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Logistics and Operations


Logistics and Operations consist of design, implementation and management of systems for effective development of individuals. This logistics and operations cover up the whole supply chain i.e. from acquiring of raw material, production to the point of consumption . Further, the mission of the logistics and operation management is to produce the goods and services in the right quality and quantity along with distributing the same at right place on right time.

The organization undertaken for the present study is Apple which is a multinational technology company that develops consumer electronics, computer hardware and software products. This present report has been prepared in order to introduction of new product or modification in the existing one. This document will also elaborate the importance of process design along with the steps which exists in the design concept.

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Introduction to product or service

Apple is a global consumer goods electronic company who has their effective operations whole around the globe. Further, mentioned company having immense goodwill and their products are mostly demanded by the individuals. Though the price of their products is relatively high and it is more preferred by the rich class people. Moreover, with the success of iPhone 5S and 6S, cited firm is focusing on launching iPhone 7S by the end of the year. Their multi-talented employees are focusing on the design and concept of the product so that they will be able to attract the large mass of audience again with better specifications in the product.

Moreover, their engineers are quite efficient in performing their task and duties and they emphasizing their output in developing best of the product to satisfy the needs and wants of the individuals. Though as stated earlier, the price of the product will be at higher side only but the product will come with broad specifications which will give consumer utmost class. This product will have better performance version when compared with their respective predecessors. Apart from it, mentioned product has improved hardware specifications with fast processor and better camera quality. Apart form it, this new product comes with a unique feature of vacuum controller as if the phone falls from any sort of height, then the vacuum controller will start up the cylinder and the force will be exerted on the ground. By reaching to the level of ground, the force will decrease the speed of falling and it will land safely to the base. This will reduce the damage to the phone and phone will last for long. Further, the body of the phone is much more sleek as compared with the previous versions.

Moreover, the storage of the phone has increased as well and now the phone is compatible with 3 GB RAM and upto 128 GB storage. The processor so build up in is iOS 9. The front camera comes up with 5 MP and the rear one having range of 21 megapixels. Further, does not have any speaker jack and have wireless headphones. These unique features will make the product different from others and the mentioned venture focusing on to increase the sale of their product within the start of the period only.

Apart from this, there are many firms who are fighting in the same industry and with the new launch of the product, Apple will get the competitive advantage over their major competitors like Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc.

Importance of process design on product

Process design plays a crucial role in the success of product and it comprises different steps which can be used by the mentioned company so that they can make their newly launched product successful. Moreover, the process design can be defined as an activity of determining the work flow, equipment required and implementation required for a particular process.

In simple way it can be treated as arranging each and everything in a proper manner before creating a product or service. Moreover, in the starting of process design, it is essential for mentioned organization to understand the design objectives especially when the overall shape and nature of process is decided. Moreover, the most common thing which enterprise can do is they can position it as per their volume and variety characteristics. Further, the process design will be analyzed in order to ensure that it fulfills the organization objectives efficiently and effectively. Though process design and product design is interrelated.

With the introduction of iPhone 7S in coming time period, organization need to identify all the elements which will be a part of the production process. Further, the management of venture need to arrange the raw material which will be required in the development of the phone. Workforce need to be strengthen so that they bring the best quality device to the customers and it will satisfy their needs and wants. They need to experiment the product many a time in order to check that there do not exist any defect. Process design plays a crucial role in the development of the product and mentioned organization have to use it efficiently in order to achieve their goals and objectives.

Aim and objectives of product using process design

The whole point of process design helps in making sure that performance of process is very much appropriate for what Apple is trying to achieve. Further, with the introduction of iPhone 7S, Apple will be able to develop more of their goodwill around the globe and that will also increase their revenue and profitability. Operation performance objectives are translated directly in order to achieve the process design objectives.

Apple has strong workforce of their dedicated employees and they focus on producing the best quality products at an affordable price to the customers. Further, a process is followed in continuous manner in order to produce iPhone 7S product in large number. Further, organization have to take one thing in mind that the sale of the newly launched product is generally used to be at boost for starting few months. But after certain time interval, it starts declining and firm then need to focus on some new ways to attract customers towards their product.

Moreover, as the issue of environmental protection is becoming much more important, the product need to be developed by considering the green issues as it should not pamper the environment. The quantity of energy consumed in the process is also a major objective which cited firm has to take into consideration.

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Stages of product for illustrating the design concept

Identify product innovation

Engineers of cited firm acts as a problem solver and with rapid increase in technology they identify the needs and problems of the individuals.

Defining working goals

Working goals are important for Apple in order to identify some essential factors which comes into play at the time of developing product. Some important aspect like

  • How much it will cost in producing the product?
  • What will be the size, length and other characteristic of product?
  • How it will look?
  • Whether it will be accepted by customers or not?
  • Will it be reliable or not?
  • Will the customer will show interest in purchasing the newly launched product.
Gathering important data

Top management need to gather data regarding their new development and for this they can either take help of primary or secondary sources. Problem need to be identified at the time of gathering the data and for that necessary solution should also be overcome. Further, Apple also need to identify the advantages and dis advantages of the solution.

Brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming is a technique where experts sits together and make relevant discussion on the problem. Further, they also find the best way to solve the problem in order to achieve their organizational goals and objectives. The ultimate aim is to list as many ideas as possible.

Evaluating the solution

Various solution can be obtained with the help of computer analysis technique, consistency of testing, economic analysis, common sense, estimations etc.

Developing relevant models

Apple can take different models into consideration for designing the new product. Some of the models are

  • Computer models
  • Mathematical models
  • Scale models
  • Durability
  • Quality Consistency
  • Safety
Making the decision

Mentioned firm after taking all the steps into consideration, need to make decision regarding the choosing of the particular product and have to launch it precisely. Engineers have to identify different factors in order to reduce the cost of the product so that it will be available at best of the price to the individual. Further, they also need to make decisions regarding the appearance, legal issues, reliability, customer appeal, etc.

Communicating the same

Here, cited firm has to communicate the data and design for specific solution and need to get input for the same.

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Impact of performance objectives on design

Apple has to focus on the performance objectives and they have to use their workforce in effective manner so that their goals and objectives will be achieved. Performance objectives are majorly of 5 types and these objectives adds value to the customers and focuses on satisfying their requirement. These have been discussed down under:


Cost of the product will be high as organization produces product which are classy and their brand image is only the reason of rising price of their products. Apple is setting the price of the product £720 for the initial time period. Organization also believes that they will get best of the response from customers from around the globe. This strategy will help them in achieving their economic strength.


This means developing the product without any error. Quality plays a crucial role and customers required best of the products at an affordable price. If the new product comes with all the specification, then it will be purchased by the individual no matter what the price is (Ramezani, Bashiri and Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, 2013). Though, it will majorly attract the upper section of the society towards their product.


Organization revenue and profits for a specific period stand as a differentiator which separates the cited from their competitors who are working in the same industry. Mentioned firm need to develop internal chain in order to increase the efficiency and boost their speed in terms of selling.


Flexibility within cited firm requires balancing proficiency to ensure orders and customer requirements with same level of efficiency. It is treated as ability to change operations. Further flexibility comprises, ability to change value of production, time taken in production, introducing and innovating new products. Flexibility is eventually required for producing goods effectively.


Apple has to stand on the promises which they have made in the product description and they have to give same quality of products to the customers. Dependability is capacity of delivering product in agreement with promise so made with the audience.

These all factors plays a significant role and mentioned company has to produce product by considering all these elements. Cost and quality having their importance and they need to be efficiently set so that more of the customer get attracted towards the product. Flexibility having its own significance and it is generally required because technology changes rapidly and cited firm has to update themselves by opting new technology from time to time.


From the above report it is clearly inferred that the Apple is launching its new gadget in the field of smart phones and with that they will try to attract a large customer base. Stages in design concept has been studied briefly which will give reader a clear idea regarding the different models and applications. At last performance objectives like quality, cost, flexibility has been studied which will help cited firm in getting a competitive edge over their major competitors


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