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Evaluation of Personal Leadership

University: Oxford University

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Question :

Perform the below mentioned task-

Do an evaluation of the personal leadership by taking into account-

You are required to figure out an ethical challenge that is experienced at workplace. The solutions given. This will have covered in 1750 words

Answer :


Leadership is the ability of the individual or the group of people to influence as well as guide followers or other members in the organisation (Kearns 2019). Evaluation of leadership is the framework for collecting the information which help to assess the leadership effectively in the organisation. Effective leadership posses various quality like creative and innovative which help in providing better path the employees at the workplace. This report is based upon evaluation of personal leadership which is useful for growth and development. There are several ethical challenges and dilemmas which are faced in the workplace and should be handle effectively for smooth functioning.

Main Body

A person leadership style depends on the individual character which help in guiding other towards achieving common goals. An effective leader is the one with the ability to inspire others to achieve the common goal. There are different kind of leadership style which is useful in taking decision which are used to create an ethical environment in the company. Ethical challenges have become serious issue at every workplace because their workforce consist of high diversity with the individual beliefs and norms (Johnston 2019). As I was working in the healthcare sector there were different ethical challenges which were faced at my organisation such as the firm promise false promises to the customers regarding the safety and health issues of patients.. As the result I have to sell the faulty product to the consumers. In order to understand the ethical issues the Gibbs model has been briefly down below:

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Gibbs model:

This model is reflective cycle model which encourage people to think and act systematic with the help of past experience had during the specific situation. This often makes people think about an experience, activity or event in more detail, making them aware of their own actions and better able to adjust and change their behaviour. By looking at both negative and positive impacts of the event, people can learn from it. Here are some steps which are help to understand the ethical

Description: This is the first stage which help in describing the situation, events in the detail manner and help in describing the conclusion in the right manner. In this scenario, I mainly faces ethical issues because I was placed in the emergency ward during my first year. As the employee we had to look after the elderly people in the ward. Upon the arrival of the patient, I have to read the notes as they were highlighted as they have significant problems in their body. The main area of reflection was how me and other people communicated in order to calm the patient and show compassion to address the individual needs. There was the incident where the nurse came with three people ans told me that were people from the job advertisement and this was the process of the hospital. But they were actually receiving the radiotherapy treatment from that nurse. Upon hearing the nurse words, the service users get disturbed and began to cry, shrinking and hitting there head backwards against the pillow. This take time to nurse to clam down the patient by providing medicines in a soothing manner.

Feelings: This is the second phase were the feelings are triggered, as well as what someone thought at the workplace. As I feel so unsatisfied and de motivated prior to the incident occurring, I was shocked that the nurse was showing the three members around the ward of the hospital as the part of job advertising process. At the time of incident, I had only been working in the emergency ward for the six month so I feel slightly unsure of my position and find difficulty to cope with other team members. However, I did not feel confident or experienced enough to handle the situation effectively as had less knowledge regarding the situation. I usually think that it increase my level of anxiety as the result I struggle to intervene, however it is clear that me and my colleague should interrupt the nurse at the early stage. This ensure that patient get quality services without any delay. More over I was surprised when the nurse denied to take the responsibility of the individual needs of the services when the patient visit the ward. In the result this cause distress both the management and users which leads to dissatisfaction in the minds of patients.

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Evaluation: This is known as the third step and the experience had both good and bad elements which help in understanding the role and responsibility as the practitioner within the oncology and emergency ward (Dopson 2019). My prime duty was to provide physical examination and evaluation of the services using the health prescribe as well as administration medication which were recommend by the doctors. This help in manage the treatment, reduce side effects and also provide best services and support to patient mentally and physically. I feel that is did not fulfil the responsibility completely as due to some ethical challenges faced during my working tenure. The main responsibility of healthcare sector is to protect the patient with full confidentiality and ensuring that was describing the members of the public around the ward do not face problems. This can be reduced by sharing information and taking the feedback from the patient which in result help developing goodwill in the market.

Analysis: As per the healthcare norms people with cancer and other disease often face difficulties in adapting new situation, which means that hospital should provide problematic solution and deal effectively with coming out from the comfort zone. However, the healthcare staff should be aware about how to deal with the staff in well define manner who facing problem with cancer and other disability. This can be aid by regular check-ups and proper medication is done. Prior to admitting the patient to the hospital, it has been clearly advised to the patient about the hospital and other activities which are taken place during the treatment. The doctor and nurse have the responsibility to visit timely to patient and also allow visitors to visit the ward as it help in providing moral and mental support to the customers. Along with this more and more communication should be done with the patient and take proper care for having better output. Hence there must be extra therapy session which should be incorporated by professional which help them to heel and recover fast.

MENCAP states that one of the most common problem which are faced by the healthcare sector is taking care of people who are dealing with cancer. This can be aid by facilitating with quality service and intense caring and treatment done by doctors. Further this is essential that healthcare professional should equally value the people who are in need and try to understand the each and individual needs and make sure that each patient get equal treatment. In this incident where nurse did not take consideration of the individual needs of the patient which is consider as the serious concern unethical practises. In this case, the nurse did not recognise when the patient become anxious or distress. It is essential to promote the well being of the service and indulge in providing better services to the consumers.

Conclusion: From the above experience, I am more skill and mindful regarding taking care of patient and also treating them in a professional manner. As I got several experience at the workplace now I can handle any situation which tend to arise in future. The main insight which I got gained from my past experience means that I have become more responsible and aware about how the treat the patient and also how to avoid unethical practises effectively. There were several challenges which were faced and to handle those provide me a greater sense of responsibility to provide service. Along with this it help in developing healthy relationships with the patient and also gives a greater emphasis on emergency ward which increase level of group cohesiveness. Looking back to incident I have to act sooner, and nurse should not make this kind of mistake in future. After discussion with my mentor, I have recognise that I need to develop the confidence to challenge the practises of colleagues and make sure that each and every individual should act in ethical manner. I realise that I need to be supportive to colleagues, understanding the pressures that they may be under, but ensuring that their practice does not put clients at risk.

Action plan: In the future, I am to be more careful and proactive while dealing with any kind of situation which have to be faced regardless of my duty or the level of experience (Colella and et., al., 2019). This include dealing as well as handling with the stress of the patient and also ensure that information should be passed to the appropriate staff and take immediate action when I believe that the risk to the patient health or mental well being. However, I will identify the needs and try to alter how to approach a patient with the help of taking feedback and ensure that problems are resolved at priority. Beside this, I will use different types of method to develop a positive environment which can ultimately be beneficial for patients as well as for employees. There are other methods such as doing independent research on the particular needs and wants of the people as this will to gain competitive advantages for the workplace.

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I will make sure that other members of staff are responsible towards there responsibility of the individual needs and also provide best services to patient who are in need. This is also not important that all the workers will not perform their duty in the ethical manner or in a professional way. So in this case I have to conduct effective reflective practises, using the on going model proposed by the Gibbs. I also have the aim to consistently and with full responsibility implement principle and values in order to provide better services to the consumers.

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From the above mentioned report it has been concluded that ethical practise is essential and as the confidence and assertiveness can direct impact on the patient well being . So in future there must be proper action plan as it will help in providing better and quality services to the consumers. In order to avoid this situation the Gibbs model has been taken into account for solving unethical practises in a well define manner.

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Books and Journals

Colella and et., al., 2019. Implementation and evaluation of an innovative leadership and teacher training program for non-physician emergency medicine practitioners in Uganda. African Journal of Emergency Medicine, 9(1), pp.25-29.

Dopson, S., Ferlie, E., McGivern, G., Fischer, M.D., Mitra, M., Ledger, J. and Behrens, S., 2019. Leadership development in Higher Education: A literature review and implications for programme redesign. Higher Education Quarterly, 73(2), pp.218-234.

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