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Characteristics of Manager and Leader - Vodafone

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Organization Selected : Vodafone


In a business firm, manager and leader are the one to manage, coordinate, organise the business activities in proper manner so the goals are achieved. Whereas, operation management is the process related to designing and controlling the production operation in company (Operations management, 2017). To understand the importance of manager and leader Vodafone is taken into consideration. It is a British Multinational Telecommunication Company located in London. The company has the new organisational structure that focus to do business in different manner that will satisfy the customer needs more. In this report, the comparison between roles and responsibilities of a leader and manager and there importance to deal various situational contexts. Report focus on various theories and model of leadership.

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P1 Role and characteristics of leader and manager.

In every administration, managers and leaders are there those contribute their extreme possible energies to attain anticipated goals and aims. There are number of crucial role that has to be performed by manager and leader to accomplish the business goal. A leader is consider to be good leader If they have the abilities and potential to lead a team and makes they work accordingly. They are one that motivate team in companies and increase their performance and satisfaction level. They help the team member to perform a task in an effective manner so the organisation goals are achieved. On the other hand effective manager are those who make important strategies, programs and policies that is to be followed by other worker and leader that support to complete a business activity in proper manner. It is the main role of manager to create a healthy environment in company that benefit the worker to perform well and contribute in improving the performance of company (Barratt, Choi and Li, 2011). So it is observed that manager and leader both are essential part for a company as manager are the one that produce effective strategic and training and educational programs. And leader trains and motivate team member to achieve the predefined result in effective and appropriate manner. They make team work with their full potential to achieve the task and objective. Some of the basic role of leader and manager are described below:

Role of manager

  • Applying strategies and plans: A manager plays a significant part in executing effective policies and controls the business operation from top specialist. It is basically essential for director to update about such strategies and plans to their workers so that they can execute giving their best according to the way specified by managers. For example, in Vodafone manager implements different set of plans and policies in order to increase sales. They use to provide necessary help to their associate and give them direction to achieve predefined sales target for a period.
  • Giving necessary training:Training and development is the essential way to improve the skills and ability of an individual. It is the main role of manager to arrange various training and educational program that help in improving the performance and productivity level. Manager closely examines the performance of each staff and make sure that each of them are performing well. In case if they found the difference between actual and standard performance, then they give necessary training. So example, in Vodafone manager regularly arranges educational and training program, seminar and improve skills of its workforce. As more trained and skilled labour in Vodafone help company to complete a particular task on time and increase profitability.
  • Monitoring and controlling:Managers are the responsible to regulate and monitors business tasks and makes sure whether they are performed in effective and capable style which openly benefits in accomplishing wanted goals and purposes of a Vodafone (Burke, 2013). For example in Vodafone manager use to closing examine the business project in order to determine that they are performed according to the formulated policies or not. They jeeps on updating worker to execute their work with full potential in order to reach set target.

Role of leader

  • Communication:Communication and understanding among group associates plays a significant part in attaining favourite goals. A leader must be a good communicator to its team members. They must be able to explain strategies and plans applied by manager and direct worker to execute a particular task. He must be a good communicator with the top authority of company so that if worker are not satisfied with anything. Leader can approach manager and convey the message. For example, manager makes polices to do sales and achieve target in a particular time, then it is the duty of leader to explain the job roles and task to their workforce. In case if employees are not satisfied with the term and condition, then they must directly convey the message to high authority.
  • Team Building:A leader is liable to encourage workers to perform a task in team. Functioning in a group supports workforces to connect with all other employees. It also helps in determining strengths and weaknesses of team member. For example, leader of Vodafone assign a particular task to a following expert team that will aids in improving the performance of every employees. As team member have to commonly agree on a common aspect and makes an effective decision that grows coordination among them (Galindo and Batta, 2013).
  • Motivation:Unless and until team member are not motivated they are not going to perform a task in proper manner. Leaders are the only one that has capability and talents to inspire and motivate other employees of team. So it is significant for a leader to apply numerous methods and approaches which motivate team member to donate extreme efforts in attaining goals. For example, in Vodafone leader use to gives rewards and price to team member on the basic of performance and skills. This help, team member to get motivated and put all their effort in upcoming time.

Comparison between leaders and managers of Vodafone:



  • Leader inspires other team member to accomplish wanted objectives.
  • They must think on performance of all specific personnel performing in group.
  • Leader in Vodafone are liable to provide direction team mates to execute task efficiently.
  • They try to motivate team member by giving necessary rewards and gifts according to their performance.
  • Leader follows the polices made by manger of Vodafone, so they minimize the risk in company.
  • Manager is the person who control and manage business tasks by doing proper planning, coordinating and controlling.
  • The main focus of manager is to concentrate and improve the overall performance of Vodafone.
  • Manager is likely to allocate job to its workers depending upon their abilities and information.
  • Human resource manager is also responsible to hire and recruit skilled candidates by conducting various programs.

Characteristics of Manager and leader of Vodafone:

Positive attitude: Leader and managers of firm have positive attitude that support in achieving wanted goals. They are liable to contract with company clients and team member in operative way so Vodafone would achieve future growth.

Creative: Manager and leader must be creative while generating fresh ideas and strategies which help Vodafone to achieve growth in upcoming period. They must donate their innovative efforts in drawing interest of customers to buy their products and facilities. For example, in Vodafone manager and leader implement better internet plans than any other communication company (Jacobs, Chase and Lummus, 2011). This help in increasing the customer base and company earn huge profit.

Motivator: Both individual are liable to deliver motivation to team member so that better outcome are ascertain in favour of company. Manger and leader need to connect the associates of firm and gather any feedback and views that support in framing new strategies. For example, manger closely examine the performance of every employees within company and with the help of leader they use to give rewards and prize that help team, associate to get motivate and keeps on performing well for the development of Vodafone.


P2. Roles or leader and function of manager in different situational context.

The two leader and administrators perform different jobs and capacities in business form rely upon various circumstances. As the unique conditions emerge in workplace and it is crucial for them two to deal with and through different method in a possible and effective way. They both need to focus to change over weaknesses into qualities which encourage an association to increase market advantage. Utilizations of job of a leader and chief function of director are depict underneath:

  • Customer:Clients are the links of business and in this way it is critical for both manger and developer to give quality items and administrations to them with the end goal to boost their sales. For example in Vodafone leader and manger tries to satisfy their consumer by providing best internet services such as speed, quantity, validity. That helps in attracting more customers towards company. Similarly, in Idea manager and leader only focus to increase sales by implementing different plans. And they reduce the quality of services.
  • Employees:Worker is an advantage for company; hence it is significant for firm to pleasure them well. Manager and leader should essential to attention on educating the skills and abilities of their workforces through directing training meetings and growth programs. For example the manager of Vodafone arranges different educational and training within and outside company (Kazda and Caves, 2013). This hep its team member to acquire enough knowledge to deal with certain uncertainty in future time. With proper training and knowledge team associate are able to make effective decision that increase the profitability of Vodafone. On the other side, in idea manager and leader more concern to grow and expand their workforce and they do so by hiring unskilled and unprofessional staff. This lead to reduction in overall performance of company.
  • Society:As it is essential for firm to execute numerous business events which will not affect the community and society in together positive and negative manner. It develops the duties of manager to put their supreme determinations in social development and perform commercial activities as per the Standards and morals of society. For example, manager and leader of Vodafone always do promotion activities in order to increase their sales for a specific product. But they kept in mind the norms of business and community, such that their activities do not affect the behaviour and culture of society. Similarly in Idea manager and leader are not able to formulate polices and plans for sales promotion according to the standard of society. This will affect the performance of company and reduce the customer base.

P3. Apply various models and theories including situational leadership.

There are number of theories and methods for leadership which are used in Vodafone during the period of Brexit as company needs stability in its operation. Otherwise company could collapse, so leadership must be effective at that time. In order to attain wanted aims and purposes director and leader essentials to encourage workforces through ensuing various theories of leadership that are explained below:

  • Contingency leadership:According to this theory there is no solo or single method to perform business activities and it totally depends on the thoughts and conclusions of businesses personnel. Contingency theory of authority, the innovators or leader needs to examine different possibilities as associate, duty and meeting factors. In this theory, the administration style can be either inspired by identifying the assignment or push towards building relationship. During the time of Brexit the manager and leader are libel to build a strong relationship with team member and other staff member in Vodafone so they makes effective decision to run business in UK.
  • System leadership: With the end goal to determine all issues identifying with business activities this hypothesis of initiative assumes a critical job towards accomplishing wanted targets (Nakayama and Bucks, 2012). Leader must need to recognize the primary components which influence the business activities and from there on actualize restorative measures with the end goal to kill such issues as quickly as time permits.
  • Situational theory:Many times circumstance arises at working environment is adaptable in this manner this theory of management or leadership defines that leader need to hold assorted style of creativity according to the circumstance exist in company like Vodafone. According to this, same style of leadership can't be appropriate in each sort of circumstances so it is crucial for a leader to convey an adaptable style of initiative. For example at the time of Brexit many company collapse as they are not able to deal with the situation and norms of government. But leader of Vodafone applies situation leadership style to manage and motivate employees so they work with full potential and over the situation of Brexit (Lind, 2013).


P4 Key approaches of Operation Managements.

Operations management is considered to be an essential business practice that plays effective role in increasing the efficiency of enhancing organisational operations and minimize the cost of firm. The major concerned area of operations management is to converting the labour or material into finished goods or services, in respect to developing the efficiency of an organisation. As a reputed multinational company Vodafone UK faces various kind of obstacles and issues and the management of the firm take various steps for resolving the issue in appropriate manner. There are different key approaches of operation management that helps the Vodafone UK to enhance the operations of the firm. Some essential approaches are associated as under:

  • Total Quality Management: This considered as the most essential approach of operations management and it is widely applied by organisations in respect to managing the quality of the products and services within the commercial centre. Consumers are the key consideration of the firm and Vodafone UK is widely concern on satisfying the needs and wants of customers through offering them quality of products and services, thus people are very much concern about the quality of the product rather than the quantity. The Managers and leaders of Vodafone UK are very much concern about quality of products in order to gaining competitive advantage within the commercial centre.
  • Just in Time Inventory: This system is about maintaining inventory efficiently in regular course of business. This approach is basically used on inventory sector in order to extend the efficiency and remove the wastage by increasing the quality and efficiency of the products and services of the firm. Vodafone UK is significantly focused on providing quick response to their final users in regards to providing goods and services within the selected time duration.
  • Six Sigma: This refers as the most applied and effective tool of development of operations that is potentially used by Vodafone UK for enhancing the business operations. Six sigma theory is applied by the management of an organisation, when an organisation wants to minimise the defects in its business.
  • Lean production: Lean management is the techniques or approach to function the organisation of business which support the continuous development concept. This helps in developing the present services, products, processes that needed to increment within a time period. Vodafone UK use this process for more effective business activities operations.

Role of Leaders and Managers to improve efficiency:

Managers and leaders are the key aspect of the business and the overall production and operations of the firm is based on the key efforts of managers and leaders. There are some ways to improve efficiency of Vodafone UK which are associated as follows:

Appropriate Assistance: In an organisation the major concern area of manager or leader is to providing appropriate assistance to the employees so that proper facilities can be offered to the customers. The manager or leaders of Vodafone UK is widely focused on providing significant direction to their subordinates in order to managing the operations of the firm.

Improvement in Equipments: The work force of an organisation is totally depending on technology and to sustain in the market one must have too aware about new technology. As technology gets obsoleted, so it is required for the firm to improve the equipment’s in business to improve overall efficiency of operations. So the managers of Vodafone UK should upgrade its equipment frequently so they can provide quality work to its customers. This will help the company to achieve its goal of maximum profit.

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P5. Importance of operation managements.

Management of operations is a process of keeping and organising the functions and operations of business in appropriate way. Through this, the business can attain the desired goals and objectives which is set by the top management of Vodafone UK, Here are the importance of administration of operations which is explained as below:

  • Managing regular operation: The managing regular operations of an organisation is very important for smooth functioning of business. As the operation management allows an organisation to make the efficient use of its resources like, staff, raw material, funds and other resources of business. By managing all these resources efficiently Vodafone UK can earn maximum revenue or profit.
  • Minimizing Wastage: As a large business enterprises, Vodafone UK has its global operations and the company is famous for its high tech facilities and products. Operation management helps the firm in optimizing the resources in respect to managing the extra flow of resources, thus it creates value in developing the operations of the firm within the commercial centre.
  • Profit maximisation: Vodafone UK is popular telecommunication organisation and its potential growth is based on its products quality and high costing of services which they provide. Management of operations aid in avoiding the extra expenses and reducing cost of waste activities which directly or indirectly develops the total welfare of the firm through minimising total expense. The company, Vodafone UK uses high tech and advanced tools for the production or other activities saves time and financial assets as well.
  • Goodwill increase: This considered as the key consideration of each business enterprises, in this modern business era the potential concern of each business is to enhancing the brand image of the firm in the mind set of people in respect to developing the goodwill of the firm within the commercial centre. Vodafone UK have very spontaneous and unique recognition in market as people specially elite class prefer only products and facilities of this brand and it have become the ideal of entire telecommunication sector.


P6 Factors with in business environment that affect on operational management.

The operations and functions of an organisation is majorly influenced through two aspects which is essential for an business enterprises to be managed in respect to effective functioning of organisational operations. The two major factors are associated as below:

Internal Factors:

This factor is based on various aspects that internally impacted on the operations of Vodafone UK and affects its decision making process. The essential internal factors of the firm are described as below:

  • Customers: Customers are the key aspect of the growth of an organisation and plays pivotal job in the accomplishments and achievement of the organization. Satisfied users of Vodafone have took organization so far toward the achievement and special acknowledgement of association. The firm has its global operations and the numerous number of customers are benefits for the significant growth of firm.
  • Employees: The potential growth of the firm is based on the efforts of employees. Creative, diverged and potential employee representative are considered to be the key of accomplishment of Vodafone organization for which association perform different exercises, for example, preparing and improvement, benefits and pay which helps in expanding their execution and holding them with the brand.
  • Suppliers: Providers are the suppliers of raw material and significant individuals who can either build the expense of production or decline it. Supervisor and pioneers of Vodafone UK ought to keep up the association with their providers for the less expensive raw material. Their obligation is to give great quality standard of raw material at very least expense.

External factors:

External factors are often defined or situated at outside of the organisation which is as important as internal factors to manage. These factors are impacted the organisational performance through external sources. External factors can be analysed through PEST analysis, which is determined as below:

  • Political Factors: This determined as the key factor that has direct influence on the operations of firm. Political factors are significantly based on government intervention in the economy. This involves the government policy, political stability, foreign trade policy, tax policy and labour law. It is the prior obligation of Vodafone UK to consider all political aspects in respect to developing the operations of the firm in effective way.
  • Economic Factor: The Economic aspects has a vast influence on the organizations operational efficiency. It involves the economic growth, interest rate, exchange rates, inflation and spending of consumers. Vodafone UK requires to consider the income level of customers in respect to providing them efficient facilities as per their requirements.
  • Social Factor: Social aspects includes the shared belief and attitudes of the people. These involves the population growth, age distribution, health consciousness and attitude of people. If country have the less number of population the company receives orders as per the requirement of the customers. So it is also required for Vodafone UK to consider all social aspects in resect to conducting appropriate organisational operations.
  • Technological factor: Technology plays vital role in effective execution of the organisational operations. In today's business market competition is so high at market and the major consideration of each business is to using new or advance facilities in respect to developing the operations at global level. Vodafone UK now able to carry out less number of consumer quality from the market as other are including or switching their potentiality and loyalty to other companies.

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From the above report it has been concluded that manager and leader are an important part for any organisation as they help in improving the performance of company and motivate team member. In company manager use to make polices and plans that guides leader to male team member work accordingly and achieve the desired goals. Important functions of manger are formulate plan and polices, provide training etc. and role of leader are communication, team building and motivation.

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