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Creativity and Innovation

University: Regent College

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Organization Selected : David and Co. Limited

1st entry

One of the leadership aspect which is selected is honesty. A great leader lead to create organizational culture which is build on these two core values and hold all employees accountable to them (Lussier and Achua, 2015.). Without honesty it is stated as fundamental cornerstones for the firm as they were really success long term. An effective leader is always trustworthy and it is recognized to be honest with each and every team member they are working. If leader will be honest then team member will trust on them and work with each other in an effective manner. Leadership is considered as broad menu of behavior. Leadership and management is known as unique set of activities and functions. Along with this it can be stated that leader and manager share some of the similarities and their role is to influence others through the use of their specific power. Leader within the firm always focus on motivation and inspiration and they aim to create passion in order to follow their vision and for reaching the long-term goals. There are some critical set of quality which leader posses such as vision, toughness, integrity etc. From the research it is analyzed that to being an effective leader it is important to be depended on the common set of behaviors and characteristics such as service mentality, confidence, good visionary etc (Harris-Keith, 2015). Leader should understand requirements of its employees so that they can be motivated and work hard for company. Through involving employees in decision making process help in getting innovative idea and make team member feel satisfied as because their views are listened by team leader. One of the supreme quality of leadership which is identified is unquestionable integrity. Without doing this, it is not possible to carry out team work. A leader cannot expect from its team member to be honest if he lacks such types of qualities. One of the most difficult job for a leader is to persuade others. It can be only possible if leader inspire its follower through setting a effective example. For a leader it is important to think positive and use its positive approach can be visible through their actions. One of the other aspect of leadership is delegation and empowerment. A leader cannot do everything. It is essential for leader to focus on key responsibilities at the time of leaving work rest to their team member. One of the aspect which lead to distinguish leader from its followers us creativity and innovation. To think creative and continuous innovation can make an individual to stand out from the crowd (Garavan, Watson and O’Brien, 2016). For example, one of the leadership aspect which is required to improve is miscommunication. For a leader it is important to be good communicator for team and provide them strategy to accomplish the goals. It can be stated that good communicator can be a good leader and help team in accomplishing success. With good communication a leader can easily influence its employees to work according to the set goals. A good leader can easily motivate its team members through its effective communication skills.

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2nd entry

For a leader it is important to be transparent as it help in wining the trust of employees. An effective leader always use transparency to assist those who are around them, embrace change, which can be accomplished with a combination of communication (Northouse, 2018). It is important for people to know the way leader has taken a decision and the ways it can affect others. Most of the time transparent leader focus on micromanagers as they give credit to others at the time of occurring success and taken the blame if they got fail. To experience a failure is known as the power for shaping a leader. It is considered as powerful resources to learn and teach renewal, survival and innovation. Along with this it can be stated that acceptance failure can be change and inspire other team members. Most of the time leader take great risk and got fail. Therefore, it can be stated that leader gain great perspective related to people to whom they can easily trust (Gould, 2018).

From the feedback views are changed related to the effectiveness of leadership skill. There are different types of leadership style which consist of different elements. For a leader it is important to be keep clear communication with its employees and provide them all information which is required to be communicated. It is considered as one of the effective method to make employees trust on him. There are many benefits of transparency such as it leads to form better relationship between leader and employees. Along with this it also helps in come up with better solutions (Gould, 2018).

It is important to develop leadership skills ad seek to improve relationship with manager. There are various leadership elements which is important to understand and follow them so that all process can be carried out in an effective manner. There are many leaders who are competent but only few of them can be qualify as remarkable. There is significant different between management and employee and bosses. For a leader, it is important to understand the nature of this differences and accept them. For a leader it is important to present themselves in front of team members in an effective manner (Keating, Rosch and Burgoon, 2014). It is analyzed that extraordinary leader lead to plan ahead and mostly they are supremely well organized. They mainly think on the basis of goals and objectives. For a leader it is important to understand the way of delegating work to employees. Leader should require to delegate work to employees on the basis of their skills and knowledge so that all the task can be accomplished on time. Along with this, team member should help each other in their work which assist in carrying out research in an effective manner. Apart from this it can be said that a good leader can easily reduce the chances of conflict and focus on keeping unity among team members (Certo, 2018).

Leadership elements can be used to implement a single improvement in leadership at the workplace level is transparency. If leader is transparent with others then it can easily make a good relationship with others. Along with this, it helps in avoiding any type of misunderstanding at the workplace and carry out work in an effective manner. To establish relationship with employees is important so that they can work with each other in a group without raising the chances of conflicts. Hence, it can be stated that transparency help in making improvement in effective leadership style.

3rd Entry

The specific leadership theory which can be used at the workplace is situational leadership theory recommended that there is no individual leadership style can be considered as best. It all lead to depend on situation and the type of strategy which is best for the task. As per the theory, an effective leader is that who changes in leadership style on the basis of situation It is also referred to the Hersey Blanchard situational leadership theory (Dong, Zhang, and Li, 2017). There are four primary leadership styles which are considered in this theory that are

Telling (S1):

It is leadership style in which leader tell his people to what to do and the way to be done. This type of style is adopted in such situation when task is complex and employees are not effective enough to handle by their own. In this style leader use to make decision by own and motivate team to accomplish the given target on time. For instance, views and opinions are taken from employees related to the work but final decision is made by only leader.

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Selling (S2):

It is a style which lead to involve more back to forth between leader and followers. In this leader sell their ideas and message to their group member for buying into the process. For instance, leader can supervise them toward the task and provide them some suggestion with the use of them they can easily carry out their work. It is important to encourage team member. This leadership style lead to provide opportunities for the team to discuss and exchange their opinion and views with each other.

Participating (S3):

It is considered as a approach in which leader offer less direction and make sure that all its group members take active role while coming up with the innovative ideas and decision. Mostly leader use to less guide its employees in such circumstance when employees are highly skilled to carry out task in their own way (Jaques, 2017). 

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Delegating (S4):

It is characterized a less involved hands of approach to leadership, as per the style group member lead to make most of the decision and take responsibility of their work. Leader used this style at the time when employees are highly skilled and capable to complete their work by their own way.

Hence it can be said that situational leadership style provides leaders a good understanding related to the level of readiness which followers exhibit for a specific task.

More specifically it can be said that situational leaders help in maintain an acute awareness of their innate leadership which is related to the strengths and area for developments. Leader who adopt this theory are creative and they have more productive team. A good leader always knows when its team member required help or not (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). If are you required an assignment writing service for students at an affordable price.

From the academic article it is summarized that there are different types of leadership style which can be adopted in different situation and they assist in completing the goal on time. Along with this it is important to understand different situation and change leadership style accordingly so that employees can work in an effective manner in different situations.

One specific example to improve this leadership expect for improving the individual capabilities in leadership at the workplace. To improve this leadership, expect a leader can focus on solving the issues of employees which the face while carrying out their task. Along with this leader can also support its team member to initiate its team member in complex task which can provide them motivation to complete it on time.

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