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Research Project on Consumer Behaviour

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages 8 / Words 2000
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: M/508/0495 (RCF)
  • Downloads: 66
Question :

This unit state that research had to be carried out on consumer behavior in order to know the importance of action taking for decision making

  • Formulate aims and objectives of the research study
  • Conduct Literature review to analyze concept of social media in hospitality industry
  • Determine research methodology for customer attraction.
Answer :



E-commerce considers important role in growth of hospitality industry. This is because, it assists to gather major rapid changes at workplace so that high growth and profitability will be accomplish at workplace. In this regard, customers could easily book their products and services anywhere in the world (Leung, Bai and Stahura, 2015). As results, it increases profitability and reduce cost of operations in hospitality sector. Furthermore, online selling of products and services make several changes in the company which help to build more creative results and develop more revenue at workplace.

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In the present study, there are different benefits will take place that assists to meet with aims and objectives. In this consideration, ideas and opinion will help to create global network with emergence internet at workplace. In Hilton hotel, there are new tools and activities implemented to face challenges in company. Therefore, it is main advantages for business to ascertain marketing opportunities at workplace (Kim, Lim and Brymer, 2015).

Aims and objectives

Aim: To analysis impact of social media on customer attraction in hospitality industry – A Case Study on Hilton Hotel.


  • To understand concept of social media in hospitality industry.
  • To explore effectiveness on customer attraction in Hilton Hotel.
  • To identify tools and techniques of social media implemented in hospitality industry.
  • To determines ways through activities of social media which assist to develop effective results.

Research questions

  • What do you understand concept of social media in hospitality industry?
  • How to explore effectiveness on customer attraction in Hilton Hotel?
  • What are the tools and techniques of social media implemented in hospitality industry?

Significance of research

In respect to consider present research there are different significance exist that assists to develop more effectiveness at workplace. They are as follows:

  • Time saving: In respect to implement social media, main advantages is that company able to maintain effectiveness with systematic work performance. In this way, direct dealing of products and services develop at workplace (Neirotti, Raguseo and Paolucci, 2016).
  • Implement wider range of products and services: Furthermore, it can be stated that Thomas Cook Group able to implement wider context of products and services in the market which assists to focus on desired outcomes at workplace.
  • Target more audience: Furthermore, the chosen business also able to target more audience that help to maintain more effectiveness at workplace.

Research structure

In the present research, there are 5 main chapters included that assist to find effective results at workplace. They are as follows:

  • Introduction: It is first chapter in which researcher consider aims, objectives, background, etc. In this regard, short overview towards the topic has been implemented that assists to make creative results. Related topics are also discussed that help to make effective results at workplace (Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2016).
  • Literature review: In the second chapter, different authors views included that assists to understand about secondary data that are needed in research. In this way, researcher look towards different tools such as books, journals, magazines, articles, etc. It is the best aspect that increases research outcomes to meet with aims and objectives.
  • Methodology: Furthermore, research done with specific tools and techniques. Therefore, in this section primary and secondary information analysis to carry present research program. In this way, different aspects taken such as design, philosophies, approach, strategy, etc. (Cantallops and Salvi, 2014).
  • Data analysis: It is one of the major perspective that help to conduct primary and secondary tools to analysis effective results at workplace. Primary data consider from survey and secondary data collected from books, journals, magazines, etc.
  • Conclusion and recommendation: It is the last chapter in which conclusion and recommendation from findings implemented at workplace. Therefore, short summary towards the research program develop in systematic manner at workplace.


Concept of social media in hospitality industry

As per the view of Ramanathan, Subramanian and Parrott, (2017), social media activities consider important role to build relationship with several customers. In this aspect, researcher consider online communities that assists to reach towards different activities and tasks. In this consideration, hospitality industry develop new channels through they are able to maintain effectiveness in the business environment. Hence, it assists to maintain more effective results and performances that identify to impact positively on the company. True commitment also implemented in the business that help to increase insight information at workplace. On the other hand, Kim, Koh and Lee, (2015) stated that internet is revolutionary communication tool that help to focus on systematic work performance of business. In this regard, individual and organisation able to communicate in systematic manner with fulfil their own requirements. People work together so that they are easily able to share information, discuss communal issues and making proper inquires. As results, effectiveness will be develop continually in term of new form of communication. However, Hudson, Roth and Hudson, (2015) argued that social media defined as the second generation of web development and design. It assists to facilitate communication security information sharing and collaboration in world wide web. In front of hospitality industry, there are several types of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. All these sites helps to maintain more systematic work performances with creating online conversation.

Effectiveness on customer attraction in Hilton Hotel

According to the view of Cha, Yi and Bagozzi, (2016), customer attraction is one of the important aspect that help to Hilton Hotel to communicate in systematic manner regarding several products and services. In this way, there are two types of brands develop in particular communities that take initiation to make systematic work performances. With the help of proper feedback, the company deliver products and services as per customers needs and demand. In contrast, Ramanathan, Subramanian and Parrott, (2017) explore their ideas that company sponsoring online communities that assists to deliver message in different areas of the world. Company also seek to foster high level of trust and make commitment to attract customers at workplace of Hilton. In this regard, brand of the business also developed that help to ascertain online communities. These factors are more critical to the company in communities development.

Tools and techniques of social media implemented in hospitality industry

As per the view of Leung, Bai and Stahura, (2015), there are different kinds of tools and techniques consider at workplace of Hilton Hotel that increases effectiveness in systematic manner. In this way, consumers ascertained their part regarding specific brand so that it help to initiate brand community development which sponsored by company. Customers could easily compare products and services from different kinds of hospitality industry. Furthermore, Neirotti, Raguseo and Paolucci, (2016) stated that growing number of consumers join company sponsored to develop online communities in the market. Researcher emphasis on community members that are taking active participation to ensure and attain more creative results in business. When company not provide useful information, they are unable to get systematic work performances in business. In respect to implement social media, communication channels increasing continuously. Along with this, Kim, Lim and Brymer, (2015) ascertained their views that new customers are also attracted with implementation of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is the best aspect to maintain quality, directions, etc. in the business. When members collect information towards effective results, they need to focus on experience which comes from positive product performances and perceive information that are trust worthy. Trust could be develop through maintain reciprocal communication.

Ways through activities of social media which assist to develop effective results

As per the point of Ramanathan, Subramanian and Parrott, (2017), social media assists to develop effective results in the business with implement online community building. It considers new marketing strategy which used to maintain emergence outcomes and build systematic work performances. Members are also spread to focus on attain desire results at workplace. Emergence of online communities, it can be stated that it help to stimulate researchers those have full interest in implement social media. In addition to this, Kim, Lim and Brymer, (2015) argued that Hilton hotel need to collect relevant information that assists to focus on taking active participation of all members. Therefore, it impacts positively to make creative work performances. High level of trust will be build with consider social media at workplace. As results, researcher able to maintain loyalty towards their products and services. Majority of people agreed to take operations successful so that company will grow to maintain their trust in significant manner. On the basis of Leung, Bai and Stahura, (2015), it can be stated that towards particular brand long term relationship will be maintain successfully. It will help to focus on the community development and attain more systematic work performances. In this way, sustainability develop in market to regulate several kinds of aims and objectives. With ascertain different advantages, it can be stated that it assists to retain customers towards hospitality industry. Hence, social media influence successfully to develop target market in successful way.


In order to attain desire results, it can be stated that research methodology help to focus on maintain effectiveness at workplace. It is essential to consider systematic work performances which tend to make proper arrangement with explore issue. In respect to implement examination, research strategies assists to provide proper direction and set guidelines as well. In simple word, it can be stated that ideas towards present methodology will be develop to assess implication of E-commerce which drive on successful outcomes in hospitality industry. Following are different tools, that take place in the chosen research to implement E-commerce activities:

  • Research philosophy: It is critical consideration in which exploration required that make suitable foundation to discover the best arrangement. There are two different kinds of research philosophies exist such as interpretivism and positivism. In this aspect, researcher select interpretivism which assists to investigate proper hypothesis and findings to make proper arrangement in research. Positivism considers different theories and models that create examination on real target (Tsang, Lee and Qu, 2015).
  • Research approach: Furthermore, research approach also consider important role in success of business. In this consideration, on the basis of hypothesis, correct arrangement needed to utilise proper arrangement in systematic manner. There are two kinds of research approaches exist such as deductive and inductive. In the present research, researcher taken inductive approach which help to classified proper examination in for research questions (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015).
  • Research design: Research design consider real piece of work in methodology that assists to make distinguishing issue with proper examination. In this regard, all exercises in research consider to focus on relevant performances. Significant research also assists to focus on possible multiple points that are explores to make effective results. Exploratory research help to make proper implications of social media in hospitality sector (Radojevic, Stanisic and Stanic, 2015).
  • Data collection: Data collection is another useful methods that help to undertake proper explanation which legitimate thinking to look towards different segment for information. It determines as real piece of work which is needed to perform several functions and operations. Different kinds of sort of information investigate through qualitative and quantitative method. In this regard, quantitative research undertaken in which information consider details which reveal into effective functioning (Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2016).
  • Data analysis: Data analysis consider useful implementation of desire results that are needed to perform several functions and operations. There are different kinds of tools implemented that assists to find useful information at workplace. There is qualitative research technique implement for social media development (Leung, Bai and Stahura, 2015).
  • Sampling: Sampling is also important tool that assists to explore proposition in which examiner able to choose specific gathering to ascertain systematic work performances. In the procedure, simple random sampling method has been used to find useful information.

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