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Impact of Social Media and Mobile Technology on Communication Process - Tesco

University: UCKBC college london

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: L/616/1805
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Question :

This project attempts to form a research proposal considering the theme “the impact of digital technology on business activity”. This proposal will laid down a plan of how the objectives will be achieved for this project.

  • Background of the research area
  • Provide a short literature review considering the topic.
  • State the main techniques which will be used to collect and interpret data.
  • Provide a time of proposed research activities.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Technological advancement plays essential role in order to bring stimulate growth of the enterprise. In this way, it has revolutionised the way in which operational activities of firms are operating. Technologies as Social media and mobile usage plays crucial role in terms to have stable growth (Westerman, G., Bonnet, D. and McAfee, 2014). The absence of technologies affects the growth of an enterprise in larger mode. This kind of technological advancement will facilitate the high amount of revenue to enterprise. In an entity, there are various kind of departments as are operation and finance, HR, production etc. In order to make stable growth the firm need to have effective coordination among each other. It can be possible only with the help o expert communication between each units of business enterprise. Thus, Social media and mobile technology plays essential role to enhance the profitability. The present assignment will outline the business activities of Tesco. It is the largest global leading brand of UK. This firm is engaged in the services of retail sector. The report will be inclusive of things as are aims and objectives, methodologies and analysis so that each thing can be conducted effectively.


To determine the importance of Social media and technology to perform business activities.

To identify the impact of quality service with the help of using social media and mobile technology.

To understand the significance of communication in order to improve operational activities of TESCO.

To recommend on suitable ways in order to bring improvement in operation with the use of social media and mobile technological approach.

Research questionnaire-

  • What are the effects of mobile technology and social media in order to enhance the customer satisfaction?
  • How to keep systematic communication process of firm with the use of technological advancement?


The main objective of this firm is to bring systematic operations by improving teh process of communication among the departments. The Tesco is taking initiative to implement technological advancement so that firm is able to deal with high amount of profitability and productivity. Communication is the essence of management; it is needed to be manager to have effective operations (Kovarik, 2015). It is one of the cores functioning of an enterprise. Social media is helpful to access the large number of potential buyers and mobile technology will improve the contact between the departments. This is helpful in order to bring improvement in the performance of an enterprise. In this way, it is assistive in relation to maintain the high number of customer momentum. The communication is the vital component and it is must be present in order to conduct the business activities in expertise mode. Thus, communication will help to approach potential customer as well provide quality services to buyers. This will be helpful to enhance the sustainability of Tesco (Ayers, 2015).

Literature review

Theme: Why social media and technology is important to perform business activities.

As per the views of Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee (2014), using the latest technology and advance tools like social media plat forms and digital techniques will help the organization to carry out the business operations and thus will help in the suitable meeting of the targeted goals that are been set by the firm to gain a good productivity and profitability. A good usage of digital tools and techniques will help a retail enterprise like Tesco plc to grow and develop as well as promote its goods and service to its existing and potential customer base. Other than this, Oldham and Da Silva (2015), a good implementation of the social media and digital technology will help in suitable rise in operational capability of the organization that will help in suitable growth of the company by implementing the appropriate creative measures that will help in effective rise in good growth of the retail organization. Royle and Laing (2014) has stated that the effective use of IT tools and measures will support a good marketing and other functional structuring of the organization that will lay a very deep impact on the various business activities that are been performed by the enterprise. The firm will see through the effective handling of the communication process using the social media and other technological measures.

Theme: what is the impact of quality service’s using the social media and mobile technology.

In accordance with the views of Hanelt, A. and et.al., (2015), the efficiency of an business organization can be increased and improved using the latest and advance technological measures that will help in suitable enhancement in the functional capability of the organization that will help in suitable handling of the operations that will help in good management of the business activities that are been performed by the retail business entity like Tesco plc. However, researchers like Hanelt and et.al., (2015), contradict to the fact and stare that along with the latest and advance technology, proper strategic planning is required to be made, in order to gain the suitable out comes that will support a good management of the operations that will support a good outcome and meeting of the operational activities that are been taken in consideration by an enterprise. A good strategic planning will support a better growth and development of the retail business organization like Tesco plc. Other than this, the susceptibility and proneness to security treat is the major impact that can affect the business operations and usage of digital technology in an organization. This will require the firm to make the innovative and strategic plan to effectively imbibe and implement the digital technologies and social media based functionality at the organization. It will help in good management and suitable rise in operational capability of the organization. The adoption of such measures will facilitate a good communication and interpersonal interaction with the customers as well as the employee’s. Other than this, a good utilization of the innovation and social media technology will help in better improvement on product and service quality of the actions that will help in suitable management of the operations and needs and demands of the clients and customers. A business organization like Tesco plc must look after the good and effective adoption and utilization of the digital technologies that will help in better rise in operations efficiency and development of high quality product and services, for meeting customer’s requirement. Also, the management of the firm must provide its work force with effective training to utilize the digital technologies and tools that will help in suitable rise in the operational effectiveness of the firm. Also, it will ensure a better connectivity of the customer with the retail enterprise.

Theme: What is the significance of communication in order to improve operational activities of Tesco plc.

The carrying out of the communication is a very vital and important part of the business operations that are been taken in consideration by the firm. In accordance with the research and views of Shaikh,(2018), a good an effective communication will help in suitable rise in the overall operational capability of the firm that will help in suitable rise in the operational capacity of the firm.

Utilizing the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Instagram will help in carrying out the communication on internal as well as external level of the firm in a very innovative and effective way that will ensure development of high quality product and services for the customers of the retail enterprise. This will help in improving the effectiveness of the firm and will look after the better meeting of the targeted goals and objectives that are been set by the business firm.

Apart from this, Kovarik, (2015), started that the advancement of the technology has helped the retail business entities to communicate with their customer base, identify their needs and come up with a good quality services and products to gain trust and satisfaction level. This showcases the improvement in functional quality of firm.

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