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Research Project - Case Study on Marks & Spencer

University: ICON College of Technology and Management

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Course Code: JNB508
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Question :

The scenario in this report is explaining impact of digital technology in mobiles and conducting research by marketing manager of Marks and Spencer.

  • Conducting research in order to integrate the knowledge of primary and secondary research.
  • Analysis of research for a business project.
  • Establishing communication for outcomes with various stakeholders.
  • Conduct your own reflection using various concepts and methodologies.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


Technology has revolutionized the way of companies conduct business by enabling. Digital technology became an essential part nowadays in order to hold business activities. Apart from that, small business owners considered digital techniques in order to develop competitive advantage. It will be more enlarging and productive matter of fact. The rise of information technology has paved a way for various innovations' and digitization of information. Moreover, it will be more challenging and imperative growth items. Present study will be based on digital technology impact on a business activity. For that, research will take Mark & Spencer Company will be taken into action. It is a big multinational retail store company in British market. This research will be taken new area of growth through importance of online business has been increased in more rapid manner. Along with that it will be more challenging and effective work process. Information technology helps business in each department weather its is HR department, Marketing, finance and operation department. Through advanced technology, a business activity will get more influenced towards the stability in the market.

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Information technology had a major impact on the business environment through various resources such as data, IT, better communication, mobile technology, internet, business, computer etc. All these technological gadgets enhance the opportunity or competitive advantage of M&S. Present study will be based on impact of digital technology on M&S business activity. For that, researcher will collect various data and information to present the best productive outcomes. Along with that, it will be also present overall data analysis from the collection of study. More apart, it will also explain data into deeper manner. Besides, scholar will also use primary as well as secondary data for collecting resources. It has also been concluded about various use of technology techniques and software through M&S can adopt and perform in more rapid manner.


M&S is a big multinational retailer in British market. It will also help to enhance better target goals. It will be more enlarging and growth-making target. It is the London stock market listed company. Apart from that, it specialises in selling of clothing, home products and luxury food products. This company was founded by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in Leeds in 1884. Retail Supermarket requires huge amount of advance technology in order to meet the needs of customers. It spread in wide scope according to that they require more fasting process in order to keep the interest of consumers with the company product and services.

M&S adopted digital technology and more information technology to implement fast process in customer billing etc. Besides, they also provide online selling in order to provide flexibility in the market. M&S is the top retail super market store among the others retailers who provides the best quality of product and services in more advance manner. Technology has given a huge impact on nature of products and services. Apart from that, it will be more enlarging and huge impactful decision making approach to grab business decision-making approach. More apart. Technological revolution is given big revolution on the business in terms of better speed, effective quality, performance increment in employees and productive outcome results. Along with that, by heavy market competition, the convergence of reality available internet services and mass mobile devices. They provide M&S to get direct connect with their customers in more advancing form. However, M&S took the greatest advantage of digital technology in the business function. Apart from that, it will be more competitive and cost effective process to dealing with the business activity.

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Aim : The impact of digital technology on business activity


  • To identify use of technology has an impact on integration of different business operations
  • To identify use of digital technology in growth and development of business.
  • To identify impact of social media on business marketing strategies.


Impact of digital technology on business

According to Armstrong Kotler and Brennan, (2015), digital technology has revolutionised the way we conduct business. Over the last decade, it has dramatically changed traditional business model and transformed business activities. Digital impact has been providing the better opportunity and growth for the new development. It also provides technological work in more efficient manner. This enables the product to become more popular with the help of digital techniques. Besides, according to Barrett, Davidson and Vargo, (2015) there are several opportunities and growth through the better environmental growth. The main role of information technology is rapid speed and involves high accuracy level. Through business can perform better task. Digital technology has improving the enterprise performance and change the way of performing the task according to Baumers, Dickens and Hague, (2016). According to better form it has been given more challenging and growth-making target. According to Donnelly Simmons and Fearne, (2015) recent digital technology helps to integrate the big data, the cloud, the interpret the data into more effective manner. It has transformed the way of working and enlarging the process of making good task performance better opportunity and growth. On the contrary, digital technology has also increasing the dependency level on internet or on technological system through role of manual system has been reduced. Along with that, it has given a negative effect on the business activities according to Laudon and Laudon, (2016). Information technology also giving threats of risk and high power of negative impact. More apart, there are many challenges and growth task making process of doing better opportunity and growth. Along with that, it will be more challenging growth oriented task in order to enhance better opportunity task. Another most prominent advantage which company has taking while using of digital technology. Such as reducing business costs, small business owners can use technology to reduce business costs. M&S taking better or advancing technological growth in making the better opportunity and growth. Digital technology has performed log task into shorter manner and helps M&S to create secure environment for maintaining sensitive business or consumer information. It will be more enlarging and best productive source of income through company get better advancement growth. More apart, according to Oliveira, Thomas and Espadanal, (2014) digital advance technology helps M&S to enhance the business communication process through employees or customers can easily connected with each other through various medium such as mobile system, internet, social media etc. better communication can make better flow of information through new services has been made according to growth channel. Business technology owners can automate back office functions, such as record keeping, accounting and payroll in order to maintained the better opportunity and growth. More apart, it will be more efficient in order to meet the needs of company objectives. Apart from that, digital technology also includes some risk factor in order to safe the data, due to high piracy someone can take the company data for wrongful manner. This might be give negative impact on the business activities according to Piotrowicz and Cuthbertson, (2014). Apart from that, M&S can store and keep the huge data in cloud computing. Cloud computing is the most common and adopting source of information, in which company can maintained their huge data in one folder. The concept of cloud computing is immensely popular and productive. Cloud computing is the technology or software which helps to utilise the information technology to capitalise on its ability to provide improved agility and time resource management. Besides, according to Van Ark, (2016), they suggested cloud computing involves high dependency level in the functions through company also get facing the high risk with huge data restoring. Along with that, it will be more challenging and demanding nature of growth. Some organisations are not support cloud computing process because of involvement of high risk. More apart, it will be more challenging and highly changed environment. Another advantage of digital technology is its involved automation of business processes according to Schor, (2016), according to them digital technology does not require more resources to perform the task rather they required much time for accomplishing the overall target market plans.

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On the contract according to Schor, (2016) it has been suggested that, automation process may reduce the role of employees due to which company might be facing low employee motivation and less frequency level of performance. Apart from that it will be more challenging and impactful process which company facing during their new technology development. Adding one more pros of digital technology is that working remotely M&S can easily access their company function through his mobile phones or through better impactful decision making approach. It will be more enlarging process of making good task oriented goals. Working remotely is the technology which provides ability to work in remote areas. It equips employees with the ability to get the work done even if they are not physically present at the workplace. Ability to perform the better task oriented goals which present better opportunity and growth in terms to present the better task oriented goals. Digital technology has been given more advancing and better opportunity growth for making good task oriented work and better performance level. Work remotely will enhance the performance level of task oriented it also involves heavy process of making good task oriented goals. Apart from that, remote control having more benefits and scope in order to enhance the better opportunity.

According to the Armstrong Kotler and Brennan, (2015) digital technology mobile technology has given huge impact on the business activities through company can easily connect with their buyers. With the help of mobile technology, M&S can easily convey their message or any new information or any other inundation in the company. Along with that, mobile technology has been given great impact on the business activity. Mobile technology is most flexible and convenient technology to pass the information. Mobile technology takes business communication to a whole new level. M&S can easily convey their information with the help of messaging or connect with the major objectives and growth. Along with that, it will be the more flexible and enhancing process of doing the task in more productive manner. According to Barrett, Davidson and Vargo, (2015), company always require to making the attractive message and concept to make the good appearance in front of the customers. Besides, another digital growth or techniques which gives better growth to the business environment that is protecting information. Digital technology has been introduced techniques or software through company can keep the data safe and secure. Every organisation having a mammoth database comprising various information related to business transactions. Such kinds of information are valuable to protect the data from hackers. Information technology also provides various variolous technique and method to protect the data and provides right data and only share information to limited assess. More apart, it will be given great impact on the business activity which gives better environmental growth. On the contrary, sometimes due to competitors and rivalry firms data has hacked by hackers, due to which they facing low profit margin and growth. According to Baumers, Dickens and Hague, (2016), digital technology has been given better objective growth. Moreover, another major goals and objectives of the company is that to make customer satisfied, to impress their buyers M&S has to be technological friendly. Customer satisfaction is the most required and essential for the organisation. Information technology provides the best productive and productive growth factor to make better envelopment. Technology provides better tools to providing tools and techniques for better communication process through they can easily convert their message to the company. Along with that, in at present working scenario online platform providing best and productive growth to customers. Along with that, another advantage of the digital technology is management of resources technology has providing wide resources and sources through company can easily make better environmental growth. Business has a variety of resources through HR Department has easily made better strategy and growth. Digital technology has been the most essential and profit making techniques. Through company can easily. Which makes better target market goals. Digital technology has been the most required these days which accomplish the business objectives and target market growth. It is the overall target goals which provides best target goals in order to enhance the best productive market.

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