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Impact of Employee’s Motivation over Business Sustainability - Tesco

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Question :

The objective of this research is to evaluate the impact of employee’s motivation over business sustainability and success. In this regard, it is required to analyze different factors of employee motivation.

  • Construct an analysis of overall research based on different literature.
  • Discuss title and background of this research.
  • Determine research design and methodology by considering several aspects and approaches.
  • Evaluate data analysis practices by considering analysis of overall topic.
Answer :
Organization Selected : tesco


Motivation is known as any internal or external process that involve influence the behaviour of others. In today's business environment success of every firm is depend on the workers using their motivation and talents. Shao, Feng and Liu, 2012, concluded that large number of motivation theories and methods are there which can be use by manager of an enterprise to encourage employees to work well. Today every manager want quality and productivity as this help in satisfy the needs of workers and also help in get competitive benefit. Actions and behaviour of employees largely affect the success and failure of company. A motivated employees show energy while perform job roles and this improve effectiveness of business process. Number of factors are there which encourage staff members to work well and it is one of the major responsibility of manager to identify those element. This help in create an effective environment at workplace and ensure smooth functioning of business activities. When firm identify and satisfy the needs of its staff members them ensure their retention and provide various long term benefits to company. Various theories of motivation are there which can be utilise by manager of TESCO to encourage employees. In this way company can motivate employees to utilise their skills and knowledge while perform roles and responsibilities at workplace. One of the another benefit of employee's motivation is that it reduce absenteeism and improve efficiency. Proper incentives should be offer to the employees who work well so they can be encouraged to work more better and company can attain its set goals.

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Main Body

For survive in market in long run and to generate large number of profits , it is very important for an organisation to have a skilled and motivated employees. Motivation is the factor that encourage employees to work well which contribute and success and growth of entity. As per the point view of Kumar, 2013, a firm cannot achieve its desired objective without motivation of staff members. Success of an enterprise on largely depend on the employee's motivation. Motivation is the factor that create and maintain an environment where optimal performance is possible. One of the most important thing that require to be consider is that every worker his own set of motivation that motivate him to work hard. For example some employees are motivated by recognition while some are encourage to work well by cash incentives. Motivation not only motivate staff members but also reflect that how much company cares about his staff members. One of the most significant impact of worker's motivation is that in increase profits and productivity of enterprise. Employee motivation promote harmony which improves worker's productivity. Further motivated staff ensure employees retention and at the same time enhance their loyalty, all this ensure growth and development of organisation. Motivated workers are happy, productive and highly committed. Continue success of a business organisation is depend on being able to attract retain staff members. Performance of employees is depend on various elements such as employee motivation, compensation, employee satisfaction, performance appraisals, training and development, structure of organisation and many more.

As per the point of Lazaroiu, 2015, motivation are of two type known as extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is related with tangible rewards such as security, fringe benefits, promotion, work environment and service contract. This highlight what needs to be done in order to encourage others. One of the main feature of extrinsic motivators is that it have an immediate effect but it is not necessary that this will remain for long time.

Huyand Shipilov, 2012, give various incentives for staff members: salary, conditions of service and wages. To utilise salary as an motivating factor, it is very essential for manager to consider four major elements of salary structures such as job rate, payment,special allowances and fringe benefits.

As per the point view of Naile and Selesho, 2014, money is known as one of the most effective motivational strategy. Money is known as one of the most significant factor that encourage workers working in industrial areas and increase their productivity. Development of incentive wage system as a way to persuade employees to work well.

Závadský, Hitka and Potkány, 2015, demonstrate the power of money through the process of job choice. Money is known as the factor that have the power to attract, motive and retain workers for long time period. It is very important for manager to use financial incentives to encourage employees to work well. With help of this staff members can be encourage to perform their job roles and responsibilities in effective manner. In this way company can attain its set goals and objectives.

Intrinsic motivation is related to psychological rewards such as the opportunity to use one's ability. It is related to the sense of achievement and challenge, positive recognition, and receiving appreciation.

Various theories are there which can be use by managers of of TESCO in order to encourage employees and motivate them to work well. With help of right motivational theory manager can give shape to employee's behaviour at workplace through which entity can achieve its set goals. Major theories which can be use by manager of TECO to encourage them are given in the following points:

  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs: This theory was given by Abraham Maslow and is based on the assumption that workers are motivated by five needs. Maslow ranked all the needs in a hierarchical needs given as follows:
  • Physiological needs: As per the Maslow these are known as the basic needs which are very essential for survival and these are known as lower level needs. Water, food and shelter are include in this without which an individual cannot survive.
  • Safety needs: The next level of hierarchy is termed as safety need this contain search for security, shelter, protection, dependency and freedom (Rauch, 2013). In organisational context these needs are transform into employment security and this encourage and individual to perform well which increase effectiveness of business process.
  • Social needs: Under this level an individual want love and belonging form other such as form his peers, friend, family members as this is very important for survive.
  • Esteem needs: The need of self respect, esteem of other is cover in this. Self respect is define as the need for a sense of achievement. Relate this in workplace setting indicate that an individual seek needs like reputation, status, prestige, glory and appreciation from other individuals.
  • Self actualisation needs: This need refers to the desire for self fulfilment, continuous self development and realisation of a potential
  • Alderfer's hierarchy of motivational needs (ERG theory): This theory of needs is built on ideas of Maslow. ERG is defined as existence, relatedness and growth.
  • Existence needs: This consist the basic material which is very essential for existence. Physiological and safety needs of Maslow is come under this.
  • Relatedness needs: This consists the needs which are satisfy by individuals by share feelings and needs (Richter and et. al., 2013). Under this people maintain interpersonal relationship with each other.
  • Growth needs: It consists the factor that encourage and individual to be creative and impact on his desire of personal development.

Factors that encourage employees to work well

In an enterprise various factors are there that affect employee's productivity and encourage them to work well. It is very important for manager to identify those factors and use the same so their contribution in firm's success can be maximise and entity can get competitive position in market. Major factors that encourage employees to work well as given below under the following points:

  • Leadership style: Leaders play a big role in influencing the behaviour and attitudes of employees at workplace. These are the one who use various techniques to tools to direct staff members so they can perform their job roles in effective manner. It is known as one of the major factor that decide how individuals think about the entity and motivated they are. Leadership style adopt by the leader is remain on what a business entity wants to achieve (García and et. al., 2014). When leader adopt a right leadership approach then it encourage employees to work well and ensure completion of business activities in time. It is very important for leaders of TESCO to use effective leadership style to motivate employees.
  • Rewards system: This is another factor that largely affect the employees to work well. A specific type of reward structure us follow by every enterprise which affect the performance of its employees (Creasy and Anantatmula, 2013). It is very essential for manager of TESCO to consider all rules and regulations related while formulate compensation packages for employees. With this, they can be encourage to work well and at the same time entity can retain them for long time period.
  • The structure of the work: This is another most important factors that affect the employees and their performance at workplace. It is very essential for every enterprise to do efforts to make the structure so it can match with the nature of employees and try to make the work interesting and enjoyable as possible.
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