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Role of leader and manager - Starbucks


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Organization Selected : Starbucks


Management and operation is one of the crucial aspects that assist in overall administration of the company. It will lead to attain overall performance and growth of an organisation. It is an important part of an organisation that can deal with designing, controlling and administration of the manufacturing process of product and services. It is essentially carried out with the aim to perform efficient utilisation of minimum resources to fulfil optimum customer requirements (Ahuja, 2017). Starbuck private limited is one of the retail company that is operating with the motive of becoming leading coffee brand in the world. This project report is aimed to deliver specific information about role of leader and manager as well as functions performed within an organisation are covered under this report. Apart from this, Different models of approaches in context to the given organisation are discussed effectively. Along with that key method to operation management and the importance of operations management are also taken into account in this report.

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Role of leader and functions of a manager

In every business organisation, it has been seen that without having support of a skilled and knowledgeable leader and manager they cannot be able to attain their role in proper manner. Manager and leader would have to play crucial role within an organisation but both are different from each other. Whereas management is more liable for controlling and directing people and resources according to the set principles those are introduced by the leaders (Brandenburg and et. al., 2014).

Leader: It is said to be one of the essential person that can hold a dominants or effective position within their field. It is able to exercise a high degree or impacts over the other. The main role of leader is to motivate people to work towards achievement of a goal.

Manager: It is an individual that is related with changing certain group of task or certain other subset of an organisation.  It will assist in overall management of the company tasks that are provided by the Starbucks of the company (Management Operations, 2018). Starbuck require to determine the basic variation among both employees and leaders in term of attaining positive results and operative activities in business that are mentioned below:

Differences among leader and manager





Leader is said to be an individual who provide right direction to their sub-ordinate in regards to attain objectives that are set by Starbuck.

Manager is the person that can manage the overall relations of Starbuck of an organisation and is liable for designing, directing as well as coordinating action.


Starbuck restaurants is more visionary as they are looking to become one of the leading restaurant in the world as compare to other.

Managers of Starbuck should be more visionary, but are liable for meeting the framed vision of leader through organising various task.


Leader must be encouraging their manager, staffs and entire team of Starbuck to reach their targets as per the set benchmarks.

Managers of Starbuck should be more motivating to do their work with full efficiency in respect to develop better working at the premises.


Leader of Starbucks would have effective interaction skills thus they can perform their team to move in proper directions.

In this, with proper interaction skills, manager of starbucks consists of better decision to fulfil the workforce and distinct situation properly.


The primary role of leader is to stimulate the entire workplace to do their work with proper collaborative efforts and promote them to reach at their aim as director.

Manager of Starbuck need to undertake the role to fulfil a certain activity that are ordered by the company.


Leader of Starbuck is more liable dividing work of organisation as they act as organisations representative.

Manager would required at whole functional areas of people as they are more responsible for operating distinct work related with marketing and other departments.

Therefore, in the Starbucks both leader and manager are vital as they used to perform their roles and responsibilities more effectively for the motive of attaining aims and objectives.

Functions of manager by effectively applying a range of concepts and theories:

In this particular business organisation, there are various skills which are needed to be followed by the management of leaderships that can be assessed which is mentioned below:

The hard skill of management: These are basically those skills which are often related with professional skills and knowledge. It is more professional and expertise individual qualification that can be changed and acquired through education and comparatively similar to specific measure. It would consist of computer skills, language skills that are working in Starbucks (Cucoranu, 2015).

Soft skills of leadership: Soft skills of leaderships tend to be of effective characteristics, traits and more competencies that inform to how an individual is connect with each other. This can be determining attributes through emotional intelligence level. It includes of analytical thinking and etiquettes etc that are more complex to certain quantify.

Functions of manager that is applied in different situations

In every business organization, it has been seen that management is playing an eminent role in managing all the resources more effectively during the period of time. It is based on certain key principles that are related with planning, organizing and directing as well as personnel efficiently to attain overall objectives of Starbuck restaurant. Manager within Starbuck is held responsible for managing different activities that the ordered by the top level management. They give certain inspiration to their staff members in arranging different activities in Starbucks (Fernie and Sparks, 2014). The key managerial functions are mentioned under this report. Thus, some of them are:

  • Planning: This included overall management of all the early resources which are going to be used in further planning. For example, if Starbuck target is to improve sales during the time, manager needs to take action or certain steps which are vital to attain set mission. Henceforth, they are liable for planning steps which are needed to be followed while operating the tasks.
  • Staffing: Manager of Starbuck restaurant is more responsible for coordinating, choosing and framing individual division that are associated with the activity to in respect to attain business motives. This is necessary functions which will be used to fulfil employee need that are chosen according to the situation and qualification of staffs.
  • Leading: The core operative function of Starbuck restaurants manager after planning is organising and staffing individual while motivating them to perform their task that can consist of communication, stimulation and enhancing people. Thus, it will be vital for the manager to help and resolve issues that are related with the workers (Gillen, Jacquillat and Odoni, 2016).
  • Controlling: Most of the time, manager of Starbucks tend to be responsible for managing and directing the activity to provide right direction and check results regularly to make correction before any big mistakes can take place.

While leader is vital part as an individual to play crucial role in overall functions of organisation which is discussed effectively in critical situations.

Examples: Inventory management: Starbuck restaurant is more associated with stock dearth in their cafes and other shops of UK that can lead to more dissatisfaction between customers. In this, manager of Starbuck is more accountable for organising, planning which are required within an organisation in accordance with deliver of finished products to client on accurate time. On the other hand, leader of Starbucks can help them to manage role in entire process as they can ensure, whether resources and stock management in operation effectively.


Different theories of approaches including systems leaderships and situation as well as contingency leaderships

The role of leader in motivating the employees as well as provide best efforts and accept plenty of changes that are made by Starbuck. Some of them are:

  • In case of Stable situation, company can use manager ideas regarding the use of MBO which is basically aimed on mutual efforts or both employees and managers.
  • Under the moderate situation, manager can tend to apply classical management approach. In this manager can make policies in respect to increase overall productivity of the employees as well as organisation.
  • Fast changing is that situation changes takes place more frequently so in accordance to face the critical situation that are faced by the manager of Starbucks.

There are various types of theories of leaderships that can be used by Starbuck restaurant in order to carry out more effective activities and increasing maximum growth chances. Below mentioned various theories such as:

Contingency leaderships theory: This particular theory is being given by Fiedler in 1951 which is basically related with how the situational aspects related with personality, attribute and leaders behaviour (Jacobs, Chase and Lummus, 2014). These types of reflection of personality, behaviour and style are more often remain constant. Hence, this model would be related with affirms that a leader is needed to make changes in styles of leaderships in respect to distinct issues those are faced by Starbuck in current environment in relation of increasing the organisation profitability. This particular approach is more empirical study because of which this is still associated with the company.

System leaderships: According to this particular method, it enables an organisation leader for making modification in the situation in which people at every level can perform their job more effectively in increasing profitability of Starbuck.  These are more sound principles in accordance with the behaviour of human attitude in making changes in leaderships, social process and making organisational strategies. It is basically made by MacDonald that can assist in building efficient framework that drive innovative behaviour and that can lead to effective realisation of targeted operations. In order to use this theory, the leader used to set benchmark to perform the task and act with the help of using pre-set system.

Situational leaderships: As these types of approaches are implemented by Ken Blanchard in the first time in 1969 which is comes with the title of Life Cycle Theory of Leaderships that can later help in transformed into specific situation. Instead of other theory, this is related with examine various matches of styles that is suit to the issues for increasing Starbuck restaurant performance. In this, leader as well as manager of enterprise would use the style which is suitable according to the situation that can impact on their follower and influence the results. Henceforth, it can deal with the environment and vision of organisation as it support more efficiently in order to carrying the best operations. This primarily give maximum focus on the various styles of leaderships instead of targeting on individual method of team building (Omansky and Kanner Autodesk Inc, 2014).

Strength and weakness of various leadership’s methods:

Situation leaderships: This particular method is said to be management style which Starbuck restaurant can take into account. This style of leaderships used to promote in attaining all the requirements that can adapt to style according to the specific situation and determine two effective determinants. Like maturity level of working staff members and tough activities.

  • Advantage:  This particular styles is equally convenient to examine and sensitive to most of the organisation manager. It would assist in need of flexibility on the essential part of leader that can examine particular tasks and roles (Radnor and et. al., 2015).
  • Disadvantage: The primary execution of this cannot feel perceptive to crucial regimented or orientated project manager. Most of the time manager can face more tough complexity in explaining maturity level.

System leaderships: As this theory lead to help leader of Starbuck to develop the condition where individual can perform their role more effectively. It can help in more holistic manner for an organisation in improving to use resources more accurately.

  • Advantage: It can help an organisation to adaptability to make changes according to the environment changes. This would aim for attaining the personnel and organisation aims and objectives.
  • Disadvantage: With these theory interdependence aspects is not defined according to maximum number of complications. It cannot be more practical that can lead to delays in the process of decision making.

Contingence leaderships: This would be more helpful theory from an individual method to managing various direction styles as per the demand of various situations faced by Starbuck restaurant.

  • Advantage: It would supply data that can be more valuable for Starbuck in developing leaderships for future planning personnel. It used to promote more flexible styles of management in which workers actions and ideas that are given priority that can before undertaking key actions in respect to Starbuck (Saucedo-Martínez and et. al., 2017).
  • Disadvantage: This is more valuable aspect that can be more complex in implementing best practices for the manager. These leaderships styles common aspects which is more reactive in nature which would create negative impacts on the working environment of the company.

Thus, after analysing overall weakness and strength of various styles, it is affirmed within Starbuck restaurant, situational leadership’s method which is more reliable theory as it can help in improving effective management that is liable for attainment of business motive in more effective manner.

Application of the roles of leader and managers play in the operations function of an organization

Theories of operations and operation management:

Six-Sigma: It is a technique which is used by companies to improve the quality of production and remove errors in the manufacturing process. Managers of the companies also use it to save time and minimize cost for the production. In Star Bucks, this approach is used by its managers to improve the performance of the whole organization and the processes that are followed for producing products.

Lean principles: These principles help an organization to enhance customer value and focus on the key elements so that organizational goals can be acquired. There are five different types of lean principles that are followed by Star Bucks (Smith, Maull and CL Ng, 2014). All of them are as follows:

  • Define value: According to this principle, the organization should enhance customer’s value as it is very important to attain organizational goals.
  • Map the value stream: This principle is related to the identifying and mapping the value stream so that it can be established appropriately.
  • Create flow: When errors of value stream are removed then this principle assure that all the other operations executed effectively.
  • Establish pull: This principle is used to limit the inventory so that it can be used appropriately.
  • Pursue perfection: It is the last principle that directs the organizations to pursue perfection and achieve success.

Queuing theory: This theory is based on a mathematical study of the waiting lines that are going to be served by the company. It records the information of arrival and service processes and the number of servers who render services to the customers. This theory is mainly used by the management of Starbucks to analyze actual profits that are acquired in a specific time period.

Different operation management approaches

TQM: Total quality management is an approach which is used by the management of the companies to achieve long-term success with the help of customer satisfaction. This approach is used in Starbucks in order to improve processes and products so that all the aspirations of customers can be fulfilled.

Just in time inventory: It is an inventory control method which is used by companies to reduce the time which is involved in the processes so that saved time can be used enhances productivity and profitability by improving work quality. This is used by the managers of Star Bucks in order to enhance organization’s productivity and increase profits (Song and Parola, 2015).

The concept of continuous improvement: It is very important for companies to continuously make improvements in the products so that it may attract a large number of customers toward the organization. Star Bucks always use innovative ideas to increase sales in order to acquire a large market share.

Roles of managers and leaders:

  • Managers are liable to keep an eye on every execution activity of the organization.
  • They manage all the tasks that are performed by the individuals of the company.
  • Managers make decisions for the enhancement of the organization.
  • Leaders influence their team members so that they may work more effectively.
  • They cooperate with the subordinates to motivate them so that their work quality.
  • Leaders formulate strategies for the teams so that all the tasks can be performed appropriately.

Various theories and method to leadership in given situation

Transformational leaderships: It is more effective leadership’s styles that become the valuable modification among staff’s members. In respects to carry out this analytical changes in Starbucks. These aimed on targeting certain values requirements, ideas and motivation of members of group member.

Transactional leaderships: This is more valuable styles of leaderships which is used reward and punishment tools to motivate their team members. This would make emphasis their concentration on their entire relations with the workers. It can give more focus environment in which workers are operating their work to get reliable outcomes.

Hence, it can be summarises that Starbuck restaurant which can choose to transformational theory of leaderships as this restaurant is basically relies on dynamic aspects of the environment. This is all about the company prospective that can help Starbuck to creative attractive situation to the workers to perform their role more effectively.

Importance of operational management in attaining business objectives:

Operations management is one of the crucial practices that can ensure maximum efficiency in Starbuck restaurant. It consists of various operational performances in daily period of time. Some of the important aspects are:

  • Process design
  • Transformation of latest resources into finish product
  • Capacity management
  • Distribution design and control

Assessing the factors within which business environment impact the operational management

The best ways to analyse the implication, Starbuck can used PEST analysis tools to determine negative and positive aspect. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Political: This includes nation politics under which Starbuck is operating their business. In case company emphasis on the responsibilities on the product, it will enlarge the cost of their deliver charges.
  • Economic: In this particular situation, Starbuck restaurant can deal with coffee segment and other products that is having maximum cost because of which buying power of people can increase (Turner, 2014).
  • Social: This is basically related with various determinants such as Income, religion and lifestyle of the people. Thus, Starbuck can provide specific deal in coffee segment and services that can help them attract the people.
  • Technology: As with the help of innovative technology people can easily be able to increase the overall sale for the company. Starbuck can provide customer take away services and order online services at economic rate at any given time.

All the above factors can affect the services and business operations management process of a Starbuck that can shape reliable outcome to assess the control of actions that are made by the company toward its customers.

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From the above project report, it has been concluded that management and operations is directly related with each other. The role and responsible of leader and manager is equally crucial in attaining overall aims and objective of an organisation. In this process, different types of leadership’s approaches and theories are needed to be taken into account. It can help the organisation to attain better growth and sustainability in coming period of time.

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