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Management Styles & Skills - Hilton hotel

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Question :

To determine the impact of social media over travel and tourism. A study on Thomas cook travel and tourism of UK.

  • What is the use of social media travel and tourism sector?
  • What changes comes in terms to provide quality services to customers?
  • What is the impact of technological advancement as social media on satisfaction of customers.
  • How social media technique influence the customers to choose its services?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hilton, Marriott & Clayton Hotel


Manager is an essential part of an enterprise who manages and controls all business functions and operations in a proper manner. Along with this, manager is a person who is responsible for administering and controlling company's employees activities. Developing manager is the procedure where set of own abilities and skills for managing the business operations and its functions for achieving their personal and professional goals. Also, it is that process which involves various areas such as training and development of employees, leadership style, cultural and social development which directly impacts on psychological feature, environmental and behavior capabilities and so more. With the enhancement in market competition, organization retain employees and there are various organization which also prefer appropriate skilled manager who keep high growth or success for long time period. Developing manager involves skills and knowledge of specific personthen this will increasing all managerial business activities and functions (Bianchi and et. al., 2011). This report is categorized into four parts in which first section is totally based on two hospitality sector along with it will be comparing different management styles. In this, second task is based on Clayton Crown Hotel that is brand of Dalata Hotel Group and in this manager skill is assess by own. Third part is addressing the requirement of motivating and leading team for reaching with determined goals and targets. Last part is describing about career development plan for manager.

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1.1 Compare different management styles

Management is essential for every organisation cause it manages entire activities within a team through establishing a bond among the team members. It is one of the prime responsibilities of the managers that they satisfied the employees and make them able to deliver better services by putting their efforts (Radcliffe, McMullan and Ramsden, 2018). The managers has several styles to accomplish their work and managing the subordinates so that they can work in collaboration. There is different management styles are followed by e Hilton hotel and Marriott Hotel and that distinguishes below -

Hilton hotel

Marriott hotel

Hilton hotel is able to generate the new ideas because of the brainstorming process. It encourages the employees to give innovative ideas.

In Marriott hotel the CEO is the responsible to regulate all the strategies they did not involve the subordinates to take participate in the discussion.

Hilton has a participative management style cause it cares for its employees sentiments. Thus, the employees are involved in the decision making and with the employees perception the leading authorities are able to take a beneficial decision.

Management is autocratic because everything is boss centric they do not involve subordinates. Therefore, all the decisions are made by the managers only.

The final decisions are taken by the top management but they also concern their employees as the the management is employee oriented that is why it offers a great services to its clients.

The management is authority oriented there is nothing which focused on the employees. At the end management don't get the innovative ideas that can deal with the problem on ground conditions.

The Hilton Hotel all the functions are divided in sub systems for the smooth running.

Whereas in Marriott there is a top down approach all the functions are followed on the approval of top management. It has a hierarchical structure to be follow.

1.2 Discuss leadership characteristics

There are several kind of leadership styles which influence on the working of the organization. Every firm's operations are depended upon the leadership style which they follows because that is the only ruling body which is responsible to attain the target. Leaders can be define as person who specifies the goal and encourages the the subordinates to attain the goals within a particular time. There are various leadership styles that are mentioned below -

  • Autocratic leadership – In autocratic leadership style is everything in the hold by the management. They tells the employees what should they do and in how to do because it establishes a path for them (Tabrizi and et. al., 2016). The management put their efforts to engage the employees by involving them in decision making process. But management clearly specifies policies and rules to make discipline within the organizations. The Hilton hotel adopted the autocratic leaderships which enhances the business criteria in a immersive way. As the employees are loyal to it cause it has involved them in the necessary decisions.
  • Motivation theories – There are so many motivational theories that can be adopted by the organizations. The Hilton Hotel has equity theory which gives a fair opportunities to get motivated and progress further. This defines that when an individual satisfies their initial needs then they should get a fair proceed further which means it does not discriminate among the employees (Gonzalez, 2014). If there is someone who wanted to take the opportunity to grow in career then it offers an open challenge to work hard and grow in the career after satisfying the lower level.
  • Factors affecting motivation and performance -There is a large range of factors which can made an impact on the employees performance . The management should put some efforts so that the employees can enjoy the work with because every employee wanted to get appreciated by the management after putting their efforts. The management should give them reward in terms of money, bonus and so on. The employees want a secured job, positive working environment, be a part of the team and stress free working.

1.3 Evaluate communication processes in selected businesses

Communication is a way by which the two entities can share their informations. There are two participants in the communication process one is the sender and one is the receiver. Sender is the encodes their message with a specific code that is not readable by adversary and then it send through the medium to the receivers and then the receiver end decodes the message from the public key. When the receiver is get the message then they send the feedback again in the same way. There are methods of communication that can be define as verbal, written, and non – verbal form.

  • Verbal- The verbal communication refer to the communicate in language form. Because verbal communication impacts on the listeners. The Hilton hotel managers delivers the speech to their employees that can easily understand by them (Pegram and et. al., 2014).
  • Non – verbal communication –Non verbal communication refers to expressing the thoughts and ideas with gestures, expression. Non verbal communication defines to communicate the unspoken words.
  • Written communication– The written communication defines the information which is in written format. It is basically used to transfer the information on wider distance through email, text messages, letter and so on. It is a use to keep the record permanently for the future use in case if there will any disputes then the written document can provide the evidence.

1.4 Analyze organizational culture and change in selected businesses

Organization culture define values, beliefs and attitudes which developing company culture which suit to their employees in better manner. Each organization have their person company structure that are necessary for controlling and managing regular business activities and functions effectively. Hospitality employees directly serve various things to their people, customers regarding taste of business food or other items at this time they are interacting with them (Cavanagh, G. F., 2012). For manager, it is required for deliver appropriate organizational culture at right impressive time period. In addition to this, there are different structure which has been adopted by Hilton hotel for managing their work effectively and efficiency that are described as under:

  • Functional structure– It is an hierarchical organization structure where employee are grouped within an enterprise as per their specialist areas. In addition to this, company employees is refer as functional structure which has been supervised by functional manager who are experts in similar field. Hilton hotel also adopting same organization structure as there are different division which have unique function and operation that contribute towards reaching with desired goals and targets. Specialist divide their work according to their knowledge and skills, also there are certain restrictions in which no department will discuss with each other about their work (Cummings and Worley, 2014).
  • Divisional structure – Every large organization has different divisions and this can be divided into various sections properly. In addition to this, employees are work together for getting specific targets and goals in better manner. Hilton hotel is using departmental organization structure so different divisions such as Marketing, HR, research and development, finance and so more. If you want to find about Health related sample paper, then click on Causes & Effects of diseases in Social Community.

Each organization ave certain culture that are called as working environment and this will help in developing positive at work place among customers, employees, management, HR, cooperation.

Training and hiring – In this hospitality sector, the culture is very less regarding policy and mainly people are service oriented hospitality business. For developing appropriate organizational culture so the hotel require to define their mission and value, but second major step is to identify people committed towards such principles. For example, if an individual want to run towards a bed and breakfast that committed to job interview question about hiring procedures.

Factors influencing changes in culture – In this, there are different aspects which directly affect on organization culture that can determined on external and internal basis. Therefore, internal factors involves leadership where leader have power that directly effect on whole organization which associates business operations in effective way (David, 2011). There are certain other factors which are related to worker of an organization due to this they are doing work of firm and also contribute their efforts for giving other services to their customers. Therefore, administration of Hilton hotel require to take care their staff members and arrange some events for them. Apart from this, they will get encouraged and motivated while doing work within an organization.

Types of changes– In this, organizational changes are different or unique which provides huge impact on working of Hilton hotel. Such alteration should take place in firm among this first is demographic that can be used by company for performing other exercises to give feedback regarding labour market. There are some modification describe in economical actors of country which can directly effect on corporation so this can enhancing the purchasing power of customers (Griffin, 2013). Hilton hotel provide new services or facilities so this will reducing the economy of any nation and decreasing the possibility of visit to their tour.


2.1 Assess own managerial skills performance

Manager is an important part of the company who can control and manage whole working condition and situation that can easily determine effective goals and targets in better manner. As being an assistant manager of Clayton Crown Hotel of London,I am going to assess my own skills and abilities. Therefore, assessment is described as under:

  • Management skills – As a hotel manager, my major roles and responsibilities is to manage and control all functions of business for achieving goals and targets in effective manner. Along with this, there are different uncertain condition and situation which occur in hotel such as if an employee get injured while doing work so he/she will not be able to do work for 10 to 15 days. In this type of situation, it is my role and duty to arrange some other workers for managing operational work without get effected on others.
  • Leadership skills– It is the appropriate skill which can be used by manager at the time of motivating or encouraging their employees towards achieving desired goals and also this is used for managing or leading all individual working status in better manner. Therefore, as a manager I have certain skills and qualities that can help me to motivate staff members along with analyze manage extra work by taking support of other employees (Jones, Jones and Del Campo, 2013).
  • Practical and technical skills– As a manager of Clayton crown hotel, I am good in advanced technical and practical skills that are required for completing daily activities in better way. But in certain situation I also get failed in identifying best possible solution of different issues and problems so in such condition I have learn different things regarding how to find out regular issue solutions properly.
  • Personal skills-It can be defined as a type of skill which is present in a particular person and which acts as their strengths as well. There are several types of personal skills like communication. I believe that this is my personal skill because I am able to do conversation with another people in an effective manner and share my views with them comfortably as well. Other skill which is included in this is Honesty because I think that I am extremely honest and do not lie to people in any case (Leach-Kemon and et. al., 2011). Also, I am able to learn new things in a fast manner and I think that it also acts as one of my strength.
  • Organizing and planning skills- It can be defined as that skill which is essential to be present in a manager so that they can attain their goals and objectives in a proper manner and within the specified time limit as well. I am working as a manager and thus I am having the responsibility to plan the activities which will be conducted in my organization. Through this, I will be able to help the company in a proper manner and attain their aims as well. For doing this, I am also required to train the employees who are working in my company so that they can contribute in this in an equal manner.
  • Identifying learning and development opportunities– Hotel employees often became disengaged and demotivated with the lack of learning and development opportunities. It includes identifying the major chances which help them in analyzing the development and learning concepts in better manner. As a assistant manager, I require to recognize main learning skills and development opportunities effectively for dealing with employees.
  • Delivering feedback– Hotel manager require to deliver appropriate feedback and review regarding learning skills (Leonard, 2011). This is essential for me is to find out negative and positive feedback in proper manner.

Here is Assessment of own skills:

Skills Rating
Management skills I am controlling and managing all business operations and functions with using my management skills. It can be rated as 6.
Leadership skills I can easily motivate employees towards achieving desired goals and objectives of an organisation effectively. It can be rated as 8.
Practical and technical skills By this skill, I am easily operate and control all advanced techniques and methods which implemented in the company in appropriate manner. So its rating is 7.
Personal skills I have effective learning and communication skills. It can be rated as 8.
Organising and planning skills I have desired skill and knowledge about planning and organising within an organisation. Its rating number is 3.

2.2 Analyze personal strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Each person have their personal strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so as a manager of Clayton Crown Hotel, I have also same skills. Evaluation of all such analysis by me is described as follows:

  • Strength– I am very creative and often impress customers with my new services. I have effective communication skill for dealing with my clients and team members. I have good and appropriate motivation skill which is required for encouraging their employees while doing work in proper manner. I am used certain techniques and methods for workers through which they can done difficult task in easy way. On the other hand, I have effective communication skills because in hospitality sector this skill is mainly necessary for interacting with customers and gain attention of them towards organization services.
  • Weakness – I have compulsive, powerful need to do various things in fast way and also eliminate them from my developing list. Another weakness is that I get confuse or nervous while presenting my thoughts to customers (O'Neill and et. al., 2011). In tough situation, I am not capable for engaged with such easily due to high level of work pressure that will bother me.
  • Opportunities– The major challenger has formulated effective reputation for treating their small customers badly. I am attending main marketing seminars and conferences in next month. It allows for strategic networking and offer high training seminars. Hospitality industry is wider in nature that can bring various opportunity for me in present and future time period. The one of the major opportunity is that I will learn different techniques and methods regarding training and development.
  • Threats– The main threats for me is competition due to this hospitality sector have various number of employees and company tat get result in high rate of competition. Therefore, in this condition, I have to enhance my productivity and carry out new thoughts or ideas within an enterprise. The current economic condition has results to reduces or slow the growth for marketing industry. There are various company which arranged employees and firm determine other reductions.

2.3 Set and prioritize target and objectives to develop own potential

There are certain points which help organization for achieving set target in effective manner that are described as follows:

  • To decide how much time which need to spend in each week to achieve certain task in given time period (Abrahamsson and et. al., 2017).
  • To update and upgrade dairy which help in concentrate on set target and objectives.
  • To have full record of all steps which are completed towards set goals and achievement so this will motivate their employees.
  • To check each week if they are spending right amount of time according to the planned and most essentially check for reaching with set goals and objectives.

Along with this, it is very important for a person is to set their effective goals and targets that require to attain in given time period. It is that way through which I can improve and generally I can set my SMART goals in given time period for next three month achievement. If you are pursuing the Computer Science field and want assignment writing assistance, then you should quickly opt for our Online Matlab Assignment Help at a very affordable price.

Decision making– I make appropriate decision after going through advantages and disadvantages of each thing which is one judgment has been done and execution provide huge impact on business operation while modification.

Problem solving – This is important for find out bet possible solution because it can negatively impact if solution is not accurate.

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3.1 Lead and motivate team for achieving agree goals or objectives

Frankie and Benny's is opening their new restaurant in Start-ford, London through which they need to motivate and lead their staff members for getting their desired goals and targets in better way (Allen and et. al., 2012). In addition to this, leadership and motivation is that process that will play an essential role in growth and success of an organization. The respective company help in achieving their potential goals and objectives that are mentioned as follows:

  • Leading and motivating staff- It can be determined that the staff members of every company are being managed and motivated by the managers of that company so that the employees can also perform their best in the company and help them in achieving the goals and objectives of the company in a fast manner. In Frankie and Benny's restaurant, managers are making use of various kinds of tools and techniques so as to motivate and encourage their employees so that their productivity is increased and they are satisfied as well. The tools can be bonus, complements and training etc.
  • Communicating– It is very much necessary in each and every company to have effective working environment so that the staff members can make good communication with their management (Arends, 2014). It is very effective for the company as through this, the employees will be able to share their issues and worries in the company. In Frankie and Benny's restaurant, the managers are required to guide their employees in an effective manner so that they can help the company in achieving their aims.
  • Team building– For successful organization, it is required for effective and good knowledgeable team members which can perform each task as per standard benchmark. This is required for company manager is to develop team by offer training and directions for conducting meeting and also communicating with an individual. It is that process which assist team members for evaluating and understanding their major roles or responsibilities which gives positive contribution for achieving predetermined goals and objectives effectively. For developing a team, manager will consider such knowledge and skill for a person to allot them essential role for service development and delivery.
  • Motivation– For encouraging and motivating their employees skills is essential because this will increasing their ability for achieving potential goals and objectives in proper manner. This is also required for hotel manager is to conduct training and development programmes which enhance their skills and knowledge effectively. Therefore, I will try to provide confidence to team members which help in maintaining performance level and discipline appropriately.

3.2 Justify managerial decisions to support organization goals or objectives and recommendations for improvement

Hotel manager does not take such type of decisions without any justifications. Along with this, there are certain needs which help in doing planning and research need necessary for developing any type of decisions in better way (Arnold and Boggs, 2015). The impact of such type of decisions are directly put on their stakeholders which required to be analyzed and examined. I suggested that Maslow's Hierarchy of needs to hotel manager for motivating and encouraging their staff members towards achieving with set targets and goals effectively. Growth and success is very essential for a person and if employee understand their work that can lead towards better salary incentives and hikes so it will definitely lead towards workers for performing all desired functions and activities. Along with this, it will reduces the attrition rate within an enterprise. This will assist in executing Maslow's Hierarchy of need where some ways need to enhancing satisfaction level of company workers. Training is better team member which is very important and this will assist in smooth running of business operations and conflicts free functioning of the team (Aulton and Taylor, 2017).

Frankie and Benny's restaurant have their own goals and target which need to be accomplished in given time period. Along with this, motivation is one of the effective technique and method which is useful for motivate their employees for achieving set goals and objectives that can satisfy their customers requirements and needs in proper way. There are certain recommendations for specific restaurant that help them in increasing efficiency of their employees.

  • Training and development program require to framing for workers so that they can increasing their personal skills and knowledge in better manner.
  • Employees issues and problems necessary for solving so that company can smoothly running in easy way.
  • This will make positive working surroundings in restaurant so employees get happy or satisfied with their specific job.


4.1 Explain how own managerial and personal skills will support career development

There are different managerial and personal skills that provide contribution in career development that are as follows:

Managerial skills:

  • Communication – In hospitality sector, this is necessary communication skill which is essential for transforming accurate data and information in better way (Babbie, 2013). Along with this, if I learn various language them this will require to develop my career due to this customer who came in hotel relates from different country. They adopt various culture and value which help them in dealing with different situations.
  • Learning –For learning new things is one of the essential part that will assist in developing and maintaining career for future and present time period. In addition to this, if I learn advanced technologies and methods so this will help me in increasing growth and development in effective way.
  • Thinking– It is define as goal oriented flow of ideas and thoughts which lead towards reality oriented determination. Thinking is the activity of present values for human where thee is no consensus that how it will be understand (Babbie, 2013).

Personal skills:

  • Attitude – It is another important factor which have crate positive attitude for spend whole time with people. It is required for spend time with people for understand their behaviour and nature in proper manner.
  • Behaviour – I have good behaviour and nature which help me in interacting with any type of clients and people. This is very important skill which are used for successfully communicate with other people at the work place. They are competence workers which required to be prospering in their job and within an organization.
  • Responsibility– As a manager, I have various roles and responsibility for managing their employees to achieving desired goals and targets in better manner. This is another responsibility of hotel manager is to control or manage all business operations for fulfilling set objectives.
  • Adaptability – This is another skill which main ability is to change their response which change various situations or environment. Adaptability demonstrate the major capability to learn from experiences and improves fitness of learner as a major competitor.
  • Aspirations– My one and foremost goal is to achieving desired targets and goals of an organization. In this, goal should be objective, measurable and tangible target for reached. I need to attain all set targets in given time period. Goals is determined as aspiration which is short as well as long term.
  • Opportunities – I have major chance for dealing with external and internal clients that are required for analyzing their behaviour towards organization services or facilities.

4.2 Career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce development plan

I have different skills, ability and capability that will help me in controlling and managing entire working of the company. At some time, all such skills and abilities are not enough due to this competitive business environment, for remaining in the large market place I have to improve my personal skills and knowledge. Moreover, all these activities and functions will help me in accomplishing higher position within an enterprise. Along with this, it is required for proper development plan so that I can easily achieve my long as well as short term goals in better manner. Therefore, it is necessary for me is to concentrate on weakness and try to overcome with such issues or problems. Future development plan prepare for completing all common needs and requirements which are described as follows:

  • Team arrangement is essential which need to design in better manner after recognizing appropriate skills for each person so that enterprise can easily getting their desired goals and objectives in effective way (Nair, 2014).
  • Customer Relationship management in this software is necessary because this is required for controlling and maintaining effective relation between both customer as well as organization in better manner.

My personal and career development plan are required for coordinated with each other. I have already bring out personal appraisal that includes evaluation of skills, capabilities and abilities in better way. On the basis of assessment, I have analyze my personal needs in terms of personal and professional life. Along with this, it is that assessment which improved major things so that I was confused regarding this and it is essential for doing work as per the assessment where they can achieving potential goals and objectives. There are two major goals such as short and long term where I need to achieve my career and personal development that includes my personal development plan is to became a good person.

My short term goal is to understand my weaknesses and evaluate reason behind them. Along with this, my personal development in which I am concentrate on my career development plan. I am always change my strength and weaknesses which mainly changes but if I do something new for removing this in better manner. I am also work for improving my technical skills where I learn some of the software packages such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management (HRM), etc.

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From the above mentioned report, it can be analyzed that Manager is an essential part of an enterprise who manages and controls all business functions and operations in a proper manner. Along with this, manager is a person who is responsible for administering and controlling company's employees activities. Developing manager involves skills and knowledge of specific personthen this will increasing all managerial business activities and functions. Hotel employees often became disengaged and demotivated with the lack of learning and development opportunities. Along with this, it is very important for a person is to set their effective goals and targets that require to attain in given time period. It can be determined that the staff members of every company are being managed and motivated by the managers of that company so that the employees can also perform their best in the company and help them in achieving the goals and objectives of the company in a fast manner. For successful organization, it is required for effective and good knowledgeable team members which can perform each task as per standard benchmark. Along with this, there are certain needs which help in doing planning and research need necessary for developing any type of decisions in better way.


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