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Implementation of customer service strategies

Introduction to Customer service

Customer service is essential part of organization that impacts directly on working performances of the corporation. Business units continuously try to enhance satisfaction level of its clients for that they provide them goods and services as per their requirements. Present report is based on Hilton hotel which is engaged in hospitality industry. Our assignment helper will answer the several questions related to implementation of customer service strategies.


A) Issues that impact on service delivery

It is necessary for corporations which operate in the service industry that to identify needs of consumers in order to deliver them satisfactory services. There are many issues that impact on service delivery of Hilton hotel, these are discussed as below:

Corporate customers

Consumers are assets of any business unit, they have power to influence overall business operations to great extent. Needs of corporate customers (B2B) are different from other end users, they expect high level quality services from the firms. For meeting with their expectations hotel  has to modify its operations frequently, it has to take support of the latest technologies for raising quality standards. That may impact in positive manner because by this way quality of service delivery will get improved significantly.

Individual members of organization

Employees are the key stakeholders of the Hilton hotel, company hires  skilled and capable candidates in the organization. Ability of these employees help the cited firm in satisfying needs of guests. But some times due to communication issues and cultural differences workers fail to understand requirements of consumers that impact on service delivery of  organization to great extent. Some times it creates situation of conflict as well.

Individual member (B2C) of the public

It is another issue that can impact on service delivery of Hilton hotel.  It is not always possible for entity that to identify needs of every client and make changes in its service delivery process frequently in order to provide them services as per their expectation. Because it would be time and cost consuming procedure. Sometimes due to this issue Hilton hotel concentrates on universal needs of population and deliver them services accordingly. But sometimes it decreases trust of other clients and they turn to other hotels.


There are many corporate agencies that my affect service delivery of Hilton hotel such as banking agency, legal agency etc. For example if interest rates or exchange rates of the banks get changed then in such situation cited firm will have to modify its operations that will affect service delivery to great extent.

b) Organizational requirements

Hilton hotel has two major types of consumers; internal and external

Internal consumers: Managers, suppliers, chefs, customer service officer etc.

External consumers: Client who come from outside and bring revenue in the entity by purchasing its products and services.

It is the main objective of cited firm that to meet with expectation of uses. In order to meet with their expectation of service delivery Hilton hotel's requirements are as below maintained:

  • Recruitment of skilled employees, so that cited firm can serve better to external consumers.
  • Capable managers, those who can lead the team well and can motivate staff members to work better in the organization.
  • Another requirement of Hilton hotel is to create win-win situation between value added services and operational saving.
  • Building strong relationship with consumers, so that their needs can be identified. It would help in matching with service delivery expectations of customers.
  • Empowering employees, so that they feel confident and be loyal towards the brand.
  • Effective utilization of resources, so that wastage can be minimized and Hilton hotel can improve its revenues.
  • Clear communication, so that no misunderstanding takes place in the workplace between employees, consumers and higher authorities.

Offer incentives, accommodations to internal consumers such as managers and employees so that they perform better in the workplace,  Offer attractive discounts to the external consumers so they be loyal towards the brand.


Relevant and constructive advice is very helpful in promoting improvements in the customer service delivery of the organization. There are several ways through which Hilton hotel can improve its service delivery, these are described as below :

  • Training is the great solution that can help cited firm in improving skills and knowledge of staff members. By this way they will coordinate well with clients and will understand their needs before serving them. It will support the Hilton hotel in improving its service delivery process. Thus, brand image of the entity will get enhanced to great extent.
  • By improving delivery timing Hilton hotel can achieve its goal soon.
  • By developing clear communication with the internal and external consumers cited firm will be able to understand their needs, that will support in increasing service delivery of the entity.
  • By taking time to time feedback from clients Hilton will be able to identify loop-fall in existing practices thus, it would support the Hilton hotel in improving its mistakes so that cited firm can meet with service delivery expectation of clients.


It is very important for Hilton hotel that before implementing any improvement strategy, cited firm consult with individuals or group those who are involved in the operations. It is because employees, managers, stakeholders know about the external market conditions well and they can share demands of users with the company. They have better knowledge about needs and demands of customers. By involving then in the decision making process of implementation of strategy, cited firm will be able to know their ideas that would help in getting optimistic results to the entity.

Availability of product and services is another strategy but before implement it in the workplace it is essential to know about demand of market. For that it is essential for Hilton hotel that to consult with marketing, research and production team members, it is because they can suggest innovative ideas that can help in achieving goal of the organization. By consulting with them Hilton will be able to implement these strategies effectively in the workplace.

Availability of product and services is another strategy but before implement it in the workplace it is essential to know about demand of market. For that it is essential for Hilton hotel that to consult with marketing, research and production team members, it is because they can suggest innovative ideas that can help in achieving goal of the organization. By consulting with them Hilton will be able to implement these strategies effectively in the workplace.


Company Name: Hilton Hotel


Evaluation and reporting are essential methods that can help in understanding effectiveness of any strategies when implement in the workplace. It can be evaluated that corporate consumers and external clients impact on service delivery process of the Hilton hotel to great extent. It is very difficult to understand needs of each client and modify the operations as per their changing needs again and again. On other hand it can be evaluated that once company has understood needs of service users, it can improve its practices by implementing effective strategies.


From the above discussion it can be articulated that individual members, agencies and corporate customers affect service delivery of Hilton hotel. For improving its condition, cited firm is taking support of strategies such as availability of product and services, pricing offers, improvement in delivery times. These strategies are very effective because by this way it has become able to match with their expectations. By reducing delivery timing Hilton has increased satisfaction level of its valuable consumers.


From further development in customer service delivery Hilton can adopt several ways:

It should give refund guarantees if it is unable to delivery services on time. That is the great strategy because by this way company will be able to pay attention on fast and quality service delivery that will enhance satisfaction level of consumers.

Polite communication with valuable consumers is another strategy for  improving service delivery system because clear and clam interaction with customers can make them happy and satisfy. By this way if any complication arise then also they will support entity. Politeness can make them positive towards brand and they will give positive feedback to others as well.


It is very important to identify needs of consumers so that company can fulfil their requirements. Hilton needs to give proper advise to its clients and has to justify the thing that it is able to fulfil their desires. For example Customers want speed deliver and quality food services from the hotel. Cited firm is able to meet with their expectation. It needs to clarify that it has skilled people those who can offer them quality services and they can resolve their quarries immediately. By this way satisfaction level of them will be increased to great extent.

Questionnaire and survey are two best methods that can help in identifying or reviewing satisfaction level of consumers in the Hilton hotel. By filling up questionnaire with clients cited firm will be able to know their point of view or needs. Survey is another technique that can help in gaining accurate information about level of satisfaction of consumers.

Information that can be gathered by the mangers of Hilton hotel are such as satisfaction level of client, since how long consumers is taking services of the organization, whether they like produce and services of Hilton or not, What improvement they want in the organization. Such type of information can be used by the Hilton hotel for reviewing consumer's satisfaction level.

Type of variable information that can used by entity for reviewing customer satisfaction:

Cited firm can take support of questionnaire and survey for collecting information about level of satisfaction of clients. In the survey it can ask about services, quality standard of company that would help in gathering relevant information. Manager can also ask with customers that whether they will suggest others to go in Hilton hotel, this answer will help in identifying their level of satisfaction.

Apart from this, organization can also look upon its accounting records such as profitability ratio, liquidity ratio etc. It will support in comparing sales revenues of the firm with its previous performance and other competitor brand. Continuously growing sales records show that Hilton is meeting with the expectation of customers and that is why people are coming to the place for enjoying its services frequently. But if sales are getting down that means cited firm is not able to satisfy its clients and there is requirement to implement effective strategies for further improvement and development.

By taking interview from guest of the hotel, cited firm will be able to know whether it is able to meet its expectation or it is required some improvements. That would help in getting information about their satisfaction level.

5 communication methods

To identify the needs of consumers Hilton hotel can support of several communication methods. These are explained as below:

  • Oral communication: It can take interview from clients in order to identify their needs. Managers can orally communicate with them. That can develop relationship with them and they will share their feeling with the management easily.
  • Online communication: It is another methods of knowing about needs of consumers. Company can communicate with them through social networking sites, face book, twitter etc.
  • Written communication: Cited firm can also fill questionnaire by them that would be written communication through this way it will be able to identify their needs.
  • Email system: Hilton can also take support of email system in order to address the requirements of clients. In the email people will give quick response so cited firm will be able to take immediate action to improve its service delivery.
  • Advertisements: It is simple and effective way of making communication with clients. Hilton hotel can advertise its brand on TV if people are coming that means it is able to meet with their needs. After that cited firm can ask feedback from them in order to identify their reviews about the organization

By evaluating the customer service delivery in the organization, it has been found that needs of different clients are different from others. Hilton hotel continuously trying to meet with expectation of them and providing the quality services to them. From the evaluation it is analysed that earlier level of satisfaction of consumers was very low because company was focusing on its own benefits and was not concentrating on consumers needs. But later on it has started paying attention on customers and start providing services as p0er their needs. Now level of satisfaction of clients regarding service delivery in Hilton hotel is good and that is why people are giving positive feedback to others as well.

Ways of collecting information

Hilton hotel aims to enhance satisfaction level of its consumers, for that it is essential for the entity that to collect relevant information about their customer delivery in the cited firm, Manager of the company can collect information through various ways:

  • Questionnaire
  • Interview
  • Survey
  • Face to face meetings
  • Social media communication and taking reviews by consumers about service delivery
  • By looking upon accounting records such as profitability, liquidity ratio of entity cited firm can collect information.
  • Secondary sources such as books and journals, internet articles can help in gather information about the same.

Questionnaire and interview from clients would be better for Hilton hotel in collecting information about service delivery in the organization.


From the above report it can be concluded that service delivery is the essential aspect that can affect overall business operations of the entity. For improving this companies are required to communicate about the strategies with the employees before implementing it in the workplace. That would help in gaining innovative ideas so that further complications can be minimized.

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