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Unit 14 Working with And Leading People BTEC HND Business Level 5 Regent College London


The present study is related to the working with and leading people and to understand its importance within the firm, Purple Mail Company (PMC) is taken into the consideration. It is one of the largest courier firms of the UK (Anderson and Anderson, 2010). In present time, company is facing leadership, management and administrative issues. Along with this, an organization is making losses from last few years. Recruitment and selection process of PM Company has also poor and due to this, the retention of the staff has also risen. Objectives that will cover under the current research are the role of recruitment, selection & retention procedures, leadership style & its impact on effective team working and assessment of development needs in individuals (Beattie and Johnson, 2012 ).

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Task 1

1.1 Documentation for selection and recruitment of new staff for PM Company

PM Company identified a hiring need of 2 administrators. The HR head of the human resource department of the company needs to prepare the following documents for recruitment and selection of a new member of staff:

  • Approval of Recruitment: The recruitment process starts with the approval from the higher authority of the PM Company. The concerned department of an organization who needs new employees sends a draft with job description and document that require skills and qualification for the post. The recruitment and selection process of the company will not start until and unless they receive approval from the top management (Coombs and Alston, 2016).
  • Job Description: Before giving the advertisement, PM Company is required to describe the requirements of a job for which is going to recruit a new member. Job description includes duties and responsibilities, work which has to be done and activities involved with it (Cummings and Holmberg, 2012).
  • Advertisement:


Hr Administrative Assistant

Required education

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Master in Human Resource Management (Davenport, 2013).

Other Requirements

2 years experience in Human resources or administrative work.

Key skills

Able to use Human Resource Management (HRM) software, decision making, leadership and good communication skills.

Job duties


· Preparing staff handbooks

· Maintaining employees records

· Preparing employment packages (Furtmueller, 2012).

· Prepare plan for delivering training to new staff

· Processing termination paperwork

· Work closely with different departments (Galegher, Kraut and Egido, 2014).


1.2 Impact of legal and other considerations to the recruitment process

There are various laws that must be considered by PM Company during the recruitment process. As per the UK government, employers will be charged with heavy penalties, if they were found to be breaching the laws (McNutt and Batho, 2009). The legal framework of the recruitment and selection process includes Employment Equality (Age) Regulation 2006, Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race Relations act 1965, etc (Johansen, Johansen and Ryan, 2011). The impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to recruitment and selection procedure of PM Company is discussed below:


Impact Of Act-On Recruitment Process

Sex Discriminatory Act, 1975

PM Company will give equal chances to both female and male candidates during the recruiting and selection process (Liu and Motoda, 2013).

Race relation Act, 1965

PM Company will avoid discrimination on the basis of color, nationality, ethnic or origins during the recruiting and selection process. If a job description of organization calls for a particular nationality and the person is eligible for the same then, the firm has to recruit the person (Madera, 2012).

Employment Equality (Age) Regulation, 2006


The impact of this legislation on PM Company’s recruitment and selection process is that it will include people of different age groups at the time of recruitment who are completing the requirements of the given job description (Meng and et.al, 2012).

1.3 Take part in the selection process

 Another role of the HR manager of PM Company after advertising is taking part in the selection process to recruit new applicants (Merién, and et.al, 2010). So, the evidence of my work in recruiting and selection method is described as below:

  • Prepare recruitment and selection panel: After posting the job description in the various sources of information, my next step lies in developing a recruitment and selection panel. It will be prepared to select the new applicant for HR administrative assistance post (Moran, Abramson and Moran, 2014). Here, the HR head and other departments will be included for which new employees will be hired.
  • Shortlisting: When I receive the applications of the candidates, I will shortlist the applicants by using different techniques such as IQ- test, Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination, written exam, etc (Müller and Turner, 2010). The shortlist of the candidates will give to the recruitment and selection panel as soon as possible.
  • Interviews: I will take the interview of the selected candidates. In the interview, I will ask questions related to their personal details such as backgrounds, educational qualifications, skills, strengths, knowledge in the subject, etc (Opazo and Choquet, 2011).
  • Appointment: Once the interview and other processes will complete, I will give final appointment letters to selected applicants who will be recommended by the recruiting and selection panel (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013).

1.4 Evaluation of own contribution to the selection process

As an HR manager of PM Company, it is my responsibility to hire skillful and knowledgeable candidates in the right place. During the entire recruiting and selection process, I have given many efforts (Rodd, 2012). Therefore, there is a need for evaluation of my own contribution in selecting methods of applicants. From the assessment, it has been found that I have taken part in developing require documents for recruiting new candidates. Along with with this, I have given advertisements for the proper job description in various information sources such PM Company website, newspaper, different recruitment web portals, etc (Puccio, Mance and Murdock, 2010). After this, I have developed a recruiting and selection panel where I have included the heads of different departments of PM Company. Besides this, I have shortlisted the applications of received applicants and took their general interviews. Finally, I have given final appointment letters to selected candidates for HR administrative post with important documents.

Task 2 

2.1 Skills and attributes needed for Leadership

For PM Company, it is hard to run the business in competitive market of courier without a proper or right leadership styles. But for this, company has to choose a person who possesses different skills and attributes to lead the entire workforce (Sanayei, Mousavi and Yazdankhah, 2010 ). So, the most needed skills and attributes for leadership in an employee of PM Company are as follows.

  • Passion:PM Company leaders should be very passionate towards their work and should give major importance to it By sharing that spirit of doing the tasks with employees can help them to motivate and make them more productive (Skogrand and et.al, 2010).
  • Communication:PM Company leaders should adopt a right communication process with the staff members because it has minimized the chances of miscommunication between the team members. Therefore, with the help of good communication skills, organization leaders can easily inform the changes in any work and make the task more effective (Ulrich, Zenger and Smallwood, 2013).
  • Commitment to Staff:PM Company leaders should understand that the coordination of team members is very necessary to  achieve the objectives and goals. So, it is important to show some commitments and responsibilities towards the staff members. By giving them training, involving in decision-making process and other work, leaders of PM Company should increase the coordination with the employees (Yang, Huang and Wu, 2011).

2.2 Difference between Leadership and Management





Activity to lead and motivate a group of people towards a particular goal or objective (Yeung and et.al, 2012).

This refers to an organization and coordination between those activities of a company in order to attain the desired goal.

Decision making




People-oriented on the basis of set values, culture, and principles.

Task-oriented on the basis of set procedures and structure.


Vision is long term and strategic.

The administration is short term and tactical (Sanayei, Mousavi and Yazdankhah, 2010 ).


Participative, transformational and consultative (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013).

Autocratic, transactional, consultative, and democratic.


To influence others by either giving inspiration or persuasion.

Influence the other people on the basis of either position or policy.

Risk tolerance

Risk seeking by bringing innovation, flexibility, and changes.

Risk-averse by developing standardization and stability.

2.3 Comparison of leadership styles in various situations 

PM Company is one of the largest courier firms in the UK. There are various situations where a company can use different leadership styles such as autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire, transactional, transformational. Among all these styles PM Company follows democratic leadership (Sanayei, Mousavi and Yazdankhah, 2010 ). This is because under this style all the employees participate in the decision making process. In order to bring change in the organisation, following a democratic style of leadership, will help the employees to participate more in the organisation this will help to increase productivity. They will become more committed to changes that may be brought about by policy changes since they themselves participate in bringing about these changes (Galegher, Kraut and Egido, 2014).

The management at PM Company may follow the autocratic style when there is workload. This will help the managers to take quick decisions. Having one leader to make decisions is often more efficient and more effective (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013). It even takes lesser time to take the decision in comparison to democratic where more time is consumed. Under this style more possibility of building trust between employees and management is possible.  

2.4 Ways to motivate staff to achieve objectives 

PM Company is the largest courier organization of the UK which serves a large number of customers in a single time. The company has various objectives like providing complete customer satisfaction, increasing profits, providing quality services, etc. In order to achieve these objectives, the company has to constantly motivate its employees. PM Company should follow Herzberg's theory which includes two factors for motivating employees (Branine, 2008). one is motivational factors and other is hygiene factors. Motivational factors like providing a challenging work environment, recognition of work, etc gives inner satisfaction to employees of PM Company which will help to achieve the objectives (Ulrich, Zenger and Smallwood, 2013).

The other factor is the hygiene factor which includes things like giving job security to employees, providing benefits, incentives, salary hikes, giving promotions, providing a secured and safe working environment, giving training and development to the employees (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013). If there is a presence of both High Hygiene as well as High Motivation then this will be an ideal situation where employees are highly motivated and have few complaints. But High Hygiene and Low Motivation will generate few complaints by staff members of PM Company but are not highly motivated (Sanayei, Mousavi and Yazdankhah, 2010 ).

Task 3 

3.1 Assessment of benefits of team working for PM Company 

The assessment of the benefits of team working for PM Company at the workplace are as follows:

  • Building teamwork in PM Company helps to bring develop creativity into ideas.  Brainstorming of the ideas takes place in a team that helps to come up with creative thought. This will help the company to increase its sales of services according to the current market trend (Galegher, Kraut and Egido, 2014).
  • Teamwork helps to improve the performance of employees and them able to focus on what they do best and do not have to deal with the task that is beyond their skills. This results to improve the quality of the products and increase the production (Team Effectiveness Assessment. How Good is Your Team? 2016).
  • Teamwork helps to build trust among team members. This will help the workers of PM Company to bring loyalty in the working environment, which will help to achieve the goals of the company. An effective team enjoys working together and shares a strong bond (6 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace, 2015).
  • PM Company divides its work into different sections so that it can be more manageable. It leads to achieve targets within the given limits and manage the work inappropriate manner (What Are the Benefits of Teamwork in Business, 2016).
  • Working in a team helps to reduce the stress of the workload of employees. Within teams, the task is divided among members which will help to reduce the stress condition so that the PM Company can focus on customer satisfaction, increase profits and quality products.


3.2 Importance of working in a team as a leader and member towards specific goals, dealing with any conflicts or situation 

PM Company is currently facing different situations such as leadership, management, and administrative issues at the workplace. So, as a leader and a member, there is an importance of team working. Therefore, dealing with an administrative issue, the value of working in a team as a leader and a member is as follows:

  • Coordinator: Being a leader, Ir will try to help everyone in a team and will cooperate with my members. he will coordinate the different tasks and activities of my team in the best effective way.
  • Shaper: As a team member, I will prepare deadlines, goals, and objectives and look that either they will be meet or not within given limitations (Ulrich, Zenger and Smallwood, 2013).
  • Monitor/evaluator: I will evaluate the performance of the team. Under monitoring, he carefully monitors judge things accurately.
  • Team worker:  I will be a  good listener and solves the problems or issues which arise between other team members (Sanayei, Mousavi and Yazdankhah, 2010 ).
  • Implementer: I will easily put the ideas into execution.
  • Resource investigator: I will always explore the opportunities and makes different contracts.
  • Finisher: I will try to focus on the way to finish the task they are assigned.
  • Specialist: I will use my technical skills and other knowledge to assess the delivery services and ensure that they are meet the objectives of the business or not (Galegher, Kraut and Egido, 2014).

3.3 Effectiveness of the team in achieving goals

The team of which I was a part at PM Company was very effective. Effectiveness can be viewed as an ultimate competitive advantage that has delivered excellent results. The team which I was leading has the members with a diversity of knowledge which helped us to overcome the challenges which occurred at times of selling the PM Company courier services (Sanayei, Mousavi and Yazdankhah, 2010 ). People working under my team have developed proper coordination between each other and had a sense of commitment which helped to achieve the sales target. I have followed the Belbin's team role model which has different aspects to make teams much effective and helpful. The cooperative nature of members and achieving the sales target clearly showed the effectiveness of my team.

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Task 4

4.1 Factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance at PM Company

The important factors which are involving in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance the work of PM Company are as follows :

  1. Performance appraisal: PM Company should make proper work performance appraisals for staff. It should evaluate the performance on the basis of the standards set and plan the appraisals accordingly.
  2. Providing feedback: Feedback from the management of PM Company should be effective because it will communicate the performance status of an individual, based on measurable guidelines (Galegher, Kraut and Egido, 2014).
  3. Setting standards: In PM Company, targets should be set, so on the basis of that, the performance of employees at the workplace of a company can be easily measured.
  4. Motivation: Incentives should be considered during monitoring and assessment of the work performance of employees in the working areas of the PM because it will lead to an increase in the morale of the employees (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013).

4.2 Plan and deliver the assessment of the development needs of individual at PM Company 

PM Company is very famous for its services all over the world. But, in the present time, the company has faced different issues that affected the services of the firm (Ulrich, Zenger and Smallwood, 2013). To resolve them, the organization needed to assess the development needs on an individual basis. In this context, the plan of assessment of the improvement needs of the employee is describing below.

  • Identify the areas of need: Under this step, those areas of needs of employees are identified which help them to develop. This can be identified during the interview, feedback from colleagues, observations, etc. Suppose the area for giving training and development needs is identified for new staff.
  • Need assessment instrument: A need assessment tells the PM Company what learners need to learn and it forms the basis for selecting the content, instructors, methods, and even budgets (Sanayei, Mousavi and Yazdankhah, 2010 ).
  • Strategies for implementation of need assessment: The last step is to make certain strategies for providing training and development to the new staff. After forming the strategies, I am a time to implement them at the workplace of PM Company. There are various methods to train the employees which method is suitable is decided and finally, the training of staff starts (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013).

4.3 Evaluation of the success of the assessment process so that the PM Company is back on track with high standard of management and leadership performance 

Performances can be evaluated on the basis of the standards which are set, evaluator sees to it that whether the targets of performance criteria are met or not. After providing training to the employees of PM Company, their whole working has evaluated which helps to give the indication for a successful training process. The success of training of each and every staff member in a company can be evaluated by measuring job performance and productivity (Galegher, Kraut and Egido, 2014). While evaluating, it is observed that the employees have worked properly. Along with this, the managers have started to follow different leadership and management styles for various situations. The outcome of this is the performance level of working of staff has been improved. The delays to deliver the services have been overcome. Besides this, the morale and motivation level of the employees has also raised and the result of this is it has improved the working practices and productivity (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013).  


Summing up the project report it has been observed that for the success of companies like PM Company, it was important to have proper recruitment and selection procedures. To improve and increase the productivity of the company it is observed from the above project that that leader with perfect skills and attributes is required. The above project also tells about how effective a team can be to lead an organization to heights. Even it comes to know about the fact that the company also makes certain need assessment strategies to train and develop their staff and also the performances of the staff are timely evaluated and monitored and timely feedbacks are provided to the employees.


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