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Impact of Employment Law and Legal System

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages 8 / Words 2000
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: L/506/9989
  • Downloads: 49
Question :

This unit states that you are working for a new advisory company on legal system and legislations that are to be identified using own business competency.

  • Describe various sources of law and how they comply with activities of business enterprise
  • Provide description of court system in UK and how they are applied in justice court
  • Give emphasis on impact of employment law, contract law and company law
  • Develop evaluation of effectiveness of legal system according to current reform.
Answer :


The law can be defined as systematic rules which are need to be followed so that activities of entity can run effectively. Thus, it can be said that laws and legislation are need to be framed by the legal authorities and this all are need to be properly framed up so that business can be conducted efficiently (Balkin, 2017). The present report will outline the activities as are nature legal system, source of law, nature of legal system and potential impacts of legislation and standards. With the help of this kind of activities business enterprise is able to take effective decision. In this manner it can be said that the law is the system of rules which work as to created and reinforced the activities with the help of social and institutions of legal authorities. In addition to this, this report may defined the activities as are sources of law, creation of law and actions of government in the UK law system. Thus, report will be inclusive of the impact of the employment law.

1 Description on various sources of law and how its needs to comply with activities of business enterprise.

In this term sources of law can be determined as original laws, and this is to be made with number of rules and regulations and it is need to be followed in order to maintain the authenticity. The law is the systematic process which help to conduct the activities of firm effectively. It is defined in following manner as are:

Constitution- The constitution of UK states that the law which has number of set rules and regulations. It is the kind of supreme source of land, in second manner constitution is the source of law and this all works as to allocating the power between federal, states and legislative ( Bridge, 2017). In addition to this, in this it can be said that if the any action is taken by the legal authority and which is inconsistent that as effective action is need to be taken and it is derived as unconstitutional. These are made with the seven articles and followed by the amendments.

Statues- In this the status is need to be created and altered by the legal authorities as are local legislatures, federal and states. Under this the status will be passed by the new legislatures so that effective measures can be taken and conflicts among the situation can be solved.

Custom- This is one of the oldest source of law, with the help of this the dispute among the law can be settled and decide. It is made at the time when there was no states and in that time it will help to people to faced the problem (Gelter, 2017). In addition to this it can be said that the law which are derived from the custom can be known as customary laws. In this manner it can be said that such law is the type of English common law. The rules and regulation are need to be made with the help of customs and traditions. This rules are work as to binding rules and this all are need to be followed effectively.

Religion- This is one of the effective law as it is helpful in order to determine the variation between the laws as what is right and what is wrong. In this it is essential to conduct the thing sin morality manner. In this way, this kind of activity will become the essential part of the laws.

Legislation- Under this, it can be defined as the modern source of law. Thus, it can be said that the primary function in this is to make the laws (Hatch, 2017). Under this all kind of laws, need to conduct the those activities which will help to process the function of law in effective and efficient manner.

Equity- This is one of the which derived as providing the effective fairness among the all laws so that things can be conducted in proper fair and equal manner. Thus, it can be said that without the presence of equity the law will devoid the essential quality of the activities. In addition to this fairness is need to be maintained so that things can be conducted effectively

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