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Introduction of Management


The term management is the very identical term, which is symbolically stated the area of organizing and coordinating the process of work within a particular organization. Management is very important for the organisation in order to work effectively and efficiently. In this assignment, the different theories of management are consulted with the appearance of problem-solving sessions in Imperial Hotel, London. There are some of the management problems are arise within Imperial Hotel, London, within which the problem regarding front office staffs management challenge and suggestions to resolve this problem has been discussed within the study. Hence, the theories and practice have been used for the problem resolving aspects in this discussion.

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Discussion about different management theories

Management theories are basically a set of guidelines, which can be applied within a particular organisation in order to proceed with proper ways of the management process. As mentioned by O’Toole and Meier (2014, p.11), the management theories are helpful to receive the segment of tasks of managers to work effectively and efficiently. There are different management theories which can give the proper guidance to manage organisation properly. These theories are discussion as follows:

The Scientific theory of F.W Taylor: This theory has been developed by F.W Taylor in order to manage the working process efficiently. As supported by Armstrong and Taylor (2014, p.148), the scientific theory considers the techniques of improving the efficiency of different workers and employees within the organisation. It deals with the improvement of productivity, improvement in quality control, practices regarding better personnel and the employee incentives increasing structure.

Henri Fayol Administrative Theory: In this theory, Henri Fayol is subjected different tasks of management. As depicted by Sherman (2016, p.127), administrative theory consists of steps such as planning, organising, commanding, coordinating and controlling. The aspects of these elements can initiate the proper set of management system within the organisation to provide productive result and performance.

Max Weber Bureaucratic Theory: Bureaucratic management theory mainly deals with the clear procedure of command over the management. Within this theory, there are some element deals with management aspects such as clarify job roles, standardisation of procedures, proper record keeping, author hierarchy and proper hiring of employees.

Elton Mayo Theory of Human Relation: Human relation theory has been constructed to have proper set efficient human relation by the management. This theory indicates the attention over the individual, motivation of employee importance of making human relation within the organisation.
Great Man Theory: This theory is basically said as a leadership theory. As supported by Waller and Fawcett (2013, p.80), Great Man Theory states that the leaders are born not been created within the human kind. This theory identifies the proper set of leaders that can improve the management process within the organisation.

Importance of management theories in hospitality industries

The management theories are eventually very important for a set of evidence in order to initiate better performance of an organisation. As asserted by Bitektine and Miller (2015, p.117), the management theories are helpful for having work efficiency within the organisation. The managers should follow the theories in order to tackle overcomes and foundations of organisation for having better performance. There is different importance of management theories within the organisation. The management theories can help to associate the tasks in the organisation. For instance, as per the case study of Imperial Hotel, London, there are some of the problems facing by the organisation such as poor staffs, front office managements and so on.

However, these problems can be resolved with the segment of proper efficiency in management segment within the organisation. As stated by Beske at all. (2014, p.138), the management theories can help to increase the work efficiency by the members within a particular organisation. In the give case study of Imperial Hotel, there is lacking productivity within the organisation. This situation can be tackled with the help of applying proper management theory in the organisation. The management theories can help to direct and organise the proper set of workforces within the organisation. Therefore, it is very important to consider proper management theories by the managers in the organisation.

However, there are some of the difficulties can also be expected within the application of management theories. In the real world, there are some of the differences could be arising from the proper application of management theories. Still, it can be associated with the partial implication of the theories within the management process. As mentioned by Karanja et al. (2014, p.77), the management theories can help to segregate the knowledge of proper management system within the organisation. The organisation must reallocate the segment of management skills for improvements of the work process. Therefore, with the help of management theories, the managers can avail the knowledge of proper management skills and practices within the organisation.

Discussion about human resource management challenge within Imperial Hotel, London

The management system within the business can be accumulated with the different set of management forces such as Human Resource Management (HRM). As supported by Cuguero-Escofet and Fortin (2014, p.438), the human resource management is one of the important management forces in an organisation. Human resources are mainly considered as employees, staffs and workers in the organisation. These are said to be key elements of a business in order to have better business performance. The productivity and performance of a business concern with the human resource efficiency within the organisation.

Especially in the hospitality industry, the human resource management should be crucially tackled in order to satisfy the customers. As commented by Schmidtke and Chen (2016, p.50), the human resource manager may arise some of the challenges in management the human resources. For instance, in the given case study of Imperial Hotel in London, there are some of the challenges are facing by human resources management in order to manage the front office staff members and their poor team works within the hotel. The front office staff members are not being so attentive. Just because of this the customer impression of the hotel within London is not so good. Due to this the productivity and profitability of Imperial Hotel are decreasing day after day.

However, the problem in Imperial Hotel is regarding the inefficiency in using the IT systems also. As supported by Formentini and Taticchi (2016, p.1922), the practices of IT system is very important in the modern near. Therefore, proper selection and recruitment process is required for establishment of skilled employees to tackle and operate the IT system within the organisation.

In the present scenario, the involvement of human resource management bodies is increasing day after day. This seems to elect personified statements regarding management of human resources within the organisation. In order to settle down the problems in Imperial Hotel, it is required to facilitate proper management regarding human recourses in the hotel premises. The associate team works and engagement of proper leadership approaches is important to acquire the human resource management team with a particular organisation. The human resources challenges are continuously increasing within Imperial Hotel as stated in the case study. This will resolve with the help of proper application of management theories and practices in the management system in Imperial hotels. Therefore, specifically different situations are controlled by the management bodies regarding human resources management.

Problem regarding front office staff within Imperial Hotel, London

The front office staffs in hospitality organisations are having the very pivotal role for the establishment of customer satisfaction. As commented by Isik Kaygusuz et al. (2016, p.951), the front office staffs of hotel companies are required to be very impressive and attentive to tackle the customers. In the given case scenario of Imperial Hotel London, it has been seen that the front house staff members are not efficiently working within the hotel. The fronts of house staffs are called key elements for the impression creation of a particular hotel of other hospitality companies. There are different complaints that arise due to lacking front office staffs in Imperial hotel. As per the given case study, there is the list of problems can be segregated in order to review of the problem within Imperial Hotel, London. These problems are discussed as follows:

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The conflict between reception staffs with other departments: It has been seen that the reception staffs are conflicts with different departments staffs for less accuracy of data and information regarding guest are given to them. There are conflicts between staffs of banqueting and conference department as there were no proper numbers to guests arriving for the conference has been given by the reception staffs.

Less coordination between front office staffs and housekeeping department: The coordination is very important part of mechanism within the hotel industry. In Imperial hotel, there is less coordination between the reception staffs and housekeeping. For this reason, the rooms within the hotel are not clean in time and the guests had to wait for a long time in order to get the room keys. This is very offensive for the impression of Imperial Hotel in front of customers and guests.

Inefficient use of IT system within Hotel: The using of IT system within the hotel of Imperial is inefficient. This is because the employees and staff members are not skilled in terms of IT usage and practices for record keeping and room reservation. This will be the very serious problem for the hotel impression and management system.

The above problems are rising within the Imperial Hotel, which is required to be resolved with strategic management. As supported by Gaziulusoy (2015, p.367), the management system should be very much perfect for enabling the structure of efficient value for tackling customers. Therefore, the suggestions must be provided in the context of resolving these problems.

Suggestions regarding overcome the above problem for HRM in Imperial Hotel, London

The constructive suggestions are required with application of proper management theories in order to solve the management problems within a particular organisation. As supported by Adegboye, M., (2013, p.55), in the initial stage of resolving issues against management system within the organisation is to associate a proper set of management theories. In the given case study of Imperial Hotel, there are issues regarding management systems of poor teamwork and coordination between front office reception department and another department. Therefore, the suggestions regarding this problem removal are discussed as follows:

The management bodies should select or recruit leaders and form a proper teamwork in different departments of the hotel. The leadership theory can be used for selecting proper leaders for different teams. In accordance with leaders, the tasks and motivation skills for staffs within Imperial Hotel are required to be maintained by the management bodies. As per the management bureaucratic theory, the job roles are to be standardised within the Imperial hotel to allocate the works and tasks to the staff members in front office. As mentioned by Niknazar and Bourgault (2017, p.193), the job roles are required to be very specific and not for multi-purpose basis. With the help of this specification in job roles, the staff can give their efficient outcomes and better results in future. Proper training regarding the use of IT system such as Property Management Systems (PMS) is to be held within Imperial Hotel for staff.

In this concept, the administrative theory of management recollects the segment of proper training of staff members within the organisation. The human relationship theory for management is also used in respect to having coordination and cooperation of different team members within the Hotel. Hence, these suggestions may help to resolve the problems within Imperial Hotel management system.

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From the above discussion, it can be concluded that proper management system is very important especially for hospitality organisations. The management efficiencies can help to resolve different problems associated with the organisation such as productivity, staffing and organising. In the case of Imperial Hotel, London, the management system should follow proper ways of staff performance, motivation and meet the expectation of customers within the market. The coordination between staffs should be arranged by the skilled leaders within the organisation. Hence, it can be said that the proper way of management control can help to have the better performance of employees and for meeting overall organisation objectives.


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