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Strategic Model and Applications - Tesco

University: ICON College of Management and Technology

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1490
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/0495 (RCF)
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Question :

This unit is based on demonstrating framework and process to develop effective marketing strategies.

  • Develop understanding of strategic decision making using principles to reflect on strategic management of firm
  • Evaluate strategy and process used to implement strategy and understand their impact on business organisation.
  • Critically review the emerging market and identify limitations of market development and their dominance on performance of Tesco.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Strategies refers to the plan of action which are designed to accomplish a long term and overall aim. In order to sustain in the competitive environment, it is essential and important for the management of business organisations to devise specific and precise strategies that assists in enhancing performance and growth of the company (Úbeda, Alsua and Carrasco, 2015). In this context, the following report will helps in providing detail understanding of strategic decision making and development of business principles that reflects on strategic management of Tesco. It is one of the leading supermarket and retail organisation incorporating in United Kingdom. The report will demonstrate and evaluate the strategy and process undertaken to implement, manage and understand its impact on the organisation. In this report, with the help of precise strategic models and applications, the internal, external and competitive position of Tesco will be described. In this way, the review of emerging markets and influence of market development, marketing and relative dominance on the performance of organisation will be assessed.


Strategic analysis of Tesco

To gain the internal, external and competitive position of the organisation, strategic managers conducts strategic analysis of the organisation frequently. This helps them to ascertain about the aggregate position of the organisation which helps them in sustaining in the competitive environment (Leung and et.al., 2018). To attain desirable organisational goals and objectives, it is essential for the strategic managers and decision makers to devise specific strategic plans so that organisation can gain competitive advantages. In order to establish strategic plans, managers first need to conduct strategic analysis of the organisation. For this numerous strategic tools and applications have been developed by researchers and strategic experts which could help the management of business company to formulate precise and robust strategic plan. In United Kingdom, there is stiff competition in retail sector. With large supermarket companies like Aldi, Asda, Morrisons, etc. management of Tesco required to update their strategic plans so that their dominance in the market remain stable (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). In this context, the strategic analysis of the Tesco is described below:

Internal analysis of Tesco

SWOT Analysis

It is one of the most essential part to identify strength and weakness to improve internal working environment. Tesco also render the installation of online marketplace. They are publicity their business concern with the assistance of television and other wholesale based education centre. With the help of Swot analyse to be find out the internal capability of organisation and increase overall market share. Swot analyse are as follows :

Strength : Tesco is an almighty retail brand worldwide, in the top 100 of the planetary most quantitative brands, slightly at a lower place Ikea and well above eBay (Hill, 2014). It is best-known as a establishment that offers value for medium of exchange, comfort, a wide scope of merchandise, and local area administration (Barney, 2017). Global, Tesco has 8,785 retail store, an indefinite quantity of 600 stores since 2017, despite the disposal of their US venture, Fresh & Easy. Tesco has utilized forward-looking business know-how in its rise, exclude the creative activity of shop like Tesco Metro and Tesco Explicit, which are little mercantile establishment in local locality to make buying more handy for the custom-made. On the other hand, online shopping is one of the most important part and help to increase the customer strength or weakness. There are some changes is made for long time period as well as future development. This license the establishment to lower monetary value to support cost attractive and be competitor with UK wholesale such as Asda or Sainsbury's. In addition, by creating trueness packages such as the Club-card, they hold bespoke, creating long-term human relationship.

Weakness : In this context, to be focus on financial sector of internal department. In addition, credit facility is provided for customer is give negative impact of organisation (Ginter, 2018). This worthy has its weaknesses. Tesco net income has been wedged by bad indebtedness from credit card game and high levels of family insurance claims Some other issue is Tesco lack of education in some marketplace that it be given to enter, such as its aim brand smartphones and pad In conclusion, Tesco necessarily to invest a lot of payment in new web profession and IT, as well as store renovation, amusing Cash from price reducing plan of action.

Opportunity ; In this context, to be focus on some opportunities for increase markets share in different market. There are some changes is made form long employment work or increase current market share (Wheelen, 2017). The resoluteness by Tesco to contribution own-brand pad and smartphones can athletics with this investment funds, peculiarly in oversea activity such as Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, and China Online buying can message greater inflexibility to custom-made who are prime occupied house lives or have prime issues; Tesco is difficult to proper the inevitably of the custom-made by spread out transaction in this two-dimensional figure. The ongoing effects of the financial condition, where household and idiosyncratic may be struggling commercial enterprise, or too reserved impermanent to cook.

Threats : The organisation is improved many threats in market and threats give negative impact on customer (Slack, 2015). One danger that Tesco continues to defy is the putsch of Asda by Wal-Mart. Branding of mercantile establishment as Asda Wal-Mart has been accelerative in the UK, show a weakening in the user scorn for Wal-Mart. The ninth most-valued trade name in the planetary, Wal-Mart is Tesco the largest planetary challenger and hence has the essential skills, informant, happening and pecuniary resource to cause Tesco difficulty.

McKinsey 7S strategy analysis

The model was developed in 1980 by McKinsey consultants Tom Peters , Robert Waterman and Julien Philips with assistance provided by Richard Pascale and Anthony G. Athos. It is considered as one of the most effective and efficient tool which helps in analysing firms' internal design by looking at 7 key elements which are strategy, structure, systems, shared values, styles, staff and skills (Volk and et.al., 2017). This is done in order to determine the alignment of these elements. If the 7 internal elements of the organisation are aligned effectively, then organisation have robust internal structure and vice versa. In this context, the 7S strategy analysis of Tesco is described below:

Hard Ss'

  • Strategy: Strategy refers to the plans which are formulated by the managers and management of Tesco which helps them in providing competitive advantages. A sound strategy must be formulated accordingly which aligned with all other elements and is reinforced by robust vision, mission and values (Cameron and Green, 2015). After analysing the strategies devised by Tesco, it was identified that management implement strategies which are appropriately aligned with other internal elements. Thus, it helps in providing them competitive advantages.
  • Structure: It depicts the flow of information within business departments, units and business divisions of the organisation. In order to have strong internal design, management must have organised and efficient organisational structure. In other words, organisational structures is the chart of the firm which describe the responsibility and accountability of officials of the organisation (Kurucz and et.al., 2017). From the analysis of organisational structure of Tesco, it was identified that the departments are segregated on the basis of specific tasks and work. The information flows in organised and in formal manner which helps in eliminating confusions and misrepresentations issues.
  • Systems: These are considered as the procedures and processes of the organisation which reveals daily business operations and the ways in which decisions are formulated. Systems are those areas of firms which determines the way of doing business and the main focus of managers while initiating change within organisation. The process and procedure of conducting business operations in Tesco are organised and systematically done (Handfield, 2015). The top management have formulated precise policies and segregated departments accordingly which helps in enhancing the productivity and profitability of the organisation.

Soft Ss'

  • Skills: Skills are the abilities that employees' of organisation possess. In order to enhance the productivity and profitability of the organisation, it is essential and important for the management to recruit those personnel who have adequate skills and competencies for desired position (McIver, Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 2018). It is further crucial for management to provide training periodically to employees to raise their level of skills, knowledge and competencies. From the analysis of employees' skills of Tesco, it was identified that management have enormous and diversified workforce (327601) who possess efficient skills and capabilities to manage with changes and work ceaselessly in attaining desired aim and objectives of the organisation.
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