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Customer Managing Experience - Royal Horse Guards Hotel

University: University of St Andrews

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Organization Selected : Royal Horse Guards Hotel


Managing customer experience is the most essential and required type of managing work in an efficient manner. Managing work with customer helps to creating customer loyalty towards the business activities. Present study based on customer managing experience with hospitality sector, where customers are the first priority of businesses. For which study will be taking the Royal Horse guards hotel situated in London. Further, study will be going to introduce restaurant, hotel facilities which they make their customer happy and satisfied. Further study will be introducing the importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups for a service sector industry. Report will also be explains the factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups within a service sector organisation. Moreover, it helps to make the best target and following result and goals.


P1 Explaining the value and importance of understanding needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups in The Royal Horse guards

Customer needs and wants are the primary duty for the hospitality sector. That helps to keep the following charges and best performing goals. In case of tourism sector, customer requires experiencing satisfaction. For example, in case of business traveller, the punctuality of a service is a good example of what constituted a need (Adhikari and Bhattacharya, 2016). Business traveller always looking for services in actual manner of growth in order to meet out their own personal needs and growth. However, every customer requirements can be put under the headings of a need. Besides, another need of customer is happy and friendlily hotel staff. Through which client can easily convey their needs in easily manner. In order to approach target customer, The Royal Horse guards needs to considered following given point.

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Client confidence: Every customer and manager are thinks differently. According to that The Royal Horse guards needs to understand accordingly. It helps to enhance the confidence performance of customers towards the company brand (Bowie, Buttle, Brookes and Mariussen, 2016). The Royal Horse guards also must convey all required information about goods and services to their potential client.

Build brand image: understand needs and preferences of customers also helps on building the brand image national as well as internationally. Achieving, The Royal Horse guards have to understand the need and wants of the customer in order to meet out the best performing goals. This will help in increasing the business in future date. In order to build up the new developing target performance area.

Repeat business : to repeat business of hospitality industry The Royal Horse guards has to understand the requirement of customers so that they can seek for additional level of products and services offered by them (Brandon-Jones and et.al., 2016).

Disabled customer

Low calories


Access ramp next to front steps

Wi- Fi

Intimate atmosphere

Sufficient space to pass between tables

Meeting rooms

Couple on a first date

Terrible customer service

Bottle warmers


No garlic in the dishes

Soft music

Unpleasant smells from the drains

Mothers with babies

Over-priced poor quality food

Nappy changing facilities

Unpleasant smells from the drains

Place to park

Terrible customer service

Bottle warmers


P2 Factors driving and influencing customer engagement of different targets' customer groups in The Royal Horse guards.

Customer-engagement is the most required and challenging practices that company should needs to perform (Chathoth and et.al., 2016). As per the chosen target customers such as disabled person, couple on a first dates, mother with babies etc. according to them all, every customer having different thought process regarding their own needs. Before, getting into the business services and growth. Some of the factors which influence customers in different manner.

Brand name: brand name is the most driving factor which must sound differently and influencing to target customers. Such s couples are always looking for the best place to make the best moment for them (Davis, Lockwood, Alcott and Pantelidis, 2018). For this, they make decision by looking at the best thing. In this context, brand image play a most important role in order to keep that position alive and growth full.

Pricing: Pricing is the another, the challenges here is determining just how price sensitive target market. Customer are always taken decision on the basis of prices with other competitors. Another matter of fact to control the long term charges and best forming results.

Personalised : shoppers or customers wants personalised experience in which personal interactions can by anonymous. Thus, The Royal Horse guards can male interactions faster and easier with customers with help of personalised experience regarding sharing right procedure and service at perfect time with correct people.

Customer service : it is the another driving factor that affect the overall, forming results and goals in order to meet out the goals. In Hospitality sector customer service play a most important role in customer attraction (Durna, Dedeoglu and Balikçioglu, 2015). The Royal Horse guards should attract their target customers by providing the best customer services.

Overall, on the basis of above discussing factors. It has been cleared out The Royal Horse guards needs to adopt the best quality services for their customers in order to meet out the customer attraction goals (Han and Hyun, 2015).


There are given done customer engagement factors which helps to determine the brand loyalty in a particular industry. Thus, strategies of customer engagement which helps to be considered such as The Royal Horse guards can make clear expectation for customer such as they must be. Besides, The Royal Horse guards can also showing value by offering services and meet their needs.


Customer engagement is the most important term which helps to provide profit measurements for the companies. The Royal Horse guards needs to research the current customer demands in hospitality sector. According to which company can easily adopt that particualr type of needs and wants.


P3 Creating customer experience map for service sector organisation.

Customer experience mapping is the most important tool to attract the attraction level of customers, it helps to engage client customers and long term relationship. Thus, it makes forms but appears in type of infographic (Hwang and Seo, 2016). It helps to teach the organization to know more about customers. Strategic process that involves capturing and communicating interactions of complex customers. Thus, customer experiences map helps to discussed some essential point below.

Website: In this growing age of e-commerce no one can survive without an online presence. Website is the most crucial to the experiences of customers that has given the huge impact on the image of company (Jauhari and Bharwani, 2017). The Royal Horse guards needs to provide all required information and essential offer to attract the customer. For that, The Royal Horse guards can also put some graphic presentation on the website that will help in company effective performance.

Reviews sites: This is the another major element of customer experience that is website review where reviews of customers or visitors are posted. New customers are always looking for the reviews which has been posted by other customers. This is the another customer map which they link with the other company materialistic growth (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015).

Text messages: Text is the best type of communication with customers. So text, message is a great way in order to reach huge volume of customers. Text message is the most convenient way to communicate with customers. This helps The Royal Horse guards to make proper effective communication channel (Schuckert, Liu and Law, 2015).

E-mails: this will help in reinforcing relationship which helps to get to know about new information regarding hotels. Nowadays, company can flow their new offers and discount information directly to the email manner. This gives the best opportunity to The Royal Horse guards to make the best image in their customer minds.

Paper mail: this is the another form of mail which helps to engage the customers but also convert them to buyers of products and services offered by c.

Telephone: it is the most influencing and engaging way to pass the message. In order to increases odds getting a sale securing loyal customers. This makes the customer fell free that they can contact as and when need of a particular changes (Manhas and Chauhan, 2017). Customers can further refer The Royal Horse guards to their friends and families if they are connected well with phone.

Restaurant environment: this also plays a vital role in attracting large number of customers towards the brand. The environment of The Royal Horse guards be positive and attractive. The attraction and engagement of customers. The Royal Horse guards needs to make sure about their environment.

Restaurant staff-staffs of Marriott must be killed and talented. They must know what and how the customers actually want their needs to be fulfilled accordingly provide service to them (Schuckert, Liu and Law, 2015).

Restaurant management: The Royal Horse guards must be ensure about the restaurant management and about the services and goods provided by them must be managed in well mannered. The management should be so well they meet the needs of people or visitors quickly without any trouble (Jauhari and Bharwani, 2017).

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P4 Discussing customer touch points that helps customer experience creating business opportunity.

Customer touchpoints are places where they interact with the brand easily that help to indicate the best forming results for the customer management styles. Customer touchpoints are always based on company websites, rating, reviews and departments of customer service. Customers are never bought a product or services without considering the best goal services and est forming results (Kandampully, Bilgihan and Zhang, 2016). Therefore, it becomes important for brand to engage customers at these touchpoints. So that, customers are always made the best service and growth. Moreover, this gives better form of services to take the best manner of works.

Products: Here, website is clarified or demand as a product, it has been featured about websites quoting competitive prices. The Royal Horse guards, must need to analyse the customer needs and goals in order to meet out the goals (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015).

Interactions: This includes two way interaction that can be n person wither on phone or virtual. It is very necessary for the hospitality industry to understand the needs of clients and also make the proper interaction level emotionally or personally.

Create a clear customer experience vision: Company also needs to require and adopt the best possible action plan in order to meet the out the grab new opportunity growth. Customer always needs to require best forming results (Manhas and Tukamushaba, 2015). 


Customer journey charts model as given below:

  • Nail down buyer persona: it develops the needs of customer persona and their needs & wants
  • Understanding goals : next step is to specify what actually needs to want to identify the hopes to achieve as they go through the journey.
  • Map out touchpoints : The Royal Horse guards needs to come up with the touchpoints as some may have more impact than others.
  • Identify the pinpoint of customers : In this process company collects information to identify the regarding customer thinks wrong. Company needs to analyse their own performances to judge all things and goals (Schuckert, Liu and Law, 2015).
  • Prioritise and fix roadblocks : in this process company also needs to make the blocks that affect the sign up process of customers and make then easier than soon as possible.
  • Update and improve: in this last process of touchpoints is that to review the overall process to correct them well.


The Royal Horse guards can adopt the best strategies and plan to make the best planning and goals. Wants to make the better goal services and best forming results. The touchpoints that creative and easy to use by customers. This touchpoints goods and most essential goals.

LO 3

P5 Examining digital technology employed in managing customer experiences providing examples of customers relationship management system.

Customer relationship management system is a business practice that maintains relationship with customers. Digital technology has always been engaging customers towards the best services. Digital technology is the most essential part in terms of attracting customer focus towards the management work (5 Steps to a great customer service strategy, 2017). Moreover, digital technology helps in customer relationship management that leads to the higher management work. Customer relationship management it is the strategy that is designed in order to develop the long term growth (Manhas and Tukamushaba, 2015). CRM helps marketing by learning about leads and clients which has been used to build personas, developing meaningful and relevant content and develop strategies and engage and convert. This systems give marketer ability to become data into more appropriate. CRM also helps in delivering great experiences of customer means delivering the satisfying services to customers. CRM also helps in making stronger teams of customer service (Schuckert, Liu and Law, 2015). CRM helps in delivering great experiences of customers means they are able to deliver and satisfy the needs and wants of customers. So students also go with assignment help online for easy results.


The top three CRM providers which provides best services to their customers

Zoho CRM: This is the best customer service providers which provides the best productivity provider can be easily expanded and integrates seamlessly with other products of Zoho.

Salesforec CRM: This holds the best customer service management solution. This is the most powerful software which solves the customer issues in more appropriate manner (Schuckert, Liu and Law, 2015).

Oracle CRM : this is the another customer problem solving software which helps to resolve the customer issues and gives better opportunity to works.



  • it helps to manage customer query
  • it helps to growing database and the speed of process of growth is increased
  • It helps in centralising data.


  • the major obstacle is to transit from manual to automatic process
  • It involves low sustainability growth.

LO 4

P6 Illustrating customer service strategies.

In hospitality sector whether it's restaurant or a five star spa, tremendous focus is placed on providing is placed on providing quality customer service. Susan goes on to explain that in the hospitality in order to develop the new customer service. Start by listening to consumers, citizens design evolved from listening to what traveller want and need from hotel services.

Make client aware about all services or products: When everyone The Royal Horse guards needs to give more liable (Chathoth and et.al., 2016). Customers all services or offers they provide to the client. This process helps to develop the client trust and satisfying with the services.

Build infrastructure supporting customer service: Customer preferences is the another easy way to control the best possible action plan. Apart from that, The Royal Horse guards provides the supports' customer service.

Deliver on premises made: The Royal Horse guards also provides the bes customer service and long term challenging goals in order to meet the best icon goals.

Resort the issues of customers : The Royal Horse guards also needs to solve the conflict of all customers to make customer satisfy and needful (Davis, Lockwood, Alcott and Pantelidis, 2018).

P7 Demonstrating customer service strategies create and develop the customer experience that meet needs of customer and required standards.

Customer service strategies are termed as strategies that defines standards of care and service that is offered by company. This also helps to control, this overall process and long term challenge will help to contribute the best possible action plan in order to generate long term growth (Davis, Lockwood, Alcott and Pantelidis, 2018). Due to increasing competition level in the market, hotel needs to forcing businesses to pay much more attention towards their customers. There are given some strategies and methods to develop the customer service to develop their best experience level.

Assess customer needs

Company can easily attract the customers or assess their needs by focusing on target customers, satisfaction surveys, customer comment cards and developing a comprehensive plan to meet out the needs of clients.

Hire the right employees

It is the another way to make customer happy and satisfied, that is to hire the best employees at work place. Hiring with the customer in mind is another step in an overall strategy for strong customer services (Bowie, Buttle, Brookes and Mariussen, 2016). Besides, it is also required to keep employees stable and most productive towards their work level.

Train on service skills

This must be required to hold the long term goal by given training and developing session to the employees.

Hold people accountable

Employees should have skills to understand the needs of the clients and know how to deal with uncertain clients (Hwang and Seo, 2016). Overall, performance required to make the best performing task which helps hospitality industry to grow up the better customer service. 


Date and time of visit:

12th November 2017

Ambience and First Impressions

The welcoming process

Things that I observed that

Were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that

Were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this

was my business

Climate and environment

Slow customer service

I would be change the staff

Signage, Tariff Boards, Labelling Etc.

Things that I observed that

Were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that

Were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this

was my business


Promotion of food services

I would be invest on employees skills and development process.


Things that I observed that

Were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that

Were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this

was my business

Reasonable prices

Limited variety of services

I would be acquiring the best outlets and infrastructural changes.


For improving the quality of performance and guest appearance. Company needs to adopt some new infrastructural development which improves the customer appearance level (Hwang and Seo, 2016). Company also needs to make the good appearance and long terms goals to perform into the long term manner.

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On the basis of above section it has been concluded that customer managing experiences is the most required and essential process for the company in order to meet out the client satisfaction level. Present study has been based on hospitality sector, that has been taken The Royal Horse guards hotel in London. Study discussed about the target customer of the hotel that might be become profitable for the company. Further, it also analysed that it is very much necessary for The Royal Horse guards top understand the needs of customer wants and satisfaction.


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