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Management of The Change


The introduction is mainly about Kotter’s model and the change that can be made through the use of this model. It is said that this model has various stages through which the changes can be made effectively. This model actually segments the organizational task in various stages and then after it produces short term goals to produce a beneficial outcome (JovičiÄ¡ et al., 2011). The various stages of the process, the benefits, and the disadvantages are there in the process. The organization here will get the advantages or the disadvantages according to the implication of the model.

Create a Sense of Urgency

In this situation, the company needs a lot of support from the managers and the personnel of the company to determine the urgency for a particular situation.

Threats and Development of Scenarios

In this stage of the model, first of all, the roles of the managers are found in order to create effective changes in the organization. It is said that the creation of the changes must be in adhere to remove the threat of the company. The difficult situation of the organization can be termed as the threatening situation and the development of the model must be done so that it can remove all the threats in the organizational environment (Paul, 2011).


The opportunities that are created by the model must give all the benefits to the company. It means that the model has the potentiality to create opportunities for the organizations and that is where Kotter’s model has found its success in the field of business. Using this model many companies have changed the whole scenario of the company in the most effective way.

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Honest discussion

It is the most important thing that is should be done during using the model to make the changes in the organization. The managers and the employees of the company must make an honest discussion about the changes in the organization (Wright, 2015). The authority of the company must take an active part in it.


The support of the employees of the organization and the stakeholders that are related with the organization must support the changes that are going to happen. The support can increase the confidence of the managers in the organization and they will take decisions in favor of the changes without any fear.

Form a Powerful Coalition

Before taking the decision to make the changes in the organization, Kotter’s model suggests building a powerful coalition. The coalition must be strong enough to support the changes in the organization.


The identification of the coalition or the union must be made in the most effective way. It is obvious that the union will be made with the people of the organization but it is necessary to identify which group of people are forming the coalition (Bassi et al., 2010).


The commitment of the members of the coalition can put a huge impact on the field of changing strategies. The commitment and dedication of the union member are the main things that bring success in Kotter’s model. Depending on this model the change in the organization is done easily.

Team building

Forming a powerful coalition is just a synonym for building a team. It means that the roles that a coalition plays are just as same as the roles that are played by the teams. So the organizational benefits lie in the part of forming the coalition. The employees and the managers of the company get the scope to work together here.

Team checking

This refers to check the ability of the team in the most effective way. Kotter’s model requires the effectiveness of the employees in order to get success in the field of bringing change in organizational success (Elssamadisy, 2009). So it is very crucial for the model to check the performance of the team very often.

Create a Vision for Change

The causes of the change must be known first before bringing the change in the organizational environment. The vision of the change must be clear to every single people of the organization.

Determine the Values

The values that are related to the change of the organization must be known and determined before making the changes. Kotter’s model says that every single aspect of the organization including the value must be checked very effectively in order to make the changes in the organization.

Creation of a strategy

There are many strategies by which the change can be done. It is the most crucial stage where the organization must make effective strategies according to Kotter’s model. Otherwise, the change may go against the favor of the organization and the organization may face the situations of loss.

Discuss the Vision

Proper execution towards the change cannot be done without effective communication. The communication among the employees in the organization can bring change in the most effective way. Moreover, the vision of the change must be very clear and it should be related to the profit of the company. It means that the changes must be done in the organization to increase the level of profit inside the organization.

Empower people and Remove Obstacles

The people of the organization must be provided with all sorts of a facility in order to work freely inside the organizational environment. The obstacles that are restricting the organizational performance must be removed at once. This part actually says about the employees, leaders and the managers of the organization who will take an active part in changing the organizational environment with the help of Kotter’s model (Tosti-Kharas, Lamm and Thomas, 2016).

Change of Leaders

Sometimes it is found that the role of the leader is not affecting the employees of the organization and that is why the employees are not delivering the desired outputs. In this scenario, the model says that the leaders of the organization must be changed at once in order to regain the organizational environment in favor of the desired jobs.

Identification of Resistance

In the field of work, it is obvious that there would be resistance that will restrict the people of the company to work efficiently and effectively. The model says, if the change is needed to be made in the organization then the restrictions must be removed without affecting the organizational structure (DemirtaÅŸ, Özdemir and Küçük, 2016).

Action to Remove Barriers

The Kotter’s model has different activities to remove the barriers that are affecting the employees’ performance. For example, inefficient people in the organization may harm the organizational environment and it may affect the performance of the other employees too. In this case, the employees that are affecting the organization with inefficiency must be removed from the company in order to maintain the environment of the organization.

Creation of Short Term Win

It is very crucial for any organization to have proper goals. It is necessary for the employees of the company to work more efficiently. The employees with a particular target in their mind will always work with more concentration. There are various types of goals inside the organizational environment like long term goals and short term goals. Long term goals are the ones that deal with a long time and it requires slow but steady performance from the employee. The consistency of the employees are needed here in order to reach the long term goals.

This is where the employees lack their performance and give up in maximum situation. Short term goals in these cases are far more effective for the employees of the organization. These goals make the employees to work harder as the deadlines of the goals are often very short. So the employees of the organization find themselves in a challenging position and they concentrate on their work accepting the challenge. The facilities of reward are set after achieving the goals. This is where the employees get the desired motivation. The roles of the leaders of the organization are beyond the words (DeNisco and Barker, 2013).

Build on Change

The change in the business can take the business in either way. To make the change effective for the business in a positive way it is necessary to do a few things.

Set a Goal

A particular goal can decide the form of the change in the organization in the most effective way. The employees of the organization must set their own goals to complete the task and the organization must also set its goal. Depending on this goal al, the changes must be made in the organizational structure. Setting a goal in the organizational environment can help the Kotter’s model in the most effective way.


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Kaizen practice is the practice of continuous improvement. This is basically the process that was invented in Japan in the year 1986 and after that, this process has been spread worldwide. In today’s generation, there are many businesses all around the world that follows Kaizen's practice in order to set their long strategies. Kaizen can be considered as the pillar of long term strategies. Kaizen is basically the continuous improvement that is mainly based on a few principals:

  • Good results can be gained through a good process.
  • Determining the organizational structure to grab the situation
  • The data that are managed by facts must be considered to deal with.
  • The roots that cause the problems must be removed by taking proper action.
  • Teamwork is the best strategy for any organization.

The main feature of Kaizen is that big results mainly come from small changes that are accumulated over time. Here Kaizen means everyone involved in making improvements.

Anchor the Changes in Corporation Culture

The corporate culture is mainly referred to as the culture of the organization that mainly deals with outside businesses. The employees and the workers of the organization mainly take part in interact and handle the business of the outside world of the organization. In this field, there are many situations where the changes are required in order to continue the workflow in the organizational environment.

All the strategies that Kotter’s model takes must be taken in the corporate culture in order to make effective changes in the organization. The changes must be related to the needs of the company. The organization must set their goals before making any changes in their structure or in their strategies in the corporate culture (Morris, 2010).

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Change in the organization is very crucial as far as the performance, strategies, and structure of the organization are concerned. It is said that an effective change can bring many positivities in the organizational performance but it is to notice that the change doesn’t always bring positive change. That is why the use of Kotter’s model is very effective. It is so because the model can bring only positive changes in the organizational environment. That is where the success of the model lies in the field of bringing change in the organizational structure (D. A. Hadfield, 2013).


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