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In order to perform management functions, there are various advantages can be seen at workplace through the company can achieve their targets and goals. Management also assist to attract various customer at workplace through the company can easily enhance profits and revenue (Starr and Van Wassenhove, 2014). Management also require to identify potential performances of the business which occur high impact on the business operation. In this way, the enterprise can operate effectively at various parts of the company. Present report is based on Imperial hotel which provide various types of hospitality services in various parts of the world. They have various facilities such as conference room for 100 people and 500 bedrooms, and many other facilities. For gaining insight knowledge of the company present report covers management theory for the company which assist to solve business issue within the enterprise. Further, it also analysis specific problem which reduce company profits and revenue at workplace. In addition to this, report focus on company strategies through, they can enhance their profits and revenue through following different activities and actions in various areas of the world. In this way, brand reputation of the company assist to create positive impact on the business operation which enhance profits and revenue. Moreover, it determine method through the enterprise easily expand their operation and outcomes in different places of the company. At last, it provides summary of report which understand to analysis impact of the business performances at workplace.


Problem of the business

In order to perform functions in Imperial hotel there is poor operating and control procedure which create negative impact on the business operation and outcomes. This is because, the company is using very low quality products and services and employee are not according to customer requirement which create negative impact on the business operation and outcomes (Vijayan and Kamarulzaman, 2016). In this way, every individual of the enterprise try to solve this issue but they are fail to operate effective functions and operations. The cited firm every month take survey of guest satisfaction and they are fail to operate it effectively and honestly so that it create negative impact on their business operations and outcomes. This is because, staff turnover is very high therefore the company need to recruit member again and again. It generate high cost for giving them proper training at workplace. Most regular complaints are creates due to negative relations with people at workplace so that they are unable to demonstrate effective functions towards customer (Starr and Van Wassenhove, 2014). Brand reputation of the enterprise is too low so that customer are not interest to purchase particular products and services in different areas of the company.

In addition to this, Imperial hotel also unable to deliver product quality because staff member such as housekeeping, kitchen and maintenance cannot attain standard of products and services. Thus, it is essential to solve this issue because it also creates many issues such as reduce profits and revenue adverse impact on the brand of company and many more things, due to company technology guest are also negatively impacted (Wisner, Tan and Leong, 2014.). This is because, in hotel there is no advance technology plays so that customer are unable to access internet and many other facility at workplace. Therefore, employee are also unable to provides services that create problems at workplace. Thus, it will also create negative impact on them. In now a days, advance technology play very important role in everyone life so that it is require to perform functions and operations according to customer requirement. Further, it also assesses that the chosen company is continuously using recruitment of new people with the help of agency (Vijayan and Kamarulzaman, 2016). As results, Grand hotel is face challenges because, staffing the housekeeping department overseen executive people. To solve this problem, manager tries to make long term planning to recruit member at workplace. With the help of contingency management theory, the company can deliver effective information’s and services to customer by employee of the company.

Moreover, Imperial hotel has not effective workers who can understand customer needs and provide them accordingly. They have no proper knowledge regarding business outcomes. It is also determines various benefits which need to be taken at workplace to solve the business issues and problems (Vijayan and Kamarulzaman, 2016). It determine adverse impact on guest of the company. From the above discussion it has been analysis that the company is not effectively working and there are various guest who are not happy with company services. Thus, he cited firm need to concentrate on their services which provide better and create positive impact. In this aspect, working properly according to customer requirement need to be make at workplace so that Imperial can handle all issues and outcomes easily (Starr and Van Wassenhove, 2014).

Solution to solve problems of the business

In order to solve the business issue Imperial need to concentrate on various activities which create impact on operations and functions (Vijayan and Kamarulzaman, 2016). There are various element in which the company can find business issue and solve it properly:

Analysis the problem according to customer perspective

 In respect to handle business problem, Imperial need to concentrate on customer perspective which acquire through determine their needs and requirement from the company. For this element, the cited firm has responsibility to enhance their operating and control procedures at workplace. It will assist to meet with basic standards of operating procedures which provides positive results at high cost. In this aspect, the cited firm has responsibility to identify and ask customer needs to that they can provide services accordingly (Wisner, Tan and Leong, 2014.). It will assist to measure outcomes and operation which based on the business requirement. Customer perspective assist to make solutions for various issues and problems at workplace. As results, the firm can easily attract various customer at workplace (Nobre and Zawadzki, 2013). In addition to this, it is also assist to enhance profits and revenue at workplace which helpful to operate functions and outcomes in effective way. In addition to this, the cited firm is also responsible to determine effective outcomes and operation which can be enhance knowledge and skills of person. In this way, the chosen organisation can easily delivers outcomes that are easily satisfy to each customer and serve products and services according to their requirement (Wisner, Tan and Leong, 2014.). As results, they can achieve high market share and outcomes at workplace. With ascertains results and performances, it is important to maintain relations with customer so that they can visit again at workplace. In this way, Imperial hotel has various advantages through they can serve products and services accordingly. As results, they can easily capture whole market which describes to attain positive results and performances (Vijayan and Kamarulzaman, 2016).

Make staff aware towards the customer expectation

 Imperial hotel has not efficient and effective staff member who can participate to achieve goals and objectives. Thus, the company is unable to perform their functions according to business requirement (Pantelidis, 2016). In this aspect, the chosen organisation has responsibility to serve their products and services through focusing on each customer requirement. In this aspect, training and development programs need to be taken at workplace through workers can enhance their efficiency and performance to satisfy customer and their requirement. With the help of effective operating and control system, stock being regularly pilfered that gives evidence to meet with operating procedures. In this way, chosen firm can provide awareness to employee that how to treat with customer to satisfy them at workplace. Thus, they will easily understand expectation of customer (Modell, 2014). It will create positive impact on the business operations which play to determines impact on the business operations and outcomes within the enterprise. There are various element which need to be ascertain for development of the cited firm such as role play, seminar and conference and many other things. It will assist to enhance knowledge and skills towards customer requirement so that the business can serve their products and services accordingly (Fartoukh, 2014.).

Train to staff to handle customer complaints

 In respect to handle with customer complaints, the company need to focus on customer requirements. In this way, they can concentrate on each activity of the business which create impact on the business and its operation (Vijayan and Kamarulzaman, 2016). It will assist to the company to provide employability to each people at workplace. Imperial hotel has responsibility to serve products and services according to customer demand and requirement so that they can easily handle business situation and operations. Firstly, the company has responsibility to listen each customer and their requirement from the business activity. Thus, they can easily solve business issue and enhance their revenue. Each employee require to listen regarding customer complaints which they are face within the hotel (Nobre and Zawadzki, 2013).

If employee are not handle business issue and complaints of customer, they are unable to attract potential customer towards the company and their operation. In respect to this, the chosen business need to concentrate on each activity which create impact on the business and their outcomes. There are various elements in which the company can listen regarding customer complaints (Burman, 2015). It will make positive impact on the business and its operation. According to customer complaints, each employee need to be perform their functions and operations. In this way, the cited firm has responsibility to provide them proper trading to handle business situation and problems. For example, the company can give training to employee for handle multiple task at workplace (Wisner, Tan and Leong, 2014). This is because, if they are able to solve multiple issue, the cited firm can easily solve various issue at workplace together. In this aspect, the cited firm has advantages to solve their issue with exploring various opportunity that are require to handle business operation and activities (Starr and Van Wassenho

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