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Analyse the Behaviour of the David and Co. Limited

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Organization Selected : David and Co. Limited


In an organisation, large numbers of employees are working who provides their effective services and contribution in order to achieve target goals and objectives in an effective manner. For this, the management of the firm needs to provide appropriate responsibility to each individual on the basis of their skills and abilities (Ali, 2010). Each and every individual of the company plays the most important role as the manager of the firm creates future goals and objectives that need to attain properly. To achieve these targets, the manager needs to analyse the behaviour of employees to coordinate with them easily.

This report is based on David & Co Limited which is a food and beverages organisation. For them, it is required to build direct connections with customers. So for this, they need to analyse the behaviour of the organisation and its services as well. This report includes the impact of the organisation’s culture, politics and power on individual, team and their performance. It also includes theories of motivation and motivational techniques, ideas to make an effective team and concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour.

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P1 organisation’s culture, politics and power influence individual, team and performance

In a business organisation, all employees are working together to achieve target goals and objectives in proper manner. It is required to analyse predetermined objectives that helps to achieve desired success and growth. In all these activities, organisational structure has major impact that used to analyse performance, effectiveness and behaviour of employees. It is essential for manager to analyse working ability and skills of their employees to provide them proper responsibilities.

There are some factors as culture, politics and power that influence individual, team and performance as -

Culture –

It is the most important component of a firm that consist working environment, employee’s communication, coordination as well as behaviour (Al-Zu’bi, 2010). For this, manager needs to manage all these activities properly to get higher profits and growth. Organisational environment must be positive, ethical and motivating that maximise employees working approaches. This culture can be explained with help of Handy's Model such as:

  • Role culture: Each and every employee plays a different role in an organisation on the basis of his/her skills and abilities. These activities are based on their effective contribution in a firm. In David & Co Limited, employees analyse customer's requirements and needs for providing quality services and products to them. As per role given to employees work performance should be done.
  • Person culture: In a firm, each individual contribute their effective services on the basis of their responsibilities and working approaches. Manager of firm needs to analyse all these working activities of workers to maximise organisational productivity and profitability which are based on individual's behaviour towards organisation and its target activities. The best performer should be given rewards and incentive for motivation for better performance.
  • Task culture: Manager of firm needs to analyse skills and abilities of employees to distinguish responsibilities to them properly. All these activities can be a task for employees that they need to accomplish properly. Through this, they can achieve future goals and objectives in proper way. Through this manager can build positive culture and working environment in business organisation (Ayyagari, Grover and Purvis, 2011). Such type of culture is required in organisation for solving particular problems.
  • Power culture: The power is held by only few individual of David & Co Ltd. who influence whole organisation. This type of power carry few regulations and rules. All the high level decision in business are taken by top manager or superior. As per skilled, knowledge, experience such power is given to individuals.

After analysing all type of culture, it can be concluded that David & Co Ltd need to follow power culture so that each and every members and staff working in organisation can perform better and proper rules and regulation can be followed.


These are the most common factors that influence each business activity in unofficial manner. Politics and political environment create negativity and differences between individual, teams and their performance. These are informal activities that reduce employees’ productivity and firm's growth. Therefore, for this, manager of A David & Co Limited needs to detect such factors to minimise its affects.

  • Effect on concentration: Politics in official environment divert employees mind set and concentration. It is directly influence individual and team behaviour. These are inappropriate activities in working environment that requires to control on exact time. These kinds of elements reduce power and effectiveness of business roots. It directly affects working ability of individual and team in order to accomplish a specific task.
  • Increases stress: Some of the negative approaches in organisation create stress and negativity in individual's mind (Baum, Frese and Baron, 2014). Politics is also a factor that maximise instability in employees mind and they feel frustrated as well as stressful. All these activities have negative impact A David & Co Limited, its team workers and their working abilities.
  • Reduction in productivity: A David & Co Limited require to manage working activities of employees to maximise their profitability and growth. In this procedure, political factors influences adversely on the employees working approaches and productivity as well. So for this manager and senior employees needs to analyse such activities in order to control them properly.

Politics arise in A David & Co Limited because of various reasons which need to be decline for employees so that they can perform better. If all staff are given equal opportunities, problems are heard and other then issues cannot be arise in business. Due to politics, organisation productivity declined that leads to low profit and sales.

Power –

Structure of an organisation is develop on the bases of working approaches of management and employees. These activities provide authority to individuals to make proper control on operational and functional approaches. Manager of firm play a most important role in respective to manage all business activities in proper way.

  • Reward power: In A David & Co Limited, manager and other employees play a most important role to analyse employees’ performance and their working abilities to provide them rewards. These are the motivational tools that help to boost employees’ confidence to achieve target goals and objectives easily. This process has direct impact on individual and team performance as well as their behaviour (Coccia and Rolfo, 2013). It can be given in terms of gifts, incentives, bonus and other for encouragement and motivation of employees.
  • Expert power: This activity is based on power of different entities of firm. For this, they analyse skills and abilities of employees to manage them in effective manner. Main objective of this process is to build long-term relation with employees to manage all activities in effective manner. In order to solve complex problem at A David & Co Limited, expertise are required so that they can provide best solution to problems.
  • Legitimate power: It is based on working abilities and approaches of an individual to have an effective position in a firm. All these powers help to maximise profitability and productivity in an organisation. Through this, management can easily build positive working environment to maximise performance of employees in proper way. For David & Co Limited, these activities assist to manage business approaches to get maximum profit.

After analysing different types of power, it can be said that A David & Co Limited need to implement reward power in organisation for providing benefits to both employees as well as organisation. This helps in achievement of goals and objectives in effective manner.

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P2 Theories of motivation and motivational techniques enable effective achievement of goals

In a business organisation, manager and senior employees are playing the most important role in order to motivate employees through different methods and activities. For this, they analyse how to maximise performance of employees. Through this, they can get desired profitability and growth. (DeChurch and Mesmer-Magnus, 2010). There are two different theories of motivation given below -

Herzberg Two-Factor Theory:

This theory is introduced by Fredrick Herzberg in 1959. This theory is classified in two different factors as Motivational and Hygiene factors. These elements are determined below as -

Motivational Factors:

In this factor management and manager of firm needs to use different motivation procedure to motivate employees for achieving target goals and objectives properly. Main objectives of this process is to motivate workforce to attain futures objectives properly. So for this, manager and management of firm uses different types of methods as reward, promotion and training to motivate employees easily. All these activities are beneficial to maximising work force's confidence levels and boost their energy in effectively.

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There are different elements of motivational factors are given below as-

  • Recognition – Employees of organisation needs to recognise skills and abilities that are require analysed properly. Through this, they can easily maximise working approaches of their employees. Workers needs to be praised for improve their skills and abilities.
  • Growth of promotion – In a business organisation, it is required that employees get promotion on the basis of their working approaches and abilities (DeChurch and Mesmer-Magnus, 2010). These are the most beneficial activities that assist to improve performance of workers.

Hygiene factors:

These factors are requires existing in workplace. It is not possible that these factors provide long-term benefits but they lead dissatisfaction if these are not existence at workplace. For this management of firm need to use reliable policies that helps to attract employees easily. Through this, they can easily get higher benefits and growth by achieving target goals and objectives. are you worried about online assignment help at the best price.

The elements of this process are -

  • Pay- It is required that, A David & Co Limited offers attractive pay to employees for enhance their performance and motivate them toward future goals and objectives. Management of firm needs to analyse performance of employees for maximising their pay. Through this, they can easily motivate others toward organisational goals and objectives. All these activities are beneficial for getting maximum benefits easily.

Job security-

It is a requirement need that firm provide job security to their employees to boost their confidence level and maximise their loyalty toward organisation easily. This is a most specific and beneficial motivational tool (Haslam and et. al., 2014). 

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