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Principle of Management Behaviour - Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel

University: London College of Contemporary Arts

  • Unit No: 15
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Course Code: M/508/4657
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Question :

The aim of this unit is to explore different leadership style at work place in order to review managerial potential and create career development plan.

  • Determine the practices and principle of management behavior at Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel
  • Reflect on own potential as a prospective manager at Jumeirah hotel.
  • Develop managerial skill at work place in relation to service context.
  • Critically evaluate career development plan in relation to service & business context.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel


Developing manager determines the development in the organisation nature. They achieve in the organisational goals and get new growth factors. Manager is the most important role in the organisation to manage the operations and all working activities in day to day work. The position of manager builds market position, developing and negotiating. Present report based on the developing manager in Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel. It is the 5 star hotel in London who largely influence by luxurious services. It has 216 guest rooms, health club&Spa, restaurant, 9 meeting rooms including ballrooms for up to 700 guests. Overall, activities and managerial role play by the manager. The main role of the developer manager is to create innovative environment for the companies. Further part, this study will be going to present different characteristics of leadership styles and their impact on staff performance. Types of communication, organisation culture, management skills performance will also in this present study.


1.1 Compare different management styles

Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel

Management styles are the characteristic way of taking action & decision relating to employees. There are various types of styles are followed by management. Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel used to follow different management style at different situation. Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel are rarely followed the leadership style which is known as autocratic style of management. By this leadership style the manager of Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel tells the employees what to do (Ang and Van Dyne, 2015.). In autocratic style the employees are motivating by fear of discipline . Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel set clear expectations for what the personnel asset need to do .In this style every employee has a specific job role in the strict hierarchy and subordinate totally depend on the manager. Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel also follow the paternalistic style , in which leaders are decided what is best for the subordinate as well as hotel . By the Paternalistic style the hotel manager are taking suggestions and feedback through subordinates and taken a consideration before deciding something. Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel also follow democratic style of working, this style ensures effective and positive communication between the management and the employees. Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel management makes free to say something and the superiors also welcome the feedback of subordinates. By this style the hotel manager listen to what the employees have to say before making decision, its like a workers' participation in decision (August and Shanahan, 2017). Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel also follow a laissez -faire style of working in which the employees are not dependent on the managers and they know what is right or wrong for them In this style manager are employed just for the sake of it also do not contribute much to the hotel. Management by walking around style of working is applied by the Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel, in this style manager treat themselves as an most important part of the team and are good listeners. Hotel manager is more of a mentor to its employees and guide them. Manager don't lock them in cabin, instead walk around at their work place.

1.2 Discuss leadership characteristics


Vision is an important characteristic of leadership because great leader have a vision .Manager of

Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel have a vision, they look for future. Manager of hotel have clear , exciting idea of where they are going and what they are trying to done in future and looking for excellent at strategic planning.


Courage is one of the most important quality in leader. Leaders in Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel having a quality to take a risk for achievement of hotels goals with no assurance of success.


Integrity is a quality of leader which requires that manager Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel are always tell the truth ,to all subordinates in every situation . Integrity is foundation of quality of trust that is need for success of hotel of Jumeirah Carlton tower.


This is the quality of leadership which makes leaders of Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel are strong but decisive but humble (Bolden, 2016). Humility means that the manager are self confidence and self awareness to recognize the value of subordinate without feeling threatened.


Successful leaders have quality to make strategic planning. Manager of Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel are also have ability to look ahead. to anticipate trend and well in advance of their competitors.


The leaders in hotel Jumeirah Carlton tower are focused on their work. A good leaders are focus on the organization strength, need of the organization and the situation . Leaders are focus on result (Burnell, Rakner and Randall, eds., 2017). They focus on the goals and objectives of organization.

1.3 Evaluate communication processes in selected business.

Communication is the process to improve understanding and exchange thoughts from each other. It is the process in which two people are exchange their thoughts and creates some new environment of work. In terms of business organisation. Company needs to make proper and healthy communication with their employees, customers, suppliers, investors to enhance and get better profit revenue. Communication is very much required in the business to give them better results. In hospitality sector there are must introduce positive environment to maintained best activity and more sells. There are different types of communication methods through Jumeirah Carlton developer manager can easily get best types of relation.

Different types of communication process

  • Verbal Communication

Verbal communication refers to the for of communication in which message transfers in verbal form (Cozolino, 2014). In this process communication has been done by the mouth or from words. Objective of every communication is that to pass the information from sender to receiver. Verbal communication further divided into two parts oral or written communication.

  • Non Verbal Communication

Non verbal communication is the process which has been done with wordless manner. In this communication method sender only use gestures, body language, posture, tome of voice or with some facial expressions.

Other types of methods

Horizontal process: it is the another type of communication which carries out in straight line manner. Jumeirah Carlton also adopt this method communication in terms to get the direct contact with employees (De Brauw and Giles, 2018). It helps to safe the time cost and make better communication level.

Circular process: circular process of communication is about to following the complete process when it completes in circular form it provides better opportunity growth to make good learning and project line.

Two way process: in which sender use any mediator to make the communication to another person. And then get feedback from other ones.

Overall. Any of the communication method adopted by Jumeirah Carlton to make better communication with employees and customers (Dick, Carey and Carey, 2014). It also makes some more advantages and effective goals.

1.4 Analyse organisational culture and change in selected business

Organisational culture is influenced by many aspects, it promotes employees culture, values, beliefs and religion. It also reflects the mission, objectives of the organisation. Creation of good and healthy environment create work diversity which is very much helpful for the organisation development. It also influences several activities of employees in order to enhance several possible task (Dixon, 2017). Positive culture of Jumeirah Carlton can give better output results to the organisation to keep the data more enhancing and developing. In order to keep the positive environment in Jumeirah Carlton needs to set proper hierarchy level through employee can easily get interact with all types of employees and behaviour. Organization needs to adopt constant changes in the work culture to make work more productive and creative. In order to enhance the organisation profit company needs to acquire the some new changes for employees to make things more creative and also employee get chance to show their skills by enhancing employee empowering. It also makes good environment for the company development as well.

3.1 Lead and motivate a team to achieve an agreed goal and objectives

Every manager have a responsibility to Motivating a team toward an achieving a goal. So there are various way to lead a team (Fombrun, 2015).

Schedule team :-

The manager of Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel are offers more than just a salary and some vacation time.The manager need to be sure that the employees can work as a team . Some benefits of team buildings are help them develop good communication skills, develop team value .

Supports to subordinate :-

 Manager can supports to their subordinate in various forms, it increases the motivational level of employees (Hunt and Weintraub, 2016). If some employees wants an additional information about project then its responsibility to manager to supports the employees and provides an information to them .

Let them work remotely with flexible hours :-

The manager of Jumeirah Carlton tower allowing their worker remotely. it can increase the productivity enhance the efficiency , it can boost their morale, it can reduce the stress level .

Working remotely can impacts on environment positively. It is big motivator to younger employees who want a flexibility in working environment.

Show your appreciation :-

The manager of Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel shows their appreciation to there employees by various way they taking there employees out of the hotel for after work drinks and team meals. It pushes them to continue striving for a high quality and effective work (Maxwell, 2018).

3.2 managerial decision making to accomplish goals and objectives.

Managerial decisions for supporting achievement of goals .

As a manager it is responsibility to take right decision for achievement of goal .For achievement an objective, the manager have to convey a clear target and goals must be easy and understandable. Progress of the achievement of objectives must be measurable. manager takes a decision for gives a reward for good performance, its can inspires the employees and helps to achieve a target. Manager take decision challenging but achievable. Goals must be framed in time by manager because it gives a target to there employees. Manager makes a plan from beginning to end and with clear target (Renz and Herman, eds., 2016). Goals should covers a key area which contribute the performance of company. Goals should be measurable and specific which is set by manager of hotel. These goals should be linked with rewards. The decision of manager should be affective and achievable.


2.1 Assess own management skills performance

Management skills are the most required thing which helps to enhance the most potential and skill full thing in between the individual. Leadership or managerial skills are very much helpful to create new innovation and company development (Retallack and et.al., 2016). Manager needs to acquire some set of skills in order to get the best potential opportunities such as given below:

Leadership skills: leadership skills are the most required skills in the organisation. I personally believed that I have a leadership quality which enhanced the motivation my growth and my career opportunities. My performance in the company is highly influencing and productive which helps employees to get better work and good environment.

Personal Skills: personal skills required to handle the situations into their own perfect manner. Along with that, I analyse my personal skills that are accomplished my goals and objectives. Moreover, it also enhances my growth and potential scales of development.

Qualification and technical skills: it is the another skill or characteristics of mine which helps me for my career growth. Apart from that, my qualification and technical skills helps me to take decision making approach which is very much productive for the company. It also helps me to make some fast work which enhance my productive manner of work.

Creative skills: I analysed my own skills and determined that to make new ideas and introduce new working environment helps to make more creative and productive in nature. Apart from that. I always find some new creativity and ideas through customer will attract in more advanced manner (Van Hoorn and et.al., 2014). Moreover, another factor or motivational factors enhance creative work and motivates to another creative form.

2.2 Analysing personal strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

In order to analyse own strength, weaknesses, opportunity or threat. In order to analyse own skills and threats. Communication process of the manager must be challenging and impressive when they deal with employees or customers. This creates new happy and satisfied environment in the organisation (Whetten and Cameron, 2014). It also creates new more advantages and goal making targets to get their own performance and skills. It also helps to enhance more productive and efficient work. I am a quick learner and learning is my passion which always brings me new strength and opportunity. Organisation always needs an employee who has all kinds of knowledge and skills. There are my SWOT analysis for self assessment.


  • Good communication skills
  • Technical skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Team building skills


  • High competition
  • uncertain risk and situation
  • technical factors


  • New learning
  • advance knowledge


  • Changes in management
  • Time management

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