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Business Environment


 Environments have a major impact on entire corporate world because policies and norms of an enterprise are based on micro and macro elements. However, it is essential to study the various components in order to attain organizational goals or objectives in a defined time frame. Beside this, number of things get changed such as; choice or preferences of society, rules and regulations of advisory bodies hence forth. In order to understand each or every aspect of business environment Company needs to analyse indispensable elements so that they can run their enterprise in appropriate manner (Avramenko, 2012) . Therefore, assignment is going to throw lights on various types of organizations such as; private, public and voluntary with relevant examples. For example; Google is a most leading private corporation whose main motive is to gain maximum benefits by satisfying the needs of distinct clients. Along with this, size and scope of several type of associations are also outlined in this project as well as determine their company structure in order to assist them towards corrective path. Furthermore, focussing on impact of macro environment on company success and interrelationship between SWOT or PESTLE is also described in this report.  


P1 Business's with legal structure and their purpose

            There are various types of organisation that exist in the environment and each have of them have different purpose. Thus, based on which they are categorised on the basis of public, private and voluntary section in order to fulfil the respective target affectively. It basically offer immense employment opportunity by attaining the overall purpose of an organisation successfully.  The role of public company is to facility the society and deliver effective policy in order to enhance the economic condition of the state. It basically involve the interference of government to improve the infrastructure, construction services as well as local educational facility to promote the functioning of overall country. Like Royal Dutch Shell is the oil and gas reserve which is the one of the largest companies that help to preserve the natural resources and develop sustainably. Therefore, it is established for the legal functioning and in order to do so they receive the funding from legal community.

            Along with that private sector is distinct from public sector as within this the owner run the business in order to maximise the profit and diversify business in national as well as international boundaries. In relation to Google it directly directly help the firm to conduct portfolio investment and mitigate the chances of risk by earning huge income source for business and within stipulated time period. There are different types of private firm whose nature differ from one to another like the role of Sole proprietor is to run the small business just with the purpose to attain adequate living standard instead of taking risk to diversify the business. Along with that within partnership business two or more than two partners work together in order to share profitability. They basically function after the preparation of partnership deed that consist the name and share of each and every partner. Further, within limited company the large company like Google which is multinational company gains the huge amount of revenue and offering a platform to people and engage with them successfully.  

            Thus, Voluntary organisation includes the role of non government body that incorporate its actions in order to look after the specific purpose of society. They basically functioning toe enhance the living condition of unprivileged part or weak section of the society such as Woodland Trust helps to create and restore the heritage with the help of afforestation.  

P2 Business's organisation and their size and structure

            As there are three sectors of business and each of them has its own size and scope depending upon the purpose of business like the objective of multinational enterprise is to expand and serve worldwide area. Similarly, voluntary organisation rather than expansion focuses on the coverage of the society for which they exist. Thus, in relation to Royal Dutch Shell which is a public organisation cover the oil and gas area and indulge into activities like transportation, distribution, trading , power generation and so on. Thus, it operate in various countries which is approximately seventy countries that have expanded the size as well as scope of company. Like it offer employment opportunity around eighty thousand employees and have assets of worth  around US $399.2 billion. Along with that the size and scope is Google which is private company is widely expanded globally. The reason of expansion is to gain edge and earn huge amount of profitability and catering the changing need and requirement of customer all over the world. So to remain competitive Google enhances its services like language translation or voice messages which help the customer to provide convenience and maintain their interest.  Like, the company hire eighty five thousand employees who remain connected with the firm and help to resolve the remedy of people. The company has successfully covered both developing and developed part of an economy. Further, in context to Woodland trust which is the part of voluntary organisation makes vital effort to expand their size with the purpose to conserve the natural resources. Here the company makes affirmative effort in order to protect the forest and conserve them by controlling deforestation in order to maintain the economic stability. Like, the company UK area and there are around two lac member who are the valuable part of association.


P3 Relationship between various organizational functions and their connection with company objectives

Business environment of an organization needs to be studied for understanding the each or every aspect of an enterprise as well as relationship between various department. For example; all the other functions of an association have a major connection with each other like ; presence of capital is necessary for adopting modern methods of marketing. In fact, structure and objectives of an enterprise is also based on various department of Google as if there is absence of any initial target then company don't have any path towards success (Bovee, Thill and Raina, 2016) . Apart from this, one thing is also determined that there is a major difference between two of the organization such as; Google and Woodland trust are totally distinguish from each other. Thus, relationship between various organizational functions are discussed as follows:-

Marketing and finance:- Sales of an organization increased due to effective marketing strategies. Thus, for designing modern technique of promoting organizational products and services company needs to have sufficient amount of funds to accomplish their job role in proper manner. It shows the direct connection between marketing and finance team in order to gain maximum benefits.

HRM and marketing:- Advertisement of vacancy at marketplace is only possible by acquiring help from sales team because all the promotional activities are done by them only. For example; awareness about the vacant position of an enterprise is only circulate with the use of marketing strategies in order to update society about the company empty position.

Production and marketing:- It means manufacturing department of Google is based on their promotional tools. For example; merchandising team of an enterprise is engaged in assessing the needs or requirement of consumers in order to direct manufacturing group towards correct path. As a result, it helps in controlling extra or unusual stock and further regulate the long term losses of an as

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