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Operation and Management Structure of Tesco

University: University College London

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  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Course Code: MAN515
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Question :

The assessment will cover following questions:

  • Differentiate the role of a leader and the function of a manager.
  • Implement the role of a leader and the function of a manager.
  • Evaluate an appreciation of the role leaders and managers play in the operations function of an Tesco.
  • Generate an understanding of the relationship between leadership and management in a contemporary business environment.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Management and operations is important consideration to improve overall productivity and effectiveness in the business. In this regard, productivity of the enterprise also successfully develop to implement design, operations and maintenance in the system which is used for the production of goods (Hazen, Skipper and Hill, 2018).

In this context, present study based on Tesco which is retail sector business in UK and produce qualitative products and services to attract several numbers of customers. They play crucial role to implement qualitative things in production of goods.

For gaining insight information of the present report, it covers organisation and management structure of the chosen business to produce desired level of results. Furthermore, it includes differences between management and leadership with roles of managers and leaders. Moreover, theories also explain that support to sustainable growth of the company.


1. Introduction of the organisation and management structure

Tesco is British multinational grocery retailer that provide different kinds of products and services to customers. Headquarter of the chosen business is existed in England so that they are well established to promote desired level of results. The company follows hierarchical structure in which positions and obligations are divided into different parts. In order to ensure work, they are efficiently and smoothly work. Different roles and responsibilities increase scope so that government structure successfully work to increase several advantages. Board of director in the chosen business includes 10 members and significant changes that take place in board in 2014 to 2015.

Organisational structure of the chosen business consider in four layers of management within the store that can be generate annoying bureaucracy with coordination and collaboration among several managers. More flexibility also generated which provide faster flow of information. In the organisation, there are 10 members in board has been selected. Tesco's organisational structure is highly hierarchical which reflecting large size of the business. In store layer, there are different management activities has been promoted that is also important to operate significantly with successful structure (Vashneya and Gupta, 2017).

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2. Roles of both managers and leaders and consider differences between leadership and management

Roles of managers

  • Role to create goals: In Tesco Managers are focusing on setting, measuring and achieving goals. They control situation to reach or exceed their objectives.
  • Role to maintain status quo: Managers stick with their employees, refining system, structure and process to make them better.
  • Managers copy: Managers in the chosen business create certain competencies to adopt leadership style and defining it in appropriate manner (Langabeer and Helton, 2015).

Roles of leaders 

  • Role to create a vision: Leaders are created picture in way which they can see as possible and inspire to engage several people to turning vision into reality. They think beyond what individual perform in Tesco. Furthermore, they activate people to be bigger part.
  • Role to change agents: Leaders are proud disrupters. Therefore, they are focusing on innovations which embrace to change and know things to perform functions.
  • Leaders are unique: Leaders are willingly work with self awareness and work actively to build unique and differentiated personal brand (Anderson, Sweeney and Cochran, 2018).

Differences between management and leadership





Leadership in Tesco possess skill to lead other people.

On the other hand, management is an art to work systematically organising and coordinating perform functions.





Power to influence

Power to rule




3. Different roles of management and leadership application to different organisation in different situations

In the chosen business, there are different situations exists in which leaders and managers perform their functions according to situation. They are as follows:

  • Leaders take risks and managers control risks: In order to deal with risk of the chosen business, leaders in the chosen business willingly try to perform new things even it may fail miserably. They know failure to take step on path to gain success. However, managers works to minimise risks. They also seek to avoid control problems instead of embracing them (Lee and Tang, 2017).
  • Leaders are in long term goals and managers think short term:Leaders have intentionality. They perform what they say so that they work motivated toward big and often distant goal (Simpson, Meredith and Leong, 2015). In the chosen business, they are motivated without receiving regular reward. In Tesco managers work to get shorter term goals to seek with regular acknowledgement.
  • Leaders grow personally and managers rely on existing and proven skills: Leaders know that if they are not learning something, they are unable to stand without falling. They remain curious and seek to work relevant in ever changing world of work. In this situation, managers double down with successful results to perfecting existing skills' tp adopt behaviours.
  • Leaders build relationship and managers build systems and processes: In order to build successful relationship, leaders need to focus on people. All stakeholders need to influence to realise their vision. On the other hand, in Tesco managers need to focus on structure that is necessary to set and accomplish goals. Therefore, they can easily focus on analytical and ensure systems that placed to attain desired results (Choi, Chan and Yue, 2017).

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4. How theories such as chaos theory and management by objectives apply to the organisation to support growth and sustainable performance

In order to accomplish sustainable performance and support growth, Tesco need to implement different theories that assists to accomplish desired results at workplace.

  • Chaos theory: Chaos theory suggests yields unexpected philosophical results in which behaviour of complex systems can follow with laws and future states remain with principles unpredictable. In Tesco, study of apparently random or unpredictable behaviour in particular system that governed by deterministic law. In this way, it can be suggests that there are two notions connects that familiar and commonly regarded as incompatible. In conventional analysis, randomness was also considered in real aspect and arising from ignorance in many causes at work (Mahadevan, 2015). In other words, it was commonly believed that in the whole world unpredictable work consider that is complicated. Therefore, second notion is part which is accepted to get success.
  • Management by objectives: Management by objectives developed successfully to understand basics of powerful strategic management tool. In this kind of system, performance management approach balance to sought between objectives of employees and enterprise. Setting challenges with attainable objectives promotes motivation and empowerment of workers. With increasing commitment, managers have opportunity to focus on new ideas and innovation that contribute for development of objectives in the business. In Tesco, these objectives determined with staff members and formulated in qualitative and quantitative levels. Objectives must be challenging and motivating. On the basis of daily feedbacks, level of coaching and development successful adopted in static management reports (De Roover, 2017). Hence, staff members getting rewards such as recognition, appreciation, performance related pay, etc. Basic principle also grow with development not punishment. With the help of determine and revise organisational objectives, management by objectives' system also ascertained to formulated and carry appropriate functions. Stimulating participation of workers also determining the objectives which need to accomplish desired level of results in the business.

5. Conclusion how managers and leaders made an impact on the organisation provide recommendations for future improvements

Leaders and managers of the chosen business working to create several benefits in the business. In this regard, they promote different activities and functions that assists to meet with desired level goals. In Tesco, leaders lead whole team to accomplish goals and objectives that are set by managers. Therefore, they can promote more creative results to attain creativity in targets and goals of the enterprise (Hazen, Skipper and Hill, 2018). In addition to this, managers set goals that are successfully implemented to attain overall targets and distribute different roles among employees. Moreover, it includes different activities to focus on the organisation results and provide positive targets at workplace. Along with this, following are different recommendations can be provide for future improvements in the business:

  • Provide training to all employees: Managers and leaders in the chosen business need to deal with their employees to gain desired level of results. In this regard, training and development program must be provided to increase future performance in positive manner.
  • Create strategy to gain success in the business: Furthermore, in Tesco, managers and leaders should deal with the innovative strategy so that they can implement new ideas successfully. Furthermore, it also assists to focus on future improvements which would be beneficial to gain more effective results at workplace.
  • Fulfil customer demand and requirements: Moreover, managers and leaders should deal with market demand and requirements so that they can easily fulfil customer requirements and needs easily. In this way, development of the business can be successfully build which would be helpful to attain overall targets and goals at workplace.

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From the above report, it can be concluded that management and operation consist important functioning in the business to increase creative results. With this regard, report summarised about different roles and responsibilities of managers and leaders that can be played to attain creativity. At last, chaos theory and management by objectives has been explained to support and development of business performances.

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