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Intrapersonal Effectiveness: Impact of Critical Incident on Organisational Effectiveness

Question :

The organisations need to provide the workforce with various training which increases there motivation and satisfaction level. This satisfies the individual needs and wants also. When the organisation plan the training and development session which satisfies the individual inner needs also it creates interpersonal effectiveness of employee with the organisation. Which helps in overshadowing the impact of critical-incident. The intrapersonal effectiveness of an individual with self results in proper alignment of action, thus leading to proper accountability of actions.

  • Concept of intrapersonal effectiveness?
  • Concept and importance of Organisational Effectiveness?
  • Impact of a critical incident on organisational effectiveness?
Answer :

Main Body

The intrapersonal refers to the process taking place within oneself. Effectiveness means the ability to produce the desired result. Therefore, 'intrapersonal effectiveness' refers to the one's ability to produce the intended result. The alignment and cohesiveness within one's internal working should be aligned with actions being done in order to produce the efficiency of the work being done. The 'organisational effectiveness' refers to the efficiency of an organisation in achieving the goals and objectives so set. It refers to the proper mix between the several key areas such as employees, process and operations. The elements which play an important role in achieving the organisational effectiveness are as follows;

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  • Leadership: The Leadership is a key important role in the organisational effectiveness. As, the leaders are important element in setting the vision and executing the change processes effectively in an organisation. They are being hold responsible and accountable for handling the critical events.
  • Communication: The effective communication results in efficient exchange of information which is needed to achieve the goals. The proper alignment between the information and communication increase the efficacy of the organisation working.
  • Accountability: The accountability refers to the person being held responsible for the actions performed by them. The intrapersoanl effectiveness should be built firstly with self then only it will result in the accountability on basis of group. It is directly correlated with the personal accomplishment of actions being assigned.
  • Delivery efficiency Strategy: The Delivery process refers to the successfully delivering the product and service to the costumer. It can be achieved only when the employees have their alignment with their actions.
  • Performance: The performance of the human resources are key ingredient in an organisation success. The organisation should give emphasis on maintaining the motivation and satisfaction level of the workforce. It they are being motivated and trained rightly then only they will produce the actions which will be useful for the organisation to achieve their gaols effectively.
  • Measurement: The organisation must set the benchmarks and controlling techniques which will help in measuring the effectiveness of process, employee behaviour and productivity.

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These steps helps in achieving the organisation effectiveness. The organisation should first focus on developing cohesiveness with individual's unfulfilled needs and wants. When individuals personal needs are satisfied then only they will achieve the intrapersonal effectiveness. This intrapersoanl effectiveness so achieved helps in thus achieving the organisation goals effectively. The organisation should focus on giving the timely trainings and proper rewards which will satisfy the individual growth and development needs. When rewards are being given fairly then only the actual accomplishment can be gained from the individual performance.

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The 'critical incident' refers to an event which emerges suddenly, whose occurrence can't be predicted. When the event so occurred, disrupts the working of an organisation. The occurrence of the critical incident gives the employees and organisation no preparedness. The critical incidents may be robbery, war, sudden death, workplace accident or hazard, Coronavirus pandemic. The certain planned critical incident which can occur into organisation are massive lay-offs, mergers, introduction of new process etc. The working of an organisation after that critical event is due to the relations and networks so created with the workforce. It is the intrapersoanl bond that is created between the employees and employers. Therefore, it is crucial that organisations understand and develop the strong interpersonal bonds that will maintain the overall well-being of an organisation.

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The occurrence of these critical events disrupts the organisation with excessive cost in terms of the staff productivity and morale, if not addressed properly. To be effective and efficient the organisation require great effort of teamwork and communication. Such as, when the digitalisation of technology occurred in India many people resisted that there job will be at loss. To deal with such incidents the organisation require the proper training and leaders who can effectively communicate and make the employees who are resisting change to deal with it in a positive way. This can be effectively overcome when there is trust created between the management and employees. Therefore, the organisations needs to give proper trainings which will upgrade the skills of employees and make them developed and prepared to face any threat. This will increase the cohesiveness among organisation thus leading to organisational effectiveness. To achieve the organisational effectiveness the organisation needs to balance the action of employee performance, productivity with the processes and operations. The organisation needs to identify the change leaders which can effectively bring in any change and make employees fully aware and accept the change easily. The collaboration between the men, machine, strategy and structure needs to be developed which increase the capability of an organisation. The synergy between the employees and their actions increase the organisational effectiveness. If trust, communication and team work exist between the employee ad employer it helps to easily overcome the impact of critical incident.

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