rees and Smith, 2017). Culture is mix up of vision, values, beliefs etc., Britannia Hotel adopt the normative culture. In this culture roles and responsibilities of an individual predefined. Employees have to perform under the guidelines. This kind of culture create tuff working environment. comfort Inn follow the pragmatic organization culture. In this culture comfort employees perform according to their calibre. They work in their zone and always come with best results. Britannia Hotel have to bring some changes in working environment for achieved better results.

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2.1) Management skills performance

Management skills cover partly with leadership skills as involve planning, delegation, communication, decision making etc. Management skills are skills of individual. Some management skills are below-

  • Communication- One of the most important individual skills of management is communication. Good communication and effective management skill typically go together . A good communicator manager provide clear direction and expectation for employees may increase productivity and efficiency of work. As an assistant manager of Clayton Crown Hotel I have good communication skills.
  • Flexibility- Flexibility means understanding that there are multiple methods to accomplish a task. As a assistant manager I should have flexibility when my team performing a task. As a assistant manager of Clayton Crown Hotel I have flexibility in my work nature.
  • Trust- Being a manager, I have to trust on employees. I have trust that my team perform good and achieve task below the deadline. As a assistant manager I should have trust in employees as well as myself. Assistant manager of Clayton Crown Hotel I have to keep trust on my team skills.
  • Good listener- As an assistant manager at Clayton Crown Hotel I have to listen what my team needs and what is customers demand, and try fulfil their requirements.
  • Good Judgement-Good judgement is relay on sensory signals, it is described as a human 'gut feeling.' Looking at around the world, listening what to other want to say, learning from information are the foundation of judgement. As a assistant manager I have to take decisions after the observation of all situation.If some conflicts arise between Clayton Crown Hotel employees it is my duty that give fair judgement.
  • Decision maker-A manager good in decision making. They should have to take decisions those are beneficial for organization and employees . Provide correct decision when employees really need it. As a good manager I want employees input before making decisions.Asa Clayton Crown Hotel's assistant manager I have to be a quick decision maker. I have to decide what is good or not for hotel growth.
  • Team Builder- As a assistant manager at Clayton Crown Hotel I have a sound team, who always ready to give best. I prepare such a strong team who meet their goals before the time.

2.2) SWOT analyse of personal-

Personal stands for individual, every individual has his own strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis of every individual help to address some uniqueness in his/her personality.


Strengths- Strengths is positive characteristics of a personal, which create a different personality of an individual. Uniqueness of mine show my strengths. Strong communication skills, numbers of degrees, jolly and friendly nature etc. are my strengths. My strength is opportunity for me to build bright career in growing company like Clayton Crown Hotel. What I can do better than other, what do other see as my positive point, value or believe all are my strengths.

Weaknesses- Often personal strength can be weaknesses. Weakness is a kind of fear, if I have fear with specific thing, place, situation show my weakness . It will make a negative image of my personality in front of others. Weakness is a mirror image of what i can't do. Some my weaknesses are with born and some are situational. Few my weaknesses as a assistant manager at Clayton Crown Hotel are below-

  • Weak Communication
  • Poor team building skills
  • Poor Time management
  • Unwillingness to change
  • Lake of confident
  • Inability to make decision

Opportunities- Opportunity is a chance for me to improve my personality. Opportunities comes with time and in this precious time I will change impossible into possible. It never waits for me, so my skilled and talent force me to always keep my eyes on opportunities and pick them at right time. It shows my awareness towards the surrounding competitive environment. Let's take an example- I work with Clayton Crown Hotel as a manager, so now its my talent that how I pick advantage of my staff and growing industry market.

Threat- Threat mean unsecured, fear with any entity or someone alive. It also counts as a weakness of personal. It is like a trap for me,I want to come out but can't. In Clayton Crown Hotel as a manager I have fear with under- pressure working., this fear always a unsecured condition where I can't perform, fail to communicate with my team.

Increase the strength and opportunities and reduce the weakness and threat is the main motive of SWOT.

2.3) Objectives and targets to develop individual potential-

A good and smart assistant manager always work for to achieve organization goals. They consistently focus on how to accomplish targets with potential. In this subject regarding they set their objects-

  • Weak communication-As a assistant manager I have weak communication with my team. I cannot convey a clear and informative message to them and due to this weakness I am fail to achieve what I actually want. I have to overcome and try to make strong communication and tell them what I want in my role of assistant manager at Clayton Crown Hotel for future growth. I start arrange meeting with team at least once a week.
  • Poor team building Skills- It is my responsibilities to build a strong team, who dedicated towards hotel goals. But I fail to create such a strong and motivated team. It shows my weakness as a assistant manager. To accomplish Clayton Crown Hotel goals I have to build a team who stand with me to achieve hotel goals.
  • Poor time management-A assistant manager complete their work before the deadline, but as a assistant manager I fail not only to set my targets and but also complete them. To achieve success, time management is important. For growth of Clayton Crown Hotel I'll set goals and meet them under the time line.
  • Unwillingness to change-Change is the nature of nature, and thing has needs to change. But I refused to accept change, I forget that with the time customers taste will change, so if I want to become a successful assistant manager I have to adopt some changes which are beneficial not only for my working style but also for growth of Clayton Crown Hotel.
  • Lake of confident-As a assistant manager I have fear to accept challenges, I used to avoid challenges because I do not have such confidence to accept challenges. But this my weakness is not healthy for my career at Clayton Crown Hotel. I have to increase my confidence level with start acceptance of small challenges.
  • Inability to make decision- An assistant manager should be fast decision maker, but I am not. I try to avoid taking quick decision on critical situations. But Clayton Crown Hotel is a famous hotel and assistant manager of such hotel I have to take my own decision. To overcome of this inability of mine I can take advice from my team.

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3.1) Motivate team to achieve goal or objectives-

A leader is an individual who lead group of people and organization (Sperling, 2017). As a leader at Frankie & Benny's restaurant I lead and motivate my team like-

  • Pay team what they worth-Most of the employees leave their job because of less pay. As a leader at Frankie & Benny's restaurant I'll pay them according to their skills and what other industry or local area are paying.
  • Provide them with a pleasant place to work- Everyone wants to work in clean, fair and official environment. This right of employees that they feel happy instead of bad. As a leader of Frankie & Benny's restaurant I fulfil every necessary requirement of team which is compulsory for them.
  • Offer opportunities for self-development-My team is valuable for me and growth of leader at Frankie & Benny's restaurant, so I give them opportunities for self-development and arrange training for their career growth.
  • Foster collaboration within the team- As a leader at Frankie & Benny's restaurant it is my responsibility that I ask to team for suggestions when I making decisions. This small step encourage them towards the job.
  • Encourage happiness- As a leader it's my duty to know about what's my people makes happy. As a Frankie & Benny's restaurant's leader responsibility that address the reason behind unhappiness of employee try to solve it.
  • Don't punish failure- Mistakes are part of human nature, the key is learn from mistakes so don not make them again. So as a leader at Frankie & Benny's restaurant it is my job that I don't punish my people, instead encourage them to learn from those mistakes.
  • Set clear goals- As a leader of Frankie & Benny's restaurant it is my job that I work with team to set gaols. After this they all come to know what is their priority and what is their role in team in achieve them.
  • Avoid unless meetings- For Frankie & Benny's restaurant growth I have to prepare an agenda for team meetings and distribute it in advance to those people who really need.

3.2) Managerial decisions to support achievement of goal or objective-

Justification by manager is required before making decisions. Management decision is necessary for any achievement of goal and objective of Frankie & Benny's restaurant. Management decide which is more beneficial for restaurant growth. Manager support leader to achieve defined goals, leader set objective for employees to do to job more efficiently. For employees motivation leader pay them as per their skills and geographic area. This effort helpful for leader and employees to sustain in restaurant. Provide a working culture environment, where employee feel happy and show dedication towards job. Manager time to time suggest their feedback on leader objects, it may be positive or negative. For employees motivation and show their value in restaurant leader and management ask them to their. Through this activity employee come to know their actual value in restaurant. Manager supports don't punish failure, solve the employees problems and set clear goal steps. With the help of all these steps Frankie & Benny's restaurant has a sound team, who can perform in any situation. Result of leader efforts that employee love their job and do not want to leave it, enjoy healthy and pleasant environment, always aware about self development and try to learn something new, have a clear vision towards goals. Manager impressed with results and happy to see restaurant growth. But some places' manager wants improvements for growth so, they recommend leader and employees. According to manager every employee should be part of meetings at least one a month. Result of this, employees come to know more about restaurant environment. Improvements in training and development program, provide training of new techniques, different working methods of under- pressure situation. Provide incentive with employees salary as a motivational part of their job, better job result will help in more earning. Incentive encourage employees to do their job in qualitative way. Manager support and recommendations helps leader to build a strong team who provide much better service compare to Frankie & Benny's restaurant competitors.


4.1) Managerial and Personal skills

  • Managerial Skills-It is the knowledge and calibre of an individual in a managerial position to complete specific activities (Thornton III, Mueller-Hanson and Rupp, 2017.). Three types of managerial skills-
  • Technical Skills-As per its name, this give the knowledge and ability to use new techniques to achieve their goal. This is not only related machines, equipment and manufacturing tools but also required to sales, design different products, services etc. Career in hotel industry technical knowledge about sales is compulsory. I have information about current sales, work on improvement area.
  • Conceptual Skills- This skill show manager future prediction through the analysis of current position. Every business function like selling, marketing, manufacturing etc. have different goals, and all these goals have achieved. These skills will help managers to see outside department targets, so they take decisions. Work in hotel as a sales manager I have data of present sales and prediction of future sales.
  • Human Skills-Manager work with people and it is the main management task. Without people there is no need of managers. These skills will able manger to become leader and motivate employees for better achievement. To achieve hotel goals I need to know requirements of employees and motivate them to do job.
  • Personal Skills- This is self express skill via communication, self motivation etc.
  • Problem Solving-Employer value excellent problem solver, they collect information as they can and provide the best solution. In hotel industry, conflict between customer and management, it is normal incident. As a worker I address reason behind the conflicts and resolve it with the best way.
  • Interpersonal Skills-How to communicate with others, interact with around people come in interpersonal skills. For bright career in hotel strong and soft communication is must. This skill will impress customers as well as employer.
  • Self-Motivate- Self- motivation is positive skill of any individual. In hotel career line self-motivation is necessary because hotel deals with different customers daily, so keep self motivated support the bright career.

4.2) Career, personal development, current performance and future needs to produce development plan

To achieve personal and professional goals it is important to improvement in personality and career view. Personal development is helpful in career development. Without personal grooming career development can't possible. To build a bright career, personality development of an individual is required. A weak personality never build a established career. Employer appoint such an employee who have smart and attractive personality. Career development and personality development depends on each other. Balance between personal and career development is important to increase person market value. Personal skills like self motivator, good speaker, self decision-maker are important in career. Company needs those employees who can perform best in certain situation. Personal improvement give hidden support to career development. An organization manager have to make decisions, knowledge of technical skills and have a seance of humour to operate. Personal and career development run together.

Know about current business condition and needs for future forecasting is another important skill of manager. Manager have sound prediction about future, give them an idea to develop their business future plan. Manager can assume future business needs base on today's situations and needs. Their this future prediction increase their market share. They can develop plan according customers present and future demand. Let's take an example- If a hotel having huge and good numbers of visitors in off season, in this condition manager can assume that sales of hotel will increase in the future. They develop their future plan with calculation of current and future customers' numbers. By study of current situations and needs, create a clear image of future needs and requirements.

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From the above report it is concluded that manager to lead and motivate their employees to do their task qualitative with in deadline. To achieve goals and objectives by using different management styles. They have to communicate with employees to know their needs and give them motivation example which helpful for their growth. Before taking any decision they discuss with employees. Report is concluded that happy and healthy working environment of an organization is necessary for employees satisfaction. A satisfied employee enjoy job and give a qualitative performance.


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