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Management and Leadership Characteristics - Hilton Hotel

University: Lancaster University

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Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel


There are different departments in an organisation who performs to achieve organisational goals within pre-determined time period. For this, every department has their own manager who are liable to operate business function of respective departments in more effective and efficient manner. Therefore, it is important for an organisation to develop skills and capabilities of managers so that they can give maximum efforts in growth and success of an organisation. The present assignment report is based on Hilton Hotel is a international brand which is engaged in providing hospitality services across worldwide. The project covers different management styles and leadership characteristics which contributes to the development of an organisation. Process of communication and organisational culture are also discussed under this report. Along with this, the management identifying their skills and capabilities and make processional and career development plan (Beck, Demirgüç-Kunt and Levine, 2010).

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1.1: Various management style

Management style refers to the specific way of getting positive outcome from employees due to which the desired goals and objectives can be achieved within pre-determined period of time. It includes the planning, decision making, organising the business activities etc. which are performed by management of organisation. There are number of management styles which includes participative, authoritative, affliative and Free-rein. Each management styles has their features and way of doing particular task following the situations sustain in environment. Holiday Inn and Hilton are two big name of Hospitality sector which deals in proving hotel and other hospitality services to the visitors in order to maximise their level of satisfaction. Both hotels applied differed management styles with the purpose of managing business operations and give proper direction to employees. Following are the management styles adopted by these hotels in order to serve customers better.

Hilton: Participative management style Holiday Inn: Authoritative management style
It is considered as an effective management style in order to guide and manage the activities of employees. The main benefits of apply such management style is that it provides an opportunity to the employees to get participate in decision-making and asking suggestions and ideas from them in order to make an effective decisions and suitable plans for the betterment of an organisation. It brings motivation and self-confidence among workers due to which they give maximum efforts in achieving desired target. Involvement of employees in business decision making encourage employees to communicate managers and inform them about the issues and problems they faced at workplace. The managers also consider their values and needs of employees due to which they all give combine efforts in achieving organisational goals and objectives. It is also one of the management style which is adopted by Holiday Inn through which the management are able to monitor and manage the performance of their workers. Under this management style, the management solely takes decisions without asking suggestion s and views from their employees which decreases the satisfaction and performance of employees. Apart from this, it brings advantages as well such as it help in saving time and cost of firm due to which the company can able to grab competitive opportunities in order to achieve competitive advantage in market.

1.2: Leadership characteristics

Leadership refers to the process of utilising skills and motivates employees to perform better at workplace in order to achieve better possible result so as to achieve desired goals and objectives of organisation. An individual can be called as an effective leader when he have attain all leadership skills which includes communication skills, problems solving skills, decision making etc. due to which the employees are easily get direction to enhance their performance level. The employees having abilities of grouping individual to achieve desired target is known as a leader. Through using leadership skills, the leaders can able to maintain healthy relation with their employees which enhances their effective as well (Bianchi and et. al., 2011).

Both Holiday Inn and Hilton are two big name of Hospitality industry which has attained huge customer base. They have employed maximum number of efficient employees who knows how to deal with customers in more effective and impressive way. Therefore, having leadership skills in an individual is must which are briefly described as under:

Communication skills:It is important skills with the help of which the leaders are able to grouped employees and motivate them to work together through giving motivational speech so as to get profitable outcomes in near future. It also helps in establishing good relation with employees which maximises the satisfaction level of employees. Thus, communication is must in order to define roles and responsibilities to workers in understanding manner which brings motivation among workers. So, the leaders of both hotels need to acquire such skills as quickly as possible.

Creativity and innovation: An individual can be called as a good leader when such individual has an ability to develop new creative ideas and innovation at workplace so as to enhance the quality of work. For example, during welcoming visitors showering flowers on them increases the reputation and image of Hotel in customer's mind. Therefore, bringing creativity on regular basis help in increasing brand image in market.

Team orientation:The leaders should have attained skills and capabilities to motivate employees to work in a team and gives combine efforts to achieving common goals within pre-determined time period. As working in a team enhances the relation among workers and understand each other's skills and abilities of doping particular task (Duffy, 2013).

Therefore, the leaders of both hotel need to acquire above mentioned skills so as to achieve desired performance of employees as well as an organisation. There are number of styles followed under which are followed by these hotels:

Styles of leadership adopt by Hilton:

There are two main leadership styles which are Autocratic and action oriented adopted by Hilton Hotel. This will help in giving proper direction to the employees to perform well. Such styles are briefly explained as under:

Action oriented leadership style:This leadership style directs the leaders to guide and monitor the activities of their employees as the leader are solely liable for every action taken by them. Therefore, it is important for leader to give proper direction and support to staff members in dealing with customers having different cultures and backgrounds.

Autocratic leadership style:Under this style, the leaders act like a boss and took decisions solely without providing an opportunity to workers to give their views and feedbacks thus the chances of making an effective decision will be low. As it consumes time and cost of an organisation but at the same time, it brings demotivation and dissatisfaction among workers which decreases their performance level as well.

Leadership styles adopt by leaders of Holiday Inn:

Democratic style of leadership:Under this leadership style, leaders gives priority to the views and opinions of their employees in the decision making process. Through this, the employees feels importance which brings motivation and self-confidence among them to contribute their maximum efforts in achieving desired target within limited period of time.

Laissez-faire style of leadership:Under this style, the leaders gives freedom and right to take decision solely in order to perform their allotted activities in an effective and efficient manner which motivates them to develop new ideas and innovation in order to bring efficiency in quality of work (Harris, 2013).

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1.3: Process of communication

Communication is the process of transmitting and receiving information from one person to another in more understanding manner so that the message has been passed in such way that sender expect. In an organisation, it is must for manager to create a communication channel so that the employees can able to communicate with top authority and discuss the issues and problems they faced at workplace. The employees can understand their roles and responsibilities only when the managers of an organisation can inform them either through conducting meeting or during orientation program. Process of communication use in Holiday Inn and Hilton are given as below:

Sender:It is one who sends message or information to others is known as sender.

Idea: It means the messages which is transmitted from one person to another.

Encoding: It involves the process of transforming the ideas and pictures into meaningful message so that it can be easily transmitted to other individuals.

Communication channel: It is the form of channel with the help of which an individual sends message to the receiver.

Decoding:It is the process of converting messages into same meaning that sender wants from the receiver.

Feedback:It is the process of analysing whether receiver understood the message in the same way the sender expect from them.

The process of communication can be either formal or informal, oral or written, verbal or non-verbal. Holiday Inn has adopted non-verbal communication whereas Hilton Hotel has adopted Verbal communication which are further explained as under:

Verbal communication:Hilton Hotel mainly focuses on adopting such style of communication through which employees can verbally communicate with other employees and ignore written form of communication. The main purpose of choosing such type of communication is that it helps in saving cost and time which brings beneficial result to company as if compared with non-verbal communication. It is more helpful in resolving issues through giving solutions in frequent manner.

Non-verbal communication:Such type of communication is formal in nature and in this, message has been given in written form thus it consumes more time and cost of transmitting information. Apart from this, it helps company to send information in detailed form so the chances of understanding message by receiver will be more. It also reduce conflicts among parties due to having proper evidence of message (Hayes, 2015).

1.4: Organisational change and culture in business

Organisation culture refers the norms, values, customs and policies which are followed by the employees within an organisation. As the Hilton Hotel employed large number of employees who comes from different backgrounds and culture due to which they may find difficulties in adjusting in working environment and cannot able to perform the roles and regulations in standard manner. Organisation culture can be classified into two parts which are given as below:

Role culture:There are number of employees working in an organisation who performed different roles and responsibilities allotted by top authority. Therefore, such type of culture is important as it helps employees in understanding their roles in an organisation which motivates them to perform well which results in getting profitable outcomes.

Power culture:It is also one of the type of culture which determines the power and right of an individual in an organisation so as to direct business activities in more effective and efficient manner. The employees attaining higher position in an organisation holds high power and right to influence business decision making process and vice versa.

Model of change: As it is universal truth that the needs and preferences of customers are changes frequently which forces an organisation to implement changes in decision and policies in order to maximise the satisfaction level of customers. As it consumes more time but it is necessary for an organisation to focus on adopting regular changes according to the changing needs and requirement of customers. For this, Lewin change management which need to focused by Hilton Hotel to adopt. It includes three model of changes which are:

Unfreeze:This step involves the plans and polices formulated by managers with an objective of accepting uncontrollable changes so as to take advantage of such change in favour of an organisation.

Change:This step includes the direction given to staff members as per the new policies and plans so that they find no difficulties in perform allotted task in an effective manner. Motivation can be provide through giving rewards and incentives.

Refreeze:It includes new ideas and methods which are more useful to carry out future business activities (Hogan and et. al., 2010).

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2.1: Own management skills

To become an effective manager of Clayton Crown Hotel, it must required to attain specific skills and attributes with the help using the manager can able to manage and monitor performance of employees and give them suitable direction if any deviation found. Such skills and attributes need to be acquired by manager of Clayton Crown Hotel are briefly described as under:

Leadership skills: A manager also required to be act as a leader due to which multiple roles can be performed by them for the betterment of an organisation. Getting leadership skills through taking participate in training and other action programs will help manager to giving proper direction and guidance to the employees so that they can perform as per the standard (Luthans and et. al., 2010).

Problem solving skills:There are number of workers employed in an organisation which faces lots of conflicts and issues at workplace due to changing business environment thus it is important for manager to have problem solving skills so that they can able find out the optimum solution after getting feedbacks from each and every employee.

Communication skills:The employees performed as per the plans and policies of an organisation in an effective and efficient manner only when they can understand their roles and responsibilities thus it is essential for manager of Clayton Crown Hotel to communicate with them properly and ask them to provide feedbacks and issues if any occur at workplace.

Decision making skills:During festive seasons, the hotels receives large number of guests through out all over the countries thus it is important for manager of Clayton Crown Hotel to make an effective decisions and plans regarding attracting customers which results in gaining huge revenues and profits (Naudé, 2010). Adopting marketing plans and strategies is such a decision which help in grabbing attention of maximum number of customers and influences their decision of visit at Hotel.

Skills Very Rare (1) Rare (2) Sometimes(3) Often (4) Always (5)
Problem solving skills     ✝    
Communication Skills       ✝  
Leadership skills         ✝
Decision-making Skills       ✝  

2.2: Personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

It is essential for manager to know their skills and weaknesses so that they can work on improving their areas of weaknesses and through this, they can attain higher position in an organisation. For this, SWOT Analysis should be done which are as follows:

Strengths Weaknesses
  • As a senior manager of Clayton Crown Hotel, I have a learned lots of things which further help me in dealing with complex situations arises due to rivals.
  • I always tried to gain knowledge about market in order to enhance hospitality services.
  • I have good interpersonal skills due to which I can easily understand other specific abilities.
  • Due to lack of knowledge about multiple languages, I failed to coordinate with customers comes from different countries.
  • Due to workload, I failed to recognise the needs and requirements of employees at workplace.
  • Sometimes I act as a strict manager due to frustration.
Opportunities Threats
  • Required to get participate in training and leaning programs to gain knowledge so that I can able to attain higher position in Clayton Crown Hotel.
  • Required to allot time to all departments for getting feedbacks.
  • High competition which brings challenges to Clayton Crown Hotel to attract customers.
  • Large number of small guest houses decreases the revenue of Hotel.

2.3: Set targets and objectives to develop on potential

After identifying the skills and weaknesses, the managers of Clayton Crown Hotel required to set target to improve their weak areas so as to perform well. Therefore, to set objectives following points need to be consider such as :

  • Setting time frames or schedule for particular activity motivate employees to give their maximum efforts in achieving desired goals and objectives so that competitive opportunities can be easily grabbed which help Hilton Hotel to achieve competitive advantage in market (Pettit, Fiksel and Croxton, 2010).
  • In order to make an effective decision, conducting research is also important which brings sufficient information regarding the rival's strategies and policies.
  • As a senior manager, I need to have all information and knowledge regarding the final objective so that an effective practice can be adopted in order to attract large number of customers.
Objectives Success criteria (TARGET DATE) Actions Implementation Completed Yes/No
Improve leadership skills 12/10/18 Take part in personal development classes. Utilize on team members YES
New and advanced Technologies 12/12/18 By acquire from real life experience. By carry out roles and responsibilities with help of advanced technology. YES
Improving management skills 22/12/17 By collect data through internet and from various other sources. Managing and guide team members. YES


3.1: Motivate and lead a team to achieve agreed objective

It is the responsibility of an organisation to bring motivation and self-confidence among employees so that maximum output should be get from them. Therefore, the manager of Frankie & Benny's restaurant play an important role in adopting various motivational theories at workplace with an objective of fulfil needs and requirements of employees in more effective and efficient manner. Frankie & Benny's restaurant deals in providing quality food products to the visitors thus it is essential for them to produce quality products and services so as to maximises the satisfaction level of customers (SWOT Analysis, 2017). Thus, adoption of motivational theories are must for employees. Such motivational theories includes:

Maslow's theory of motivation:Such motivational theory includes five major aspects which includes:

Physiological needs: It includes those needs that every individual expected in life to achieve in order to survive. For example, water, clothes, food etc.

Safety needs:It includes those needs which an individual desired at workplace in order to protect themselves from any damage or accidents.

Social needs:It includes those needs which an individual hope to get same from others in return of their love and affection.

Esteem needs:It includes those need which every employee want to attain in an organisation i.e. recognition.

Self actualisation:It includes those needs that an individual desired to get self fulfilment once in life (Ogunlana, 2010).

Vroom's expectancy motivation theory: Such theory is introduced by Vroom in which there are three main variables which are as follows:

Expectancy:It refers to such a belief or emotions that the individual efforts will decide the outcome received in near future. If an individual increases their efforts then it will result in increasing performance as well. It can be affected by three things such as:

  • Availability of resources.
  • Attaining right and power to perform allotted task
  • Getting sufficient support to get the work done.

Instrumentality: It is based on the belief that if an individual perform and contribute well then positive outcomes will be definitely received.

Valence:It refers to the expectations that an individual have from their managers in order to perform well.

McGragor theory of motivation:It includes two theories of motivation i.e. theory Y and theory X which are introduced by McGregor. Theory X includes those employees which show less interest and willingness to perform their work and need job security as well whereas theory Y includes those employees which gives more efforts to perform their work and always ready to bear any responsibility (Godefroid, Levin and Molnar, 2012). The managers mainly use incentives or bonus salary to bring motivation among the employees works under theory X.

3.2: Decision made to support achievement of agreed objective and recommendations for improvements

There are various decision which need to be taken by management of an organisation wit an objective of getting profitable outcomes to company. It can be possible only when the management have such an ability and skills to analyse the competitive environment and accordingly implement an effective decision and plans in order to achieve competitive advantages in market. Such decisions are related with:

  • Adoption of different motivational theories such as Maslow motivational theory, Vroom expectancy motivation theory etc. with an objective of increasing performance level of employees.
  • Crating communication channel with the purpose of interacting others in order to maintain healthy relation with employees.
  • Organising training and development programs for the employees in order to maximise their level of satisfaction.
  • Honouring guest through adopting new and innovative idea which increases the image of Hotel in customer's mind.

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4.1: Personal and managerial skills support career development

There are various skills includes personal as well as managerial which need to be acquired by management in order to achieve growth and success in their professional career. Such skills includes:

Leadership skills: Such skill is defined as an ability to get work done from others in more effective and efficient way through giving proper direction and motivation to them in form of giving incentives and rewards etc. Therefore it is important for manage to attain such skill in order to group employees into a team so that qualified and skilled employees work together and gives maximum possible combined efforts so as to achieve desired outcomes. An individual who has an ability to lad team with the help of using their specific skills and knowledge is known as leader and plays equal role as compared to the manager of an organisation.

Communication skills:Such skill is defined as an attribute which help in maintaining good relation with others. The business activities of employees are under controlled and monitored by manager thus it is important for them to communicate with them regarding the policies and responsibilities so that the employees can work as per the standards and brings maximum positive result to company in near future.

Adaptability:Business environment changes rapidly due to which an organisation may faces lots of challenges and problems thus to deal with such, the managers are required to make changes in their decisions making and pre-determined plans and accept changes in favourable way so as to achieve competitive advantage in market and move ahead from their competitors. (Communication Process, 2017).

4.2: Personal and career development needs and future needs to formulate development plan

Managers of an organisation play a crucial and important role in achieving growth and success in market for longer period of time thus it is essential for company to enhance the skills and knowledge of managers through preparing personal as well as career development plan. Such plan are based on three areas such as needs of personal development, current performance and future needs. As a manager of an organisation, it is essentially required to acquire new skills according to the situation that may arises in near future. Development plan to improve personal as well as professional skills are given as below:

Skills Required development Time required
Flexibility skills It is important for manager to have such skills in order to deal with different situations that occur due to changes in business environment. 6 Months
Motivational skills Having such skill help in bring efficiency and improves quality of work. 3 Months
Time management skills It is the skill which help manager to work on time so as to grab competitive chances in market in order to achieve competitive advantage, 2 Months
Leadership skills It is such skill through manager get work done from others. 3 Months
Management skills It is such a skills which help manager to make an effective decisions and plans for the betterment of an organisation. 2 Months

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It has been concluded from above project report that an effective management always brings profitable result to an organisation as with the help of using specific skills and attributes of manager an organisation can easily achieve its desired goals and objectives. An organisation always tried to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of manager so that they can perform allotted roles and responsibilities in more effective and efficient manner. There are different management and leadership styles which also required to be adopted by management of an organisation in order to motivate employees to give their best.


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