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Business Law Activities of Country Pine Associates

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: K/508/3837
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Question :

Business Futures (BF) is operating in business consultation industry. Country Pine (CP) is one of companys client and they are planning to expand their business. BF has to advice them regarding relevant legislations and legal system.

  • Understand role and nature of English legal system.
  • Explain the influence of contract law and employment law on Country Pine.
  • Describe different legal problems that Country Pine can face along with their legal solutions.
  • Provide alternative legal advice by considering legal system of country.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Country Pine Associates


Business laws are managed and formulated by government to monitor and regulate business activities. The report will cover English legal system structure and different sources of law and role of government in order to make and formulate law and legalisation with application of statutory and common laws. The report will also demonstrate impact of employees obligation and legalisation on business with an appropriate legal solution for the case of CP associated with justification. Finally, the report will cover Alternative Dispute Resolution Process in order to make a legal solution for CP business case.


P1 English legal system structure and different sources of law

There are two laws applied in England and Wales according to the English legal system such as criminal and civil law. These two have their own separate branches in terms of courts as well as procedures in which criminal and civil laws are applied to the cases claimed by domestic people efficiently. Court of justice and appeal is considered by civil law. United Kingdom does not have any separate legal system tat it is formulated by the old politician unions who are independent in order to improve and develop legalisation in nation effectively. In addition to this, there are three legal systems applied in UK at a particular geographical area. Common law is managed and controlled by present judge.

Different sources of law

Common law: The common law is generally based on ethical consumers that it is also considered as an ancient law which is applied to Wales and England. The results are identified on the basis of judgements made by judges in the courts effectively.

Law from EU: It can be said that there are some certain laws controlled and managed by European Union country as well as associated with rules and regulations followed by organisation in their operations in European market. For an example, Law from EU such as Employment Act, Trade union act and rules for import and export.

Statutes: These are use for the United Kingdom parliament laws in order to develop and formulate effectively. Statutes and statutory laws are originated with UK parliament. In addition to this, bill and draft proposals are provided to parliament very first and than after it is sent to royal assent for the approval effectively. For an example, Employment Rights Act 1996 is associated with statutory law.

Civil law: Civil laws are normally made for the local people in order to solve their issues and problems such as any wrong activity or discrimination or wrong commitment made by anyone effectively. The civil law manage cases less than £25000 and assess injuries less than £50000 effectively.

Legislation: This is a crucial part of act of parliament and created by legalisation which is based on UK parliament. House Of Lords And House Of Commons are considered in UK parliament that there are 650 members involved in house of common and each one defines a geographic constituency effectively.

P2 Government role in making laws and application of common and statutory laws

The firm should follow all the rules and regulations formulated by government such as application of statutory laws effectively. Such laws are made for a specific purpose of solving issues and conflicts between businesses, customers and societies. This shows the requirement of managing statutory laws under a reform observation. The statutory laws documents are also known as government provisions and bill effectively and efficiently. The process of approving bill to become an act of parliament in order to regulate businesses activities is as follow:

First reading

Bill is read for the first time and the process begins with House of Commons which act as a proposal of bill. This is the first and initial stage of reading the bill for the first time effectively.

Second reading

In the second reading, provision and proposal of bill is discussed by MPs and peers. If any controversy arises then the bill is passed Thus, it can be said that Country Pine should follow all the rules and legalisation managed and formulated by government in order to control business operational activities to run business smoothly and effectively. This will also help to enhance profitability and production by making safe business with government guidelines to increase customer base efficiently.


P3 Employees obligations and potential impact of laws

The Employment obligation Act 2008: The Employment act law is UK parliament law. These will provide different-different UK labour law. The main objective of these laws to provide the economic stability. With the help of this Act the government will give so many opportunities for the employee. This law is very helpful for employee to give loyalty and full satisfaction.

The Contract Act 1990:These act will provide the facility to the employee to secure their rights and power. There are some law that would be affect the business like health and safety act 1974, harassment act 1997 and other equality act 2010. With the help of this law they will provide the benefits if someone injured. Harassment act provide the security and opportunities to the employment. Employee will play important task for the organization and give their effective role to the business operations. The employee will help to secure their rights to enhanced the skills and their profitability. For the business process, health and safety, work environment, competition level that all the part of these key area. It will be demanding organization that would provide the facility such as furniture used in restaurant other materials are used in the companies for increasing the modern work culture.


P4 Appropriate legal solutions for CP

It said that the organization can be work with the registered company that would be increase the profitability of sales and marketing. Kevin Johnson is the CEO of the organization that will managing and controlling the whole process.

In 2013. the act will improve the quality of product and can be resolve any type of problem and improve the overall performance of the company culture. With the help of act 2013, it will provide the equality in between stakeholder and administration. These laws help to managed the penal and the regulative to the whole business functions and operations. The objective of business to established the connection between the customer that would improve the capital of company and enhance the production of company. Organizational governance focused on the duties regarding the companies. They have to support for organization and their worker that will be managed the system like managing directors, workers, and member of board. These act are very helpful for the organization because with the help of this law improve the life style of employee and many goals are achieved.

P5 Justification

It can be said that company act will help towards the concept of modest mobility effectively. The act was established in 1866 in order to regulate standard, enrolment and wind up all the subordinates effectively and efficiently. According to this act every firm should have to manage director which is appointed by the business in general assembly which is provide that they have been assigned to the director identification number DIN and on the message of an announcement that he or she is not ineligible to become a managing directors effectively and efficiently. There are some roles and responsibilities of a director in CP in order to regulate all the business operational activities which helps to increase production and profitability effectively.

Roles and responsibilities of a director

  • They should focus on promoting and protecting stakeholder level in business.
  • He is responsible to ensure vigil carrying into actions and users will not affected through business relationships.
  • Duty to guide each members in firm in order to collect future outcomes and higher level of business.
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