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Analysis of Complex Issues and Problem Solving of Newcastle

University: Northumbria university

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 16 / Words 3912
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: LD0472
  • Downloads: 311
Question :

This Assessment covers following questions:

  • Analyse and communicate complex issues effectively in the context of Newcastle United Football Club
  • Demonstrate, decision, making, problem solving and project management skills.
  • Newcastle United Football Club is a professional football club.  Provide Evidence of knowledge of important business intelligence/data analytics systems.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Newcastle United FC


The football game is quite famous in the UK. Newcastle United Football Club is an English Professional club of football founded in 1982. The period from 1904 to 1910 was one of the successful year for the football club as they have won FA (Football Association) Cup in the said period. However, it has also found struggles for winning cups in early 2000 but it returned strong after winning the Premier League of 2017-18 in effectual manner. This shows that football club is able to win matches in the best way possible.

Present report will deal about the deeper insights about the issues being currently observed in the club. The performances of football players are of great impact on overall performance of Newcastle United Football Club. For resolving issues in effectual manner, usage of Business intelligence and Data Analytics will be carried out in presenting solutions to club’s management. SAS software will be used for providing the solutions to the problems which are being found. Moreover, excel dashboard will be presented which in turn would be helpful in providing key aspects in effective way. Recommendation will be made for usage of Business Intelligence / Data Analytics.

1. Discussing and presenting theoretical framework for linking problem/opportunity statement with BI (Business Intelligence)/ DA (Data Analytics) system.

The game of football is one of the popular one in overall Europe. Players also play well and receive good amount of income in the best way possible. This is evident from the fact that fees paid to players are more in comparison to other sports (Seddon & et.al., 2017). It can be analysed that in the football sector, players are paid in accordance to their performance and as a result, fees are paid to them quite effectually. It can be presented that football club provides higher fees to players on their performance in effectual manner. It is required that management should provide fees structure accordingly in accordance to performances and build appropriate fees structure.

The highly structured fees should be made so that business may be able to enhance overall performance in the best way possible. The management of Newcastle United Football Club has main issue as it is not able to form appropriate fees structure in the best way possible. This issue need to be resolved so that players could be paid in accordance to their performance ie more number of goals made and should be paid higher and not as per the big name of players. For overcoming issue, dashboard in excel will be prepared in accordance to performance of players and as a result, evaluation will be highlighted in the form of excel in effectual manner. Moreover, it can be analysed that firm will be able to attain benefits as appropriate fees structure will be made accordingly and as a result, firm would provide adequate fees to the players as per their performance.

The football club is required to prepare appropriate structure in effectual manner. It can be analysed that graphical representation of players’ performance will be made with the help of which presentation will provide performances and related parameters of performance quite effectually (Hazen & et.al., 2018). Business intelligence system has wide range of tool which will provide external and internal sources of data in effectual manner. Business Intelligence is crucial technique which provides way for concerning problems and aids in decision-making quite effectually. It can be analysed that company lays emphasis on business intelligence in order to make analysis in the best possible manner.

The company uses business intelligence software in accordance to the issues which are to be formed in a better manner. In accordance to problem being identified, business intelligence software is quite useful for analysing solutions in the best manner possible. There are various software which prepares dashboard namely Tableau, MS-Excel. Dashboard is one of the important means that by which firm may be able to analyse significance in effectual manner. Dashboard is a data visualisation tool which is helpful in displaying present status of metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to firm quite effectually. It is helpful as presentation of current metrics, numbers and related scorecards can be prepared in the best way possible. All these information is presented on a single screen which provides crucial information to the business.

In relation to this, SAS is used in for carrying out performance evaluation of Newcastle United Football Club in effectual manner so that desired results can be attained in a better manner. This helps to convert the data into better way which assists in making decisions with ease. It has several statistical techniques such as cluster analysis and regression so as to attain results in a better manner without any difficulty (Vidgen, Shaw & Grant, 2017). Cluster analysis is one of the crucial technique in which task of grouping a set of objects are made in such a way that objects in same group are similar to each other than those could not be done in other groups ie clusters. In simple words, it is a multivariate method aiming for classifying sample of objects on the basis of set of measured variables into several groups possessing the same characteristics and thus, they are placed in same group.

Regression is termed as a set of definite process for estimating relationships between variables in a better manner. Regression analysis involves two variables such as dependent variable and independent variables (Sun, Strang & Firmin, 2017). Thus, relationship is shown among independent variables are related to dependent variables. Hence, SAS is used for analysing problem in a better manner. Main issue in Newcastle United Football Club is that higher fees are paid to players who are not performing good which has resulted into inappropriate fee structure and needs to be resolve at the earliest so that in accordance to performance, fees should be paid leading to satisfaction among players.

The dashboard prepared by implementing Business Intelligence and Data Analytic system is important for Newcastle United Football Club as it clearly shows performance of players in which higher and lower performance with the help of parameters can be attained in a better manner. The dashboard lists down fees which are being paid to the players in accordance to their respective performances (Côrte-Real, Oliveira & Ruivo, 2017). Graphical representation provides clarity in preparing dashboard leading to make proper analysis of data set. With reference to dashboard, management of Newcastle United Football Club can develop fees structure quite effectually. For addressing the issue in a better manner, SAS software has been used for analysing impact of fees paid to players on goals made by them.

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2. Representing and evidencing knowledge of key BI/DA system

Excel Dashboard

Regression Analysis

Data Set Name




Member Type









11/26/2018 16:01:11

Observation Length


Last Modified

11/26/2018 16:01:11

Deleted Observations






Data Set Type








Data Representation





utf-8  Unicode (UTF-8)



Engine/Host Dependent Information

Data Set Page Size


Number of Data Set Pages


First Data Page


Max Obs per Page


Obs in First Data Page


Number of Data Set Repairs




Release Created


Host Created


Inode Number


Access Permission


Owner Name


File Size


File Size (bytes)


Alphabetic List of Variables and Attributes














Fees paid














Key passes per game





























Number of Observations Read


Number of Observations Used


Number of Observations with Missing Values


Analysis of Variance



Sum of


F Value

Pr > F











Corrected Total




Root MSE




Dependent Mean


Adj R-Sq


Coeff Var




Parameter Estimates






t Value

Pr > |t|














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3. Critically analysing and justifying use of implemented BI/DA system

  • Excel Dashboard

The excel dashboard has been prepared with the help of which players’ performance can be evaluated with ease. There are various players of Newcastle United Football Club such as Kennedy has made one goal in 2018 and fees paid to him is 1300 (in million pounds) and fouls made is 1.2 and passes made amounts to 24.3. On the other hand, Ciaran Clark has made one goal in the season and salary being imply is £1820 to him. While, fouls made are of 0.5 which is low and passes is 22.8. On the other hand, Salomon Rondon has made higher goals and became successful player in the squad having the performance of 5 goals and fouls, passes imply for 0.7 and 14.3 respectively. The annual salary offered to player is £3120 million.

Ayoze Perez has made one goal, fouls and passes implies for 1.2 and 17.4. The salary paid to the player is £2340. On the other side, DeAndre Yedlin has made one goal in the season, passes made are 27.9 and fouls amounts to 1.4. The fee payment criteria is £1560 in effectual manner. Joselu is another player in the team and performance in terms of goals is 2 who comes behind Salomon Rondon. Fees paid to him is 2080, fouls is 0.3 and passes made is 16.2. Jonjo Shelvey one of the costliest player has made no goal and salary paid to him is 3640, fouls and passes imply for 1.1 and 54.1 respectively.

The above figures as represented in dashboard clearly shows that fees are not paid according to performance of players of football club. This is evident from the fact that Salomon Rondon who has made 5 goals in the season is receiving less amount of money in comparison to Jonjo Shelvey who is the highest paid player. The salary or fees should be in accordance to individual performance and not related to name of players (Kokina, Pachamanova & Corbett, 2017). Providing higher fees to players having good amount of goals will boost their performance quite easily and they will be able to perform more better leading to more wins to Newcastle United Football Club. Thus, it can be derived from overall assessment that salary is not paid appropriately by management which needs to be resolved.

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Regression Analysis

H0: There is no significant difference between mean of fees paid and goals made by Newcastle United Football Club

H1: There is significant difference between mean of fees paid and goals made by Newcastle United Football Club


It can be interpreted from above regression analysis that p value of the figure is higher than that of standard value of significant level which is 0.05. This clearly shows that alternative hypothesis is accepted and null hypothesis is rejected. It can be conducted from overall results of regression that there is no such statistical significant difference between value of mean obtained between fees paid to football players of by Newcastle United Football Club and goals made by them during match. This implies that fees paid have no significant difference or impact on performance of football players.

Cluster sampling-

The researcher applies it by dividing population into separate groups called clusters. It is selected from population.

4. Conclusion and recommendation for use of BI/DA system in Newcastle United Football Club


Hereby it can be concluded from above report based on performance of by Newcastle United Football Club that management requires to take effective action for providing salaries to soccer players in the best manner possible. They should be paid in accordance to performance of the players so that they may be able to win more matches and gain result in effectual manner. It can be analysed from the report that by Newcastle United Football Club is not imparting salaries to players particularly on the basis of their performance. Most of the players are getting more salaries despite of low goals made by them which makes the fees structure inappropriate up to a major extent. This shows that they should not be paid in accordance to their big name or brand name but purely on the performance, they have provided on the field so that appropriate fees structure may be made and no biasness may evolve.

This will lead to providing fair salaries to people on their performance basis and will improve upon their performance leading to higher win matches in effectual manner. It is required that for retaining goal-efficient players, it needs to recreate fees structure so that players may be able to perform well and matches can be won by team leading to benefit entire team. On the other hand, it is required that firm should be able to provide better fees to talented players who play exceptionally well in the field and as a result, overall performance of team can be enhanced up to a certain extent. Moreover, Newcastle United Football Club’s management must revise their fees criteria so that efficiency can be increased by providing lucrative salaries to players on performance done by them on the field in effectual manner.

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By referring to the outcome received by applying statistical measures, recommendations can be provided to by Newcastle United Football Club which are listed below-

  • It is hereby recommended to by Newcastle United Football Club management that it should revise the fees criteria in accordance to goals made by soccer players. The big name of players should not be taken into account as it will lead to wastage of money and efficient players will be disheartened.
  • It is recommended that salaries offered on the basis of performance will provide team with higher performance and more productivity will be provided and efforts will be made by players. If less fees are paid to them when their performance is good, they will not stay with the team and it could lead to inefficiency in the team.
  • Talented players should be retained by providing them with higher salaries. Moreover, increasing monetary benefits will have positive impact on employees and they will become productive and will become loyal and would not leave the team. Thus, it is required to initiate changes in fees structure.
  • Furthermore, when determining fees structure, numerous factors should be taken into consideration such as goals made, fouls, passes per matches on an average etc. This will provide broader perspective to the management of Newcastle United Football Club and they will be able to provide effective salaries to each and every players which will then be retained in the team.
  • Moreover, it is recommended to management to use Business intelligence/ Data analytics in deciding fees structure which will have clarity to the management as to who are the players playing well and who are not, leading to design appropriate fees structure or criteria. This will prove to be beneficial for Newcastle United Football Club as fees will be paid according to their performances made by them in the field.
  • It is also recommended to effectively place fees structure by looking performance of players from various perspectives which will give them to achieve desired implementation of fees structure. Hence, it can be said that by applying all these suggestions, management of Newcastle United Football Club will be able to design fees criteria which will be purely based on overall performance. Thus, overall efficiency of players will increase leading to achievement of goals by team.


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