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Rationale for Negotiation Procedure - Marks and Spencer

University: Regent College London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Course Code: L/508/0567
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Question :

Solving of negotiation problem for PA of store manager for Marks and Spencer in order to pitch negotiation in salary rise.

  • Evaluation of negotiation and significance of negotiation for Marks and Spencer.
  • Application of RFP process and evaluation of competitive tendering within Marks and Spencer.
  • Development of pitch in order to attain a competitive edge in Marks and Spencer.
  • Assessment of outcome drawn for Marks and Spencer.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


Negotiation is defined that the abilities which is used by the manager or leaders in the organisation for resolving the disputes or problems in a systematic manner. Pitching refers to the speech or act which intends to positively influence or motivates another person to execute some specific task. Pitching is also considered to be a strategy which is adopted by the manager or leader in an organisation in order to inspire employees to work for benefit of an enterprise. Pitching and negotiations skills are very important in order to solve or eliminate the major problems at workplace.

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The project have focus on developing the understanding about the concept of negotiation and pitching in context of marks and Spencer organisation. It also has focused on analysing the procedures of negotiation. Report also emphasizes on identifying the way a company make request for business proposal.


P1 Meaning of Negotiation

Negotiation is considered as the procedures in which the two parties facilities discussion in order to reach some specific conclusion. It is recognised as an effective method of resolving the conflicts in systematic manner. As in an enterprise, there are many numbers of employees belonging to different cultural background, these workers have different values, working pattern, belief etc. So, there are high chances of conflicts at workplace. It is required by the manager of leaders in an enterprise to develop the negotiations skills, as this will assist them in identifying appropriate solutions to the problems. Disputes have direct as well as significant influence on the business performance and it also has major impact on the reputation of firm. Conflicts or disputes at workplace might have great influence on the working environment as well as relationship between employer and employee. These issues have direct as well as indirect effect on the business operations and have potential to create big hurdles in accomplishment of business objectives by an enterprise. Negotiation is the procedure which can be utilised by manager or leaders for resolving the disputes between two or more parties. In negotiations, both the parties facing the problems get an equal chance to share their issues, views and opinion related to the subject matter. The main advantage of this method is that by utilising this procedure, parties can resolves their conflicts without going to the court and also in confidential manner. Negotiation is considered as less time and cost consuming activity.

In this process, both the parties are bounded by terms and conditions in the contract which is signed after the discussion. It is required by the manager in M&S Company to develop the negotiation skills, as this will help them in creating as well as maintaining peaceful environment in an organisation. In addition to this, manager or leaders in an enterprise is required to develop the pitching abilities as this will assist management in motivating workers to improve their performance and increase their participation in several business functions. Negotiation process also helps parties in maintaining the strong relationship between them and developing mutual trust or understanding. It also assists management team in making suitable as well as quick decision.

Negotiation is very important ability which is needed to be possessed by each and every worker as it assists in coordinating with other workers for making a certain operation very effective in approach.

M1 Rationale for negotiation procedure

Negotiation is considered as very cost efficient as well as effective process which is generally used by all companies in order to deal with complex situations. These skills are generally used by manager or leader in an organisation for avoiding misunderstanding as well as conflicting situation at workplace. There are high chances of disputes at workplace, as an employee within an enterprise belongs to different cultural background and have their own values, beliefs, opinions etc. Conflicts within an organisation have direct as well as significant impact on the reputation of firm and also on the business performance. Therefore, negotiation is considered as an effective technique which helps manager or leaders in developing as well as maintaining the peaceful environment within an enterprise. Negotiation procedures involves several phases which assists negotiator in analysing the problems faced by the parties and also assist them in identifying the appropriate solution to the problems. There are mainly three phases included in the negotiation process such as:

Preparation stage-

At this stage, the parties facing the problems or commercial disputes are required to identify their problem. In this phase, it is required by the negotiator to gather entire information about the issues faced by the parties. As this strategy will assist negotiator in identifying the root cause of conflicts which is very important in order to reach appropriate solution. After the accumulation of all relevant facts and figures, negotiator should analyse the same. As these tactics will help parties in ensuring fair decision.

Phase of opening

It is also recognised as introduction stage in which the parties facing the problems facilitate discussions and take high initiatives in order to develop mutual understanding between them. Both the parties also put all the efforts' in order to reach mutual agreement.

Bargaining stage

At this phase, both the parties have some expectations and each party wants to gain the benefit from the agreement. It is required by the negotiator to make the decision or judgement considering the interest as well as benefits of both the parties.

Closure stage

It is also recognised as the ending stage of the negotiation procedure in which the almost parties reach to the conclusion and decision are finally made by the negotiator.

Rationale for negotiation process is that it helps in ensuring that solutions are reached based on principles.

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D1 Evaluating the phases involved in negotiation procedure

The negotiation process includes several phases which are required to be executed in order to resolves disputes at workplace in systematic manner.


It is the intimal stage in which the all the information or data has to be collected by the negotiator in order to help parties in reaching to the appropriate solution. This phase assists negotiation in identifying or analysing the expectations of the parties related to the subject matter of conflicts. At this phase, it is required by the parties in disputes to choose the criterion for resolving the conflicts. Parties facing problems should analyse the the advantages as well as several disadvantages of utilising the negotiations procedures for resolving the issues and finding the appropriate solutions. In this stage, negotiator act as the communicator between parties. As all the messages are communicated indirectly through the support of negotiator.

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