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Influence of E-commerce Activities on Customer Attraction in Travel and Tourism Sector - Thomas Cook

University: UKCBC College London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages 14 / Words 3500
  • Paper Type: Case Study
  • Course Code: H/508/0525
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Question :

Description is drawn regarding techniques and methods used in research I order to underpin formal research.

  • Description regarding preparation of research in which research specification, methodologies, questionnaire and data collection methods are included.
  • Evaluation of research specification via interpreting data.
  • Evaluation of outcomes of research by inhering future considerations.
  • Presentation of final outcomes of research.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Thomas cook


1.1 Research project outline


In respect to deal with E-commerce activities, it can be stated that social media help to promote systematic work performances in the travel and tourism sector. With the help of different activities and tasks, marketing activities grows continuously that help to target people with demographic characteristics. On the basis of customer needs and requirement, enterprise need to promote their functions that assists to meet with effectiveness. Furthermore, taking feedback from customer is one of the important perspective that assists to develop significant results in the market (Cao and Yang, 2016). In these days, people share their ideas and views from Facebook so that there are different people engage to increase tourism brand. It helps to create awareness to develop significant advantages at workplace. It helps to regulate with different activities that assists to attract maximum number of people together in business. All age group of people targeted so that brand performances also develop successfully to work in creative consideration.


In this regard, it is important to Thomas Cook Group to assess their customer needs and requirement so that they are able to perform different activities. Social media is the best tool that help to promote products and services in international market to attain more desired results. In this consideration, feedback also taken from different customers that help to reach towards effective functioning (Hua, Morosan and DeFranco, 2015). On the basis of photos, videos, etc. customers encourages towards the company which is main benefit to perform several functions and operations in the company. There are several advantages and disadvantage boost to consider results in the society.

Aims and objectives

Aim: To identify influence of E-commerce activities on customer attraction in travel and tourism sector – A Case Study on Thomas Cook Group.


  • To understand concept of E-commerce activities in travel and tourism sector.
  • To explore activities to attract customers in Thomas Cook Group.
  • To interrelate E-commerce and attraction of customers in Travel and Tourism business.
  • To recommend ways through customer attraction will be increasing in Thomas Cook Group.

Research questions

  • What do you understand concept of E-commerce activities in travel and tourism sector?
  • How to explore activities to attract customers in Thomas Cook Group?
  • How to interrelate E-commerce and attraction of customers in Travel and Tourism business?

1.2 Factors that promote in research

In respect to determine present research, it can be stated that there are several factors exist that assists to promote effective functioning at workplace. In this regard, following elements create major part to promote results in present research:

  • Knowledge: In respect to consider present research, it can be stated that researcher has wide knowledge towards E-commerce activities. Therefore, it helps to attain desired results and outcomes in Thomas Cook Group. It is the best way to develop effectiveness in industry.
  • Scope: Further, present research consider wide scope to attract maximum number of people at workplace. In this way, effectiveness also develop to attain more desired functions in company. It assists to identify influence of social media on customer attraction.
  • Interest: Along with this, researcher has more interest to implement E-commerce activities in travel and tourism sector. In this regard, systematic work performances develop that help to increase performances of company.

1.3 Literature review

Concept of E-commerce activities in travel and tourism sector

E-commerce consider different activities that help to promote desired results in travel and tourism business. In this aspect, development of different targets assists to measure successful outcomes in the organisation. Facebook, Instagram, etc. tools help to ascertain innovative operations in the business environment. Furthermore, Wang, Li and Zhang, (2016) consider their views that there are different blogs assists to attract customers in the company. As results, it will focus on maintain effective performances in the business environment. On the basis of creativity, it can be stated that Thomas Cook Group will able to make creative work performances in the company. With focusing on social media, connectivity established through enterprise able to deliver creative work performances.

Activities to attract customers in Thomas Cook Group

According to the view of Szopiński and Staniewski, (2016), there are different customers need to attract at Thomas Cook Group. With the help of effective pricing strategy, the company able to produce systematic work performances in business. There are several areas consider which make effective functioning at workplace. As results, travel and tourism activities develop to focus on maintain new operations. Beside this, Yeh and Cheng, (2015) argued that Facebook is one of the important element that help to focus on desire results and outcomes. On the basis of Facebook performances creativity and effectiveness also increases continuously that increases better performances at workplace. On the basis of effective tourism activities, it develops functions and operations in international market.

E-commerce and attraction of customers in Travel and Tourism business

As per the point of Choi, Law and Heo, (2016), E-commerce activities help to maintain effectiveness at workplace. In this regard, business able to maintain their creativity and attain more systematic work performances in business. With the help of Facebook, Instagram, etc. This is because, travel and tourism ascertain their functions to make proper coordination among different elements. It is the best way to attain goals and targets which needed to perform activities. On the other hand, Chiu, Fang and Huang, (2014) stated that travel and tourism business and E-commerce activities perceive positive results in respect to attain desired results. With this regard, different tasks and activities must be determines that help to make new areas operations.

1.4 Research project specification

In respect to conduct proper research, there are different aspects exist which need to be include in the process. Research methodology play very important role that help to attain desire results with analysis. Following elements are generally included in the present research:

  • Research design: It is related with planning and attain desired results at workplace. Therefore, aims and objectives will be attain in systematic manner. There are several types of research design exist such as exploratory, experimental, descriptive, etc. From this, researcher select descriptive research design that help to make creative work performances (Lowry, Cartier and Delconte, 2015).
  • Research philosophy: In order to find useful results, in the present research there are two options mainly exist such as interpretivism and positivism. From the both, researcher select interpretivism. This is because, it helps to collect fresh and effective information towards aims and objectives (Standing, Tang-Taye and Boyer, 2014).
  • Data sampling: It is also major perspective that help to make effective functioning at workplace. In this regard, probabilistic and non-probabilistic two kinds of methods for data sampling. From the both researcher use non-probabilistic in which simple random sampling method generally adopted (Figueroa-Domecq, Pritchard and Villace-Molinero, 2015).
  • Research approach: In order to consider effective results, there are two kinds of approaches exist that can be used by researcher to find useful information. In this way, inductive and deductive two types of method exist from which researcher generally consider inductive to find useful information (Duncan and Cohen, 2016).

Data collection: In respect to collect desire information, there are two methods exist such as qualitative and quantitative. From the both researcher mainly consider qualitative research method that help to develop effective

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